Thursday, June 21, 2012

FF : I Feel Everything Part 20

Still laughing heartily over her husband’s concern over the noise factor, Khushi heard a ringing noise...

Leaning over, she reached for her phone...

“Hello?” she said, still giggling...

“Khushiji...I didn’t know you’d be so pleased to hear from me...”

Arnav eyes zoned in on Khushi as she answered the phone...

His heart was thundering...

He mentally swore that if it was Shyam AGAIN, then he’d go down to that jail and demand to know where he kept getting a bloody phone...

Khushi’s laughter stopped instantly...replaced with...


“Shyam. STOP calling me. You do NOT have any friends who are after Arnavji, You do NOT have any power over me. So just stop!”

And with that, Khushi hung up and placed the phone back to where it was before.

Arnav was dumbfounded.

He stood as still as a statue and gawked at her...

“Arnavji...I really have to go and help Di unpack...” she eagerly got up from the bed and started to redress...

“You have no idea how much stuff she has bought, and all for one baby! But it was so much fun, and she deserves it...”

“Khushi...?” Arnav said blankly

“And YOU...” she kissed his cheek...”You can’t keep hauling me off to...”

Arnav cut off her sentence as he spun around, wrapped his arms around her and held the back of her head firmly with one hand...”!”

Khushi fixed her gaze to his...”Arnavji...I’m not afraid of him...I was afraid of losing you...but even YOU said that he is just using empty threats to terrorize our lives...and I’m not going to let that happen!”

“NO KHUSHI!” his mind screamed furiously...but seeing her expression of freedom, he couldn’t take that away...

“I...I love are incredible...but Khushi...he’s getting a phone from SOMEWHERE...

Her insides began to swell with fear, but she locked it away...”I don’t care. He’s in jail. I am here. You are here...”

Arnav gripped her tightly making her gasp...

His open mouth rested gently on hers...”I love you...and I want you to continue to feel this strong...but until I know who’s helping him, I will be keeping an eye on you...”


“How many more?” Anjali said happily...

“Only about 5000, how many babies are you actually having?...” NK laughed sarcastically...

“Di, where is the baby bath? I have the stand, but …”

NK looked over at Khushi...“Oh...I think it’s still in the car...I could only carry so much before the threat of being crippled became a possibility...”

Anjali laughed and then gasped...

“DI!” they both sang out...

“I’m ok ok!!! Whenever I laugh to much this baby liked to kick at my bladder...”

Nk froze....”um...”

“Oh sorry...Too much information...” Anjali said feeling embarrassed...

“No problem Di, I’ll go and get it...” NK said

Khushi looked up and saw that NK was about to go out... 

“Nanheji...I need you to attach this side panel to the cot...”

“I’ll go get the do this...ok?”

As Khushi approached the car, she saw the shiny white bath on the back seat...

Opening the door, she leaned over and picked up the bath...

As she straightened, she felt something grip her ankle and pull...

Her knee slipped off the seat and her head smashed into the hard metal side of the car, knocking her out...



Arnav wandered into Anjali’s room...

“Di, have you seen Akash?!”

Anjali gripped her head...”Will you stop screaming! and no, we haven’t...”

Arnav’s eyes scanned the room...”Di...where’s Khushi...?”

“Oh, she went to retrieve the baby bath from the car...Nk had left it there...”

NK quickly stood up...”I’m sorry Naanav...I’m sorry! I would have died if i carried anymore...I really...”

“NK SHUTUP! It’s okay!”

“Actually, Chote, she went to get it almost 15 minutes ago...maybe she needs help...”

“15 minutes...?” Arnav quickly turned and walked out...

Fear drilled through him as he raced towards the car....

“Stubborn, obstinate woman! What in blazes had she been thinking to take off like this! NK could have gone to get...”

Akash soon appeared from the dining room...“Bhai?”

Arnav briefly glanced up..."I'll be there in a minute..." and he kept walking to the front doors...

Rounding the corner, he saw the car doors closed, bath on the back seat.

“Khushi!” Arnav yelled looking around...

Sick with dread, he yanked the doors open and circled the car...

"Khushi!!!!" He called her name, but knew she wasn't there.

