Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SS : With Love, Yours Truly Part 2

Khushi opened her eyes to find Arnav watching her intently.

Muted light seeped in from the curtain-covered window across from his bed, illuminating his massive, muscular form.

Her entire body pulsed and tingled as she remembered the night before...

She glanced up at the wall clock by the window.

It was almost 9am...

He had to be at work soon.

Stretched out next to her, the lower half of Arnav’s body was covered by the tangled mess of their sheet...

She, on the other hand, was completely bare, having kicked the covers off sometime during the night.

Normally she slept in a nightie but after the ravenous lovemaking, they barely had enough energy to hold onto each other, let alone to get dressed...

The coolness from the running air conditioner brushed over her skin, but it did nothing to douse the heat burning through her at Arnav’s hungry look.

He reached out and laid a hand on her waist, gently stroking upward until he almost caressed her breast.

Heat bloomed between her legs and she instinctively clenched them together.

His eyes were dark and she had no doubt he wanted her again.

Which was good because she hadn’t gotten nearly enough of him last night.

His sucked in a breath and the fingers on her hip tightened possessively.

“I’ve been waiting half an hour for you to wake up.” His voice was uneven and raspy.

“Is that right?” she murmured as her tongue wet her lips...

Seeing her do that sent a shiver right up Arnav's spine...

Making such a dominant, sexy man shudder made her feel powerful in a way she hadn’t realized she could easily start to crave.

Pulling back, she pushed at his chest..."Arnavji...you have to be at work..."

"uh huh..." his tone clearly showing that he hadn't registered a word she'd said...

"Arnavji?" she repeated nervously...

Automatically hearing her anxiety, he snapped out of his trance...

Lifting his hand to her face, he spoke softly... " Are you okay? What’s going on in your head...? Did I hurt you? ”

She snorted as if the thought was so ludicrous he had to be insane.

Something warm spread across his chest as she continued.

“Hurt me? Are you crazy? Why would you ask that!? It’s ridiculously frustrating being around you because you’re so masculine and abrasive and bossy. And…I really like it. All these months, ALL  I've been able to think about is coming close to you...and then...” her voice started to break..."and then I couldn't...my whole heart would seize up in fear..."

He leaned forward until his forehead was touching hers..."I understand Khushi...That's why I didn't push..."

"But I needed you so badly...You have to believe that...even though I couldn't express it...I truly n..."

Sliding forwards, he kissed her silent...

From the very beginning, Khushi  had gotten under his skin without trying.

She was so energetic and flirty and made him forget everything that had kept him so depressed in his life...

As he kissed her, his phone began to buzz.

Khushi froze and pulled away...“You should get that...”

He shook his head, ready to disregard his phone.

"No...no please, you should...it's time for you to go to work anyway..."

He could see her fears beginning to surface and instantly leaned back to put some distance between them...

She'd come this far, he wasn't about to press his luck.

A quick glance at the caller ID confirmed that it was indeed his office calling.

As he snapped open his phone, Khushi glanced at him with a look so beautiful that  he wanted to drop his phone and forget about everything.

He quickly answered and then cut the conversation short...

Before she could get out of bed, he held her arm and gently turned her to face him...

Her eyes were darting back and forth..."Arnavji...I...You..."

"I ...You...? I think you missed out a word inbetween..."

Smiling shyly, Khushi whispered..."I love you..." and quickly escaped from beneath him and he watched her disappear into the bathroom...

He sighed..."I love you..."

Khushi had the ability to destroy him.


He'd managed to get NOTHING done at work so far, since his entire heart, mind and soul were focused on Khushi's breakthrough.

4 months.

It had felt like an eternity.

And their time together the night before was in no way long enough...

After the 7th phone call to her, she had finally managed to say that she misses him...

"oh you do?..."

He could hear her smile...
"yes...I miss you...and..." she cleared her throat..."Uh...and when...when you..."

"When I what?"

Khushi began to sweat...

