Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FF : I Am...FREE Part 16

“Why shouldn’t the guilt kill you?!?!! You tried to KILL MY HEART!!!”

Her words shook his soul...

He had hurt her, maybe beyond what he could fix...but he wasn’t going to let her go without a final fight...

He loved her, and he was going to prove it.

As she pushed at him and attempted to leave, he grasped her hard.

“Let me go.” Her steely gaze narrowed.

A growl rumbled in her throat as she jerked for release, but he held steady.

“Dammit, Arnavji! I mean it.”

The heat of her anger made his body respond with throbbing intensity.

“Khushi, listen to me. I’ve handled this all wrong....yes...the way I have treated you is unforgivable...but I love you...more than life...more than breath...I need you...”

A cynical huff escaped her pinched lips. “You do NOT love m...”

Arnav silenced her with a kiss.

For a moment she acted stunned but then began to struggle.

Capturing her wrists, he secured both of them above her.

She whimpered softly.

The fight in her was wild...

If HE wasn’t going to give up without a fight...

She wasn’t going to GIVE IN without a fight...

He groaned, his breath mingling with hers.

Flinging her head back, she almost screamed...”NO! I hate you! I hate...”

His mouth slammed down hard again...

Their tongues met and danced, tangling and moving together until both of them were panting.

Khushi’s heart was breaking and yet healing at the same time...

Lips a breath away, their eyes were trapped in a gaze that stilled time.

She bit her lip as agonizing indecision ripped at her.

"I ......I keep thinking....of everything...In spite of what you've said... I can't let go of the old feelings so easily...my heart...Is hurting..."  

Panic sluiced through him..."I won't hurt you... I’ll never hurt you again..."

His expression was unbearably tender as he looked down at her.

"There will be no more games between us...no more hurt...no more...I swear...I promise...Khushi please...let me help heal your heart...please..."

The hate that had held her expression, shattered.

Releasing her hands, he held her tight...wrapping her in a cocoon of love.  


This feeling right now.

Khushi never wanted it to end...never wanted her pain to drown it...

"Don't let me go, Arnavji..." her voice was weakening...

The firm touch of his hand conveyed such strength, such purpose, such promise, that she wanted to feel it always, through her times of sunshine and through her times of darkness.  

"I won't, Khushi...ever..."  

"Even if I forget how much I love you, even if the past comes back to haunt me, even if I breakdown or try to push you away...please...promise you won't ever let me go."

"I promise."

His arms wound around her waist and lifted her to his eye level... "Khushi...I don't intend to be away from you long enough for you to forget."

His eyes were steady.

Her eyes were trusting.

He let her slide down his body until her feet touched the floor.

He still held her so close that his heartbeat felt like her own.

They clung to each other, their eyes saying a thousand things.

Suddenly he moved.

Carrying her to the couch...

Taking a seat, he urged her forward so that she had no choice but to straddle his lap.

He maneuvered to free himself, then shifted her into a patch of moonlight that instantly spilt across her face...

"Khushi...You have been my unreachable dream...for so long..."

His fingertips glided across her cheekbones, traced her lips, outlined her chin.

He rocked her against his body, feeling the way they fit together, custom-made for each other, loving how she responded to his touch, reveling in her long legs, trim and silken and parted.

"A...Arnavji..." she whispered.

“I love you..." He kissed her sensually...

She was his first love, his only love.

Nestled against her heat, he moaned, gritting his teeth.

The soft gasp that touched her kiss-swollen lips melted his heart.

This was how he wanted Khushi feeling towards him...no brokeness...no fear...

Arnav had to taste her again, had to hold her close.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, he kissed her with hunger.

He felt her tremble and the rapid beat of her heart as her taut nipples rubbed against his chest.

Her lower body slid back and forth along his firm erection...

When he bit her bottom lip, and then laved the spot with his tongue, a husky growl rumbled in her throat.

He didn’t even try to hide his desperation.

Arnav gripped her waist firmly and lifted her...

Khushi arched her back...

He knew she was nervous...he knew...

Arnav angled her body to accept his.

Hands on her hips, he nudged his erection at her entrance.

Trying to go slowly, he lowered her.

Her breath hitched as he started to enter her tight sheath.

When he was mere centimeters inside her, he leaned forwards and opened his mouth over one turgid nipple, sucking gently...

As the peak of nerves in his mouth began to stiffen even more, he also heard the nerves of her heart...

With clouded eyes, his gaze met hers...

”I...I’m scared...”

Arnav blinked his tears away and pulled her closer...”I love you...”

Fixing his eyes on hers, he lowered her body forcefully down the rest of the way, burying him to the hilt inside her body...

A sound of shock and pain hissed through the air...

She couldn’t breathe or move from the deep, penetrating sensation.

Her eyes were clamped shut, as tears spilled over the edge...

“Just breathe...breathe...” he whispered over and over against her lips...

