Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FF : I Feel Everything Part 16

Stepping back, Arnav eyed Shyam in the shadows...

He’d said his piece and was now turning to leave...

“You really think that I’m going to give up Arnav?”

Arnav’s feet stopped. 

His body was planted in place.

Without turning, Arnav spoke...”You really think that I would ever let you get my wife? you’re insane...”

“Oh but I will...one day...maybe soon, maybe not...but she will be mine...”

Maddness erupted inside Arnav...

Lunging towards Shyam, slamming his fist on the table in front of them...”when will you get it through your thick head! she hates you! she’s MY WIFE!...”

Shyam stood up slowly...”I don’t even want the bitch now...I just want to be inside her...just once...then, you can have what’s left...”

Yelling with animal brutality, Arnav struck Shyam hard...

Even though his hands were cuffed in front of him, Shyam lifted two joined fists and hit Arnav forcefully in the gut...

Before things could go any further, Police had swarmed inside the room and pulled the two men apart...

“Get him back to solitary confinement!” Shouted one man...

“Mr. Raizada...Are you alright?”

Arnav stumbled slightly as he got to his feet...”I’m fine...” he said wincing at his bruising ribs...

“What happened sir?”

“He threatened my wife...”

The officer put his hand on Arnav’s shoulder...”Mr. Raizada, he can’t do anything...he’s here...”

Arnav’s eyes shot up...”Then how did he get a call out!!! He CALLED her! How?!”

“Called?” The policemen was sincerely shocked...

“Yeah...He called and threatened her...”

Picking up his cell phone, the Sergeant rang security...”Search his cell, check the video feeds...I want to know HOW he was able to use a phone!!”

Arnav was still trying to calm his breathing...His heart was jolting inside him...”I know Shyam is in jail...but why am I feeling uneasy still...?”

The officer interrupted his thoughts saying, “We will figure this all out...He won’t contact Mrs. Raizada again...”

Still not feeling completely convinced, Arnav just nodded and departed for home...

“Sir I need to let you know that...”

“Not now, There’s somewhere I need to be!”

It was now 3am and he needed to be at home, with Khushi...


Khushi rolled over in bed reaching her arm out to Arnav...

His side of the bed was cold...

Before she even had time to panic, the bedroom doors creaked open, and her husbands familiar scent filled the room...

She was tempted to feign sleep, but her inquisitive mind and paniced heart wouldn’t let her...

He quietly entered the bathroom to wash his hands and face, and change back into casual clothes...

Khushi still remained silent...”3am” she muttered...”What the! Where has he been!”

When Arnav slid beside her into their bed, he lifted his arm over her waist ready to pull her close...

But before he could, Khushi spun around and loomed over her husband...”Where the hell were you!?”

He was tired before, but now his eyes were wide open...”Whoa...Khushi...What?”

“NO! You answer me now! I have already had a panic filled day and YOU suddenly disappearing in the middle of the night is NOT helping!!!”

Khushi’s arm slipped and she fell against his chest...

He immediately grimaced in pain...

“Arnavji?” her angry voice vanished...”what happened? are you ok?”

Arnav tried to speak...”Khushi, I am fine, I just...”

Khushi lifted his shirt and looked at his reddened skin and at the dark bruises forming...

“oohh...oh my God...”

“No Khushi, I’m okay! Really, it’s just a...”

She lowered her mouth and covered his abdomen with light kisses...

When she rose up to look at him, she had tears in her eyes...”who did this to you?”

Arnav strained as he slowly pulled himself to sit up...

Khushi helped him, holding onto his arms...

“I went to see someone...” he said looking away...

“Who!? who did this!?” Khushi was distraught...

She rested her hand carefully on his chest...

“Khushi...I...I went to see Shyam...”

His eyes were now locked on hers...

“what...” her voice was blank...”why...”

“to find out how the hell he called you...and to make sure it would never happen again...”

She was emotionless until her eyes moved back to his injured chest...

“But...but how? how did this happen?”

“I let my temper get the better of me...I lashed out and hit him...and he managed to clock me in the ribs...” he saw Khushi getting more worried with every word he said...

“Khushi...relax...it’s just bruising...and the police stopped us before there were any more injuries...”

She remained silent...but her tears started to flow...


She lifted her eyes to his...

“Oh Khushi, don’t cry, please, you know what your tears do to me...”

“I hate seeing...seeing you hurt...”

He arched his eyebrows...”Really...now you know why I went to see him...if you hate seeing me hurt, just think of how much more I hate seeing YOU hurt!”

Khushi leaned in fast and pressed her mouth to his...

The kiss was over almost as soon as it started...

Arnav growled in frustration as her lips left his...

“Get back here Khushi...”

She shook her head fast...”no...no you need time to recover...!”

He laughed under his breath. “A few bruises are not stopping me from loving you, Khushi Singh Raizada... Not tonight. I need you.”

He leaned forward, ignoring his aching torso, and reclaimed her mouth...

Her fingers dug into his arms and he shuddered.

She released him and wrenched her mouth from his. “Your arm…did I hurt you?”

He sighed and dropped his head to press their foreheads together. “No...No Khushi, you didn’t. That’s my body responding to you. Don’t be afraid to touch me...I need your hands on me...”

Part of her marveled that she could make a man as powerful and confident as Arnav tremble with need.

He gave her cheek a light caress.

He moved into her space, pushing her down to the bed...

He was so overwhelming Khushi instinctively gasped...        

A satisfied grin grazed his sexy lips as he braced himself...his palms on either side of her head...he brought his body on top of hers...

