Thursday, May 24, 2012

OS : Wild Repentance Part 6

Khushi feigned sleep as Arnav walked towards the bed...

Seating himself beside her, he brushed her hair away from her eyes...

Still she kept her eyes closed...

He began to feel annoyed, knowing that she was well and truly awake, and was purposefully ignoring him...

Since she lay flat on her back, he had no trouble grabbing her forearms and yanking her up into a sitting position...

Khushi’s eyes flew did her mouth...

He tightened his hold. “You make me forget everything else in the world...I want you.”

He bent down and skimmed his lips down her cheeks, around her jawline.

His mouth hovered close to hers, so close that she almost could taste him.

“I want to take this sheet off and see your body again...”

“No, Arnavji . . . don’t.” Her words came out in small, breathless spurts.

“I burned every delicious inch of you into my memory; those gorgeous legs, that tiny mole inside your right thigh, your rosy nipples and the way I could make them hard by looking at them.”

This was all too much for Khushi...she felt herself begin to drip with desire...

His gaze held hers as he caressed her through her sheet...

“Yes...The way they are now... You want me too...I know you do...”

She shook her head...

He rolled her nipples between his fingers...and she shuddered, moaning...“Yes . . . I do want you...”

“I love you, Khushi... I want to be married to you. And I don’t know if I have the patience to wait for you to make up your mind...You have to stay with me...”

“No.” She could barely speak the word, but she knew she had to.

“Please don’t Arnavji....”

“I believe you love me, Khushi. Can you deny it?” His hands were still on her, doing remarkable, wonderful things.

She could see so deep into his eyes, she imagined she’d glimpsed his soul.

But the tenderness of the moment was suddenly assassinated when her mind flashed back hearing his voice say...”You’re having an affair with Shyam!!! AND DON’T DENY IT!”

And that shattered her heart once again...her body went limp...“It doesn’t matter anymore Arnavji.”

He instantly felt her change of tone...”oh no no no, no don’t think back to anything I said...” he thought desperately...

“It matters—to both of us Khushi.”

Khushi shook her head...“Forget what I once felt for you, or what I feel for you now. We can never have a future together. Shyam—”

“Will never come between us again.” His expression became fierce.

“I won’t let him near you! Dammit, Khushi I know you love me.”

Her voice was shaky. “You’re wasting your time with me.”

His mouth covered hers swiftly, greedily.

She leaned into him, fitting every inch of herself to his muscular body.

Her emotions were in a frenzy because she knew that what they shared—something so wonderful, so right, so good—had to end.

She tried to pull back from his kiss, but he took her mouth again, this time with an aching tenderness and an unbearable sweetness.

What she couldn’t say to him earlier, she spoke through the kiss.

She loved him.

Now and always.

No matter how many years or how many miles came between them, she would never be free of Arnav Singh Raizada...

Arnav held her long after the kiss had ended...tucked close to him, she felt secure and needed and loved.

She rested her head against his shoulder and let the feelings wash over her.

“You have to go to work.”

“I know...” he said as he kissed her forehead...

“You have to release me.” Her voice was gentle...

“Only temporarily.” He eased his hold.

Arnav walked to the bathroom but before he shut the door he looked out to her once more...”Go have breakfast Khushi...I want the mother of my future children to stay healthy.” He winked and shut the door grinning at the completely shocked expression on her face...

Now alone, She could scarcely breathe or speak as realization slammed into her.

She fought against the truth, tried to shut it out of her mind, but how could she deny it now... when she was in his arms it felt like heaven...

She hurried to get dressed and walked quickly out of the room...


Arnav searched for Khushi before he left for work, but she had already gone out to visit her family with Payal...

Feeling infinitely frustrated, he stomped off to work with Akash...

“Bhai? Are you alright? You seem to be very on edge today...”
Arnav’s jaw tightened , but he remained quiet...

“Did you need help planning anything? I mean, It will be your 6 month anniversary with Khushiji in a few days...”

Arnav snapped to attention...”How do you know that?!”

Akash smiled...”Married on the same day...remember?”

“Oh...right...” Arnav turned back to driving...

“Well, if that’s what’s bothering you...”

“Just leave it Akash...I’m fine...”


When Arnav got home that night, Khushi was still not home...


“Chote you really have to learn to stop yelling...and I’m sure you’re going to ask about Khushi...well Payal and Khushi are on their way home, they should be here...”

The front door opened...

Anjali pointed and said...”Right now...”

“Di, so sorry we are late...” Payal said smiling...

Khushi walked in and Arnav moved to stand straight in front of her...

When her eyes lifted to his, her entire body responded with how fervently she’d missed him...

Arnav saw the warmth that filled her eyes and he treaded carefully...”Khushi...”

"Are...Are, are you hungry?”

Arnav stepped closed...”Yes...I certainly am...”

Khushi’s gaze darted from his eyes to his lips and then back again...

Deciding to play it casual, he gave her a melting smile and walked away...


Khushi tried to avoid his gaze the entire night...which proved to be the most difficult task of her life...

All she could think of was his lips posessing hers...of his tongue on her aching nipples...of his body sliding in and out of hers...

