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SS : The Spice Of Life Part 8

“You make love sound so simple.”

“It is simple. Not always easy, but simple.”

“Put me down please...”

Arnav reluctantly set her on her feet again...

Khushi immediately turned and was about to get as far from him as possible...

He tugged her hand and pulled her back against him...“Don’t walk away from me...” his voice was starting to show some dominance...

She held herself stiff, so she didn’t lean against him, but she didn’t try to stand, either.

“Walking away isn’t going to solve things.”

“I don’t know if anything can solve things.”

His jaw tightened and he took a slow, measured breath before continuing, not wanting to react to the words and how much they hurt him, but choosing to act on the pain that caused her to say it.

“I’m not going to stand by and watch us fall apart. You’re too important to me.” She stilled in his arms.

“I’m too important to you?”

He held her gaze. “It would rip me apart to lose you. Please don’t go through with the divorce....”

She opened her mouth to speak but his hands began to hold her tighter...and her voice vanished...

Arnav pulled her towards him with slow, deliberate movements.

His warm breath penetrated her hair as his arms pressed her body into his.

“Don’t run from me.” His voice commanded, whispered, in her ear.

Then his mouth came down on hers.      

Caught in the fog enveloping her mind, Khushi held herself perfectly still in his embrace.

Her senses were overwhelmed by his unique scent as it mingled with his cologne.

The heat of his kiss and the coiled power of his hard body ignited a raw sensual energy that threatened to engulf her.      

Frantically, she realized the position she’d put herself in.

By her denial and unwillingness to concede, she’d waved a bright red flag in front of him and challenged his ego.

She needed to remain calm and let him kiss her.

She convinced herself that he'd realize his mistake, apologize, and they’d continue their divorce arrangement and avoid future talks.      

Arnav immediately felt her refusal to respond to him.

Obviously, her heart was holding onto the past...

He clamped down hard on the fierce need that raced through his body to make her surrender to her emotions, as he’d been forced to.

He deliberately relaxed his hold and eased the pressure of the kiss, moving his lips teasingly over hers, inviting her to kiss him back.

Slowly, he sipped at her mouth as if she were a precious drink of water in the hot desert sun, learning her taste and texture.

Nibbling at her lower lip, his tongue teased its pouty outline as he continued a maddening game of arousal and retreat attempting to both soothe and ignite her.

Khushi unconsciously pressed her body closer to his, seeking something more to quench the fire in her belly that suddenly flamed to life.      

The strong hands that had first dragged her to his embrace now glided over her shoulders and down her arms in a gentle caress.

His fingers smoothed her flesh and made her wonder what his touch would feel like on her bare skin.

Her mind clamored for her to push him away when his grip loosened, but her body longed to feel the promise behind his scorching kiss.

The blood pumped through her veins with each deliberate movement of his hands and mouth.      

Arnav’s mouth brushed hers, then withdrew.

He pulled his hands through her thick hair, rubbing each strand between his fingers in slow, easy movements.

He lightly touched the tips of her breasts which immediately hardened under her clothes....

A moan escaped her lips.

Arnav hated to do this, but he fully released her and backed away...

Khushi stumbled slightly when he let go...

Her eyes remain closed and her lips were wet and pouting...

Arnav had never known such torture...

Seeing her like that was about to undo him, but thankfully he regained some control...because her eyes popped open and she was ready to revert again...

“I’ll be at work till 6pm...I’ll see you when I finish...whether it’s here or at your house...remember this is your home too...” he stepped dangerously close, without touching her, lips hovering over hers...”OUR home Khushi...I love you...”

Turning on his heel, he marched out of their room...


Since arriving at the office, Arnav had been all kinds of Angry...

Shouting, yelling, threatening...

“Bhai...I know that Khushi is on your mind...Maybe you should...”

“Maybe you should mind your own business Akash!”  Arnav glared and stormed away...

Sitting on his chair, alone in his office, he felt a headache coming on...

“Stubborn Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada...!!!”

He stood up, almost having made up his mind to haul her away somewhere, but as he looked around, he saw the memories...
If it hurt him to remember the pain he caused her, then how much more would it hurt her...the person who took all the abuse...

Feeling like a martyr, he forced himself to stay at the office...


Driving home he had a splitting headache, and a heavy heart...

“She would have gone back to the Gupta house...Why would she stay...She wouldn’t...” his thoughts only made his head throb more...

And yet in the depth of his heart he hoped that he would walk in and see her there...

Akash was trying to talk to him, but all he wanted was to get home, shower, and go to see his wife...