Whenever she was within a certain radius of him, he instinctively felt her presence. 

He didn't feel it now.

What if the man who was working with Shyam had been out here, waiting and watching?

Arnav couldn't let himself believe that.

He'd feel it in his gut if she was in danger.

All he felt was helpless fear, not terror.

Turning back, he ran up the front stairs and into the house...

Hearing a groan, he held his breath, cautiously turned in a circle and peered into the lounge...

“...Khushi...” he frantically sped to her side...

Khushi’s breath caught when she saw a blurred man walk toward her …

She felt herself get lifted up and laid on something soft...

“Khushi?” Arnav’s heart was beating so hard he thought his chest would break...

He lifted her and lay her gently on the couch...
Feeling furious and concerned, he shook her slightly...”Khushi!? Jaan take a deep breath and focus...”
Hearing his voice, Khushi relaxed...

She took a deep breath and then blinked a few times...

One glimpse at Arnav's cold, stern face made her wish she'd never left the house.

His anger was palpable...

Pulling her close, he hugged her fiercely...she was close enough to see the muscles in his arm bunch into an angry mass and stay that way.

His voice grated..."Maybe you could explain to me why you'd take a risk like this when some lunatic could be out here!" His razor-edged voice struck the pain sensors in her head....

She shivered and cringed …then lifted her hand to the side of her head and let out a soft whimper...

Arnav’s anger evaporated...

His hold on her gentled...

Now the frightful reality set in...

“Khushi...What happened? Why were you lying behind the couch, where no one could see you!”

Her eyes ascended to his...”I was where?”

Hariprakash walked past ...“HP, please get some asprin and!”

“I wasn’t near the couch...the last thing I remember was going into the car, leaning over the seat, picking up the baby bath and then I felt...”

Her eyes widened as she remembered..

“I...I felt something hold onto my ankle...and pull me...I hit my head and...and that’s all I remember...” her hands tightened on Arnav’s arms...”That’s all I remember? How did I get in here!? Arnavji who...”

He pulled her roughly against him ….”Don’t complete that sentence...please...”

Arnav’s thoughts became murderous...

“Someone purposefully hurt her? Someone knocked her out? Then someone...CARRIED her into MY HOUSE!”

Hariprakash came to give her asprin and as she swallowed and drank, Arnav tugged him aside...”Who has been in this house today?! Every single person!”

He rattled off only family member names...

“No one else?! THINK!”

“No one, really!”

“Arnavji...” Khushi’s soft voice reached him loud and clear...

Seating himself beside her, he moved her hair to one side and carefully ran his fingers along her scalp...

She hissed when he reached the tender bump that was forming...

Leaning forwards, he kissed her forehead...

“Arnavji...what is happening?...”

“Someone...I don’t know who, is trying to tell me that they can reach you and that  they can enter my house...”

His jaw clenched...

“I will find out who this is...” his voice a growl...”I will find him...”

Khushi stood up and Arnav grabbed her hand, pulling her back beside him...”What the hell are you doing?”

“I’m ok Arnavji...just a bump on the head...”

“Khushi, just sit with me...please...”

Khushi stared at him for a few moments, loving the way his eyes crinkled slightly when concern etched his face...

Her hand came up to his face...”Arnavji...”

His pulse was racing...a chill ran through his body...

“Please don’t worry, it was just a bump on the head...I wasn’t hurt...I’m here with you right now...”

Arnav shook his head and gave a weak smile...”Even now? Why aren’t you worried?”

“Because I have you...”

His hands came up and framed her face...”I love you...You mean more to me than anything in this world...”


“I’ve done what you asked...Now stop involving me! I’ve had enough!”

“You don’t expect me to let you off that easy do you!? If someone were to find out that YOU intentionally hurt Khushiji, then how do you think Saale Saab will react? no, you will listen to me!”

Shyam heard a long sigh before a response...”Fine. What do you want now?”

“This first scare was not enough...Definitely not enough...I need saale saab out of his mind with anger and worry, I need Khushi reeling with fear...”    

“NO! I can’t!”

Shyam went silent...”Then...the person that you love the most will be expendable...”

