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FF : I Can't Let Her Go Part 50 (EPILOGUE)

Echoes in her mind...

Anklets Jingling, Words jangling...

A scream...”Let her fall!...!...!...!”

Khushi’s eyes flew open and she could see Shyam smiling as he spoke...”See Khushiji, you cheat on someone, and they will go to any lengths to make you pay...”

Everything around her began to fade...

She tried to reach for Arnav, but his hands started to disappear...

Opening her mouth to speak, no words would come...

She needed to escape...

She had to save herself...

Everything around her was letting go...

“No...” her breath carried her cry, but she didn’t know who it would reach...

“No...please...Arnavji please don't go! Don’t let me go...”


“Khushi, wake up. You’re dreaming.”

Arnav’s lips moved on her face as sobs shook her body.

The sheer, overwhelming relief at realizing it had been a terrible dream left her weak and
clinging to him.

“Shhh,” he said. “It’s okay. I’m here.”

She breathed in his scent, letting the beat of his heart calm and comfort her.

“What happened? What were you dreaming about?”

Shaking her head, her panic struck and she drew in another deep breath...”No...I need air ...I need to get out...”

Still in a daze, she jumped from the bed, and ran towards the door leading out of the room...

She found the smooth handle and tried to yank the door open...


Save yourself... 

He doesn't remember you...

She wanted run and run and never stop

Arnav was in shock at her attitude...but he knew that actual shock was still in her system...

But he wasn't going to let that win...

“Khushi...!” he called out to her...

She fought with all her might as Arnav caught her round the waist and hauled away from the door, spinning her to face him.

He shook her hard, not once but twice, such pain in his voice that she went still while he shook her a third time.

“Khushi! You had a dream! It’s me! Nothing has happened!!! I have NOT forgotten you! I know you're in shock but I'll give you a bigger shock! YOU ARE NOT LEAVING THIS ROOM!”

She let out a harsh cry of fear...

Gentleness filled his voice...”No no no...Khushi, I will never hurt you...don’t run from me...”

She didn’t answer, couldn’t answer…

Now that her senses were awake, she saw her husband...

Khushi cried out as Arnav pulled her against him, his fingers tunneling through her hair, his husky voice almost pleading. “Khushi, no more resistance...remember? I’m here with you...I WIIL NOT LEAVE YOU...”

He ran his palms down her arms in a caress.

His soothing voice poured over her like warm, sticky honey...      

“No more resistance...no more communication problems, no more games, and no more running...”

Khushi lifted her head..."I just didn’t want to hurt anymore...I had to save myself...I...I...” she took a deep breath...”I need to get some air...”

“No. I’m taking you to bed, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.”      

In one swift movement his hands glided down to grasp her hips.

He leaned down and swung her up and over his shoulder, one hand easily holding down her legs to keep her from kicking.

“Arnavji! STOP! I need to ...” She fought for breath as her stomach bounced against his shoulder.

The rumble of his low chuckle drifted to her ears.

“Get some air...? Yeah I heard you...I wanted you to trust me, but I only ended up giving you enough space so you could re-build your defenses. By tomorrow you won’t have any doubts left.”      

She caught a flash of cream carpeting, the sound of a door being flung open and closed...

“Put me down!” she shrieked. “I refuse to be treated in this heavy handed manner.”      

“Ok...”  he said easily...

The world shifted as she was dumped into the middle of their bed.

She sank into the luxurious mattress and tried to regain her balance.

Inching her way to the edge, she tried to make a jump for freedom when a gentle push at her shoulders reversed her direction and caused her to fall back again.

This time there was no chance of getting back up.

Arnav pinned her under him, his hard muscles pressed against every curve of her body.

Her chest heaved and her breasts strained against her night dress.

Her long hair fell wildly around her, the dark strands a stark contrast to the white sheets beneath.

His fingers interlaced with hers and held them beside her head.

His eyes burned like smoke.      

She stuck out her chin with pure stubbornness.

“I won’t let you make love to me because you have some twisted motivation to make me surrender.”      

