Saturday, May 19, 2012

OS : In His Veins

Right now only one thing mattered, and that was Khushi.

Getting her back.

Telling her that he loved her again...

Making love to her again...

Planning their future together again...

She was his future.

With her by his side, he'd fight whatever demons plagued him, past, present, or future.

Arnav bit back tormenting thoughts as they entered.

Khushi had better be alright or there'd be hell to pay.


"so Khushiji...tonight, I will make you front of Arnav...oh how he will enjoy that..."

Khushi felt as though she would be sick..."Don't you DARE talk about my husband like that!"

Shyam's eyes lit up with rage..."He deserves all the pain in the world! How dare he take you! how dare he turn you against me!!!"

"HE DIDN'T! I NEVER loved you!!!"

The urge to slap her almost overtook him...

"Oh...well, then he deserves even more pain doesn't he..."

Khushi's heart almost exploded in fear for her husband..."Don't...No...NO Shyamji you can't hurt him! Please! please don't hurt him!!!!"

Shyam grinned evilly..."I can promise you this...He will leave this building without a scratch on him..."


Shyam waited in the darkness for Arnav...
He had called him telling him of Khushi's whereabouts...

The moment Arnav found Khushi missing he had been frantic...willing to do whatever it took to get her back...

And then, when he found out that Shyam had him...His anger became explosive...

Arnav arrived at the dark abandoned building...

Leaping out of his car, he sped into the black space yelling for his wife...


"You want to see her?" a voice called out...

"Shyam where is she!?" Arnav was becoming more and more delirious by the second...

Shyam now appeared before him..."I will let you see her...As I make her mine..."

Arnav almost stampeded him, but when he heard a gun click, he froze.


"Unless what you bas***d!"

"unless you want to save her from me...I'll give you an hour with her...make her hate you...make her detest you...and I won't harm her..."

"If you don't...well...I'll take her and disappear..."

Arnav snarled..."I will find you ...I will find HER! She's MY WIFE!"

Shyam laughed..."and yes, you've been sooo sweet and gentle with her...well just think of how I will be with her..."

Arnav snapped..."I will never let you touch her...I'd rather have her hate me than be subjected to you again!"

Shyam smirked..."She's in the far room...the door is unlocked...but it's pitch black inside..."

Arnav's eyes widened..."dark...she's afriad sick pervert..."

Arnav a voice echoed behind him..."One hour..."
The moment the door flew open, he heard her scream..."Khushi!!?"

"Arnavji! help!!!"

He edged his way around the darkened room and finally she was in his arms...

He tried desperately to calm her...

Then he heard it..."One hour...make her hate you...or I will..."

He slammed his eyes shut..."I am sorry...but I can't let him touch you..."

He lowered his mouth to hers.

This kiss wasn't sweet and gentle.

It was punishing and angry and filled with brutal intensity.

Heat and lust and love swamped him, and he lowered his hand to her waist, pulling her in close, molding her hips to his.

He moved his erection against her, making sure she felt it.

She went still with shock and then struggled slightly, and with a low moan, he thrust her away.

Her voice shook..."Arnavji what ...what are you..."

"Shut up..."

He stepped forward again and pinned her mercilessly against the wall...

Her fear broke loose and she struggled to move.

To get away.

His arms tightened, holding her still.




Panicked, she shoved at him.

Heat raced through every cell in his body, exploding into something fierce, almost violent, burning.

His body craved her, his soul worshipped her, yet his conscience raged...he had to keep her alive...have to keep Shyam away from her...before he destroyed everything good
and decent about her.

Her breath came faster.

Crushing her against him, he kissed her hard... plundering, demanding, as all his emotions spiraled into a frenzied, tormented vortex of need.

His heart told him to go slow, be gentle, but his mind was warring savagely...

"Hate me, Khushi. By God, you need to hate me."

His stomach twisted as he backed her against the rough wall...

His mind bellowed at the injustice.

He bit her neck, softly, hotly, and kissed her again, kissed her until a ragged breath broke from his throat, his heart thundered and his body took control.