“I’ll call you tomorrow.”


Shyam furiously disconnected the call...


That night Arnav sat silently on the couch in his room as Khushi paced back and forth...

He'd always loved it when she lectured him in that prim little voice.

But when he heard what she was saying, his mind became unglued...

“I hate that I was touched by some horrid person...but at least he didn’t take me away...”

Before she could register the broken, raw sound, he grabbed her, pulling her down into his lap.

When he shifted, she felt the firm surface of the couch rub against her back.


She needed something to anchor her to the world.

Arnav's large body covered her.

Oh God, the welcome weight of him.

His mouth descended on hers, not asking, not seeking, but demanding she meet his need.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and arched up into him as her tongue darted into his mouth, met his, and mated in a hot, heady tangle.

How would she ever have survived without him, without his touch?  

No matter the pain, No matter the threat, she could never shut him out of her life again...

She wrapped her legs around him and felt him hard and ready as he rocked against her.

She'd fight to stop whoever was trying to come between them... 

That's what she'd do.

He lifted his mouth from hers, but returned immediately as if he hadn't tasted enough.

She shivered as his tongue slid along her bottom lip, then slipped into her mouth again, his familiar, male taste triggering erotic memories.

Memory and desire mixed, sending a streak of pure, reckless joy through her.

Then he lowered his head to her throat and placed his lips against her racing pulse.

"You want me?" His words vibrated against her throat.

"Yes." She tilted her head back, lost in the feel of his hot mouth against her skin.  

"Tell me how, Khushi. Like this?" He ran his tongue along the edge of her bra.

"Yes." She arched again, a tremor shaking her.

"Or this? " gently bit her nipple through her bra.

Her only answer was a whimper that worked itself all the way up from her belly.

He tore his gaze away from her breasts and devoured her with a hungry, look. "You want more?"

When all she managed was a curt nod, he unsnapped her bra and brushed it away.

"More like this?" Both hands molded her breasts.

"Or this?" He closed his mouth around one peak and sucked hard and deep.

Khushi groaned, tunneled her hands in his hair.


She wanted more of everything.

The words were lost inside her as he feasted first on one breast, then the other.

Quivering trails of heat scorched her as his hot mouth leisurely roamed down her stomach, lingered over the curve of her waist, then with excruciating languor planted small, exquisite kisses along the top line of her panties.

He took one edge of her panties between his teeth and dragged them down over one hip.
He slowly kissed his way over to her other side.

His teeth scraped erotically against her skin as he dragged the other side of her panties down over her hip, then whisked them all the way off with one tug.

He leaned in close to her centre, his hot breath stirring her.  

She shook with the effort to hold back the wave of shattering pleasure that pressed down on her.

"Stop tease...teasing... me..." Her ragged whisper broke as he skimmed his fingers over her heat...

"You know what, Khushi ?" His wicked, delicious fingers slid through her curls and parted the outer lips of her pulsating center. "You're so beautiful."

He raised his head and watched as he slid a finger inside her.

She met his hot gaze unabashedly as she felt herself tighten around his finger.

His finger slid out, then back in, his thumb slowly caressing her hard nub.

When a weak sob of protest escaped her, he leaned forward, caught one nipple between his teeth and tugged.

Their lovemaking had always been open and honest, bordering on wild, because neither held back...

He slid off the sofa and knelt on the floor, then pulled Khushi around to sit facing him. Her legs opened wide at his touch.

He brushed his knuckles against her moist heat, watched her eyes darken with undisguised hunger.

His own hunger blazed, and he felt his erection swell uncomfortably against his pants.

He slipped his hands under her bottom and raised her up...

At times, she was so beautiful, so strong, it was hard to remember how fragile she could be.

He gently kissed her inner thighs...

She quivered in his hands.

He opened her moist, pink lips with his fingers and touched her with the tip of his tongue. 

Khushi whimpered loudly...
Without holding back, He held her lips open and continued to suck on her until she was begging for release...

Drunk on her taste, he lurched to his feet, and took a steadying breath.

Khushi came hurtling off the couch, and he staggered back a step as he caught her in his arms.

A deep, satisfying laugh erupted from him as he slid her soft body up against his.

