Sunday, June 3, 2012

SS : Yours Sincerely, Murder Part 11

3 days locked inside RM with her husband was beginning to drive her insane...

“Khushi, I did it because I need to be informed of things IMMEDIATELY! I can’t have staff that are incompetent! It was the rational thing to do!”

“That poor man couldn’t even FIND you to tell you where I was, and yet you instantly FIRE him!?”

“Look. This is business. This is serious. This is about your LIFE! It was a logical decision!”

“Why do you always have to be so damn irrational and cold-hearted about every decision you make? Why do you have to be such a, such a—businessman!”     

With one swift movement he rose from the couch and closed the distance between them.

Dragging her against his body, he lowered his head and kissed her fiercely, parting her lips with a single thrust, conquering and invading her mouth with all the hot passion he showed her throughout the weekend.

Her body melted against his and she responded just as fiercely to the kiss.      

When he pulled away she gasped for breath.

Arnav’s eyes burned like twin flames of smoke. “Do you think my actions around you are irrational and cold-hearted?”

He pressed his thumb over her swollen lips. “Do you think when I take you in my arms I’m making the heartless decisions you always accuse me of? Khushi, from the moment you walked into my life you’ve thrown my life into chaos. Invading my thoughts and dreams was bad enough, but now you’ve taken over my entire heart, mind and soul!!!”      

He bent toward her. “I’m angry because...I’m....”     

Khushi looked deep into his eyes and searched for her own answers.

Slowly, her instincts grew sharper and she saw that he regretted firing the poor assistant.

These last years with Arnav, she had seen the genuine depth of the man who many believed had no soul, who possessed a heart of steel.

He may be ruthless in the corporate climate...

But to her, he was a man who made her laugh, a man who made her spirit soar while he brought her endless pleasure. 

“You already rehired him didn’t you...” she answered softly.

His arms tightened around her. “This morning...” he replied...

She slid her arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry for what I said...” She spoke the words against his lips.

She pressed her mouth to his and rubbed back and forth in a light caress. “I love you.”      

With a low groan, he pulled her toward him and deepened the kiss.

His tongue swept through her mouth as if to collect each sweet word she uttered and pull it deep inside of him.     

“Don’t think you can get out of every argument like this,” he growled against her neck as he lowered her to the couch...      

Her fingers worked deftly at the buttons on his shirt.      

“I’ll have to come up with a better way to punish you.”      

“I’ll look forward to it.”      

Clothes were removed rapidly as the familiar hunger took hold...


Nani and Anjali were leaving to visit the Guptas when Arnav and Khushi finally made their way out of their room...

“Oh! I’ll come along!” Khushi said brightly...

“You bloody well won’t!”

All faces shot up...

“Chote...Her family are worried about you both...We know there is more happening than you are telling us...the police aren’t hanging around for no reason...”

“Nani, I don’t want you all to worry...But yes, this IS serious. I would prefer to have the least amount of people involved as possible."

“Khushiji...If Chote thinks you would be safer here...”

Khushi lifted her hand to Anjali’s shoulder...”it’s okay Di...I am not in the mood to argue with him...”

Arnav looked over surprised, but then saw a glint in her eye that showed him he’d be dealt with when they left...

As the ladies were leaving, Arnav’s friend walked in...

Arnav and he shook hands...

“Mrs. Raizada...” he said as he looked towards Khushi...


That second, Arnav received a phone call...

“Yes, No, I have the file here. Ok, just one second...”

Covering the speaker of his phone, he turned to Khushi, “I’ll be back in a minute...”

Khushi nodded as he quickly kissed her cheek and dashed upstairs...

Turning back to the detective, she asked, “would you, like a drink? Coffee?”

He nodded and began to follow her to the kitchen...

They began some polite conversation as Khushi prepared his drink.

When she passed him his cup, he took out a small bottle from his jacket.

He sculled the coffee and poured some of the amber liquid from his bottle into the glass...

“Drink this!” he ordered.

Khushi’s heart picked up...”I’m sorry, what?”

“You heard me...Drink it.”

“No...” Khushi argued.

“Drink it or I will slap you unconscious and then pour the contents down your throat. Is that the way you like it? Rough?”

“” she said quietly...”It’s YOU?”

“Hurry up honey, because I don’t want that husband of yours finding you too soon...”

“But...You weren't the man at the office..."

"Hurry Up and DRINK!"

" don’t need to do this. There’s no need to make me drink that.” She didn’t want to lose her life with poison.

She didn’t want to be drugged either.

“I’ll do what you say.” Khushi said as calmly as she could...

The man laughed...“I think for our first time, this would be best...”

His gaze exposed a crazed hunger that emanated ravenous sexual violence.

He handed over the glass of liquid.

His voice hardened. “Now drink up!” He made his way towards her...

Khushi scooted backwards....

She needed to put distance between her and this madman, but she didn’t have far to go before the man grabbed her by her throat and squeezed.

“Your choice!” His face came into close view.

She wanted to scream.

She wanted Arnav.

“Come on Khushi...” he said.

“Don’t...say” Khushi spluttered and panicked.

With a snarl...the man hissed... “...drink!”

Khushi  kicked and scratched and bit at the man in any way to wrench herself free of the glass of poison and drugs.

He brought the evil brew to her lips, and she whacked it away.

Glass shattered in her hand.

Khushi yelped from the pain of the cut.

A steady stream of blood dribbled down onto the tile floor.

“You stupid bitch!” the man growled.

He tightened his grip on her throat.

She continued to struggle, but it was no use.

The darkened kitchen started to fade to black.


When Khushi finally realized she wasn’t dead, she was being hauled out of the back entrance into a four-wheeler...

The man dumped her roughly onto the backseat and kicked her legs inside...

She had a vague but familiar taste in her mouth that she couldn’t quite place.

The flavor permeated the roof of her mouth and tongue with a warm trail of sensation down her throat.

The world around her seemed fuzzy and out of focus.

That was the worst feeling ever, and under other circumstances, she might object, but she couldn’t scrape together enough reasons to argue.

In fact, a calm, pleasant numbness seeped through her.

She soon lost track of  sound,  smell, and sight.

Blackness engulfed her.


When Arnav came back downstairs, he instantly sensed something wrong...


He hurried into the kitchen and felt as though his heart was trying to claw out of his chest...

Smashed glass...

Treaded orange liquid on the tiles...



"No no no no no......KHUSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He raced outside and saw the police..."Where is she!? Where is he!?"
"Who sir?"

Arnav roughly gripped the policeman's shirt..."MY WIFE! She isn't inside! She's been taken! There's Fucking BLOOD on the floor! You had better know what happened!"

The policeman quickly broke free and picked up his receiver..."Location on all exits."

All officers replied and reported, all but one.

Arnav was beginning to feel numb...

Was is her blood?

Was that poison on the floor?

Where was she?
Was his friend with her?

Was he involved?

Was he hurt as well?

"The location behind the house. Officer down. Alive. Signs of struggle. She must have been taken out the back way."

The moment Arnav heard the muffled words from the speaker, he became frantic.

"What the FUCK are you people here for then!? Where is she!? Check the surveillance!"

"Mr. Raizada..." the officer in charge quickly grabbed Arnav's arm..."We will do our job...for now, we can only assume that she has been taken from the house. We have forensic teams assessing the kitchen and YOU need to try and regain some control! You can't help your wife if you are like this!"

Arnav was shaking, he clenched his fists...

He wanted to search...but where?


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