Monday, April 16, 2012

FF : I Can't Let Her Go! Part 40

" did this happen....Khushi? ..."

Arnav's eyes were wild...fear, passion, love, anger...

Khushi inhaled nervously..."I...I went out...outside to..."

"WHY!? Khushi you KNOW how hot it is! Do I have to keep you safe from your own stupidity!?"

Khushi's weakened body went limp again as her eyes let forth the tears she's tried to hard to hold back...

He drew one finger slowly down her cleft, through the quivering wetness.

“Forgive me....” Arnav spoke quietly...

He rocked her pelvis forward. ..

She shreiked...“I...I’m on fire...but I'm freezing cold...."

He quickly grabbed one of his shirts and helped her put it on...when he finished, he jumped up and walked to the bedroom door...


He turned, pointed his finger at her, and gave her a look of intense warning..."DO. NOT. MOVE."

She simply nodded...

Swinging his bedroom door open he yelled so loud it echoed through her head..."HP! GET THAT DOCTOR UP HERE NOW!"

As Arnav turned back to Khushi, he noticed her cluching her head...

"Khushi?!" he screamed as he raced back to her side..."Khushi...? What's wrong sweetheart...Khushi?"
"You yell so loud! What is the matter with you!?"

Arnav burst out laughing and saw that there was a crowd forming at his doorway...

"May we come in Chote?"  Anjali asked

Arnav nodded...

As the family began to congregate around his wife, Arnav pulled Akash to the side..."Sweep the house...Find and question EVERYONE here...Khushi was locked outside..."

After a lengthy check up, the diagnosis was that Khushi's temperature was receding fast, and her heart rate was now steady..."just keep her cool, let her rest...she'll be's good that her sister found her when she did...otherwide she..."

"NO!" Arnav boomed again..."No 'otherwise'...she's fine..."

"shall we help her back to her room now Chote?" Nani spoke up...

"I will carry her into her room...please everyone now leave..." Arnav said with as much calm as he could muster...

"thankyou Doctor...Di?" Khushi called Anjali over...

Anjali approached Khushi...cupping her face, she asked, "are you really okay Khushiji? I'm so sorry for what is happening to you...If i'd only seen his evilness sooner..."

"No Di...I want to know if YOU are alright..."

Shaking her head, Anjali just smiled, "I'm fine...I have my family around i had better leave so Chote can take care of you..."

As soon as the room was emptied and the door had been shut, Arnav turned to see Khushi getting up...

"What the HELL Khushi!?"

Rushing to her, he stared down at her furiously..."If you don't start looking after yourself...I WILL DO IT FOR YOU! Now get back in bed!"

Her mouth dropped open..."But, you have to take me to my..."

Arnav stepped closer until she sat back down on the bed...

Leaning over her, he growled out his words..."'re"

She opened her mouth to protest but his expression was so fiercely decided that she didn't dare question him...

"that's right..." he whispered seeing how fast she recognized his stern, serious countenance...

"Will...will you be..." she stammered...


Khushi's expression did her heart...

Her eyes teared up...

"Khushi?" Sliding his hands up her legs...

"It's fine...I know you only said all that because you were worried..."

"What? Khushi, Look at me..."
Her eyes came up to his, her vision blurred...

"I asked if you will be staying with me...and you said just made me sad...that's all..."

As she was about to look away, Arnav lifted his hands to her face and held her gently..."I thought you were asking if i was going to LEAVE you...that's why I said no...I won't be going anywhere...If i have to tie you to me, I will..."

Relief swept over her face as he leaned in and kissed her softly...

"Come, you're starting to sweat again...Time for a cool shower..."

Arnav noticed how shaky Khushi's legs were as he helped her stand...the heat of her body was exhausting her...

"I'll be okay Arnavji..."

"Yes. You will be. Come sweetheart..."

Now in the bathroom, Arnav closed the door behind him ...

Slowly, Arnav unbuttoned his shirt that Khushi was wearing, Sliding if off her smooth, hot arms...

His eyes drank in her bare body...

His mouth began to water at her exquisite femininity...

Tearing his gaze away, he kept one arm around her waist, and with his other hand he turned on the cool water and guided her under the water...

She looked back at Arnav and watched as he slowly stripped off his shirt.

Khushi was left momentarily speechless, captivated by the way his muscles played across his chest as he let the garment slide off his shoulders...

"Khushi? Are you okay?" She found herself nodding dumbly as she watched him slowly unbutton his jeans and slide them down over his hips...then her lips parted as his boxers hit the floor...