His lips curved into a sensual smile. “I’m going to make love to you because I’ve never wanted another woman like this before in my life. You invade my thoughts and haunt my dreams. I need you to fill a void inside of me that I didn’t know existed before I met you. Those are my motivations, Khushi...You’re my wife...and I love you damn it! I don't care how much drama enters our life! Because one thing is never going to FUCKING change!!!”      

Sexual energy crackled between them like a burst of summer lightning.

She closed her eyes.

Dear God, she ached for him desperately, ached to believe his words but the fear was still there.

The fear that could break her heart.

Confusion and desire and anger twisted inside of her, and when she opened her eyes, she let him see it all.

“Don’t lie to me...” Her voice shook. “Arnavji, don’t you lie to me.”      

His grip gentled. “I won’t.”

He lowered his mouth so his breath mingled with hers.

“I swear I’ll never hurt you. Listen to me and let me show you how my words won’t lie... Let me make love to you and show how my body could never lie.”      

His mouth closed over hers.

He let his tongue plunder its dark, silken depths and possess her completely.

Fire ignited in his blood as his tongue tangled with hers, tasting her, giving to her, demanding a response until her body thrust against him.

Her body trembled under his weight.

He rubbed his mouth back and forth over hers.

The dark stubble on his jaw and chin rasped against her sensitive lips.

She shuddered.

His hands untangled from hers to stroke downward, and he felt the tips of her breasts push against the material the covered them, and the unconscious invitation of her hips lifting against his.

With a low groan, he tore his mouth from hers and eased her dress over her head....

His eyes feasted on the glory of her heavy breasts, creamy against the tan skin of his hands.

Rosy peaks thrust toward him begging to be touched.

Khushi gripped his shoulders and whispered his name in urgency.

She tugged at the edge of his sweatpants with jerky, desperate movements and heard the low rumbling of laughter from him.

Then he pulled briefly away pull them off and tossed the material on the floor.

Her eyes adored the muscled planes of his chest.

Lovingly, she ran her hands over his skin and enjoyed the crisp feel of his hair beneath her palms.      

He dragged her upward to press her breasts against his chest and his hands caressed the waves of her hair at her nape.

He kissed her with open mouthed abandonment, and a low moan rose from her chest.

“There’s no games or lies between us... I love you, I always have...and I trust you...more than anyone....”      

With one quick tug at her hair, he exposed the delicate line of her throat and tilted her breasts upward.

His mouth lowered to one peak, his tongue making teasing patterns around her nipples.

Her nails bit into his shoulders.

Carefully, he tugged at the hard crest with his teeth, and then his lips opened and he took her breast into his mouth fully.      

His tongue tasted her, drinking in the scent of roses and vanilla that drifted from her skin, suckling gently at the hard nub.

Her whimpered cries echoed through the air.

As he loved her breasts, she thrust her fingers into the dark strands of his hair and held his head closer.

He moved his mouth, wanting more and treated her other breast to the same pleasure as the first.      

“Arnavji, please.” She arched upward to get closer to the sweet torture.      

“Please, what?” He rubbed his lips over one crest knowing the motion would make her shudder with pleasure.

“Please this, Arnavji?” His tongue licked gently, flicking over the hard nub over and over.

“Or please this, Arnavji?” He took her breast fully in his mouth, suckling, while his hand stroked the skin of her belly. She cried his name.

“Or maybe it was please do this?”

His hands eased down her trembling stomach...

Arnav gently rested his fingers at her opening and the heat of her response burned against his skin....

His breath hissed between his teeth as she arched upward.      

Khushi was slowly going out of her mind.

Liquid heat gushed through her body and pounded between her thighs.

She melted into a trembling mass of nerves and responded to every touch, every kiss, every look from him, always aching for something she knew would ease the raw desire throbbing within.

A low moan of frustration escaped her lips. “Arnavji, you’re torturing me.”      

“I’m torturing myself.” He groaned.

His lips played with hers, slipping his tongue inside her mouth to taste her sweetness.

He ran his hand ran down her thigh, then back up.

His palm settled over her once again...

He felt the heat of her core, and used his knee to ease her legs apart, opening her for his touch.