Ever since he went to work, she'd regretted not making love to him again this morning...

She been wandering around the house feeling completely lost...

"When you come home..."


"Well, Di is out...so is Nani..."

"I'm coming home now..." and he hung up.


Arnav quickly strode up the entryway stairs...

He opened the door and froze...

Khushi’s clothes—and bra and panties—were scattered from the front door all the way up his stairs.

"Oh my God..." his entire body caught fire...

She was somewhere in the house... naked ...and she was making sure he knew it.

The faint sound of running water upstairs jerked him into movement.

Taking the stairs two at a time, he raced toward his bathroom and found himself hovering outside door...

Only a foot separated them.

He could imagine her silhouette under the water, and she was singing  so off-key he couldn’t hold back a laugh.

She suddenly went silent...

Arnav instantly barged him...

“Took you long enough.” Her voice was husky and sensual and he knew all he had to do was take a couple steps and see everything he’d been desiring  since the moment they’d met.

But his feet were leaden and he was unable to force his body into action.

Finally she started moving again, humming a familiar sounding tune and he realized she was giving him a choice.

He could join her... or not...

"Is she...teasing me?" he thought...

His lips twisted into a dangerous grin...

He had really woken the tigress...

He saw her head fall back under water as she ran her hands through her hair.

God, how he wanted to do that.

To run his fingers through her tresses and grip the back of her head in a dominating grip.

 Then the thought of what she went through shook him to his core.

But would that be too much too soon?

Arnav's eyes drifted to the scar on her stomach...

He frowned at the straight, dark pink scar and the tiny marks showing where the staples had been.

It stood out with angry colouring....

She was still fragile, but she was clearly a survivor and he loved that about her.


He stripped and stepped into the shower, standing behind her...

His fingers flexed on her hips as he wrapped his arms around her gently...

He wanted inside her so bad he practically shook with the need.

Even though his body was shouting at him to take her hard and fast, he turned her in his arms, and slowly bent to kiss her.

He’d planned to take things gradually.

To continue to ease her into this.

Give her all the foreplay she deserved and needed.

To stroke her to orgasm at least once before he entered her.

But once their lips touched, Khushi’s kisses were frantic and needy.

She grabbed his shoulders and lifted herself up, wrapping her legs around him.

"Damn!!" he thought..."Did she used to be this bold??"

All thoughts of their love life flooded back to him...

Pressing her against the wall, he covered her mouth, pushing, teasing with his tongue and taking everything she’d give him.

Her tongue danced against his with bold, demanding strokes.

Each time he met her caresses, she arched her back, pressing her full breasts against him.

The feel of her hard nipples rubbing against his chest was almost enough to short circuit his brain.

Cupping one in his strong hand, he inwardly smiled when she shuddered and tightened her thighs around him.

It wouldn’t take much to shift their bodies so he could push deep into her, but he held off.

Somehow he tore his mouth from hers and bent until he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

Using his teeth, he gently tugged.

Khushi gasped and moaned, letting out such hot sounds he barely restrained himself from just taking her.

First she needed to climax.

Hell, he needed her to.

Giving her pleasure felt like the most important thing at the moment.

As he flicked over her nipple, alternating between using his teeth and tongue, he cupped her mound.

 Instead of teasing, he slid two fingers inside her in one swift stroke.

Her inner walls clenched and she lifted up off of the wall, clinging to him.

He smiled against her breast as she clutched his shoulders and back, using his body instead of the wall for support.

She moaned as he began moving his fingers in and out of her she grinded against his hand with complete abandon.

He placed his thumb right over her clit, rubbing it with an intense pressure he hoped would bring her to a hard climax.

With each stroke her slick sheath tightened around him and all he could imagine was sliding into her wetness.  

Continuing with a steady rhythm of his fingers and thumb, he pulled his head back from her breast as an orgasm tore through her.

Khushi’s head fell back as she shouted his name.

