Friday, May 11, 2012

FF : I Feel Everything Part 17

“How the hell did he find out!!? You said she wouldn’t tell him that you called her! What if they suspect!? What if they find out I gave you a phone!”

“They won’t! Just stop your worrying! I will need that phone again in a few days time...She needs to learn that there will be consequenses...”

“NO WAY, I’m not risking this again! I told you that I didn’t want them hurt in this! And you yourself promised...”

“I don’t care what YOU think, YOU KNOW what’s at stake if you don’t help me!!!”


Arnav kissed Khushi’s forehead and shifted.

“Where are you going?” Her voice sounded tired.

Khushi woke up to a steady thump against her ear and a heavy arm around her waist.

With her head on his chest and a leg across his hip, she must have draped herself over him sometime last night.

No, change that to this morning.

The man hadn’t let her sleep, her aching body the proof of their decadence.

A slow smile warmed its way to her lips, her eyes opening.

“I like to see you like this.” His voice was dark and gravelly...

“Like what?” her eyes held suspicious confusion...

In one smooth move, he’d grabbed her hands and trapped them with one of his one.

He lifted her arms up above her head...his eyes glowing with devilment.

“Under my power. Helpless. Naked.”

Khushi glared. “You have control issues, Mr. Raizada... Let go of my hands.”

He lowered his head to kiss her lightly... “No.”

“You’re not playing fair.”

He grinned saying, “I never do, not when it comes to you sweetheart...”

Khushi saw him leaning down to kiss her again and took her chance...

She yanked her hands free and wriggled free...

“What the! Get back here!”

Khushi was now out of bed and attempting to reach the bathroom when she was grabbed from behind and swung around …

Now face to face with her husband, who was completely erupting with passion for her, Khushi drew in a breath and held it in anticipation...

“You know bloody well that you will never get away from me...”

“Yes...I know...are...are you okay? in any pain?”

“With you completely bare and rubbing up against me...I'm absolutely perfect...I want you right here...”

Khushi laughed. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you, you beast. No, I’m through making out on walls with you. I think we’ve almost tried every one in this hou…hey!”

He plucked her right off the ground.

His arm locked around her waist as he back her up and pinned her against the wall.

“I mean it, Arnavji. No more walls. Our bed is just there!” she huffed as she motioned her eyes towards the bed...

“I love you Khushi...” Then his mouth covered hers.

Khushi instantly forgot about their silly exchange and wrapped her arms around his neck as his drugging kisses made her lose sense of time and place.

Sensations slithered under her skin.

He slipped a thigh between hers and lifted his head.

“I love this position. You have no choice but to hang on to me for balance, and that gives me access to all this.”

He ran a hand down and up her side then cupped her breasts.

Her gaze still locked with his, her lips parted, invited. 

His eyes grew fiercer, hotter.

She lifted her hand and laid it against his masculine chest.

His body jerked as though scalded.

His muscles flexed under her palm, his heart thumping hard and sending pulses of excitement along her arm.

The close, hard contact caused a moan to escape her lips.

His head dipped, his hot breath against her lips making her quiver.

Then he angled his head and kissed her fiercely.

Heart pounding in her ears, Khushi surrendered and let him take charge of her mouth.

Time stopped as he sent her senses spinning...

She jerked, pulled her face away and tried to break the spell he’d cast over her.  

“Please,” she sobbed achingly, gasping for breath.

“Please what, sweetheart? Please don’t stop?” Arnav whispered erotically along her cheek... “Please take me here?” He took a tiny bite of her ear, then soothed it with his tongue.

His final, “Please tell come inside me now...” Hit the heart of her desire....

Khushi turned her face and claimed his lips this time...

She slid her hands up, slowly caressing his aching muscles before forking her fingers through his hair.

She couldn’t get enough of him.

His kisses became bolder, hotter, awakening every yearning cell in her body.

Her fingers dug into his hair, eliciting a groan from him.

He was all over her, his hands, his mouth, his breath, his very essence.

Fireworks exploded behind her eyes.

She felt feverish, yet more alive than she’d ever been in her entire life.

But then, Panic torpedoed inside her.

Khushi flung her head back and gasped for air. “Arnavji...Are you hurting?….”

“No...” was his craggy response.

He dropped butterfly kisses along her neck, inhaled deeply. “Hmm... You smell so good.”

He bit her jaw, causing her body to vibrate. “Dark, juicy, exotic.”

She was barely hanging on to her control.

He was plundering, ravishing, branding her.

“Stop worrying!” he commanded hoarsely, pressing her more intimately against him.

Exquisite sensations migrated from all over her body to the joint between her legs.

His mouth closed on hers, tongue boldly thrusting into her mouth, mating, dancing.