When she started to try and move away, he hissed. “Don’t. Don’t move. Not yet.”

“I’m...it...it hurts...” she winced, fighting against his steely grasp.

Blood roared through his body, his pulse a living thing that beat wildly.

Everything about this woman shredded his defenses.

As Arnav grappled for control, he watched her chest rise and fall on each shaky breath.

When her steady breathing returned, he cupped her breasts, kneading the silky skin and rolling the rosy peaks between his fingers.

Her eyes closed, her head lolled back, but not before he saw her features soften.


He pinched the taut peaks.

She gasped, eyelids rising.

He thrust his hips upward.

“Oh!” Her gaze rose.

Coming eye to eye with him, Khushi gifted him with another soft gasp that turned him inside out.

Hands on her hips, he guided her back and forth, rocking beneath her.

He couldn’t find the words for the pure ecstasy pulsing and racing through his body.

Arnav took her nipple into his mouth and suckled, moving from one breast to the other, while keeping the steady rhythm of their joined bodies.

He swirled his tongue around her engorged tip, flicking it several times, before he scraped his teeth across the tender flesh.

Her fingernails bit into his shoulders.

The pace of his hips quickened.

He glanced up to see her eyelids fall again and her lips part on a groan.

Breathing short, shallow pants....

The action tore his mouth away from her swaying breasts.

Brows furrowed, she opened her eyes just as he started to feel her contractions begin...

“Arnavji...” her tone was anxious and shaking...

Wrapping one arm around her waist, his other hand gripped the back of her head...”Don’t be aftraid...Don’t...Don’t be...Whatever you’re feeling right now...” he kissed her softly...”it's love...my love...”

As she concentrated on his voice, her inner muscles began to clamp around him.

Strong contractions tugged, pulling him deeper, stoking a fire inside him that threatened to explode.

Holding his breath, he held on—barely.

A flush of heat coursed across his skin.

The throb in his groin built into a bittersweet ache that demanded fulfillment.

But then he heard it...

The painful cries that has haunted him only minutes before, were now transformed into screams of ecstasy...

“oh...oh my...GOD!” her nails burrowed into his skin as he watched the violent orgasm fill her...

He continued to grind his hips against hers, rubbing against her most vulnerable spot as her first climax became a multitude of multiples...

Her whole form vibrated furiously, as his arms held her steady...

His heart was screaming...”Let this be just the start! Let this ease the pain I caused her! Let this prove my love, show my heart, and bare my soul!!!”

As the embers of her climax began to cool, he grasped her by the waist.

Standing up, keeping their bodies joined deeply, he lowered them down on to their bed...

The weight of him was sending new pulses of expectancy into her veins...

He leaned forward and took her mouth in a devouring kiss.

Cupping her breasts, he fingered the tips, catching her low moan with a caress.

He eased back slighly...

As their eyes locked, he began to move inside her once again.

Over and over, slow and forceful, he consumed her body.

His climax roared to the surface, pleading for release.

But before he could feed his craving, he had to see this woman come one more time.

Sliding his hand up the length of her, he hooked his arm under her knee and lifted her leg high over his shoulder...

As he did, his pelvis pushed himself deeper inside...

Her eyes were now wide and alert...

“What...what are you...”
Arnav slid fully out...

“This isn’t over...” he ground out as he slammed back in...

He felt her shudder at his touch, heard her breathless sighs, and felt her hands clutch and release his skin.

Her body and mind were drugged with desire...

She loved him.

Totally, unspeakably.

And right now, she needed to believe in the healing power of love.

She had to believe love could conquer this pain...because there was no way she could live through it ...

Arnav saw the new tears forming in her eyes and began to spear her faster...

Khushi gasped at the exquisite fullness.

He was hard and thick, thrusting in and out of her.

As the pace increased, she could swear he grew larger, driving so deep she could feel him bounce off the wall of her womb.

Pulsing muscles clamped down on him in attempt to keep him right where he belonged—inside her forever.

She threw her head back and screamed.

She writhed against him.

Unmercifully, he grounded his hips, wringing every last sensation from her soul.

Her inner walls contracted over him, pulling him with her into an explosion of ecstasy...

His body quiverred...his groan rough with passion...

Cries of fulfillment shattered the stillness.

Completely drained of energy, he used the last of his strength to pull a blanket over their bodies and cradle her close to his heart...

He kissed her damp forehead. "I love you Khushi...”

Emotion began to swallow her up again...“I...I love you...too...”

His throat constricted...”I’m so sorry...I’m so damn sorry...”

He held her fiercely against his chest.

They clung together, afraid to let go, afraid that breaking the contact would sever the fragile trust that bound them.


Her trembling body brought his realization back...

“What the hell have I done?!” his thoughts shrieked...

“She came to me for answers, for my true feelings...and I took advantage of her vulnerability...now what will she think of me!”


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