Sunday, February 19, 2012

FF : I Feel Nothing Part 2

Arnav mind roared with anger..."Shyam..." 

There he stood. 

The scum of the earth. 

Arnav's grip tightened on Khushi's hand as they walked past...

Just as they reached the kitchen, she tugged her hand from his...


She motioned for him to sit...

A sinking feeling fell over him, but he didn't want to push her too far too soon...

So he walked back to the dining room, only to come face to face with the vile person. 

Shyam smirked at Arnav, still unaware that he had heard everything and was now FULLY aware of the situation at hand...

"...hmmm, you can act that you love my Khushiji all you want, but I know that she loves me. And YOU know that I love her." 

Shyam pointedly stared, and then turned to walk away.  

"Enough is enough!" Arnav's subconscious roared...

Kicking back his chair, Arnav reached out and grabbed Shyam's neck from behind.  

Holding on to his collar and a fistful of hair, Arnav walked up close behind him and snarled, "This..." pulling Shyam's neck tighter making him cough and splutter, "THIS is just the start...and you will PAY for the lies you made me believe!"

Arnav roughly let go and Shyam turned to him with wide eyes. 

" know?"

Arnav smiled knowingly with narrowed eyes...turned and walked to find the one for whom his heart was beating.


Khushi and Arnav sat together and ate. 

She remained quiet. 

Arnav tried to start numerous conversations but nothing would work. 

Soon Anjali , Nani, Mami, and Payal walked in. 

They were first shocked that Arnav was spending time with Khushi when all that they had seen for months was his disgust toward her. 

The family quickly greeted Arnav, avoided looking at Khushi, and continued on into the Lounge.

That was the first time he truly understood just how far his actions had belittled her...

No more of this. 

Arnav stood up, feeling utterly revolted, and yelled, "ALL of you. Back in here! Now!"

They hurried in looking worried. 

Arnav marched over to Khushi, who was also now looking at him wondering what was going on. 

Taking her hand carefully in his, he calmly said..."Khushi...stand next to me..."

Khushi slowly stood up as Arnav turned to the family. 

"Khushi is my wife...I love her...I made a huge mistake, and I am going to clear this up...NOW..." He moved closer to Khushi, but kept his eyes fixed on his family...

"I forced her to marry me...I am the one who you should be snubbing. I will take the blame. And from this SECOND, you will treat Khushi with respect as she has done nothing but care for and love all of you."

Nani was astounded, unable to do anything but nod.

Payal and Akash remained quiet, but Anjali, in total shock said, " forced her?"

Arnav nodded.

His sister took a step forwards and cried as she continued..."Chote...What you did hurt me so much...I had such dreams for your Shaadi...and you-"

Arnav in fury interrupted and said, "...hurt YOU!? YOU had dreams for my Shaadi!? What about Khushi! What about HER dreams! I was doing what i thought would PROTECT you! And all the while not knowing the FULL situation! Di, do you even know what i'm talking about!? Did you know that..."


He stopped talking instantly...because Khushi had spoken.

All his attention was now on her...

"Arnavji, what we did was impetuous and rushed. We didn't take our families feelings into consideration. So I understand why the families have avoided me."

Khushi looked back at her new family..."I would like to ask you all to forgive me and let me make things up to you."

Arnav was now in utter disbelief...


SHE was asking for forgiveness...


Feeling infuriated, he firmly spoke, "Khushi, YOU have nothing to be sorry for! I will not have this believed of you!"

Khushi could see that Anjali was now consistently crying, and knew that she needed to end this discussion...

"Excuse me, would you all just excuse Arnavji and myself for just a second." Khushi said quickly...

They nodded in silence, and watched as she took Arnav's hand and lead him out of the room. 

The confusion was evident. 

They were all so unsure of everything that had started happening in their lives...


"What do you think you're doing?" Khushi asked calmly once they were far enough away...

Arnav's voice was shaky..."Khushi, I have had enough of people disrespecting you. I can't live seeing you treated this way."

"Anjaliji is pregnant. She doesn't need you yelling at her right now. She needs her loving caring brother who always looks out for her." 

Arnav brought his hands up to hold her forearms..."Khushi, She has EVERYONE. But you have me. I am here for you now. Only you..." he took her hand and put it on his heart, 

"Khushi, I have never felt so much agony in my life...I want to take back every, EVERY thing i EVER did to hurt  you...i want to be your husband. I want to love you. I want ... "

"...enough." Khushi said harshly... "I'm here. I have been faithful, I have been honest, I have been good to you. This is what a wife does. This is all I am."

His grip tightened..."You are my LIFE Khushi! I will show you every day till i die just how much i love you!"

Just then he heard an evil laugh coming from behind him...

