Sunday, June 10, 2012

FF : I Feel Everything Part 19

Arnav tried to digest her words... “I still don’t like it.”      

Khushi was going with Payal and Anjali to do some baby shopping...

“’s only for a few hours...”     

Arnav slammed his fist on the coffee table...”Why does NK have to go with you!”

Turning to face her husband, she tried to stay calm...”Because you told Di that you didn’t want us to go she asked NK...”

Arnav stood up feeling agitated beyond belief...”I meant for her to ask ME! Or Akash! Now I have to go to work, knowing that that fucked up pchyco is still trying to call and frighten you, God know’s HOW he is doing that, and also that you will be out shopping with NK! Who happens to be madly in love with you!!!”

Hands now on her hips, Khushi angrily glared at him...”YOU said you wouldn’t come between our friendship! I don’t stop your friendship with Lavanaya! I LOVE her AND I trust you!!!”

“I would give up ever talking to her again in a heartbeat if you even had the slightest discomfort about her!!!” Arnav interrupted defensively...

Khushi remained quiet.

Arnav didn’t speak either.

“Oh Screw it...” marching forward, he reached for her and dragged her against him …

He kissed her with combined frustration and hunger.

Khushi  surrendered, recognizing his need to assert control over the situation.      

Breathless, she waited for his response when the embrace ended.

His hands clenched into tight fists.

Knowing she did love him, knowing NK wouldn’t dare try anything, and knowing that she wasn’t alone with him, did sort of make him didn’t make him feel any easier...

Khushi waited for him to admit his uneasy feelings and concede.     

Instead his eyes turned fierce... “I’ll call you this afternoon at 2.30pm. That should give you all plenty of time to shop and return home.”

His tone held a firm warning. “Be waiting for my call or take the consequences.”

He turned and strode out of the room and left her gaping at his back.

By the time she recovered her power of speech, he was gone.      


“This one!!!!” Payal squeeled happily...

“Why that one? …” NK turned to Anjali...”Do you know what you’re having? Do you know that it’s a girl?!”

Anjali smiled and nodded...
“OH MY GOD! It’s going to be a girl! I mean she, SHE’S going to be a girl!”

“Di told last last week...” Khushi echoed...

“And you didn’t even confide in me!? Khushiji...” NK pretended to be hurt...

“Ok ok, lets keep looking...”

It was nearing 2pm when Khushi began to feel nervous...

They weren’t nearly finished shopping and she knew that Arnav would be calling her soon...

“Di? How many more shops will we be going to?!”

Anjali tried to reply with a mouth full of food...”Well, I just need to find a carseat, and I think that is all...”

“Khushiji...You haven’t eaten lunch yet...will you please eat before you faint...OH GOD! Don’t faint! Naanav will kill me! Please...Please come eat...”

Khushi smiled and was about to sit down when Anjali let out a hiss...”Wow...that was a tight one...”

“Nahneji!" Khushi said firmly... "Please calm down! Arnavji is not out to kill you, and Di has just had another Braxton Hicks Contraction...”

“Oh...” Nk calmed momentarily...”WAIT! A CONTRACTION!”

Anjali was now laughing hysterically...”they are very normal...they are harmless contractions that don’t hurt...they just feel very my stomach is a balloon that’s about to pop...”

NK’s expression showed pure terror...

Khushi quickly grabbed his arm and led him to sit down...”Now listen carefully Nahneji...Can you understand what I’m saying?!”

NK nodded...


NK nodded again...

Payal rested her hand on Anjali's shoulder “How about we take you home now...”

“Oh but we almost accomplished everything!” Anjali complained...

“Next time Di, if I don’t get you all home now, then Naanav...” NK saw Khushi scowl at him...

“Then...then Naanav will...probably wonder where we all are...”

“Much better...” Said Khushi smiling...

It was just about to strike 2.30pm as they drove into the driveway...

Payal and Khushi helped Anjali inside the house as NK carried in almost 10,000 bags full of baby supplies...

Khushi’s phone began to ring.

She straightened and thought..."He is a controlling, possessive snob. Why should I be nervous..."
Her voice was calm as she answered...“Hello?”

