Thursday, March 8, 2012

SS : I Can't Let Her Go! Part 20 - Detonation

Arnav lay her back, kissing her deeply...

He had a newfound sense of power...a desperate need to satisfy her...he kissed her harder...

Khushi knew she needed him...all the months and weeks that her heart would beat like crazy...all the times she looked into his eyes and lost all sense of time...she felt his passion, she wanted him, in ways that she didn't know...

His kiss tasted darker as he nibbled on her lips...

His hands sweeping up her sides and firmly covering her breasts...

He felt her gasp as his thumbs rasped her nipples...

He was dying to suck them until she screamed, but he worried his attention would be a bigger distraction to her sense of imbalance.

He slowly kissed a path down her neck and down the valley of her breasts...he could feel her body trembling...

He looked up at her, "Khushi...I know you're scared... I swear on my life that i am not going to hurt you and i'll go slow...

Leaning on one arm he reached down to his trousers...

She bit her lip as he pulled down the zipper, lowered his pants  and let his hard erection spring free...

He put his strong hands on the inside of her thighs and pushed them open. The tips of her nipples tightened when Arnav lowered his head and kissed a trail from her stomach right up to her lips...


She nodded,  her heart was racing... her limbs were shaking...  

Arnav levered himself over her and reached between them. 

He circled the blunt tip around her opening and then started to push in.

And in.

And in.

Khushi hissed and her grip on Arnav's shoulders tightened...

And it still wasn’t in.

And what was in...hurt.

His hot breath teased her ear. "Khushi, relax sweetheart...”  

His lips feathered across her jaw to her mouth.

She tried to concentrate...his lips moving sensually across hers...the feel of  his hardness slowly entering her...the cool sheets on her back. ..the heat of his muscled body on her front...the sounds of their laboured breathing...the muted lighting and the soft mattress...the fierce need but unbelievable gentleness pouring from him.

He was rocking into her in short bursts when all of a sudden  he intensified the kiss... 

Arnav felt her channel relaxing..."I love you Khushi..."...

His hands pushed her hips down as his pelvis thrust up.

She gasped...crying out with shock...

“Ssh. I’m in all the way. Just relax ... relax...”

Arnav bent his head and suckled her nipples. 

And kept sucking, licking and arousing her until he felt her insides pool around his throbbing erection... 

He kissed her neck, returned to her nipples, nuzzling her cleavage, breathing over the damp spots he’d created on her skin, kissing wherever he could reach, muttering nonsensical words against her skin. 

Dragging his rough fingertips up and down her shaking thighs. 

He murmured, “Khushi, I’m going to move. Wrap your legs around my waist. Trust me.”

The second she lifted up, all the hot hardness slipped out and plunged back in...

Khushi's eyes snapped shut...

"I'm going to take it're fully mine now, please trust me this once......"

He slipped out and then back in again...pushing the full length of himself deeper inside her...

Khushi whimpered softly...

Arnav pumped his hips, slowly sliding in and out.

He pulled out.

He pushed in.

He eased out.


He thrust in a little harder.

“You are a perfect fit for me.”

Khushi closed her eyes, feeling the thick male part filling her, sending tingles from her core throughout her whole body. 

Any pain she felt had started to decrease and was getting smothered by electric sensations...

He bent his head and lapped at her left nipple. 

Never using his whole mouth, never sucking, just licking in a delicate manner. 

The pad of his thumb swept the lower swell of the other breast in an erotic arc. 

He switched to her right nipple and did the exact same thing. Slowly. Sensually. Systematically. He placed his mouth on the top of her breast and sucked. Hard. Khushi gasped. 

Arnav only broke the tight suction to apply the same stinging bite to the other side. 

A dark gleam of satisfaction filled his eyes when he angled back to admire the love-bruises. 

That’s when the real  erotic assault began. 

Arnav suckled and nipped and licked, using his teeth, his fingers, his breath until she writhed in abandon.

“Arnavji ...Please.” He ignored her plea and flicked his tongue rapidly over the right nipple, blowing on the wet tip until it puckered into a tight point.

When he heard her throaty, pleasure filled moan, he increased the pace.

The strokes were faster.


Their bodies rolled and twisted in an unhurried lover’s dance.

Her whimpering became constant....."Arnavji...I need....ahh, I don't know what i need..."

He felt her start to clench...he saw her losing her control...he kept repeating in his mind..."wait...wait...wait...wait..." 

His breaths near her temple were unsteady and fast. “Khushi... Look at me.”

She opened her eyes. 

Sweat trickled down Arnav’s face. 

His jaw was tight. She traced his profile, amazed by him, by this intimacy.

“What?” she said breathlessly...

“i love you.” Arnav shifted his angle, so that his thrust hit just the right place...he held her hips to keep her in place when her orgasm took over,  he buried his face in her throat and sucked her neck...

Khushi couldn't hold on anymore...

His eyes held hers as she tried to get away yet tried to get closer...

She tried to move but Arnav held her in place...her climax struck, and struck hard... she let out a husky scream as her entire body quaked with pleasure...

Arnav drove inside her to the hilt.

As he groaned, her inner tissues were so swollen and sensitized that she felt the tip of his sex twitching as he bathed her insides with his hot seed. 

She moaned deeply as sheer pleasure shot through their bodies ...She pulsated and milked every drop from him until he was completely inert.

Still, he sought Khushi’s mouth...kissing her softly... 

Arnav rested his sweaty forehead to hers.

“A..Arnavji...oh...oh my...that was...”

"I love you Khushi...i can't and won't ever let you go..."


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