His fingers slipped inside and parted her swollen flesh.

She gasped into his mouth and her nails grazed his upper arms.      

Fierce satisfaction burned through him at the liquid warmth of her response.

His thumb massaged her hidden nub.

He gently guided one finger deeply inside, then gentleness fled replaced by his need to make her soar.      

“Arnavji!” Her cries of pleasure ripped away the steel around his heart.

The rippling tension tightened and he felt her body scream for release just beyond reach. 

He sipped from her lips and swallowed every moan as his fingers pushed her to the edge of ecstasy.     

Reveling in her freedom and fierce response, he fought for control over his body, his muscles tight with tension.

Taking hard, ragged breaths he eased her legs further apart to settle between them.

“God, Khushi I need to be inside you...”      

“Please, I need you now, I need you…”      

She shuddered as much from his words as from the slow movement of his body as he filled her, inch by inch.

She gripped his shoulders hard, her eyes widening, her breath driven out of her lungs by the sheer size of him possessing her.

Her body clenched around him in a tight fist.

He buried himself deep inside of her.

Then paused.     

“Hold on, sweetheart. This is going to be a wild ride.”      

He moved.

The sexual tension escalated to a rapid rhythm as he slowly withdrew all the way and then drove back inside, again and again.

Her body arched upward and she held on hard as the pace quickened, faster and faster.

His name broke from her lips as she rode a wild wave of desire that filled her up inside to a point where she felt her body about to explode.

And still he continued, driving in and out of her wet, clinging heat, her body welcoming him, embracing him, holding him until the orgasm hit hard and she was suddenly pitched into a world of glittering pleasure.

Her soul broke out of her body and soared high above as she exploded into a million pieces of pleasure and flew beneath the stars.      

Khushi heard Arnav’s fierce cry, felt his body shudder, and her arms clasped around him tighter and held him close.

As she drifted back downwards in a shimmer of foggy pleasure, she whispered the words that refused to be caged...”I love you...I love you so much...”



Peaceful sleep.

Their first completely rested night...

Arnav rolled to his side and unconciously lifted arm to wrap over her...

His hand came to rest on her breast...

Their senses were so intimately connected that as Arnav opened his eyes, Khushi’s eyelids began to flicker...

“Goodmorning...” he whispered sotly...

Khushi opened her eyes and drank in the sight before her...

Almost instantly her nipples hardened...

Arnav felt the hard pebbled nipple pressing against his palm...

He lifted a brow and smirked at his wife...

Khushi looked away feeling shy and embarrassed...

“I’m sorry. I know it’s crazy, when we spent all night, well, together. I thought it would be impossible to keep wanting you and I’m sure there’s only a certain number of times a man can, —oh!”      

His mouth covered hers and stopped the flow of words.

His tongue dove in and out of her mouth as he leaned over and pressed his body into hers.

The bold evidence of his desire pulsed against her thigh.

When he finally pulled away, she gasped for breath.      

Fierce satisfaction rippled through him.

He was thrilled that his wife welcomed his touch on her body; demanded and reveled in the pleasure of lovemaking to such an extent.

Throughout hours of intense pleasure, she cried out her love to him.

The words were like sweet music, ripping at his own control.

Khushi, was his.

“Don’t look so surprised,” he said teasingly. “I made plans to be strong and give you time to recover. If I’d known you were having the same thoughts I would have woken you up hours ago.”

And their passion began to heat up the room....

Hours later...

Arnav chuckled. “Well, we have kept ourselves occupied all morning. It’s now officially afternoon.”

Her breath caught as he bit her lobe gently, and his tongue explored the delicate shell of her ear.

“Thank goodness it’s Saturday...I have plans for us the entire weekend...and work is not involved.”      

Khushi’s eyes widened..“What? A business tycoon who refuses to work on the weekend?” She laughed as his teeth punished her.

“What could possibly be more important than going into work?”      

“Our contract...I think it’s high time we tell everyone that we are still married...” He blew in her ear.

“I think Di already knows Arnavji...” Khushi said sighing...

“Yeah, well so does Payal...”