When they arrived he purposefully strode up the entrance steps, and barged inside...

Payal and Anjali were instantly in front of him trying to tell him something...

“Chote? Look we need to tell you something...”

“Arnavji? can you wait for just a moment and lisen...”

Arnav halted.

He spun around fast and said firmly, “Do NOT talk to me now...I have a pain that’s killing my head and a pain that killing my heart, so leave me alone! I have someone I need to see!”

Anjali took payal’s arm and led her away...”Look, we did our best to get Khushiji to stay for another night...I know we worked hard to finally convince her, but now that Chote is in such a foul mood...I think we’ve made the situation worse...”

Payal squeezed Anjali’s hand...”No Di, They are both hot headed...they already know what each other are like...let them be...”


Khushi was pacing...the poolside breeze was calming her slightly, even though the wild inferno that blazed inside her was completely out of control...

“Why did I let them talk me into this...” she muttered to herself...

Arnav’s words echoed in her mind...”You know exactly why...”

A loud bang knocked her out of her musings...

She stood up fast …

Walking around the pool, she entered the bedroom...

She saw Arnav standing beside the cupboard...


Towel around his neck...

Dripping hair...

Her eyes widened and she tried to look away, but her senses were drinking him in as though they were parched...

He grabbed a shirt and turned around and his gaze fixed on Khushi...

He slammed his eyes shut and mumbled...”Bloody hell...”

That did it.

Khushi’s jaw dropped and she angrily spat out...”What do you mean by that!?!”

Arnav’s eyes darted back up to her...

His senses snapped to attention...

“You...You ARE here!?”

“Yes...but with that ‘greeting’ I cannot recall WHY i would be here!!!”

She turned around and began to leave...

“Khushi!” he called out...

She stopped for a moment...”What?”

He now stood behind her...

His rich, masculine scent began to make her dizzy...

“I...I never expected to see you here...all I think about each second of the day is you...and I thought I was imagining you here...”

She spun around and glared...”and the reaction it gives you is ‘bloody hell’ !!!”

Arnav narrowed his eyes and closed in on her...” it was...I hated...HATED leaving you this morning...I’ve had one hell of a day...and the worst part of it was the drive home, when I realized that you most likely wouldn’t be here...I thought my mind was mocking me...THAT’S why i reacted like that...”

Arnav moved his head from side to side as his hand came up behind his neck...

“Are...are you alright?” her words were automatic...

His heart leapt at her words...

“yes...just a headache...”

“Maybe you wouldn’t have these headaches if you were a little more humane with your staff...”

He glowered at her.

After a few moments she realized he was serious.

“You really do have a bad headache, don’t you?”      

“No, it’s all in my master plan to get you in bed.” he immediately regretted his words and looked up to apologize....

But Khushi was trying to hold back a grin...

“Yes, I really have a headache....”     

The ‘wife’ in Khushi began to kick in...

She grabbed his hand and led him towards the couch...

“I’m going to sit on the couch and you’re going to sit, legs outstretched on the floor with the back of your head between my knees.”      
Arnav felt like repeating his initial reaction...but instead he found himself saying...“I may actually LIKE this headache after all...”      

He ignored the look she shot him and did as told.

Khushi leaned over to position his shoulders.

Her hair fell forward and brushed against him.

He let out his breath in a hiss and twitched slightly...      

“Are you okay?”      

He muttered something she couldn’t catch.

“Now Relax. Take some deep breaths...”      

His shoulders rose as he drew air deeply into his lungs.

The heat of his skin burned against her palms...

Slowly, the muscles in his shoulders started to unclench.

She kept her voice low and soothing.

“Focus on your breath. Feel the air being drawn in and out...Allow your muscles to relax while all thoughts scatter away.”

Her palms skated lightly over his shoulders and down his upper arms.

She kept her tone even and drew him into a hypnotic state.

She pressed her thumbs into the back of his shoulder blades and massaged the muscles.

Resistance met each stroke, but she eased her fingers back and forth until he responded to her touch.

As she spoke, she worked each muscle in his shoulders and upper back, enjoying the sleek feel of his body.

Hard muscles rippled beneath her palms.

His steady breath whispered through his lips.   

Khushi leaned over the edge of the chair.

Her fingers traveled up the nape of his neck to his scalp.

Dark crisp strands of hair clung to each fingertip as she massaged his scalp with gentle kneading motions.

She turned him to sit and face her as she lingered at his temples and pressed.

She caressed his hairline and forehead, smoothed down the line of his brow, and explored the carved features of his face.      

