Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SS : I Can't Let Her Go! Part 18

Arnav was desperate to convince Khushi of his love for her...and convince HER of her feelings for him...

The woman absolutely pushed his limits of restraint today…and he’d never been happier in his frustration. 

He couldn't get enough of her...he kissed her insanely...

Khushi felt herself being lost in Arnav...everything was blurry...all she felt were his hands touching her...all she heard was his desperate groans that were half-snarl and all possessive male. 

She wanted to hate him...her emotions were stripped raw...but the feelings he was bringing to life in her were taking over...she became overwhelmed and started to cry...

Arnav felt her body slump slightly and slowed the kiss to painfully slow...when he looked at her his heart stopped...

Arnav saw tears dripping from her eyes...

He tenderly swiped them away.

“Khushi? Sweetheart...”

She bit her trembling lip, turning her head away.

“Look at me.”

When she didn’t respond, he repeated, “Look at me,” more sharply.

Those breathtaking eyes connected with his, even as she blinked back tears.

“God. Khushi Don’t cry. Talk to me.”


"Can't what..."

"I can't be with you..."

Arnav felt like he was being strangled...

He desperately tried to keep breathing...

" family want us divorced...Anjaliji will be heartbroken..."

"No no Khushi, Di already knows."

Khushi became acutely alert. "WHAT!?"

"I told everyone, just before coming to find you in the kitchen..."

Her body stiffened..."oh my God! Is she..."

"She's fine..."


"She said that she sensed something was wrong...but I don't want to talk about anyone else...tonight is about you and me only..."

Feeling like her world was being rattled, she screamed..."But it's NOT! Don't you realize that!? All the tension and all the turmoil will return between the family will disown me again...I can't do it..." 

She burst into tears clutching his shirt in despair...

"I am NOT going to give up on us Khushi...NOT HAPPENING. Do you understand!? I'm so in love with you dammit! you understand that you have feelings for me...?"

Arnav stared down at her, his eyes beseeching her...

"Yes or no Khushi..."

She closed her eyes tight...saying quietly..."Yes..."

Arnav let out a nervous breath...his heart was racing his hopes rising...

"Khushi...I love you...more than you will ever be able to you love me? Even a little?"

His voice made Khushi open her eyes...he sounded different, like a lover, like a friend, like a husband...

"Do I love him?" she thought to herself...

He didn't have to hear her say the words...he saw it in her eyes...she still loved him...his heart was now intoxicated with joy...

As his eyes held hers, desire started flaring...he quietly said..."I am in love with you khushi singh raizada..."

A whisper apart, Arnav let his mouth sink into hers. 

He teased, tempted, nibbled, drawing out the kiss until Khushi shook with need. 

The moment was as erotic as it was familiar. 

Her hands began to wander over his jaw, cheeks, temple and forehead. 

She raked her fingers through his hair. 

Arnav gently bit at her mouth, dipping his tongue between her parted lips and slicking it across her teeth. 

When she opened wider, he dove in, offering her unbridled, reckless passion. 

A satisfied groan rumbled from Arnav's throat, he touched, stroked and rubbed against his wife until they were both panting. Frantic. Aroused.

Khushi let herself go...she was now getting giddy, feeling freer than she had in ages...

Arnav had to have her...

He had to show her how much he loved her...


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