He slid his hands down her sides, up, over her breasts, down again.

No mercy.

Her hands bunched in his shirt as he roughly shoved her pants down.

His followed.

When he lifted her up to straddle him, he wanted to scream at her to make him stop.

He pressed her back against the cold stone wall, held her hips, and shoved into her.

He wasn't kind, or gentle or loving.

"Hate me. Forgive me." his heart kept repeating...

As he pushed into her, she gasped at the shock and dug her fingers into his shoulder muscles.

She rounded into him, tightened her legs around his waist, and when she moved, he clenched his teeth against the cruelty of what he was doing.

He shoved into her again, harder, deeper, angrier at himself than he'd been in a long damn time.

He steadied her against the wall just long enough to reach up, grab the fabric and rip her shirt open.

She jerked her head up and they locked gazes.

What he saw nearly buckled his knees.

Her eyes shone with trust.


A willingness to surrender to whatever he was doing, and God help him, none of those things were what he wanted.

He wanted to hurt her, but when she pressed the soft fullness of her breasts against him, he ignored the pain in his heart and moaned with heat and need, rocking into her harder, faster, deeper, taking them both to a place they didn't belong.

Forcing control, he blocked his emotions.

Locked them down.

Let himself use her.

"Hate me!"

He drove into her coldly, with no emotion, no remorse, no feeling whatsoever.

She pressed her face into his neck, giving into the scathing rhythm and consuming, caustic friction of his thrusts.

His blood pounded his fury, swelled his veins, burned his eyes and throat until finally he was so deep inside her, so consumed with need and anger, he came hard, hot, spilling into his wife with enough guilt to damn his soul.

"I'm sorry...I'm so so sorry..." his heart kept repeating...

He pulled away from her long before she'd had time to climax.

Confusion played across her features, but he couldn't, wouldn't give her time to think, to feel or analyze.

Instead he set her roughly away, buttoned his pants, and said, "Not bad..."

"By God, Khushi hate me..."

Khushi rocked back on her heels.

Stared at him a moment.

Then she took a deep breath and instead of slapping him, instead of hating him, instead of roaring, or bellowing, or anything she should have done, she quietly said, "I forgive you."

He grabbed her wrist and hauled her toward him, whispering close to her ear, "I don't want your forgiveness."

He sure as hell didn't deserve it.

He stepped away.

Self-contempt and shame weighed on his heart like a steel anchor...

He'd hurt her on purpose.

She'd let down her barriers and he'd trampled them into dust.


Arnav heard a loud bang...and suddenly the lights came on...

He thought his sight was betraying him...

He shook his head and stepped back...

"No..." he said under his breath...

Shyam laughed behind him..."Well, now you may have her...I was never going to take her...I wanted to punish YOU...and now that she hates you, and that YOU hurt her, YOU may live with this guilt..."

Arnav almost dove at Shyam but hearing Khushi desperately trying to breathe, he instantly turned to her...

"Khushi...OH GOD NO! KHUSHI!"

He fell at her side...

Shyam had shot her.

She was losing blood rapidly...

He took out his phone and attempted to call for an ambulance...

No signal...

"Khushi..." his voice was failing..."Stay with me sweetheart...I'm right here...I won't let anything happen..."

Her skin was losing color and she could barely focus...

"Khushi...No no no no...Not like this! NOT LIKE THIS! Not until we've had heaps of children and grandchildren...not until I've made love to you like I WANT to not how I HAD pain...all love...not until you've danced and sung like a crazy person, not until we've fought over a million stupid things...DON"T YOU DARE LEAVE ME KHUSHI!"

That very second...

Her breath left her.

Unable to breathe anymore, Arnav held her furiously and screamed..."NOO!!!!! NO!!! KHUSHI!!!!!!"

His body refused to move...

His heart refused to accept...

Grabbing a sharp shard of glass he cut his wrist firmly... and mingled their blood...

Now and forever she would be part of him...His life's blood...In his veins...


  1. omg this was insanely depressing. And sad and cruel and so devastating.

  2. emootional..
    bast**rd shyam!!!!