“Stop it Khushi! Your body may want him! But remember all that he has done!? Don’t let one night of passion change your mind!”

It was getting late, and Khushi decided to go to sleep early, hoping to avoid any more confrontation with her husband...

Saying a quick goodnight to the family, she hurried away...

As she entered her room, she heard a voice that stopped her heart..."Stop right there."

Looking over her shoulder, she saw Shyam.

“Get OUT of my room...”  she snapped at him...

His sick smile appeared on his face...”Khushiji...I think of you every night...can’t you give me one chance to please you...I have wanted you for so long...”

Khushi felt like retching in disgust...

“If you don’t GET OUT right now, I will...”

Shyam lifted his hand...”Oh stop it Khushiji...Your pointless threats do not concern me...I will leave it for tonight...but very soon, you shall by in MY arms...”

He walked away and the second she was out of sight, her body began to shake...

“I need Arnavji...” she mumbled to herself...

As if hearing her words, Arnav snapped to attention...

“Bhai? Are you okay?”

Arnav lifted his head and called out to Payal as she walked past...”Payal, Is Khushi with you or Di?”

“No, she wanted an early night’s sleep, and went upstairs about 15 minutes ago...”

Instantly he stood at attention...”Akash, this will have to wait...”

“Bhai, I still need your signature...Bhai!”
But Arnav was halfway up the stairs...


“No Khushi...You don’t need anyone...You DO NOT need anyone...”

Her thoughts were interrupted by the bedroom door opening and firmly closing...

She spun to face the intruder as she said, “Shyamji I swear if you don’t leave me alone!!!....Oh..!”

She saw her husbands face flash with anger...


Looking away she tried to avoid the impending conversation...

“I’m fine...I’m going to go to sleep now and...stop...”

She saw him prowling towards her...

Khushi stepped back...

“I said stop Arnavji...”

He kept coming.

One more step and she was in his arms.

He held her so tightly, she could barely breathe.

Arnav’s mind what a whirlpool of thoughts, “How DARE he go near her again, In MY OWN house, MY wife...”

Khushi tried to push away...”Let me go...”

“No Khushi...You’re my wife...”

“You have NO right over me Arnavji!”

Deliberately, Arnav leaned in closer.

“ right?... You became my right the moment your mouth opened under mine,” he shot back. “When you cried my name and your nails dug into my skin with passion I reserved the right to be your first and only lover...I am YOUR husband....”

Arnav took in the high color of her cheeks and her trembling mouth.

His voice gentled. “The other night we almost became lovers and today you want to pretend it never happened.”      

She pulled herself away and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “I don’t see any need to bring last night up. It was a mistake.”      

“It was the first honest response you’ve allowed yourself in a long time.” He stepped back and plowed his fingers through his hair.

“Whether the time was right or wrong, good for you or not, you wanted me as desperately as I wanted you, and now you’re too damn scared to admit it...”     

She shook her head stubbornly. “I was taken by surprise. You wanted to prove a point.”     

Arnav gazed at her for a long moment.

Her chin tilted upward in the air, as if to stand her ground.

He acknowledged this very well may be the most stubborn, headstrong woman he’d ever met.

He noticed the rapid beat of her pulse at the base of her neck and controlled a satisfied smile.

No matter how much she denied it, her body betrayed her.

If he coaxed her body to step out from her cage, maybe her mind would follow.

He needed to try.      

Khushi watched the male predator before her and waited for his temper to explode.

Instead, she heard him speak in an easy tone. “So insist that you were taken by surprise by my, er, forward actions.”      


“So, if I had calmly announced my intentions to kiss you and make love to you, I wouldn’t have gotten the same response.”      

“That’s right...”      

“You would have pulled away.”      

She nodded. “Yes.”      

Khushi watched in fascination as he closed the distance between them once again.

Warm breath struck her lips as his mouth stopped inches from her own.

The slow descent held her spellbound.

Heat and intense sensual energy radiated from his body.

“So If I told you I intend to kiss you, you’d refuse to respond, right?”      

Her stomach lurched in fear at his obvious intent. S

he licked her lips nervously and stiffened her body to prepare for battle.


The word came out slightly strangled.      

His eyes focused on her trembling mouth.

“Great. Then as two logical people ready to settle an argument, we’ll conduct an experiment to prove who’s telling the truth.” He paused.

“Just in case you don’t know what’s about to happen, I intend on kissing you right now.... I’m also giving you plenty of notice so you can’t call foul play after I prove your body was made to belong to me.”      

Then his lips closed over hers.      

Khushi prepared for a sensual, teasing game like the night before.

What she hadn’t expected was the powerful, drugging need that touched fire to her body when his tongue penetrated the seam of her lips to thrust into her mouth, hungrily plundering the dark, silken depths over and over again.

Like a flower opening to the sun, she allowed him free access.

A deep need burned through her; the need to respond to his masculine invasion; the need to feel her body crushed under his; the need to let her soul soar.

She could have fought her response if he’d used cold expertise, or a calculated game of thrust and parry.

What she couldn’t fight was this honest, driven kiss.

