Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SS : 6 Months Till A Kiss Part 24

It was late afternoon...

Khushi was sleeping...

Arnav  had just got off the phone when Anjali walked in...

"Chote...I need to talk to you...It's urgent..."

Arnav looked over to Khushi quickly, then motioned for Anjali to join him at the poolside...

"What's happened Di?"

"I...I can't reach Shyam...I have been calling him...so many times...I am so worried..."

Arnav loathed that he had to break this news to her...

The women he loved more than anything, had been cruelly hurt.

"Please Chote,  can you call the police or do something..."

Holding her shoulders, he forced out his words..."No."

Her expression was now full of shock and fear..."Wh...what? I...I know that Khushiji is hurt, but I'll sit with her while you find..."
"I said No, Di. .."

Images flashed in his head of seeing Shyam on top of Khushi...Her bruised face...Her horrified eyes...

"Chote! How can you do this! I need your help to find..."

"Shyam was the one who hurt Khushi!!!!!"

No reaction.

Anjali went completely still.

"Di...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. But He is not coming back...I came home and saw him attacking Khushi...He's at the police station...I'm so sorry..."

"No..." her voice was calm..."No...he's been under strain from work...He's had so much pressure, and stress...he must be ill...I need to see him..."

Arnav grabbed her tighter..."NO Di! I'm telling you! He's a...a bad person...Please trust me!"

"Chote I trust you!...but I know Shyam...Something must have happened for him to do something like this..."

Arnav was infuriated.

Grabbing His sister by the arm, he pulled her as calmly as he could to Khushi's bedside...

"Look at her Di..."

Anjali's eyes wandered over Khushi's bruised face and body...

She moved her palm gently over Khushi's head...

Turning to face Arnav, she had tears in her eyes..."I'm sorry Chote...How badly is she..."

"I stopped him before he did anything to her..."

Anjali began to stumble and waver...

Khushi heard Arnav's worried voice woke up out of her slumber...

"Di?" her voice was croaky

Seeing Anjali begin to fall, Khushi quickly sat up, disregarding any pain she felt and grabbed Anjali as she fell back against the bed...


"It's okay Di, Just lay back here..." Khushi ignored Arnav's stunned expression as she steadily got up and made Anjali comfortable...

Khushi turned to hurry to the bathroom as Arnav caught her wrist..."Khushi, you...you should be ..."

Shaking her hand free, she raced to the bathroom and brought out a cool compress...

Sitting down, she lay the damp washcloth on Anjali's forehead...

"It's okay Di, just relax..."

Arnav stared in disbelief over his wife...

"Khushiji...You...You are"

"I am FINE Di...You have to keep this little jumping bean safe..." Khushi smiled...but Arnav saw her shoulders seize up in pain...

Kneeling down beside her, he rested his palms on her thighs..."Khushi...Sweetheart...What are you doing?"

Khushi tried to turn a deaf ear to her husbands voice, but anything he did instantly infiltrated her soul...

"Khushiji...I'm sorry but there must be a misunderst..."
"No Di." Arnav's voice was hard..."There is no misunderstanding..."

"Ofcourse Di...It's alright..."

Khushi felt a little kick on her hand..."See, this little one agrees...it's all going to be fine..."

Khushi caressed Anjali's forehead until she drifted off to sleep...

The instant his sister  was asleep, Arnav scooped his wife up in his arms and carried her out to another room...


Now it was his turn to overlook her words...

Laying her on the bed in a spare room, he carefully gripped her shoulders and held her down...

"Khushi, what are you doing?"

She couldn't bring her eyes to his..."I...I was helping..."

"After the hell I just saw you go through, I don't want you doing anyth..."

His voice came to a halt.

Her eyes had slowly drooped shut, and she had fallen back to sleep...

Arnav stared at her...she was so strong, yet so fragile...

It was killing him seeing her so subdued...

Taking a deep breath, he stood up and marched out...


"What? Damadji! NO!"

"Yes, Nani! I SAW him! And I called the police myself to take  him away..."

Nani was in tears...

"I need you to be with Di..."

"Ofcourse...But will Khushi Bitiya alright?"

Arnav got up and began sprinting up the stairs..."Yes...Because I'll be with her."


Khushi had been so closed off since she’d woken up , that he felt lost.

Not that anyone could blame her for being withdrawn.

All that he wanted to do though was take her in his arms and hold her close...

But Arnav didn’t want to add bruises to their relationship by pushing her...

Wrapping her arms around herself and looking adorable as she sat up straight in bed, she blinked slowly as he sat beside her...

"Khushi...Nani is with Di...She will be okay..." he fisted his hands and lay them at his sides..."I'm sorry if I sounded angry before...I wasn't, I only was only thinking about you..." his heart ached to touch her...but he didn't want to upset her further..."I didn't want you to hurt yourself more..."

"Arnavji...I'm cold..." She said quietly, a spark of something dangerous in her eyes.

 “Ah…” Unsure what to do for a moment, he shifted and began to pull up the blanket that lay at the bed's end...

"I don't need a blanket..." she said softly...

He wondered if he’d misunderstood her.