Her dark, wet hair fell around her face and chest in thick wet strips as she closed her eyes, completely lost in bliss.

As the orgasm ebbed, her lids fluttered open.

She stared at him, blinking a few times until a soft smile played across her slightly swollen lips.

“…wow,” she said, clenching around his fingers which were still buried inside her.

Slowly, he withdrew from her though he hated doing it.

When she shifted her body up his, he realized what she was doing and stilled her with a firm grip on her waist.

Her pretty mouth pulled into a thin line.

“Why are you stopping?” she whispered, a touch of hurt in her voice.

Sighing, he laid his forehead against hers.

Water splashed them, ricocheting off the walls and floor.

He swallowed once.

"Khushi...last night...it was the first time in a long time...I don't want to hurt you..."

Defiance flashed in her eyes...

Khushi wrenched her body up and slid over his erection so fast he almost climaxed from the shock of feeling that tightness encasing him again.

He pushed out a long breath and slid a hand through her dark hair, holding the back of her head and steadying her.

Hell, steadying himself.

"Khushi..." he growled..."I'm trying to think of your health here..."

She cupped the side of his face and watched him with a slight smile as she clenched tightly around him.

The feel of her inner walls tightening on his hard length was akin to electric shocks shuddering through his body.

He felt the sensation slamming into all his nerve endings.

Her mouth parted slightly, but she didn’t make a move to kiss him.

He didn’t make a move to either.

Instead, he withdrew and speared deep back into her...

Her shrill intake of breath stilled him again...

"Khushi..."  his lips finally found hers...

He continued moving his hips against hers, savouring her warmth, the sense of rightness he felt with her.

“Arnavji please...” she whispered, the need in her voice taking him off guard.

With a soft growl he pulled back and slammed into her.

The abrupt action had her crying out.

He followed suit, burying his face against her neck as he lost himself inside her.

He lost all track of time and their surroundings as he continued pushing inside her until unparalleled pleasure slammed into him.

He cried out against her neck as she clutched his shoulders, digging her nails in.

As he emptied himself inside her in hard strokes, he realized she was climaxing again too.

Her cries intermingled with his until she sagged against him, her entire body limp.

His own legs were barely holding them up.

Even though he wanted to hold her forever, he eased her down, placing her on her feet.

Grabbing his washcloth he squeezed a little body wash onto it and gently swiped between her legs.

As he did, she feathered kisses across his chest, making his heart swell with such intense love that he was scared to define it... even though he knew exactly what it was.


"Just make sure it gets to her..."

"And what do I get in return?" a sickly voice said

"You'll get my word that the attempt on your life, won't happen again..."

The greasy man straightened..."You have THAT much power in this prison?"

Smiling, he replied..."Yes...I've been here for awhile now...and I have THAT much power here...now see to it that this note get's delivered..."

"Yes Sir..." the man tucked the note into his shirt pocket and scurried away...

"Khushiji...I hope you've been getting my heartfelt messages..."

A loud bell resounded in the prison.

The jail warden tapped his baton on the cell door,  "Lights out!"

Grinning, he pulled a small bag out of his pants pocket and handed it to the guard...

The guard took it and pulled the strings...

"Where did you get this?" the warden said angrily

"Is it enough for 5 more minutes of light?"

The guard shook his head..."5 minutes...then lights out!"

The officer marched back to his superior.

"He's getting money from somewhere Sir. I just don't know where. But I managed to attach a small web cam on his jail door. We have live feed now and can watch him. I granted 5 more minutes of light."

Nodding, the Officer in Charge stood up and stared at the screen..."What are you up to Shyam Manohar Jha....?"



"What do you mean!?!? She HASN'T received a single note I have sent!? Saale Saab! How dare you!?"

Tearing a piece of paper from his notebook, he grabbed his pen and began to write...

I have realized now that Khushiji isn't reading my letters...
Even though I mean her no harm, you block my love from me!
Must I come to her personally in order for her to know my heart?


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