Thursday, March 8, 2012

SS : I Can't Let Her Go! Part 21 - I Wish I Didn't Have To Do That

Khushi was in awe...

The extremely powerful Arnav Singh Raizada had just made mad passionate love to her...

Arnav began to run his hands all over her body. 

He rested his sweaty forehead to hers.

“Whoa.” Khushi said still partially out of breath...

“Yeah. I think you blew out all the pleasure receptors in my brain.” 

He smiled as she let out a tiny laugh...

He shifted his weight to pull out of her and she hissed...

He stilled, looking at her with concern...

“I got a little carried away. Are you sore?”

Khushi nodded...but smiled softly...“I like that you got carried away.”

Arnav leaned in and kissed her gently..."I didn't want to hurt you...but..."

" was my first time...I've been told about, what i felt far outweighed the pain..."

He smiled at her and leaned in to kiss her...



" did you know when I was about know..."

He laughed inwardly and said, "about to what?"

"you know..."

He couldn't hold back his smile now..."no Khushi, i really don't..."

Khushi pouted saying..."fine...never mind..."

He bent close to her ear and whispered..."How did I know when you were about to climax?"

Khushi's eyes were wide open and glaring at him..."you KNEW what I was talking about!"

He snickered in her hair and said, "I knew because your eyes dilated, your body trembled, your breathing was sharper, your hands gripped tighter...and something else gripped tighter as well..."

As he was speaking Khushi felt that same ache again...and her inner muscles automatically clenched again...

Arnav twitched to life...“Fuuuck..." he moaned... "If you do that again and I’m never moving off you.”

Unknowingly She did it again.....

Arnav growled and lightly sank his teeth into her shoulder. 

Then his voice rumbled in her ear. “Just for that, I'm going to stay inside you until I’m hard again and make love to you until you scream.”

"You really do love me ...don't you...?"

Arnav was in shock..." still have to ask!?"

Khushi suddenly felt his phallus growing...

"Yes i love going to be the end of know that right...?!"

Khushi felt herself getting aroused again...

She looked timidly up at Arnav...who was now as hard as concrete...

Arnav teased her with fleeting, soft kisses, his hands slid down her throat to her soft breasts... dragging his fingertips up the valley of her breasts...

She shuddered. . .“Arnavji...”


His rough thumbs strummed her nipples.

“God, you’re so beautiful...soft and sweet.” 

He rubbed his unshaven face and openmouthed kisses across the upper swells of her breasts.

Arnav curled his tongue around a rigid tip.

Khushi arched into him.

He lapped and licked and blew a stream of air across the wet buds, but never sucked them completely. 

He glanced up at her when she made a frustrated noise.

Her top teeth dug into her bottom lip in her effort not to cry out.

Yet her curious gaze remained on him...

Her eyes dark and needy...

Arnav bent his head and instantly sucked her nipples. 

Hard. Deep. Thoroughly.

Khushi let out a loud moan...

Holding himself buried deep in her sheath, he switched sides, taking his time, losing himself in her taste and the feel of her in his mouth. 

She writhed under him when his hands grabbed her breasts and massaged them as he kissed her hard on the mouth...

He started to move inside her only to hear her let out a small cry of pain...

He stopped immediately..."Khushi...?"

"I'm okay...just feel very..."

"sensitive?" he said with concern mixed with pride...

She nodded...

"Maybe we should just..."

"no...please...just tonight...i want to be completely yours..."

Arnav kissed her softly as he slowly sank in and withdrew...over and over...he kept his lips on hers...every time she hissed he licked her lips with his tongue...sending her pleasure pulses through her that eased her pain...

"Just tonight?..." he shook his head, his voice rasping with need, "Khushi, you are mine tonight and every night..."

Stroke after stroke they were spiralling higher, both covered in sweat.

Both breathing hard.

Both lost in the moment.

He is mouth touched hers lightly saying...

 “ make me you make me feel this way...”


"I love you Khushi..."

Detonation again...

A hoarse cry split the air.

Her body vibrated as her orgasm rocked through her...

Her inflamed, blood-engorged tissues pulsed against him.

Primal satisfaction roared inside him as he shot inside her...

Khushi's body was exhausted...

Arnav kissed her neck and sucked gently making her aftershocks more electric...

"i love you Khushi..."

He kissed up her throat, kissed higher to her mouth and kissed her harder, to swallow her small cry of pain, as he pulled out of her...

Arnav kept his lower body on hers, but lifted his torso off...

"I wish didn't have to do that..."

Khushi looked up at him suddenly...complete horror in her eyes ...

He used all his strength and quickly leaned in her asking, "Khushi? What happened? Are you okay?"

She pushed at him trying to sit up only to have sharp cramps force her back down again..."I can't believe you would use sex to make me stay!"


" said you wished you 'didn't have to do that' could you!" she said as tears started falling down her face...

"OH MY GOD NO!" he said loudly...his mind reeling...

He kissed khushi hard on the mouth until she calmed slightly...

"sweetheart, what did i do JUST before i said that?"

Khushi frowned and looked confused...

Arnav trailed his hand down her stomach, down her pelvis...lower...lower...

Her eyes widened as she felt his fingers slide in between her legs..."i had just pulled out of you...and...listen carefully...i wish i didn't have to do that..."

He gently slicked his fingers through her swollen, sticky, warm centre, making sure he didn't hurt her...

Khushi looked up at him with an apologetic face...

Arnav smiled and quickly kissed her..."no no , it's's my mistake...another mistake...i say the wrong things...i'm not a perfect man..." he looked into her eyes..."but i'm the only man for you..."

Khushi looked at him and thought..."yes, you're the only man for me...I hope my family can see that too..."


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