Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SS : I Can't Let Her Go! Part 17

Khushi's eyes held his...

"One night..." Arnav's voice resounded through her...

"But my family..."

"it's just you and me Khushi..."

"But everyone will..."

"Just you and me..."


Arnav leaned in, pressing his chest to hers...silencing her...

Khushi gasped feeling his body hard on hers...

He lowered his open mouth on to hers...lightly running his lips across hers...his kisses were so light, yet so sensual...he softly pressed wet kisses down her throat...

Khushi arched her neck in response...

He moved the arm he was leaning on and slid it under her neck...

He lifted his eyes to hers...God. 

She looked even more beautiful flushed with color, her eyes heavy with pleasure, her lips fuller from his kisses.

Khushi lifted her hand to his face...

Arnav didn’t move. 

Hell, he didn’t breathe as her fingers repeatedly smoothed over his cheek...

He couldn’t wait another second... their bodies were touching intimately and he craved her warmth.....

His words were echoing in her mind..."it's just you and me Khushi..."

"I...I thought..."


"I didn't want me..."

As soon as she said that, she saw Arnav practically wince from the pain that inflicted his heart...

“Want you? I’ve always wanted you. Even when i tried to convince myself that i didn't!"

Tears threatened to squelch her voice..."but said you hated me..."

"I was a bloody fool!!! I know you said you hated me too, but that was only because i said it to you first..."

"I WANT hate you Arnavji...why can't i!"

"You should hate me...but you can't because our hearts beat in unison...if yours stops, mine stops..."

"you said i was disgusting...i thought i was a huge burden to you..."

"whatever you thought, it's not true...My heart started beating with yours the second you fell into my arms..." ...He shook her slightly. “Dammit. I see you, Khushi! A woman I’ve always known is too good for the likes of me. A woman I've pledged my life, heart and soul to. A woman I love with every goddamn bone and breath in my body. What don’t you understand about that?”

"Arnavji..." she said brokenly

“Just shut up Khushi. We’re done talking.” His mouth crashed down on hers and he kissed the living daylights out of her.

Arms, legs, hands, fingers clashed and collided as they tried to practically climb inside each other...

This is what she wanted. 

His hunger. 

His mouth. 

All the muscular, sweaty weight of his body plastered against hers.

The wet, hot kiss overwhelmed her until she could only cling to him and experience the spectacle of her prideful, stubborn and hardheaded husband totally out of control.

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