"More?" he growled

"Of you." She fastened her mouth on his and drank greedily as her hands raced over his chest

He grabbed one of her hands and placed it over his throbbing erection.

He thought he would explode from the pressure of her hand.

Arnav pulled back, fumbled with his belt, then tossed his pants on the floor.

He straightened up, pulled her hard against him and placed her hand over him again.

He groaned as she ran her thumb around his tip, slid her hand up and down the length of him.

Unable to take anymore, he threw her back onto the bed and quickly came over her, pinning her beneath him.

Her breath came in quick spurts, her chest rising and falling rapidly, causing her peaked nipples to brush against his chest.

God that felt good.

Everything about her felt good.

He didn’t know if he could ever get enough.

He poised himself at her entrance, his thick length brushing against her swollen outer lips and she arched against him, trying to take him in.

She whimpered in frustration.

His mouth suddenly met hers for a  feverish, tongue-thrusting kiss.   

She needed more than the kiss.   

She squeezed her eyes closed and dug her nails into his arms to prolong the tension coiling tighter inside her.

Lifting her hips, she found him, and he murmured her name.   

Opening her eyes, she watched pleasure overtake him.   

His gaze darkened, his nostrils flared, the pulse on his jaw worked.   

Taking hold of her waist, he held her still and thrust inside her...

She could feel each flutter of her heart, each pulse of his blood.   

He was powerfully male, full, hard.   

His arms were strong, and the muscles stood out as he firmly held her forearms, lifting her chest to his...

Khushi stared into his eyes... they held her entranced.

"Lean forward....Slowly," he said as his hands held her steady.

When she did, he pressed deeper, filling all of her, stretching the limits of what passion could be.   

Arousal--sweet and tumultuous and exquisite--spun as he thrust slowly, giving her a taste, tormenting her.

"More," she whispered, almost afraid to say it out loud.

Again he thrust, captivating her with the slick drive, searching for her center.

This time she didn't whisper.   "More," she repeated with desperation...

She felt increased pressure, then as his hold on her tightened, he matched each stroke with the rocking of her hips.   

Her heart skipped beats, she succumbed to the whirling pleasure...

Even after all that had happened, and all that was still happening, their love held a depth that was endless...

He had embedded his heart in the deepest corner of her heart and was now part of her forever.

She held him as he penetrated her body deeply...

Tears of joy ran down her cheeks, and swirl after swirl of ecstasy had her sobbing his name.

Arnav traced the path of Khushi's tears with his gaze, memorized her face as she threw back her head and let passion take her in its throes.   

He'd never seen her look more beautiful, and her tears grabbed hold of his heart.

He wanted to give her more.   

He wanted to give her his breath, his life.   

He thrust deep into her, needing her at this moment as he'd never needed anyone.   

His throat knotted, and as his life force surged into her, he heard Khushi  let loose a keening cry.

A wave of sensation crashed over her body, her inner walls constricting over and over again around him, her womb rippling with the force of her orgasm.

Arnav rode it out with her,and growled for his own release as he held himself firmly inside her...

“I...I love you Arnavji...”

Her words shook him.

Shook him as hard as the very first time she said it....   

It humbled him.  

Her hoarse groans soon turned to whimpers, and the whimpers to sighs...

When his lips pressed gently into hers, he whispered...”I love you...”


"I can't believe it happened here! Right here!" Payal said worriedly

"I know! At least now Naanav will focus his angry eyes on someone other than me..."

Anjali smiled at NK, "He wasn't angry with you..."

"What exactly happened?"

All eyes turned to Akash...

"Well, Khushiji went to the car, and she was taking a long time, so Chote went to search for her, only to find her unconscious behind the sofa..."

Akash was shocked..."My God! Was she hurt?!"

"She had a bump on the head, but other than that, no..."

"But how did she get back in the house?" Nk questioned

"I know, that frightens even me..." Anjali shivered..."I just wish all this would end!"

Akash rested his hand on Anjali's shoulder..."Well maybe you should have called me to get the baby bath...I would have helped..."

"Akash?" Payal looked over..."How did you know she was getting the baby bath?"


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