“Is some of the pressure lifting?” she asked softly...      

“Yeah. Most of it was in my right shoulder.”      

“Hmmm, yes you have a nice knot there. Stretch out on the floor face down.” She moved from the chair to straddle his back as she probed the spot.

She kneaded the muscles but still felt resistance.

Concentrated on relieving his pain, she pulled the towel away from his body and continued the massage.

She squeezed and released, letting her hands glide over his bare skin.

Muscles jumped beneath her touch as she explored the hard body before her.

It felt like steel sheathed in satin.      

Electrical currents raced through her.

Suddenly, she realized Arnav’s breathing turned ragged.

His muscles stilled beneath her hands.

She stopped and dug her nails into his shoulder as the swirling tension enveloped the room.

Khushi became aware of their positions.

Bent forward, her black hair fell over his left shoulder and swiped against the bare skin at his neck.

Her thighs had been shifting and rubbing against him as she massaged him.

Khushi stilled...unable to move at the intimacy of what she had just done...

He suddenly rolled onto his back, leaving her still sitting on his torso.

Her legs were spread wide as she straddled him, and one of his hands rested on her upper thigh for support.

Those five fingers burned into her skin as he squeezed lightly.      

“Khushi?”      His husky question made her heart race.

He seemed to fight for control.

She knew all she had to do was pull away and proclaim the evening over; she’d be safe for another night. But she couldn’t move...

Her eyes were locked on his...and she suddenly decided she was tired of playing it safe.      

Her fingers glided over his face and neck in a caress.

She gave in to the pleasure of freely touching him, glorying in his strength and suppleness as a woman now, and a wife...

A hiss of air escaped his lips when he realized she wasn’t running away.

She lay sprawled across the heavy weight of his thighs and looked him straight in the eye.      

“You’re not running.” He pressed his thumb gently against her mouth.

Hd waited for her response.      

“I...I can’t Arnavji...” she said simply. “You win.”      

She watched the emotions flicker over his face, partly surprised that she spotted no gleam of triumph for his victory.

His eyes were on the verge of pouring out tears...

In one rapid motion, she was on her back, his mouth covering hers.

With a single thrust Arnav parted her lips and hungrily plundered the honey sweetness he found, over and over again, melding their mouths together in a fusion of desire and need.

He became ruthless in his victory, demanding every response she had to give.      

Her senses were overpowered by the scent of his breath, the musk and soap from his skin, the dark heady taste of raw male hunger.

His teeth tugged gently on her lower lip, then bathed the flesh with his tongue.

With a low moan, she reached up and plunged all ten fingers into sable strands of hair.      

One hand shot out to hold her still as he led her in a game of attack and retreat. His tongue led a teasing dance and urged her to play.

She gripped his shoulders and tried to drag him closer to her arching body.     

He gave a low laugh and dropped tiny kisses along her jaw, down her neck, the hollow of her throat.     

His hand cupped her breast and teased her nipple through the thin silk.      

She struggled for breath.

“I want you to touch me.”      

“I am touching you,” he murmured.

His teeth nipped at her shoulder while his fingers plucked at the hard crest.      

“No...without barriers...”      

He gently lifted her and helped her to stand...

With trembling hands, he began to undress her...

His eyes burned hotly over her...

His pulse raged...

Snapping the clasp of her bra open, it fell away from her and cool air rushed against her skin as she was bared to his sight.

Shyness overcame her, but the look in his eyes made her flush with pleasure, knowing he wanted her, knowing she pleased him.      

Moving closer to her, he wound his arms around her...their bare chests finally melding together...

“Khushi I love you...I love you so much...We were meant to be together.”

His words made a throbbing need pound between her thighs, and she curled her nails into the hard muscles of his shoulders.      

His mouth lowered to one breast, his breath warm on her skin.

A whimper caught in her throat as she arched upward and begged for more.

His lips rubbed over the hard crest, back and forth, the slight scratchy feel from his five o’clock shadow a delicious contrast to the softness of his lips.


She cried out when he covered her entire nipple and suckled gently, then scraped his teeth across the hard nub....

Liquid heat coursed through her body and her fingers clenched in his hair, urging him on, frantic with need.      

Her hands ran over his broad chest and reveled in the hard, lean muscles rippling under her palms...

A long hiss escaped his lips...

He took her hand and led her fingers down his chest to trace the edge of his boxers...

Slowly, he moved her hand downward, and laid it on his throbbing erection...

Khushi was terrified and amazed at the hardness of his desire, the raw strength and masculine power pulsing beneath her fingers.

