Friday, May 4, 2012

OS : Wild Repentance Part 3

“STAY with you!?”

Khushi inwardly laughed at his audacity to request this of her...

Arnav looked intently at her...”Stay with me...I love you...I...I don’t know how to but...I...I will make up for what I’ve...”

Khushi tried to pull away only to have Arnav push her up against the wall...

She struggled against him...“Make up for what you’ve done!? HOW?! There is nothing! Just let me live out the last 7 days of this stupid marriage in peace! Without your anger and aggression constantly making me fear even the mention of your name!”

His gaze was penetrating hers...”I never wanted you to be afraid of me...”

“I'm not! I don’t have ANY feelings for you ! Please let me go! I hate you!”

Her tears were furiously dripping down her face, sending stabbing pains throughout Arnav’s body...

He held her tighter...”No...I don’t believe that...I don’t...”

Khushi continued to try and jerk away...”Believe it! I have NEVER loved you!”

The dread in her stomach tightened even more when his expression changed to one of harsh determination...

His eyes glittered darkly...

Her heart was in her throat...

A sound throttled low in his chest.

She felt it, heard it.

Her nipples tightened, and the sound came again, involuntarily, making them painfully taut.

The animal inside him was ready to seduce her ......

He said nothing, but moved his face against hers, his jaw hard, the stubble of his beard a scraping reminder of their differences...

She closed her eyes, let her head fall back against the wall...

Taking charge, he roughly fisted her hair, keeping her neck open to his wet, hot assult...

Khushi felt fury and desire storm through her...the sweeping escape of arousal.

It coursed through her to pool in her core, stirring long buried dreams of the life she’d wanted, a husband, a lover. Love.

Too late she realized the mistake of dredging up that loss.

Arnav felt her swallow hard and looked up at her..."You’re crying."

"I...I’m not.."

He nudged a knuckle beneath her lashes.

“Why lie Khushi...” he said as he wiped her salty tears along her lips...

As if he sensed the turmoil roiling within her, he slid his arm more securely around her waist, strong and possessive,...

“Will you deny us both? I may not deserve love ...But you deserve it!...and even though I have treated you unforgivably, I know that no one could ever love you with the same passion that I do...”

With his words, the roughness of his voice and his proximity, her battered resistance began to collapse...

She wanted this just as much...but still, her heartbreak still spoke for her...

She shook her head and before she could take another wispy breath, his mouth was on hers, claiming her wholly.

After endless minutes of deep kisses and gliding tongues, Khushi briefly broke the kiss and let out a ragged moan.

Clutching her waist firmly in his hands, Arnav angled her hips so he could fit his erection where  he knew she was aching...

Pleasure stole her next breath and she gasped, wanting only to push against him without the encumbrance of her clothing...


His voice shocked her back to the moment...

She forcefully pushed him away...“How dare you kiss me like that...”

Arnav started moving towards her again...“Then how should I have kissed you?” he asked smiling.

The thought should have repulsed her but the heaviness at her center returned anew, growing slick under his heavy-lidded gaze.

“I didn’t want you to kiss me at all,” she said, her face fiery hot with embarrassment.

“That’s not the message I got when your hands were clawing at my shirt...”

Her firefilled eyes lasered towards his...”You may THINK that you have some sort of power over me Mr. Raizada, but you DON’T! After 7 days, I will finally be rid of your two-faced personality!”

She began to storm out, but Arnav pulled her close again and dipped her...

“Yes...I have been two-faced...One part of me could NEVER believe what Shyam said of you! Then the other part of me would hate you...and lash out to hurt you! I hate myself for what I did...I AM truly sorry...and as for having power over you...I KNOW in my soul that you love me! I also know that you hate me...”

He lifted her slightly...her arms hanging onto his neck...”But you are my wife, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada! And by the end of 7 days...I will have convinced you NOT TO LEAVE...”


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