Friday, June 1, 2012

SS : Yours Sincerely, Murder Part 9


“YES! I’m not hiding!!! I can’t live my life like that!”

“Well you’re going to! I’d rather you LIVE! So NO!”

Khushi stormed forwards...”Listen...I’d rather be where YOU are than here. I am TERRIFIED and I need something to take my mind off all this...”

Arnav pulled at his tie in frustration...”No. I am NOT having you back at the office. That is final.”

“It’s been 3 days since the explosion! Repairs have almost been finished, and your stupid yet loyal staff need food! So I am going!”

Arnav was furious...”Khushi, Why can’t you listen to REASON!”


They both hated it.

But when a fight started, neither one of them would give in...


They both arrived angrily and stormed off in different directions...

But the instant they were apart...need struck.

Khushi couldn’t get through the day like this, she knew she had to see him to make up...

She raced past the desks and bounded up the stairs to his office...

“Mrs. Raizada?” 

A man she'd never seen before sat in her husband's chair...

“Yes? Where is...?”

“Oh he’s in a conference...please come, I’ll take you to him...”

As she followed the strange man, she began to breathe faster...

“Something is wrong...” she thought...

As the man opened the conference room door, she peered in and saw it empty...

Warning alarms began to resound in her mind...

She took two steps back and the man leaned in and whispered...”Get in...Or your husband will pay for your disobedience...”

At that second, Arnav’s assistant walked by...”Mrs. Raizada? Uh, Your husband is looking for you...”

Khushi was about to speak when she felt a hand enclose around her wrist...

Forcing a smile, “I’m okay, I just have to discuss something with this man about the kitchen...tell him I’ll come to him soon...”

She was now in the conference room...with “Murder”...


Terror clouded her mind, her thoughts, petrified her, until he looked at her again.  

She took a step backwards.  

If she could just get out of the conference room, maybe she could get away.  

The door was a few feet behind her.  

There was no way she could get around him.

Keep him talking.

“Why?  Why are you after me? What have I done to you?!”  she tried.

His head swiftly came up, and the predatory gleam in his eyes made her breath catch.

Stupid!  So damn stupid.  

She was alone with this psycho...

Scowling, she realized that Arnav may have been right...

Her gaze quickly glanced towards the door...

No one was coming...

“You tempt me with those narcotic eyes...and then just expect me to move on...GET OVER YOU!”

What the hell was he talking about?  

She wasn’t about to ask.

‘Murder’ reached behind him.  

Silver flashed in the light.   

Khushi’s eyes locked to the knife.  

Her soft flesh began to crawl with fear....  

The cold metal.

The sting of the impending knife.    

He took a step towards her.

She shoved against his chest...simultaneously the man rammed into her, shoving her back a step.

“Please, please, please.”  Her hands shook as she tried to get closer to the door...  

Khushi’s eyes frantically searched the dimly lit room.   



The long conference table only held a glass bowl on its gleaming center.  

A large whiteboard with a long metal ruler...

The Ruler.

“Khushi” his calm voice said, “don’t do this.  You’ll only make me angry.  I’ll make it quick, I promise.”  

Khushi jumped away from and sprinted across the room to the whiteboard.  

She grabbed the ruler and whirled.   

“Please, please, bring Arnavji to help me...” she prayed.  

‘Murder’ smiled and started towards her.

Her hands shook on the inferior weapon.  


“Where is Khushi?”  Arnav asked Akash as he raced out of the cafeteria....

“Bhai, there’s security everywhere, I’m sure she’s around somewhere.  Let’s not panic.”   

“Search the office, Find my wife...”  Arnav said threateningly at his security officers....  

He hurried up to his cabin...and tried calling her mobile again...  

“Mr. Raizada?”

Arnav’s palm slapped on the cool, flat desk top....

“Unless you have seen Mrs Raizada, get the hell out!”

“Well, . .” he started.

Arnav spun around with rage covering his features...

His assistant’s hands shook...“Sir...She went to a conference room.  She said to tell you she’d be back in a few minutes.  Another gentleman was with her.  That was about—”  

Arnav didn’t wait for him to finish.


Arnav pushed past the man...

His stride lengthened until he was running down the hallway to the conference room...

He rounded the corner and  tried to shove open the door.

Akash ran up beside Arnav...”Bhai, You should wait for the police...”