Grinning from ear to ear at her reaction, he slowly slid back the glass shower door and stepped into the running water beside her.

“Hi beautiful,” he whispered in a low growl before leaning in to brush his lips against hers.

Khushi responded to his touch immediately, moving her mouth against his as his tongue lingered lazily at the opening of her lips, taking his time to slowly part them.

She felt his teeth grace the ridge of her lower lip, producing a tingling sensation that shot clear to her toes.

The tepid water drenched them both, making his skin a silky, slick surface as she slid her hands up his chest, brushing against his taut nipples.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, grasping hold of his wet hair as he crushed her body to his.

His kiss became more insistent, his lips pressing against hers, his tongue exploring and claiming every inch of her mouth as his hands slid lower, cupping her derriere  and pulling her hips squarely against his.

She could feel his arousal deepen as he hooked one of her legs around his and hungrily ran his hands along her body, claiming it as his very own.

A surge of pleasure shot through her as Arnav’s mouth traveled down her neck, his tongue tracing a trail between her breasts.

She felt herself tremble at his touch and her skin tighten as his lips softly brushed each nipple until they stood on end. A bolt of knee-wilting desire shot through her as he suddenly took one in his mouth.

She gasped out loud, feeling his tongue gently rasp against her sensitive flesh, his teeth teasing her nipples beneath his hot breath.

 She threaded her fingers through his thick hair as he left a hot path from one breast to the next. Demandingly, his mouth caressed her there, producing a pleasure so intense it bordered on pain.

 A shudder coursed through her body as her knees went weak and she felt Arnav catching her in his arms, crushing her body to his and covering her mouth possessively with his own.

Grasping onto him as if her life depended on it, a rush of water cascaded over them both from above.

With Khushi's arms wrapped around his neck, he lifted her slim legs around his waist, and without any warning... he thrust into her. 

Her gasping throaty moan echoed through the small bathroom...

Her back arched against the tiles. 

He leaned forwards and kissed the smooth column of her neck, arched her more and pulled her breast into his mouth, her moan driving him on.   

She was his, and she was alive and safe. 

The need to confirm their love, their breath, their beating hearts raged through him.

Her moans continued to bounce off the walls. 

He loved the sounds she made in the back of her throat when they made love.

Khushi speared her fingers languidly through his hair...

He turned  his head to hers and kissed her with all the love and passion that he could. 

She raked her nails across his shoulders and knew he was close when he squeezed her hips even tighter.   

Water sluiced over them, carrying the terror of the past few days down the drain. 

Her tongue countered his, danced to the age-old tune of love. 

Her body tightened, coiled.  

Arnav pumped into her, deeper and deeper still. 

“Khushi . . .”

She shattered.

She felt an explosion of pleasure that rocked her entire body.

In an instant, she felt an answering shudder from Arnav...

He pulsed within her.  

They clung to each other in the stream of water.

She held him tightly, feeling that if she didn’t she might just collapse into a puddle on the floor and slide down the drain herself.

Her limbs were like jelly and her mind was wonderfully blank of anything but the strength of his arms holding her right now.

Somehow, without too much trouble, he got them out of the shower and into the bed.  

The sheets were cool and dampened where their wet bodies melded. 

She was beautiful.  Her small, cool and pale body glistened with moisture. 

Never before had he met a woman he needed as he did this one, like water to a thirsting man.  

Arnav rose over her, claimed her mouth in a possessive kiss,  as he slowly claimed her body all over again... 

First with his fingers, roaming, caressing, branding... 

Then he conquered her slowly with his mouth, bit by bit, inch by inch until she sobbed his name... 

The hunger and need in him roared through his veins, fought for urgency. 

But he held back.

Arnav stripped away every layer of tension she had until all that was left was raw nerves. 

Their kisses and caresses were hurried, demanding, driven out of the need to reassure, to confirm. 

He was moving so torturously slow, and the contrast between their wants and Arnav’s control was too much. 

Their hands clasped, fingers entwined and held fast.

He looked at her, his features hard, his eyes dark.  

Slowly, he slid into her and he watched as her eyes slid closed...

Arnav made love to her slow and deep, his strokes measured and controlled until she couldn’t stand it anymore. 

Feeling treasured and cherished  Khushi spiralled towards the stars, towards the sun, towards life. 

Arnav thrust deep and she cried out . . .

Arnav threw his head back, groaned his release as he gave his soul to her.  

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear.

“I love you, too.”  Their hearts beat as one, melded, bonded, promised.


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