“Khushi, what...um...Did you want...”

A soft hand settled on his arm.

“Arnavji... I need you to touch me, to make love to me. Right now...”

His heart skipped, but he couldn’t help the worry that slithered through him.

“You...you should be resting, Khushi, you've been hurt... And you might not be thinking clearly.”

Her eyebrows rose for a fraction of a second before she glared at him.

“Don’t you dare tell me what I’m thinking or what I need Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada... I know exactly what I want right now and it’s you. That monster could have done a hell of a lot worse to me and yeah, I’m still pretty shaken up by everything, but I need YOU right now!”

Arnav swallowed hard.

Even if he feared that he might be pushing her too far too fast.

She’d just been through hell, she should be up in bed recovering, but when she slid her arms up his chest and wrapped them around his neck he knew that any arguement was inane.

He tried to be gentle but soon felt her wrap her arms around him tighter and move her body against his...

Khushi tore at his shirt almost in a frenzy, her hands trembling.

Something twisted inside his chest as he stilled her hands.

“Let me take care of you.”


He put a finger to her lips before lifting his shirt off.

Her gaze was heated and needy...

Arnav undressed her slowly, taking care of her aching muscles...

She raised her arms, letting him pull her completely free.

Seeing her gorgeous breasts  made him hold in a breath.

He leaned down and sucked one of her already hard nipples in between his teeth.

She drew in a ragged breath as she arched her back, pushing herself farther into his mouth.

Cupping her other breast with his hand, he slowly strummed her nipple with his thumb.

His entire body tensed with the need to take her hard and fast but that wasn’t what she needed right now.

Even if she thought she did.

Flicking his tongue over her sensitive skin, he circled her areola but stopped stroking her actual nipple.

He did the same with her other breast, just teased her everywhere else.

Khushi finally let out a growl of frustration as she tightened her arms around him...

She tugged him tight against her.

"Arnavji...stop teasing me!” she groaned.

He smiled against her breast.

She shuddered each time his lips brushed over her skin.

Without looking up at her, he pressed on her shoulder, easing her back.

“Lay down,” he ordered, not leaving any room for argument.

As she stretched out on the bed, he reached the top of her pants.

Using his teeth and hands, he grasped the elastic material and tugged the pants down her legs.

When she tried to squeeze her legs together, his eyes locked to hers...

His gaze was steady...

Taking her ankles, he firmly pushed thighs apart...

Looking up at her face, he saw a trace of unease there.

Not directed at him, he was sure, but whatever was going on in her head, he needed to calm her worries.

He knew exactly how to distract her.

Unable to wait any longer he bent down and didn’t bother with easing her into anything.

He immediately focused on her hard bud of nerves, teasing and licking without any mercy.

Her mound was swollen with arousal and peeking out from behind her slick lips and the moment his tongue touched it, she jerked against him...

Tasting her like this was heaven.

Hell, just being near her was.

The all-consuming and overpowering need to be with her, to protect her, was damn scary.

He had a feeling he’d never completely stop worrying about her safety, but he could live with anything if it meant she was in his life.

With each stroke of his tongue, her back arched off the bed and her thighs squeezed against him.

Her body was shaking and he’d barely gotten started.

When she grabbed onto his head, he smiled against her wetness and slowly eased a finger inside her.

Her fingers tightened in his hair and her breathing became more erratic.

She was so tight around just his finger when he imagined sliding  into her, he couldn’t fight his own shudder.

God, he needed inside her soon.

But first he wanted her to climax.

With the steady rhythm he’d learned she loved, he moved his finger in and out of her.

When she started moaning his name and slammed her palms down on the sheets, he smiled against her, still not easing up on his pressure.

She was close.

As her inner walls started clenching tighter around him, he lightly pressed his teeth against her little bundle of nerves.

That did it.

She completely pushed off the mattress as her cream rushed over his finger.

Her climax was sharp and intense, her inner muscles spasming out of control.

As her pulsing began to soften, he rose above her and pushed his erection deep inside her wet heat, he stilled as her contractions began to clench harder once again...

Burying his head against her neck, he inhaled her sweet scent.

Her scent wrapped around him with a soothing purity.

“I love you,” he whispered

Khushi sucked in a deep breath, but before she could respond he pulled his head back then crushed his mouth over hers.

Feeling a little out of control he thrust into her over and over as their mouths tangled with each other.

He felt frantic as he slammed into her, but was unable to control his need and hunger.

With her, he lost all sense of restraint.

When she dug her fingers into his shoulders, raking her fingernails along his skin, he came.

His orgasm was as uncontrolled as hers had been.

With her name on his lips he emptied himself inside her in long, hot strokes.

Even when his energy was spent, his hips still blindly rocked against her until she wrapped her arms tight around him, pulling him impossibly close.

“I love you...” she breathed against his neck...

When she said it, her inner walls tightened around him, making him shudder.

He pulled his head back so he could fully look at her.

The love and trust he saw took his breath away.


"I can make it worth your while!" Shyam spluttered...

"Shut up!" 

"I can give you anything! Anything you want if you let me go free!"



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