Friday, July 27, 2012

SS : With Love, Yours Truly Part 1

Yes. Tonight he would try once again...

Romancing his wife had become something he was determined to perfect...

She was different...she didn't care for gifts or fancy words...

She wanted what was from the heart.

Arnav hated seeing the memories terrorize her...

He heard footsteps coming towards the bedroom...

Quickly shaking off the lingering anger, he busied himself with a file from his office.

As Khushi approached their room, she took a deep breath.

She knew what was coming.

"I will not let this fear steal anymore moments from me...I will NOT..." she repeated over and over...

Reaching out, her hand shook at she opened the door...

The moment she saw him, her instinct was to run to him...

But instead, she walked slowly into their room...

As she passed him, he gave her a smile...

She showered, and changed and then came out of the bathroom, the scent of jasmine blossom followed her...

Arnav, who had been sitting on the couch, stood up and outstretched his hand...

She nervously accepted...

As he drew her slowly to him, she began to tremble...

He kissed her forehead..." with me?"

She hesitated, but his eyes pulled her in as his arms came around her...

The second their bodies touched, something rolled through him with an impact that stunned him.

His pulse raced, his heart beating out a staccato.

The need for this woman had to be unnatural.

His love for her went beyond anything he’d ever felt.

Burying his face into her hair and inhaling her soft feminine scent, he slid his hand down her back, resting it in the small hollow and urging her closer.

Khushi quickly panicked and pushed away...

Arnav remained calm...

Her apologetic gaze lifted to him...

"No sweetheart, it's okay...Lets just go to sleep..."

"And again he understands...I love him..." she took a small step forwards..."I need him...I can't keep living like this..."

She trembled as she stepped forwards again and Arnav soon came to the rescue by closing the distance...

He gently took her in his arms...She fit perfectly against him as they moved together.

The way her svelte figure glided against his was fire to tinder, sparking the flame inside him.

Arnav could see her trying so hard to overcome her fear...

He smoothed his cheek across hers and whispered..."I love you..."

Khushi moaned his name.

He answered by raining butterfly kisses down her neck, pleased when she arched into him, making his mouth dry and his chest constrict so that his breathing took on a whole different rhythm—taut and labored.

As her body said one thing, her mouth said another....She practically froze as her voice begged... “Arnavji...I...need you...but...”

Arnav stole her breath with a gentle kiss, one that cajoled her lips apart as he slipped inside to convince her he knew what both of them needed.

Her mouth was warm, sweet like honey as he tasted her tentatively.

He didn’t want to move too fast—to scare her.

Taking his time was heaven and hell.

While he stroked her back and smoothed his palms up and down her arms, allowing her time to get used to his touch again, he burned for her with a fire that threatened to consume him.

Each kiss set off a series of tingles in his groin that tightened, while a roar started in his head.

He could feel her need to surrender...

His heart thudded against his chest with anticipation...

Usually by this time, she had backed away...

“Khushi...” he whispered before he angled his head and deepened the kiss.

Another low moan eased from her throat.

But the fear was still there...

"I know you're afraid...but I can't take seeing you like this...Hold onto me..." he ordered

Her fingers clutched his t-shirt, her hold growing firmer around him.

Somewhere along the way his hands had slid beneath her shirt, the silky skin of her back making his mind spin.

When he moved his hand to her breast, she gasped, breaking their caress.

But Arnav held on...

“Arnavji, please.”

“Please what’? Stop?”

His fingertips breached the barrier of her nightie, finding a needy nipple that reacted to his touch, hardening.

“Or please more of this?” He squeezed the bud lightly.

Khushi couldn't move, torn between pain and pleasure...

“Or maybe this?” He shoved her shirt upward, leaning down to replace his fingers with his mouth.

Khushi made a small choking sound before she grasped his head.

For a moment he thought she’d push him away.

Instead, she pulled him closer, crying out his name.

“Oh my God,” she groaned.

Arnav felt the tremor that snaked through her.

Sucking harder, he flicked his tongue over the tip.

“Arnavji!” Shaking, she did push him away this time.

“Wait. Arnavji...Oh God. Wait.”

Face flushed, she lolled her head back, her eyes closing briefly as her mouth parted on a breath.

He could see her internal struggle.

Something he wished he could help her let go of.

But he stopped, against his body’s better judgment to take her.


With all the strength he had left, he released her... “Khushi...It's me...and I love you...”

She inhaled on a shudder, taking choppy breaths. “It’s been so long since..."

His mind began to reel..."She's thinking about it? Actually thinking about it? Is she...nervous?"

Blood slammed into his groin, creating a sweet, sweet ache.

He felt like throwing back his head and roaring.

The power of the small breakthrough thrilled him...

It triggered an even stronger possessive feeling inside him...

He swallowed the knot in his throat before he continued. “Khushi...yes, it's been awhile....” He placed his forehead against hers.

He had never been good at sharing his he spoke straight from his heart..."I love you so damn much...and no matter how much time goes by, I will never stop craving you...ravenously...can we try...?"

The fluttery sensation in her stomach jumped. 

She felt in her heart and soul that no matter what came before them, nothing would separate them.

Even when she had cursed him for the circumstances she found herself in, she had ended up longing for what could have been between them.

Should she listen to her head or grab on with both hands to what he offered?

For months now, love had been choking the fear that had rooted itself in her heart...