“Are you finished?”      

Khushi’s eyebrow arched in defiance...”Yes.”

“Is Di alright?”

“Are you home?”


“Then come upstairs...”

He hung up leaving Khushi nervous and excited...

“Excuse me for a moment...”

“Ofcourse...” Anjali said as Payal and NK began to help her unpack...

As Khushi burst into her room, she saw Arnav standing in front of her, arms crossed.

Closing the doors behind her, she crossed her arms as well, and glared...”I have things I have to do today Mr. Laad Governor...So kindly start your ‘scolding’ and then leave me alone.”

Suddenly, his mouth curved into a lazy smile....

A pure devil smile that promised retribution and promised it slowly.

Her stomach twisted in response at the predatory look on his face.

With ease he closed the distance between them.

His hands reached out to settle on her shoulders...

His fingers brushed across her lips.

And without a moments pause, his mouth came down on hers.

The kiss was hard, demanding, and very expert.

Khushi was shocked at the quick surge of desire that pulsed through her, even as her temper began to ignite...

Quickly pushing away, she said...“If that was meant to be a demonstration of your anger, I’ll have to tell you, Arnav Singh Raizada...You’ve done better.”

“I never let a challenge go unanswered.”

Again, his expert knowing lips were on hers again.

She felt as if she’d been caught in the middle of a sudden storm. 

She felt the raw power of her husband, his brute strength, his primal onslaught, carefully leashed.

When it was over, she had to take a deep breath to get enough oxygen into her starved system....

His eyes were smug...

She noted his ‘I’ve won’ expression...

“Hmmm, it was alright, but I find Birdwatching more stimulating...”

He smiled to himself, and with practiced ease, lifted her, threw her on the bed and was on top of her in less than a second...

His mouth slammed onto hers...hard...

She fought.

Her lean, lithe body bucked against him, and she tried to keep her mouth set.

But the passion was there.

He could feel it simmering just beneath the surface of her struggling exterior.

His own body surged in response.

Her lips were so soft, like brushed velvet.

He let his tongue trace the line of them, then whisper over the surface.

When Khushi opened her mouth as if to protest, his tongue darted in, sweeping the hot, wet inner surface.

She tasted sweet and sharp at the same time and very, very heady.

She wanted to pull back from him but the longer he held the kiss, the more he felt the resistance drain from her body.

Her hands, which had pressed to his chest to push him away, slipped to his upper arms and gripped his biceps.

He wanted to slide his hand over every bit of her, peel off her clothing until all her soft, satiny skin was exposed.

Touch her everywhere at once...every crevice and crease of her body.

But he needed to pay attention to the physical signals from her so he could bring her to the point where any resistance would be token at best.

And so he poured everything into the kiss, using his tongue to wake up the tiny bundles of nerves in her mouth, seducing her with his lips against hers.

Drawing her breath into his own mouth until they were breathing together and the grip of her fingers on his arms suddenly pulled him closer.

His heartbeat sped up as she responded to him, softening against him.

Holding her arms, he bent his mouth to the pulse pounding in the hollow of her throat and sucked at it, pressing his tongue against the irregular beat.

He loved the little moan that drifted up from her throat, remembering with stark clarity the little sounds of pleasure that signaled her responses to their lovemaking.

Moving his mouth, he licked his way across her collarbone, tasting the sweetness of her skin, remembering how he could get drunk just from the taste of her.

With slow, careful movements, he tugged her choli free.

As he removed it, her breasts tumbled free, tempting him to suck on her nipples...

He took a moment to trace his tongue over the swell of her breasts, probing into the valley and feeling the thud of her heartbeat.

His moan vibrated against her skin. “God, I love your taste.”

Arnav pressed his knee between her thighs so she remained open to him.

He grabbed her jaw and forced her head still.

He watched her carefully for any sign of fear or panic.

Instead, her pupils dilated, her pulse beat rapidly at the base of her neck, and passion gleamed from her eyes.

“Anything else to say? You still want to pretend to be angry?”

“Arnavji How DARE you...” He stamped his mouth over hers.