Her fingers silently urged him on, making him groan and grind his hips into hers...

A primitive growl rumbled through his chest.

She clung to him, floating, aching and craving.

He let her mouth go and sought her face, her neck. His long fingers slid up her back, cupped her face as he plundered her mouth.

She moaned. Or did he? It didn’t matter.

The more he gave, the more she wanted.

His hands on her bare skin…hers on his sexy body trying to touch every inch of him….

Arnav allowed her be the aggressor for about five seconds.

Then he took charge of her, of every breath she took.

The falling apart feeling, the helplessness and the need so great she felt like screaming.

When he finally moved from her lips to the side of her face, she took in achy breaths.

She pressed closer, needing his strength...”Arnavji...? I need...I need….”

He snarled with desire, the sound rumbling through his chest, pulsing through her.

His hand moved to her hair tumbling down her back.

He gripped the strands, tugged her head back and trailed his hot lips along the sensitive skin at the base of her neck.

Khushi’s arms dropped from his neck to brace herself against the wall...

For a moment, she thought she was falling, but his arm cradled her, pulling her closer.

His clever hands were gentle yet firm, his body hard and hot.

“Arnavji...” she cried, holding his shoulders.   

He pushed his hips harder into her, opening her wider....   

With excruciating deliberation he suckled her breasts, held her hips, nuzzled her neck.   

When she looked in his eyes, she murmered...”pplleeasse...”

A grin lifted one corner of his mouth.

Her voice trailed off as his eyes darkened. “What? Tell me what you want.”

His voice was deep and dark …

“I want whatever you want...” she whispered shakily.

His brow rose, and the grin grew.

“I just want you. To love you. To make you smile.”

He pulled her off the wall and lowered her onto the bed...

When his body came over hers, she shuddered out a breath.

He spread her further open and played, his fingers dancing wickedly, wherever he pleased, stroking as he pleased, as deeply as he pleased. 

The feelings in her coiled, tighter and tighter.

She locked her gaze on his, saw the hardened set of his jaw.

“I love you Arnavji. . .”


He needed to be inside her now.

His hands grasped her hips and he pulled her up his thighs and entered her in one sure thrust.

Khushi cried out in ecstacy...

He rocked them, the feelings he brought to life within her so powerful she could only hold his forearms and arch, accepting.

“I love you,” he whispered, his hand running from her face, over her chest, down to her center.

Her sheath gripped him tight, sucking him deep inside her.   

He thrust again, and she shattered, stars bursting behind her lids.

The climax came wave after wave and she rode it out nearly losing consciousness.                         

“Khushi, breathe sweetheart....”                       

Not realizing she was holding her breath, she exhaled and moaned at the same time.   

All the tension left her body as the euphoric pull waned.                       

Arnav wasn’t done yet...

As her engorged folds surrounded him, he began to thrust upward again...

Khushi inhaled sharply,  her voice harsh with need and he understood.

Thrusting faster and faster...

Khushi cried out, writhing beneath him.

Her hips shifted, thrusting against him and he sank even deeper, a groan tearing from his throat at the sensation.

Khushi wrapped her arms around him, her hands smoothed down his lower back...

Arnav drew his length almost all the way out of her tight sheath then slamming back inside her, he did it again and again.

Already he could feel the tingle at the base of his spine...

He desperately wanted to make this last longer, but his body wouldn’t allow it.

Looked like her body wouldn’t allow it either.

No, if the drawn-out cries coming from her slack mouth indicated anything then she was just as close.

Her insides clutched him, her inner walls began to milk and massage his throbbing erection and then he lost it.

With a shout, he came with one powerful thrust, his entire body shuddering with the force of it.

Khushi thrashed beneath him, her legs wrapping around his, her muscles fluttering around him.

It all made him crazy...

Again and again and again.

Her name dropped from his lips as he slumped against her and he reached out to stroke her sweat-dampened hair.

He’d never had such an intense orgasm in his life, had never experienced the overwhelming crash of emotions that threatened to overtake him.

This woman beneath him was like a precious jewel that needed to be protected, taken care of, loved.

And He was damn going to make sure he did it...

Arnav slowly shifted off her and leaned on his elbow, he was at the perfect height to suck on her tempting nipples.

“Oh....” Her eyes closed with her soft gasp, eyelashes fluttering slightly as he increased his suction.

“My God...I could do this all day...”...He loved sucking her, tasting her sweet skin.

Her body visibly relaxed against the pillows, hands coming up to cup the back of his head and he turned his attention to her other nipple.

Arnav lifted his head and saw her slight smile as his fingers lightly grazed over her nipples...

Mumbling against her lips, he said, “That smile. I love that smile I can give you.” 

Her grin grew then faded on a moan as he pressed his lips firmly on hers. . .


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