He spun around and saw...Shyam.

Immediately standing in front of Khushi, his gaze bore into the eyes of the intruder..."you will leave here. NOW..." 

Arnav's voice was deep and terrifying.

Shyam just glared at Arnav and then looked toward Khushi...

Sidestepping in front of Khushi, he blocked her from Shyam's view..."YOU will NOT even look at her!" 

He then grabbed Khushi's hand and led her away. 

But this time Shyam followed... "Khushiji, this man doesn't love you! I love you! And i swear, that very soon, i will be taking you away from here."

Arnav stopped in his tracks, pushing Khushi further in front of him...

Khushi felt Arnav stop and his grip on her hand tighten. 

She knew suddenly that he was ready to fight...

Arnav sharply turned to face Shyam...."WHAT. DID. YOU SAY.?"

Shyam smiled... " heard what i said. And you won't be able to do anything to stop me."

Arnav could feel Khushi gripping his a silent attempt to stop him...

He looked Shyam in the eye and said, "You will never hurt her again. You will never put your disgusting hands on her again."

And Arnav turned to leave...but then heard...

"Well someone should..." Said Shyam laughing.

That was it. 

Spinning around, Arnav took a massive swing and hit Shyam HARD. 

Shyam hit the ground and looked up in shock. 

Arnav had held back for so many weeks because of his Di. 

But not anymore. 

"Shyam can NOT get away with this anymore!" 

He jumped on Shyam and with animalistic fury began hitting and hitting. 

Khushi, knowing that  Arnav wouldn't stop till Shyam was dead, began to beg... "Arnavji! Please stop! Please! Don't do this now! He's not worth it!" and she put her hand on his shoulder...

They both instantly remembered when he saved her and beat up the goons in the street...

Shyam was unconcious and Arnav stood up and took Khushi in his arms and said, "HE isn't worth it...but YOU are. And if i have to fight everyone to make that clear, then i will..." he turned back to look at shyam just as he was waking up. 

He grabbed Shyam by the collar, hoisted him up and said, "...get cleaned up. You look like Shit."

Khushi once again, took Arnav's hand and led him to their room. 

She saw his grazed knuckles and went to get the first aid box. 

She walked back to the bed and knelt beside Arnav. 

As she bathed his hand she spoke, "...what is the matter with you! Anjaliji is going to wonder how Shyam and you got hurt! How are you going to explain this? How will this help her!?"

Arnav gently moved her hair away from her cheek and held her face, "Di is stronger than we all think. She has the whole family to help her. But you..." his voice started breaking, "I have neglected you to the point where you don't even care about I am going to care for you with such passion and fervor that you won't know what happend to you. You will feel the impact of my love for you. .."

Khushi looked at her husband. 

For months, she had only seen hatred or disgust on his face.  

Now looking into his eyes she saw it. 

Truth. . .yes she saw love, yes she saw concern, yes she saw guilt, yes she saw sadness...but  for a long time now, she had lost all sense of what was TRUE and what wasn't.  

She kept looking at him and saw that this was now REAL. 

Saw that everything he was saying was true. 

That he would make it happen. 

She suddenly felt something stir inside...not love, not hope...

She suddenly didn't feel alone anymore.

And that was scaring her...

Arnav could see Khushi thinking. 

He could see her brow wrinkle up as though she was really processing what he had just said...and he prayed..."let her see. Let her know. If not by mind, by heart! Let her heart know that she isn't alone..."


  1. I get it.... Arnav u are to be torn apart...thru heart thru soul..u desrve it... Uneed to suffer....only to be able to hard it is to get ur love...and how much more important it is to value thesame...u cannt just throw her away and bring her back anytime u want...

    I am not intending to bash u just criticising arnav and his behaviour as a charachter...u wrote completely well babez... U are awsm..ok? I have just reached the fifth part and it becomes one of my favorite stories of ura....khushi is impecable....u are impecable #respect :D love u jaan

  2. hi back again.....
    that was just superb...
    the emotions are so real....
    u are a winner, girl!!
    i just love you!!!


  3. I really pity dis shyam character!
    I mean u all authors have portrayed shyam's negativity in such an awesome way dat i m starting to hate even dat person who played shyam!

    I really liked hw the great ASR stood 4 Khushi in front of da family
    !oh god he is repenting i want him to do more coz everytime i
    start loving him i remember da scene WEN HE ASKED HER TO SLEEP
    OUTSIDE! Dat was so rude!

    P.S-"HE isn't worth it...but YOU are. And if i have to fight everyone
    to make that clear, then i will..." wow awesome line !lets see hw much
    worth does he really do keep abt her!


  4. shyam is a basxxxxxxx