He stared into her eyes expectantly, waiting for a response.

Mesmerized by his eyes she breathed..."I want to try..."

The truth tumbled from her mouth before she could censor her words.

Pupils dilating, the heat in his eyes softened into a sultry gaze that played cat and mouse with her emotions.

Her heart rate and breathing quickened.

Slowly he moved closer.

For the briefest of moments, she felt the urgency to run, not sure whether into his arms or from him.

As he closed the distance between them, she swallowed hard.

It made her self-conscious, but once their eyes met she couldn’t look away.

“Come here sweetheart...” He slid his fingers through her hair to cup the nape of her neck and pulled her so close their bodies touched chest to chest and hips to hips.

Khushi pressed her palms against his chest.


"I know..." he whispered...

“Tell me that we will be okay again...”

He brought her lips nearer to his so they lightly touched. "Khushi, we never stopped being ok.”

When his mouth slanted over hers, Khushi cried out at his hunger—a kiss so blatantly hot and consuming it shook her down to the root of her soul.

A rumble rattled in his chest, rising to a low hum as he pressed through the seam of her lips and deepened the caress.

This time when his hands slid beneath her nightdress, he pushed the material up in a hurried manner, forcing her arms up as he jerked it over her head.

When the shirt fell to the ground, his palms smoothed over her bare flesh.

Arnav, gliding his thumbs over her taut nipples, sent shards of electricity through them, splintering through her swollen breasts.

She breathed in the shiver that raced up her back.

"My God, you're more gorgeous than I remember..." His deep, sexy voice laden with lust sent goose bumps across her

His eyes darkened.

Then he swept his arm behind the back of her knees, raising her and cradling her against his chest.

Without speaking, he carried her to the bed, setting her gently down.

He stared at her with such intensity she felt the burn.

As he approached, a tightening quaked low in her belly.

Moisture dampened her thighs, making her slick with need.

It had been so long.

With each step that brought him closer, her body reacted, warming and tensing, waiting for that moment they would join.

Erasing the last few months as if they’d never existed.

Before he reached the bed he stripped his shirt off, revealing large biceps, sculpted shoulders, and muscular abs that rippled down into the waistband of his trousers.

His pants hung low and her pulse pounded as his skillful fingers unfastened them, revealing a raging erection, long and thick, narrow hips, and strong thighs.

The man was perfection.

Another flood of desire released between her now trembling legs.

He climed onto the bed and gently tugged at the fabric on her hips...

Her eyes clasped shut as he pulled her panties away...

Staring, Arnav growled.

The low rumbling sent chills up her spine.

He crawled up her frame covering her like a mighty protector...

“You're beautiful...”

He could still see her fear...

He shook his head..."It's me...I love you..."

Easing his hips into the cradle of her thighs, his eyes flared with heat.

His firm erection pressed against her tenderness and she moaned.

His erection was rock hard, inches away from entering her.

Leaning down, he kissed her like he had dreamt of doing all these months.

He left her breathless.

His lips were soft, but firm and demanding, devouring her with an unabashed hunger that exceeded the kisses they had shared in the past.

But nothing prepared him for the longing he saw in her eyes...

Never taking his gaze off hers,  he placed the head of his erection at her entrance and thrust home.

Khushi stilled...Feeling like her heart had been penetrated...

Buried deep inside her, Arnav didn’t move—couldn’t.

For a moment all he could do was savor the rightness of them being together once again.

“Arnavji...” she said through tears... “I missed you...”

Tipping her chin up, he pressed his lips to hers...

Her mouth was warm and wet, lulling him into a state of pleasure he hadn’t felt in a long, long time.

He couldn’t get enough of her, deepening the caress.

As their embraces grew more ardent, Khushi’s touch became more demanding, her fingernails leaving trails of sparks in their wake.

He moaned.

His body ached with a need too large to contain and he began to rock against her.

As he withdrew, she crossed her ankles to tug him back.

He ground his hips into hers, torturing them both with slow thrusts and even slower retreats.

Their breaths compressed into small, laboured pants.

As his heartbeat grew faster and faster, tingles shot from the base of his groin.

Then he began to make love to her in earnest, driving in and out of her, over and over again.

Her eyes went wide, and she came with a sharp cry, her body shaking beneath his.

"Let it go...I have you..."

She was responding to his every move...

Arnav her every whimper and moan, even through the haze his mind had become.

The friction between them stroked his shaft and he felt it harden even more.

Slamming into her one last time, he stiffened, squeezing her hips to keep her immobile as the build up became so intense that he reached the point of no return.

Fire and ice ripped down his length, bursting from the tip like a geyser.

Khushi's voice broke as she cried out...

He felt her contractions...

The heat of his own seed...

But more than that, he saw the way their bodies melded together in perfect harmony.

Collapsing atop her, he lay there unable to move, his muscles limp and heavy.

When she started to caress his heated skin again, he rolled off her, dragging her into his arms.

The quiet between them felt natural, calming...

But was it the calm before the storm?


"She's been through so much..." he slammed his fist down on the table..."And i wasn't there to protect her!"

He picked up a single black rose and began pulling the petals off one by one...

"Let there be no more darkness in your life Khushiji..."

Picking up a pen, he began to scribe his new letter...

I'm sorry I couldn't be there to protect you
I wanted to
With Love, Yours Truly...


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