With one quick thrust, he parted her plump lips and pushed in.

Hot, wet satin and the sweet taste of woman swamped him...

Before she could react, his hand moved away the fabric that hid her wet centre...

His fingers slid past the elastic of her panties.

Dripping wet heat met his hand, but he backed off and kept his touch deliberately light.

She cried out and arched upward.

He traced her swollen folds while he worked at her nipple, until his name chanted in his ear to his satisfaction.

Slowly, he removed his hand and lifted his gaze to hers...

“You...look...fucking gorgeous.”

Her chocolate eyes fogged with need and naked desire.

Lifting his hand that was drenched with her essence, he held her wrists above her head....

A raw animal response thundered in his veins, desperate to possess in a fury of passion.

He clamped down on his need and took a deep breath.

“Arnavji...Let me go!”

The sharp edge of demand tinged her voice, and admiration cut through him.

She never bored him—always challenging him on every decision... and he loved it.

“Not a chance...”

Her brows furrowed as she tested the hold he had on her wrists....

“Arnavji...I’m warning you!”

He flashed a grin at her haughty tone...

His erection throbbed painfully against the fabric of his pants.

He knew she’d fight him the whole way until he gave her the first orgasm.

Releasing her hands momentarily, he straddled her and stripped his shirt away...

Her gaze hungrily roved over him, but he didn’t give her much time to look.

Kneeling over her, he repositioned her arms above her head and lowered his head to lightly flick his tongue along her rigid nipples...

Her breath came in huge gulps as she fought her body...

Using his knees to push her thighs apart, he grasped her arms with one hand, freed himself, and plunged.

She sucked in her breath at the fullness of him...

Khushi struggled to back off from the pressure of him filling her.

He called her name with sharp demand, and she glanced up, panting hard, and met his gaze.

“Relax...” he commanded...

His intrusion was so sudden that her body recoiled and tightened...

“I said relax Khushi...”

She shook her head and bucked, but he held firm as her body began to soften.

Unconsciously, she lifted up to seek more of him and he murmured in satisfaction, rubbing and plucking her breasts until she moaned for more.

Slowly, he pulled out then slid back in deep, setting an easy pace that only teased the fire and didn’t come close to giving her what she craved.

She begged for more with her eyes, and her hips and her moans...

He slammed into her and her heels dug into his back as his hands released hers...

He grasped her hips and set a demanding, bruising pace, pushing her closer.

Heat shimmered deep within.


And again.

And— She shattered in a thousand pieces with nothing but the her husband’s body holding her to earth.

With a hoarse shout, he came right afterward, but her body continued to milk him hard.

Moisture gathered behind her eyelids at the sheer magnificence of her release...

Arnav slumped over her and gathered her close...

With a sigh of pleasure, she wrapped her arms around him...

“That...that was...incredible...” she murmured against him...

“So did you have a good time out shopping?” he said grinning...

Khushi looked up...”Shopping? You are the most...”

She began to push him away again...

“Oh you want to fight some more?”

The familiar term affected her immediately.

Her pupils dilated and her heartbeat sped up.


He kissed her extremely softly...

“I’m love you...and yes...that was incredible...”

Lifting his head, he saw her smile...

“We did have fun...” Khushi said quietly...

“Fun? You thought that was just ‘FUN’...Maybe I have to show you again...”
“No no no, we all had fun out shopping!” she said pressing against his chest...

“Oh...did Di finally get everything she needed...?”

“Almost, she got another braxton hicks contraction and so we brought her home...”

Arnav sighed...”She’s getting a lot of those now...”

Khushi nodded as she said, “Yes well, her body is telling her that it wants to have a baby...and her due date is only 3 days away now...”

“3 days...Oh God there’s going to be so much noise...”

Khushi began to laugh...


“I need the phone once more.” Shyam snarled...
“Look, I can’t. I can’t take this chance.”

“YOU have no choice. You know what I can do to you! Once this is over, we will both have what we want...I’ll have Khushiji, and you’ll have all the power...”

The phone in question was exchanged...

Shyam began to dial...


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