This man, her husband, needed her response so badly, and he seemed to want her with a passion beyond the clinical, ruthless mind of a businessman going in for the kill.      

As his kiss continued, she learned the texture of his lips, the line of smooth white teeth, the heat of his mouth.

She reveled in the hard body pressed against hers.

She breathed in the scent of him.

As the kiss went on, stoking the fires of desire, she wanted more and more and more…      

He slowly dragged his mouth from hers.

She took deep, ragged breaths.

Her skin tingled from the slight roughness of his five o’clock shadow.

She let her tongue glide along her bottom lip and caught his taste.

Arnav groaned.

The pad of his thumb pressed over her mouth and traced its outline, following up to the line of her jaw.

He smoothed back the stray tendrils of hair.    

Khushi almost closed her eyes in defeat.

No more lies.

Clearly, he knew the extent of her physical attraction, and would use the knowledge to his advantage.

He announced his intentions and she’d been unable to prove she had no feelings.
In fact, the opposite was true.      

“What are you fighting so hard to resist this...I know I have hurt you, but I know in my heart that you love me Khushi...” he asked.

Her face closed off.

Her eyes grew distant.

“Our past has nothing to do with my decision. I admit we have an attraction, but we don’t have to act on it. Can’t you see this is wrong?” she pleaded.

“We’re too different. We belong in two different worlds. I don’t belong in yours, and you know you’re not comfortable in mine. We would only hurt one another more...”      

Arnav gazed at his worthy opponent and admiration cut through him.

Even after her body surrendered, her mind refused to wave the white flag.

His lips curved in a smile as he grasped her wrist and pulled her hand to his mouth.

He pressed a heated kiss into her palm, and felt her pounding pulse against his fingertips; heard her quick indrawn breath.

He never wanted a woman so badly like he wanted his wife.      

“Did you ever stop to think I need you in my world?” he asked.

“Have you ever saved a man from himself? I lived in darkness, where deception and lies are at every turn. I learned to protect myself by being cold and hard, the only way I know to survive.”

Her body visibly shook as her gaze locked on his.

“You’re like the sunlight. You radiate heat and truth and all the good things in the world.” He paused.

“Save me, Khushi.”      

Her lower lip trembled. “I can’t,” she whispered.      


Her voice broke. “I can’t...”      
He saw the fear and knew she wasn’t ready.

He clamped down hard on the swirl of emotions rising inside him and took a deep breath.

When he finally re-focused, there remained only a ruthless never let her leave...

“I need you Khushi. I’ll drag out every damn fear you have. I’ll stalk every hiding place, haunt your dreams at night, and make your body burn for mine. And When you finally surrender, I’ll continue to make you feel more pleasure than you’ve ever known.” He released her hand from his.

“Be warned, sweetheart. Cards are on the table. You will NOT escape me....”      

The clock  on the wall ticked.

Slowly, she regained her composure, and watched him from under heavily lidded eyes.

She realized she’d unwillingly issued a challenge, and he’d do whatever necessary to make her surrender.

The sudden flash of vulnerability in his eyes couldn’t be real.

She stared at him.

Her mind hardened...

Arnav was about to find out she’d be no easy conquest.

She had too much to lose.     

“I’m not going to let you break the rest of my heart!!! NO MATTER HOW MUCH I MAY LOVE YOU!”

Instantly she froze.

What did she just say!?!?!?!

She caught the gleam of triumph in his eyes too late.

Her back slammed against the wall and trapped her from further retreat.

She lifted chin in defiance.

He was so close she saw the heat in his eyes, smelled the musk of his cologne.

She rallied her crumbling forces and battled for control over her treacherous body.

“A real man would never use forceful tactics to get what he wanted.”      

“No one will ever make love to you the way I will, Khushi....”      

Her knees went weak and her gasp of outrage was smothered by his mouth over hers.

He plundered her lips in a sensual invasion that drove the breath from her lungs.

Heat exploded through her as his tongue thrust against hers, diving in and out of her mouth as if to plummet every dark secret, demanding her response, until she grasped his shoulders for balance and hung on.

Her nails dug into the hard muscles as the searing kiss went on.      

Raw sexual energy crackled between them as Arnav slid his hands up her back to her hair...

He dragged the dark, silk strands through his fingers and murmured in pleasure as the heavy waves tumbled down to cloak them in a world of mindless abandonment.      

She pressed her body against his, luxuriating in the feel of his hips cradling hers, the lean strength of his thighs, the bold evidence of his arousal.

He pulled back, heard her strangled cry of protest, and re-slanted his mouth to kiss her more deeply.

He used his lips and teeth and tongue to push her to the limits of control, until she became helpless beneath the onslaught and surrendered completely.      

When he withdrew from her, it took a few moments to register the loss. She blinked in confusion and stared up at him.

His eyes were hot and smoky as he gazed at her, but his words fell like icy drops of water and made her stiffen in shock.

“I love you. And you love me. If you insist on starting this challenge, I’ll insist on finishing it. And I will win.”      

When she finally recovered enough to hurl some choice words at him she was too late.      

He was already gone into the bathroom for a cold shower...


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