Thursday, April 5, 2012

FF : I Feel Everything Part 11 - "They're Upstairs Fighting As We Speak!"

“Khushi...I am so in love with you... i'm so sorry...I...I just can't lose you again...I...I can't....” he pressed against her ... asserting himself as her protector.

She moaned..."you never will...I always will be...yours..."

Arnav held her as her breathing started to regulate...her eyes opened upwards to his...

"I still don't like him being here..." Arnav said feeling quietly annoyed...

"Arnavji..." Khushi let her hands glide up his chest..."Nahneji is family...he is here to see ALL of us, not just me...and most importantly...I'm yours...always..."

Arnav's eyes shot up... "Yes...YOU WILL always be mine..."

His next words came out in a growl..."...and I will make sure of it......"

Arnav moved on top of her again...his strength returned with a vengeance to claim her once more......

Khushi  gasped as she immediately experienced the pulsating power of his erection at her opening....

She felt her pelvis tighten in anticipation...

Her loins moistened...She could feel newfound desire begin to drip from her body...

Arnav slid his concrete rod up and down her pulsating sex...

Her body quivered and opened up for him...

He pressed down on her abdomen as he continued his teasing of her sensitive outer flesh...

She began to writhe underneath him...

Her deep, moanful exhales were driving him crazy...

He snarled possessively, held her hips firmly and thrust long and deep inside her...

Khushi screamed in sweet agony...

She felt as if he’d breached her heart with depth of his penetration.

Arnav lowered his head to kiss her, devouring her lips and tongue, and before he lost the last little bit of reason he had left, he began to move, withdrawing, sliding out then in again, picking up the rhythm with each new stroke. His hips circled, stroking her a little differently each time.

Arnav Singh Raizada made love like a man possessed...his body, soul, mind and heart was adamant to consume her...

Khushi shuddered beneath the majestic power of his body...the declaration of love made her tremble around him. "Ar... Arnavji...You’re fire inside me. I’m burning alive..."

He felt his control start to unravel. "Look at me," he ordered.

That now familiar sound of ground glass in his voice prompted her to tilt her head upwards to meet his gaze.

The strain in his features was obvious. "I need you, Khushi...I always will"

He drove his fingers  harder into her dark hair... He cradled her head and her eyes ignited...

The press of his hips was course on hers...

Each powerful stroke, each dip of his hard flesh into her body felt deeper and more intense than the one before.

Waves of sensation rippled outward from the centre of her body.

She trembled, her gaze locked onto his steel colored eyes...eyes that gleamed with an emotion she couldn’t quite label in the midst of the emotions that stormed through her.

 Sweat was dripping off his face...

His piercing eyes made her feel as though some wildly sensual beast had claimed her for his own. ..

The steadily escalating pace he set quickly stripped her of the ability to think or reason. ..

She willingly surrendered completely, declaring her love for him with the answering passion of her body. ...

Khushi clung to him as he increased their pace, and she met his sharp, deep thrusts with the sudden up–tilt of her pelvis each time he buried himself to the hilt.

"What do you feel?"Arnav asked through gritted teeth as her sleekly, seductive heat quivered and quaked around him...

She was beginning to climax...violently...

"What do you feel!!!!!!" Arnav pushed deeper inside her as he demanded his answer...

"Everything!" she gasped in response.

Her voice broke...Her body shattered with pleasure...

She writhed beneath him, inciting an array of emotions and sensations that blazed into his bloodstream like burning comets. "I love you you..."

He swept her back into the whirling vortex of their lovemaking once more.

He became her focus, her turbulent universe.

Nothing and no one existed for her as she circled his hips with her long, slim legs and gloried in the hammering force of his thrusts.

Their bodies collided again and again, recklessly unbridled passion and a thousand unvoiced emotions flowing between them as they made their way to a sensual summit that defied description.

Her release suddenly exploded across the dual landscapes of her mind and body.

The sensations were so strong that she became fearful of how her body would handle it...

She felt utterly helpless, awash in a molten flow of stunning sensations...His complete knowledge of her body astounded her...

She stiffened, and then she felt as if she were tumbling through space in a seemingly endless free fall...

Arnav held her tight...letting her know that she was safe to completely let go..."I'm with you jaan...Come for me..."

At the mercy of Khushi’s climax, Arnav lost control just moments later.

The milking tremors of her body and the sound of her voice as she cried out his name catapulted him into a sensory oblivion that consumed and devastated him...

As he shot inside her, he could feel her constant contractions...he could hear her unyielding moans...

Her multiple orgasms finally started to subside...

Her strength was finally fading...

He cradled her in his arms, watching over her...

Khushi opened her eyes...her body still twitching with aftershocks...

"Khushi...all those months ago...when i saw how lifeless your eyes were...i was scared...then when i saw how little of 'you' was left in you, I was terrified... When you went missing and got injured...I wanted to die..."

Her hand came up to his face...

"I can't lose you again...even though i may be completely overreacting...just the thought of..."

"shhhhhhh...." Khushi whispered..."I love're not losing me just because i talk to another man..."

She felt Arnav stiffen when she said that...

"Really...Arnavji...please try not to be worried about...."

"No Khushi...I can't NOT be worried...I will always be jealous of anyone who smiles at you...anyone who makes you smile...anyone who looks at you...anyone you look at..."

He dipped his head and kissed her softly...

"Are we still fighting?" Khushi asked softly making Arnav smirk...

"You can fight with me anytime you want sweetheart..."


"Ok...I think Nanav may try to attack me..." NK said nervously...

Anjali laughed..."no no no, Chote is very possessive of Khushi...what they went through was quite extreme...don't let it worry you..."

"Di...he looked at me like he wanted to feed me to angry wild animals...!!!"

NK looked around nervously... "where are they by the way? Are they still fighting?"

Anjali and Nani smiled...

"you will have to get used to them...they aren't ANYTHING like how they used to be..." said Payal as she wandered into the kitchen...

NK just looked on and said..."what do you mean? They're exactly the same! They're upstairs fighting as we speak!"

The three ladies exchanged glances and started laughing...


  1. hot hot hot loved it awesome update arnav is so possessive loved it nk is so stupid and hope he did not come to cause trouble loved how the three ladies laughed at him

    1. I can tell you this much...he's not here to cause trouble :D

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  4. that was hot lovemaking Sarah...but sometimes I fear Arnav's possessiveness...he doesn't like it when khushi looks at another man.....r u coming up with another track here

    very nice..

    1. hey Shy :D

      Remember..."I FEEL NOTHING" was all about Khushi...

      so this one will be... :D

  5. Very hot and nice. NK is too cute.

    -desisweetheart9 from IF.

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