Thursday, May 17, 2012

OS : Wild Repentance Part 4

Khushi struggled to get free...

“I mean it Khushi...”


“Chote?! Khushiji!?”

Khushi pushed out of his hold and ran to the bedroom doors...

“Di is coming..." she paced back to Arnav, her expression unreadable..."Stop all this drama! She doesn’t need anymore stress!”

“I’m not pretending anymore Khushi!”

“She can’t see us fighting...! She will only worry!!! You better fix this,” she hissed.

“What do you want me to do?”

She blinked.

Her lip trembled as she bit out the words... “Do something, damn it! Something to convince Anjali that we’re okay!!!”

“Khushiji? Chote?” The echo of their names drifted in from the hallway, Anjali’s gentle, concerned voice was checking if they were okay.

“Di is coming,” he said.

“I know...she probably heard us arguing. Do something Mr. Raizada!!!!”



“Fine!” He grabbed her around the waist, dragged her body flush against his, and crushed his lips to hers as his hands wrapped around her tightly so they were plastered against each other, hip to hip, thigh to thigh, breasts to chest.

The breath whooshed out of her lungs and she swayed as her feet cut out on her.

She expected a precise, controlled kiss to calmly show Anjali that they were happily married.

Instead she got hot testosterone and raw sexual energy. 

She got warm lips melded over hers.

His teeth nipped.

His tongue burrowed inside and plunged in and out with sheer command, bending her back over his arm to take every last drop of her resolve.

She hung on and gave it all back.

Ravenous for his touch, she got drunk on his musky scent and taste, reveled in the hard length of his body as animal heat rose between them and pushed them over the edge.

She moaned deep in her throat.

He slid his fingers into the heavy weight of her hair to hold her head still as he continued the sensual invasion.

Her breasts grew heavy and full, and liquid heat pulsed between her thighs.


Arnav ripped his mouth from hers.

Dazed, He searched her face for some sign of emotion...and he got it...

She loved him.

“I’m sorry, Di...” His grin was wry and totally male.

Di laughed and looked at her Khushi, still snug in his arms.

“Sorry to interrupt. Come join us when you’re finished.”

Khushi heard footsteps retreating.

Slowly, Arnav’s gaze traveled downward to pierce her vision...

Her mind was in a frenzy...”I hate him...but I love him...He says he loves me...but he hurt me so much...”

This was the reason why a kiss from Arnav Singh Raizada brought so much pleasure, and at the same time, hurt so deeply.

Angrily she stomped on his foot and he jerked back...

“What the! Khushi!”

She spun on her heel and pointed her finger at him...”Stay away from me!”


As he slept that night he began to doubt...

“Maybe I have hurt her too much...Maybe she DOESN’T love me...Maybe I just want her to love me...”

But his mind wantered back to how she responded to his her breath came in choppy gasps and her eyes snapped.

“No...I may have doubted...but no...”

He recalled her hot, wet mouth had opening under his...

Her sweet taste swamped his senses, and the maddening scents of vanilla and spice made him wild...

Wild with passion...

Wild with remorse...

Wild with repentance...


Khushi woke up early, hoping to avoid Arnav...

She showered and walked out of the bathroom...

Her husband had woken up, and was now standing scruffily in front of her...

She was about to walk past him when he placed his hands on her waist and stopped her. “I’ve been thinking about something ...”

Her eyebrows went up. “Wh...What?”

“This.” He claimed her lips, slipping his tongue inside her mouth when she gasped, loving their fullness and the sweet taste that was uniquely Khushi.

She reached up, crunched his shirt in her hands...

Pulling her softness against his hard body, his hands followed her contours until he reached her face.

He cupped her jaw and deepened the kiss.

What started as a morning kiss shifted and grew into something bigger and hotter.

Her scent filled his senses and need swelled inside him with the fury of a squall.

His fingers slid through her wet strands to hold her head in place as he savored her again and again.

When the kiss broke, Arnav rested his forehead against hers.

Eyes closed, Khushi breathed out in spurts, her body quivering.

No woman had ever fully possessed him as Khushi did...

A look, a smile, and he craved.

A touch and he forgot himself.

“Stay with me...” he growled

Khushi tried to speak, but her voice seized up on her.  

Neither could she put some distance between.

Her knuckle-white grasp on his shirt was the only thing keeping her knees from giving out.
“lllett mme ggoo...”Her voice was a mere whisper.

A small smile touched his sexy lips. “At least it wasn’t a no...”

He ran a thumb over her lower lip, making it tingle.

Then slowly, and painfully...he let her go and moved away.....


“I know that I’m the only man for you Khushi!”

Her eyes were lasers...”The only man for me!? You aren’t man enough to love me!”

Her last words exploded in the air between them.

His clear eyes turned hazy, his jaw clenched, his body locked.

His hands lifted until they grasped her upper arms.

He looked like he was ready to shake her or do something else, something completely…irrational.

Her body lit up like an electrical current.

Her lips parted to take in breath.
And she waited.

“Not man enough to love you!?” His mocking tone raked over her.

He lowered his head so his mouth stopped inches from hers.

With slow purpose, his hands moved from her arms and upward to circle her neck.

Linking his fingers around the sensitive flesh, his thumbs tipped her head up, so he clearly spotted the wildly beating pulse her dress didn’t hide.

He watched her frightened face while he continued the torture by tracing the line of her collarbone, the slope of her shoulders.

Then moved lower.

Both palms slid down her front and cupped her breasts in his hands.

Excitement and terror danced over her nerve endings.

Her muscles softened and grew weak.

Her breasts swelled and ached, rising to meet him.

His thumbs grazed the tips, and a low groan rose from deep in her throat.

He made a low murmur of satisfaction as he continued the stroking, teasing motions.

She felt him harden, rise and press against the sensitive apex between her thighs.

Liquid warmth rushed through her.

“Maybe I should PROVE to you just how manly I am...” He thrust his hips against hers to give her a taste, and she shook in response.


  1. awesome update very hot and cute loved it loved how she stamped on hies foot he is not getting it that easy awesome pre cap