She saw him wince, but before she could say anything, he’d lowered his head to kiss her.

His lips, so exquisitely soft and seductive robbed her of breath.

Her insides melted, brain turning snowy.

Not sure what to do with her trembling hands, Khushi reached up to press them lightly against his chest.

She could hear his heart thumping hard with excitement. 

She caressed him through the cotton fabric, wanting to sooth the bruises she’d seen...

Despite his assurance, she couldn’t bear to inflict more pain on him.

His hands moved, one cupped her nape, the other stroked her cheek, her neck, then slide down her side to rest on her waist.

Everywhere he touched left a trail of fire, her skin tingling, her senses buzzing.

Whatever modicum of control she had slipped away.

Khushi jerked her head back, breaking the kiss. “Arnavji. Please. Slow down.”

“Why?” His lips nibbled on her shoulder, he paused briefly to lift the hem of her dress …

Khushi couldn’t control the shivers or the desperation chasing them.

“I don’t want to hurt you...”

He brought his eyes to hers...His hands kept lifting...

He rose to his knees and lifted her legs over his knees...

“Arnavji... wait...”

“NO” He said decidedly as he grabbed a pillow and shoved it underneath her...

Leaning down, his mouth a few breaths away from touching her intimately mesmerized her.

“Lay back...I need to taste you...” Arnav ordered.

Khushi complied.. her breathing ragged, her gaze unwavering.




His hand slipped under her, pulled her closer, while the other pushed her wider.  

Her thighs quivered, her face flaming.

No matter how many times he had done this before, she still felt so vulnerable and exposed, a shivering mass of nerves.

Even the fact that she’d trimmed and fussed over her private parts earlier in the evening didn’t make it any easier.

He was down there, looking at her with rapt fascination.

“Beautiful,” he breathed out against her heated flesh, then he kissed her, right there at the apex of her thighs.

Raw sensations rocked her body, her anxieties forgotten.

Moans escaped her mouth, body writhing.

Within seconds, he’d taken control of her body, her mind, everything she’d ever known and flipped them.

Nothing else mattered but him.

His mouth.
His tongue.
The way he made her feel.

Khushi gripped the bed spread, pressed against his mouth, seeking more.

He pulled back on her clit's hood, revealing the nerves for his mouth.

He teased her clit with butterfly brushes of his tongue....

Back and forth, hovering, skating over the knot.

Her breathing grew labored, her skin sweaty.

He leaned in and covered her with his mouth, sucking rhythmically...

His strong hands kept her legs wide apart as he continued to suckle her throbbing clitoris...playing with it with the tip of his tongue.   

Khushi’s body was starting to write violently, her hands clasping his head and holding him to her.   

He slipped two fingers into her and her needy muscles sucked them in.   

Her orgasm was building.   

Arnav felt her body stiffen and he immediately sucked harder...

The tension exploded, sending her soaring into darkness where shooting stars were the only source of light.   

Hardly able to contain herself, the only noises she could make were harsh, squeeling intakes of breath...

She clung to Arnav’s head as he continued to suckle her sensitive little nub.   

The small aftershocks of the climax wracked her body and she released his head, too weak to hold on.   

He lifted himself over her, breathing hard...

He lowered his body onto her trembling one...his erection pressed against her belly.   

He reached around her bottom and lifted her legs up around him...   

“Look at me,” he ordered.

Khushi forced her eyes to open, their gazes locking.  

He folded her legs higher, supporting most of his weight with his arms, and entered her, slowly and carefully when he would have loved to plunge in.

She moaned and held onto his neck as he moved in and out.   He pressed his forehead to hers and kissed her lips gently...

He began to move, thrusting and withdrawing, the beginning pulses of her orgasm heightening his pleasure.

He picked up speed, her hips jerking to meet his, her hands gripping any part of his sweat-drenched body she could reach.

When she caressed his face and ran a thumb across his lips, he pulled it into his mouth, sucked on it as her nether muscles pulled him deeper and deeper.

His movements picked up speed, his blood racing, his brain going numb. 

Khushi bucked and writhed, inciting him with every moan.

She unknowingly cried out his name as multiple climaxes started to overtake her body...her muscles contracted, her weakening frame vibrated, her eyes widened as they stared into his...and the look he saw drove him right over the edge.

His jaw tightened and his muscles tensed.   

He drove deeper and harder, like every thrust would be his last until, finally, he flung his head back and let out a choked sound, the pleasure overwhelming him...and he filled her with his warmth.

Arnav wasn’t sure how long time had lapsed before reason returned.

Khushi’s legs were still wrapped around his waist, her arms around his shoulders, her beautiful face flushed and bathed in sweat. Her breathing was shallow and jerky, tears sipping through her closed eyelids.

He wanted to ask if she was all right, but his ears were still ringing, his heart galloping faster than a thoroughbred.

He ran his fingers down between her breasts and felt the little shudders coursing through her.

Her raw response sent blood surging to his loins.

He wanted her, again, his recovery time surprising him.

His arms tightened around her as though she would disappear if he relaxed.



“I...I need...”

He lifted his head to look at her...”what sweetheart...”

“I need you again...”

Growling with desire, he thrust inside her...


Sleep eluded her as they spooned in her bed.   

He played with her hair and stroked her arm while she committed his every touch to memory.   

“Are you still awake?” he asked. Her composure was slipping and she didn’t answer right away for fear that she would cry......   

He must have assumed her silence meant she was asleep.

“I love you Khushi...I would do anything for you...You mean everything to me...”


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