Saturday, March 10, 2012

FF : I Feel Everything Part 4 - I Never Thought I'd Have This With You...

Khushi had been so anxious all morning about their  upcoming lunchtime escapade...

And now that Arnav was here, pressed up against her, kissing her madly, for the first time in months...she felt nervous...his raw passion for her was unrelenting...she held her breath in anticipation...

"well, well, well...I really did make you all nervous about today didn't I sweetheart..?"

Khushi have him and indignant look, "what? nervous?... i'm not nervous..."

Arnav smirked and said, "oh yeah you are..."

"and how would YOU know for sure!"

“Because you’re holding your breath.”

Khushi was shocked...

"how did you know..."

His eyes glanced down and she saw his hand laying flat on her stomach...

Arnav placed a soft smooch on her mouth.

 Then another.

Until the kisses became longer.

More intense.

With hardly a breath between them.

But still he didn’t rush into anything more sexual... He kept the rhythm slow and steady.

His kisses were making Khushi crave more and more...

Her hands were all over him.

She couldn’t touch him enough—from his straining arms to his strong shoulders and back, down to his muscular chest.

She arched and wiggled and squirmed against his rock solid body, urging him to get a move on.

He broke the kiss and murmured, “The more frantic you get, the slower I’m going to go.”

She let out a moan...“Why?”

“Because I can.” He softly blew in her ear, educing a whole body shudder.

“but mostly because I really love the way you’re grinding your whole body on mine and if I move faster you’ll stop.”

 She trapped his face in her palms and looked into his laughing eyes.

“are you always going to be this controlling?”

 “Nope. Sometimes I might  be worse.”

 Then Arnav lowered his body and straightened up slowly letting his chest rub her nipples with his every upward stroke.

He nuzzled her neck, whispering, “I want you.”

She turned her head to catch his jaw with a kiss , “You have me. What are you going to do with me?”

Arnav let his breath tease her damp nape.

Making her wait for a response.


He licked her neck... “What do you want me to do to you?”

"how about we just have some lunch..." she said smirking...

Arnav growled and let her go only to practically tear her clothes off her as Khushi pulled off his shirt and started pulling at his belt and pants...

He trailed one hand behind her back and with one swift motion he unclicked her slid unnoticed to the his hands ran down her thighs taking her panties with down with them....his eyes devoured her luscious bare body...just as her eyes hungrily stared at his...


He grabbed her thighs and lifted her up..spun around and sat her on the table...he pulled out a chair and sat in front of her between her legs...

"you...are my sit here and don't move..."

Khushi could feel her desire shoot through the roof...she didn't know what he was going to  do next and her excitement make her heart race...

Arnav eyed her hungrily...he could see she was nervous...


Arnav lifted his hands and cupped her breasts...he heard Khushi's quick intake of breath...

He began swirling his fingertips around her nipples, watching the tips constrict. “Such a gorgeous body. I love seeing you completely bare in front of me. Once I start touching you I don't want to stop.”

He looked up at her face...flushed...eyes closed..."My God, you're beautiful..."

A rumbling noise reverberated against her breast when he bent and sucked her nipple into his hot mouth

Khushi let out a deep moan of pleasure...she lifted her hands and ran her fingers through his hair...Arnav loved how her body responded to his touch...

Khushi was becoming wetter and wetter...

Her mind was lost in his possession of her body, his hands holding her hips, the  feel of his mouth on her skin...the hot lashes of his tongue flicking her nipples...

She shifted impatiently, her damp thighs rubbing together, trying to create enough friction to set her off. But it wasn’t working. She released a frustrated wail.

Arnav had been craving her all day and he was going to savor every inch of her...he kissed down her stomach...down her pelvis...and back up again...He could see Khushi's impatience growing...

He stood up and kissed her mouth hard....withdrawing he said, "lay back..." and he held the back of her head and helped her lay down flat on the table...she felt his hands run down her body...his  hands parted her legs...

Khushi felt is hot breath on her sex....she felt a shock go through her when he licked her from her sex up to her clit...

She gasped when he did it again.

And again.

And again.

His fingers opened her completely, baring every wet inch, allowing Arnav to taste every wet inch.


Burrowing his tongue into her channel, retreating to delicately lick her folds.

Using his mouth in ways that caused her body to twitch and tingle.

In ways that had her making noises she’d never heard before.

No play by play this time.

Arnav’s mouth was too busy driving her higher and higher until she feared she’d combust.

She had no idea how Arnav was so in tune with her body...

Pushing his tongue under the  fleshy skin protecting her  hot spot, he licked.



When her moans became louder, he zeroed in  and sucked continuously until she throbbed and contracted against his mouth.

The zip down her spine of impending pleasure was a brief warning—a microsecond later, she exploded.


Went sailing headlong into bliss.

She arched back and gasped.

Her legs shook.

Her arms shook.

Her internal organs shook.

This man had the power to shake her to her very core.

After the trembling stopped, he growled saying...

“Again. Come for me like that again.”

Still dazed she breathed...“I...I can’t.”

“Wrong... And this time, you’re going to scream.” A sense of sexual power consumed Arnav ...

Arnav pulled her up, grabbing her, he swung her back around and slammed her up against the wall...he lifted her left leg  and slid his erection between her legs... Swirling the shaft  in her juices and following the seam of her sex up to her clit. He rubbed the tiny nub until it plumped, her escalating moans urging him on.

Then without warning he grabbed her, lifted her and plunged into her...suctioning his mouth to hers ...Her body jerked like she’d stepped on a live wire as her legs wrapped around him...

He felt the vibration of her scream beneath his lips and a jolt of primal possession shot through him.

She was so damn responsive.

And she was all his...

He kept hold of his control so he could drink in every second ...

She moved on him as his thrust into her...

He pulled her pelvis higher so he could  hit her exactly where he wanted to...

Khushi screamed and climaxed again suddenly.


He felt her orgasm pulsating around him...but his rhythm remained constant...

He kissed her hard and flicked his tongue into her mouth...

Just when Arnav thought that her burst of pleasure was over, he felt Khushi’s contractions start again.

Despite his shaky stance, he pulled her higher and penetrated her in deep short strokes...

Khushi bucked and writhed...

Her final scream was his undoing...he thrust one more time as deep as he could and shot his seed inside her  as she pulsed around him.

He felt Her husky whimpers against his neck...

Arnav peppered her shoulder with kisses, giving her a second to find her equilibrium.

A muffled sob escaped from her, snapping him to attention.

Worried,  he lent back and looked into her eyes to see Khushi...crying...

His gut clenched.

“Khushi? Jaan? Are you ok? Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head as more tears spilled free.

Arnav lowered her down slowly letting his body hold her up against the wall..."Khushi?..." he lifted his hands to her face and make her look up at him...

"I never thought...I never..." she was sobbing more now...


"i never thought i'd have this with you...I thought i'd never, that you'd never..."

Arnav knew that she was still hurting from everything...and hearing what she just said made his heart ache...

" more past...we have what is now...and what we have now, is going to last forever..."

"I love you Arnavji..."

Arnav leaned into her and scattered kisses all over her face..."i love you so much..."

Khushi sighed... "gosh you make me all wet and achy...."

Arnav grinned against her lips..."I can work with wet and achy..."


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