His stomach muscles clenched under her touch, his body hard.      

Khushi looked up and watched his face.

His eyes were half closed as he fought for control, his gun-metal gray gaze glittered with hot, male need as she became bolder and wrapped her hand entirely around him.      
Carefully, she squeezed.      

With a muttered groan, he lifted her off his thighs and turned her so that her back pressed against his chest ...

He growled when she tried to twist back around.     

“No Khushi...I haven’t waited this long so you could push me over the edge in a few minutes.”      

“But I want to touch you,” she insisted. “I want to make you feel the way I do when you open your mouth on my breasts, and touch my skin.”     

“And how does that make you feel?” he asked.

Her cheeks went bright red and she looked down...“Strange.” She sounded thoughtful. “Hot and tingly. Like I’m craving something, something I can’t reach yet.”      

Arnav stilled, choosing his words with care. “And you never felt like this before?”     

“No...” tears sprang to her eyes...”the only other man to...hold...or grab me was...was...”

Feeling an insane amount of protectiveness pummel through him, he pulled her closer...”I know who it was...”

He realized then that she’d never experienced any sexual pleasure before....

The knowledge he’d be the first and ONLY to give her such an experience affected him in a way he never expected.

Overcome by possessiveness, he knew he would never EVER allow her to leave him....

But it was more than that.

He realized he wanted her to surrender not only her body, but her heart.

Humbled by the gift she wanted to bestow, he suddenly wanted to be worthy of it.

She needed to trust him completely.      

So tonight he couldn’t make love to her.      

He closed his eyes and fought for control.

Then he bent his head and pushed back the heavy mane of hair from her neck.

He let his warm breath brush against her ear as he bestowed light kisses down her cheek. “I want you to close your eyes and relax, Khushi...”      

Khushi felt wrapped in a cocoon of warmth.

His voice poured over her like hot caramel.

His hands moved over her breasts and squeezed.

She gripped at his thighs as the tension grew and a low moan of frustration escaped her lips.

His fingers ran down her stomach and stroked her legs.

She arched upward, demanding more, demanding something, uncertain.     

He sucked in his breath as he looked down, taking in her smooth skin, flat stomach, full naked breasts, and the apex of her smooth thighs.     

“I know you feel like you’re losing control, but I’m going to show you more pleasure than you’ve ever known. Let me give you this.”      

His fingers trailed across her stomach and left a path of fire.

Her mind worked sluggishly through a fog of desire. Her eyes closed halfway as he traced his thumb along her inner thighs...

His palm settled over her center and he lightly massaged her tender flesh.      

Her hips shot up when his fingers pressed. He rotated his hand, dragging his fingers back and forth over her, until her heart pounded and her blood roared and she thought she’d die of pleasure if he kept going.

He pushed one finger further between her legs, testing her swollen heat, her readiness for him.

She gasped at the sensation and wanted more.

Her legs opened for him.

With a murmur of satisfaction he slipped his finger fully inside her and touched her intimately.      

His lips gently kissed her neck as his fingers slipped inside.
Stretched her wet, pulsing heat.

He moved gently, wringing cries from her lips, testing the swollen bud of her desire.

Slowly, he rubbed back and forth until she gave up and gave him everything she had.      

She cried out as convulsions wracked her body and pushed her over the edge.

For one single moment in time she flew through space in a channel of pure pleasure.

As she floated she was aware of the soothing words whispered in her ear, the arm that anchored her against his chest, the hand that now lovingly stroked her thigh.

She relaxed into his body, trusting his strength.

She enjoyed being held close by this powerful man who taught her things about life she’d never known.

After a while she realized he held himself still.

She ventured to talk...”are...are you going to...”

“make love to you?...Not now...What I just did to you gave me more pleasure than you’ll ever know.” His thumb pressed over her swollen lips. “There’s nothing I want more than to carry you to the bed and make love all night long, until both of us don’t know where one begins and the other ends. But I want more. I want you to trust me. I want you to give yourself to me in every possible way, and I won’t settle for less. When I take you into bed there will be No doubts. And no more running away.”      

The stark words hung in the air between them.

She realized this was one of the strongest men she’d ever known.

A surge of emotion caught her.

He was a proud man who stood alone in the world, and a ruthless executive who made million dollar deals without breaking a sweat.

Yet he chose to show her tenderness...

He held back when she was vulnerable, and chose to wait until he earned her trust.

I may actually end this one here...
I have another story heading in the same direction...
Unless you all desperately want me to continue...


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