Friday, March 9, 2012

SS : I Can't Let Her Go! Part 22 - Every Way Possible

Arnav held khushi's gaze...

He was still gently sliding his fingers up and down her dripping sex...

He could feel her start to get wetter and wetter..." responsive sweetheart..."

Khushi was about to protest when his lips found hers again...

" can't always shut me up with a kiss Mr. Raizada..."

Arnav smiled and lowered his head and flicked his tongue across her nipple making her gasp... "can i shut you up that way then?" he asked smiling...

Khushi's lips curved to smile slightly only to clasp her eyes shut and wince in pain...

Arnav's fingers didn't stop moving..."i know you're sore...i can do something to help..."

She looked up worriedly...

"No I don't mean THAT, although in the future i don't plan on stopping just after two times..."

Khushi went bright red and softly said, "I...I like what you're doing right now..."

Arnav smiled, " do i...this is what i mean...let me make you climax again...your muscles will contract and massage each other, and you'll gush with fluid which will help soothe any pain..."

Khushi nodded nervously..."i thought you had to be, you know..."


"...inside me to make know..." she blushed furiously...

Arnav almost felt like roaring at the need to possess her..."...i'm going to have the BEST time in the future making you climax in EVERY way possible..."

She opened her mouth to say something but only a moan of pleasure came out...because Arnav swirled his middle finger around her opening, coating it with her juices before he slicked his finger up to circle her pulsing spot... 

Khushi gasped and Arnav kissed her forehead..."just relax sweetheart...this is all for you..."

Arnav wanted to slide his fingers inside her but refrained because he knew she was sore..."Am I hurting you Khushi?”

“N-no.” her breathing was getting rapid...

He lightly swooped his hand down softly running into her wetness and trailing back up circling faster... 

He felt Khushi's hand sweep up his back and then push in her nails...his desire erupted more...

Her head was tossing back and forth when she said, "Arnavji...I...I...need...i need more..."

He swept his thumb across her clit and slowly inserted one finger inside her saying...

“Oh. . .oh my God...”

Seeing that she wasn't showing any signs of pain he withdrew his finger and pushed in two...he heard her whimper and quickly asked..."am i hurting you...?"

"'t stop...please..."


 Arnav bent down and latched on to her right nipple, suckling strongly, twisting his fingers gently inside her, increasing the friction of his thumb.

As soon as he did that her legs shook. 

She started to moan. 

He softly bit down on her nipple. 

And Khushi lost it. 

Her clit throbbed beneath his thumb. 

She squeezed her legs together trying to shove his fingers deeper into her channel. 
Her fingernails pierced the back of his neck as she urged his head closer. 

It was one of the hottest things he’d ever seen ...

He felt supreme possessiveness knowing he was the first man to touch her this way...and the only man...

Arnav waited until she’d caught her breath before he slowly removed his fingers from her...

She peeked at him from beneath lowered lashes, smiling shyly.


 He pinned her arms by her side and kissed her for several long minutes.

“Don't leave me Khushi...I'm scandalously in love with you..."

"I don't want to leave you Arnavji...but my family..."

"I will talk to them...we will talk to them together...please...please I need you... ple-"


Arnav froze..."okay!?"

She nodded...

Arnav let out a long almost relieved stricken sigh..."Oh...My...God...I didn't know, i didn't know how tonight would end..."

"YOU  didn't...the great Arnav Singh Raizada who may only come second God, WASN'T in control of his own destiny...ouch!"

Arnav had bitten her on her neck sucking hard then running his tongue along her tender skin...

"When it comes to you Mrs. Raizada, i have NO IDEA what's going to happen..."

Khushi smiled...but was inwardly scared about what their "future" would hold...

Khushi was unaware that her family had already started divorce proceedings with another lawyer...


  1. woah that was a goooooood update, haha she didn't know!!

    Damn the family!

  2. wow!!! loved it. very tender.
    i do hope the famil do this. hoping for arnav to redeem trust in family. *fingerscrossed for a divorce then remarraige* :D

  3. I hope for once Khushi stands against her family and say she wants to live with her hubby and walks out with him.

  4. Love it!!!! I hope that khushi and Arnav stay together through thick and thin

  5. loved it that was hot loved it what the hell the family started divorce proceeding (DUMAS)

  6. Wow! Each part gets hotter n hotter! I am most definitely NOT complaining!!!