“Wait hell!”  

Hurry.  He had to hurry.  

He’d promised to keep her safe.  

His hands shook.     

Arnav grabbed the handle again.  


He slapped his pockets.  

Where the hell was his key?

“Khushi!”  He beat on the door.

‘Murder’s’ head whirled at the shout, at the pounding, shaking the door.

Khushi  took her chance at his distraction.  

One step.  

She planted her feet and swung the ruler with all her might...    

The man’s arm shot up, blocked her blow from crashing into his head.  

He grabbed the ruler and tried to wrestle it from her.  

Anger flamed through her, for herself, for Arnav....

“Just give up...Your husband can’t help you now...”

“You’re pathetic.  And evil.”  She spat in his face.

‘Murder’ roared, let go of the ruler and struck her across the face.  

Pain sang up her knees as she hit the floor.   

“I won’t let you get away with this!” he screamed.  

He ripped her weapon from her hands, the hard metal tearing across her palm.  

He flung it by the door...

“Khushi!”  She heard Arnav yell before something pinged against the metal doorknob.

Khushi tried to crawl back towards the door.  

She felt a hard hand on her leg, pulling her back...

With her opposite leg, she kicked at his knee and he screamed.  

“KHUSHI!” Arnav yelled louder.  

Something kicked the door, and she tried to get to her feet.  

The man grabbed Khushi’s hair, shoving her down, even as she tried to fight him off, to twist away.  

She fell back.  

His strong thighs locked against her torso as he straddled her.  

He gasped as she brought her knees up hard against his back, his hold only tightened.

“I would have given you everything...” the man said angrily...

This man she didn’t know—had never known.  

Khushi fisted her hands and rammed them up against his sternum.  

He grunted.

Khushi heard more splinters from the door.  

With one hand he tried to hold her still.

He raised the knife above his head, even as she tried to twist to the side.  

“ARNAVJI!” she screamed.

A whoosh through the air followed by a string of pinging gunshots jerked her.   

Blood poured over her.  

The coppery smell filled her nose, the metallic flavor coated the back of her throat.    

She saw the knife fall beside her...

Suddenly, all the lights turned on and ‘Murder’ had disappeared...

Khushi couldn’t move.

Almost instantly, she felt two hands under her arms as her torso was lifted...

Arnav clasped Khushi to him.  

Tremors shook them both as he buried her head against his shoulder.

“It’s okay.  You’re okay.  You’re okay.”  he rasped out...

Her chest rose and fell, quick and hurried, matching his.  

He could feel their hearts racing.   

Khushi pulled back.  

She was covered in blood.  

Streaks of red marred her pale face and her sari was crimson.  

“Oh God... Was I too late?!!!”  His hands hurried over...

Bunching the fabric that covered her torso, he ripped it  apart to see her flat smooth belly, her chest untouched by the knife, her heart free from any gunshot...  

It was a good thing they were sitting on the floor, or his knees would have given out.  

Her faint one-sided grin took him by surprise.  

“Any excuse to take my clothes off?”

From somewhere deep inside him, laughter rumbled out.  

When he and two policemen had fallen through the door, they saw the blurred image of a man, weilding a knife, with Khushi on the floor...

The police immediately shot, and Arnav hadn’t even thought, just lunged towards her and hauled her against him...

“I swear I am never, never, never letting you out of my sight, woman.”  

He leaned forward and kissed her with all the emotions raging within him, and felt them answered in the return of love between their lips and tongues.

The kiss broke.  

“That’s fine with me,” she whispered against his mouth.

Khushi’s hands gripped Arnav’s shirt hard...”where is...where...?”

Arnav pulled her close as he bellowed at the officers around him...”How the HELL did he get in here!? And Where is he now!?”


Drips of blood trailed the way to the dark, abandoned building where ‘Murder’ was hiding...

He patched up his shoulder the best he could after he removed the bullet that was lodged there...

Furious at failing, he began another note...

“And this time, I will NOT fail...”

End of story?
End of life?
What I’ll make MINE, will be your wife...

Yours Sincerely,


  1. OMG OMG this is getting really good!
    Hahah after watching the precap of Arnav saving Khushi this was awesome to read! :D

    Thanks for the lovely update! :)

    I was literately on the edge of my seat!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!