Khushi laughed...”It seems we will HAVE to tell everyone else then...” Her nails scraped down his muscled back.

Arnav groaned in pleasure...“Well, Mrs. Raizada, we should probably tell everyone one by one in order to track the full benefit of their reactions...”

He eased her legs apart, his fingers playing gently, bringing forth the warm liquid response.      

Khushi fought for breath. “How much energy are you willing to devote to this review, Mr. Raizada?”      

His fingers drove inside of her, wringing his name from her lips.

He settled over her and drew her body close to his.     

Khushi tried to speak again..."How much attention are you planning to give to this contract..."

Arnav smiled. “I assure you, Mrs. Raizada, I will give you every inch of my attention.”      


Late that afternoon...

Arnav almost ‘dragged’ Khushi out of the hotel...

Now in their car, Arnav slammed the door and reached across the seat to cup her head.

“Before I pull out of here, I need something...”

He slanted his head and met her lips with his own.

His mouth was sculpted, hard and hot.

His tongue was demanding, toying with hers and outlining the insides of her cheek, her teeth, her essence.

He knew all of her before he pulled back, leaving her groaning and wishing they could race back up to that room...

“I’m nervous...Di said that EVERYONE will be there...the whole family...Can we just wait here for a little bit longer...” she begged him.

“You want me to WAIT even longer!? No bloody way, it’s time EVERYONE knows...I’m your husband, and I am NOT hiding that...”

They barely spoke...

Arnav just drove.

Khushi clutched her seat belt and closed her eyes...

They arrived home.

The car stopped...

Arnav undid his seat belt and made his way to her side with as much control as he could muster...

Khushi was trying to undo her seatbelt...

Arnav opened her door and saw that Khushi was taking her time...


“Arnavji....it’s stuck...”

Stifling a laugh, he leaned over her and with one click, her restraint flew off...

Still hovering over her, he brought his lips slowly to hers...

His kiss was slow and hot...

When he pulled back his expression was full of love...”Everyone will be happy...They love you...and...God I love you so much...”

Khushi’s relaxed slightly...”I love you too...”

“Plus the sooner we get ‘that’ over with, we can head upstairs...”

Khushi’s jaw dropped...”YOU! You are Insatiable!!!”

She gripped Arnav's hand as they walked into the house...

The family were sitting in the lounge.

All of them.

Completely quiet.

"Amma? Buaji?" Khushi said softly...

Nani was the first to speak..."Anjali has informed us all..."

Arnav looked over at his Di in shock...

Khushi was about to speak when she heard a bang...

Arnav pulled Khushi close and they turned around to see a large banner hanging from the upstairs railing...


Khushi's eyes instantly welled up as she laughed heartily...

Arnav held her tightly, feeling relief flood through him...

They turned to face the family who were now standing and smiling...

"We coudln't be happier...we love you both so very much..." Buaji said through her tears...


After a lengthy family dinner, Khushi and Payal said an emotional goodbye to their family...

Anjali came up to them both..."I am so thankful to have you both here..."

A small wailing sound began to resound throughout the house...

Anjali smiled..."Oh, he's hungry..." and she walked off happily to feed her baby...

Payal left to sit with Nani, and Khushi stood at the doorway of the RM...

Her home.

Her happy home.

She smiled and then gasped as she felt two arms slide around her waist...

"I love you..." 

Khushi's heart jumped hearing her husbands voice...

Turning in his arms, Khushi whispered back..."I love you..."

Arnav leaned in...his eyes were burning and his voice was deadly...”UPSTAIRS MRS. RAIZADA...NOW!”

Hoping it meets your expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smile
Sorry it took so long! It was hard for me to come to terms with this story ending...I wanted to prolong the end as long as I could...Tongue


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  6. (“I won’t let you make love to me because you have some twisted motivation to make me surrender.”
    His lips curved into a sensual smile. “I’m going to make love to you because I’ve never wanted another woman like this before in my life. You invade my thoughts and haunt my dreams. I need you to fill a void inside of me that I didn’t know existed before I met you. Those are my motivations, Khushi...You’re my wife...and I love you damn it!" )
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