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FF : I Feel Everything Part 23

Akash lifted the gun to fire a shot...

As he did, Arnav  shoved Khushi in NK's direction, aimed his gun and shot the weapon out of his brother's hand...

As the shout rang out, Khushi screamed out Arnav's name in terror...

Akash spun around as the gun flew from his hand...

He glared back at Arnav..."Fine! Then we go after the OTHER woman you love Bhai!" and  he stumbled out of the cabin...

Khushi hurried towards Arnav and clung to him

He tried to pry her hands off him..."Khushi! LET GO!"

Her arms dropped away from him and Arnav ran out...

No more than 60 seconds later, he strode back in..."He's disappeared..."

Nk quickly  grabbed his phone, "Nanav, I'll call the family..."

Arnav turned to him, "Yes. Tell Nani to call the security. Tell them that we're coming home...NOW."

Grabbing Khushi's hand, he practically dragged her to the car...

Nk followed closely behind, talking over the phone to Nani .

Arnav opened the car door and nearly pushed Khushi inside...

Turning, she wrapped her arms around his neck and held tight...

And for the first time, in a long time, Arnav  roughly pulled her hands off him..."Not now. I'm going to stop that Asshole!"

As tears brewed in her eyes, she said, "Arnavji...I...I was only..."

Moving her legs into the car, he leaned in close..."NOT NOW."

He slammed the door and screamed, "Get in the damn car NK!"


Breaking all speed limits, they reached home within 10 minutes.

Arnav stormed inside without even turning back to Khushi.

NK turned to look at her..."Khushiji, are you..."

"I'm ok Nahneji..."

But he could hear her voice shaking...

Shifting her dupatta, Nk saw the red bruises that were forming on her neck...

"Khushiji, you're hurt...Do you need to me..."

" go in Nahneji...I'll be alright in a minute..."

Sadly, he exited the car, and left her.


"DI!" Arnav shouted..."DI ANSWER ME!"

Payal came rushing towards him..."Arnavji? Are you okay? Where is ..."

"Where's Di!"

Payal smiled..."Her water broke, Nani is getting her bag together and we'll go to the hospital..."

Arnav ran past Payal and saw Anjali calmly chatting with Nani as she packed...

"Chote? You're home?!"

Arnav marched forwards..."Are you okay!? "

"Ofcourse Chote, contractions don't start straight away...I've called the doctor, we have time."

"I'll call an ambulance..." Arnav said

"No need Chote, as soon as her water broke, I called for one. And I spoke to NK, I know what happened..." Nani's tone was telling him that Anjali didn't know..."Our security will be with us..."

Arnav nodded.

"DI!" Nk shouted..."Oh my God! What's happened! Is it time!"

"Nk Bhai calm down!"

Anjali shook her head and laughed..."Oh Chote, this note came for you about 15 minutes ago..."

Arnav took the note and turned to NK..."Where's Khushi?"

Nk held up his hands as though trying to prove himself innocent..."She's coming in...I didn't do anything..."

Arnav frowned and tore open the letter...

"Saale really think I want Rani Saba? I just used her as a distraction, to swipe the jewel..."

Arnav's world began to spin...

Realization hit him...

He couldn't breathe.

Instantly he turned and barged past NK.

Racing down the stairs he sped to the car...

No one.

Looking around,  he saw the street empty.

Only an empty van parked out near the road.


He hurried back inside..."Khushi!?!?"

Hp walked past..."Sir she hasn't come in yet..."

Arnav felt pure terror sluice through him..."no..."


Khushi slowly stood up out of the car...

As she did, there was a small delivery truck approaching behind her...

The driver pulled up behind the SUV and hopped out.

Panic began to build.

He looked down at a notepad as he approached Khushi.

“Ah, says here I’m delivering a 3-piece nursery set.”

Relief coursed through her after hearing what he said.

She smiled, “Yes, that would be for Anjali Jha...I didn't know she had chosen one...”

The man adjusted his cap and smiled at her, but something about him was off.

A thread of unease slid down her spine, chilling her veins.

His dark brown eyes seemed almost devoid of emotion and his smile definitely didn’t reach his eyes.

“I don't think anyone knows...”

That’s when she saw the stun gun in his hand.

Terror forked through her, splintering out like jagged lightning to all her nerve endings.

She turned to run, but his arm shot out and the taser connected with her neck.

Pain like she’d never known blasted through her.

Paralyzed from the electrical voltage, she fell to the ground.


“KHUSHI!” Even though the most primitive part of him knew she wouldn’t answer, he called out her name.

An eerie emptiness descended into his heart.

There was an impossible pressure on his chest, making it difficult to breathe but he pushed past it.

Losing his control right now would only hurt Khushi  more, and he’d be damned if that happened.

Hurrying back outside, he raced to the delivery truck.

Standing on the running board of the big vehicle, he peered in the driver’s side window and his heart caught in his throat.

A man wearing a white undershirt  had his hands secured behind his back, his feet also bound and a gag in his mouth.

He was stretched out on the bench seat, his body half falling into the passenger side floorboards.

Arnav jerked the door open.

The restrained man grunted and started wriggling around, which only made him fall completely onto the floorboards.

“I’m going to cut your bindings free. Don’t move.” When the guy stilled, Arnav made quick work of the flex-cuffs on his wrists and ankles.

The man turned over and pushed up onto the passenger seat.

Arnav didn’t bother with niceties.

He needed to find out where Khushi was. “What happened?! Did you see where he took the her?!”

The driver rubbed his wrists as he shook his head... “Some guy hit me with a stun gun. I was still conscious even if I couldn’t move when he was stripping me and I thought he’d kill me, but…” The man shrugged jerkily, obviously shaken.

“Did he say anything else!? Tell me now!”

“Just that if I didn’t struggle he wouldn’t kill me.” He snorted. “I couldn’t move anyway.”

Arnav sprinted back to his house as fast as he could go.

His determination to find Khushi overrode everything else.


"Chote?! What's going on!? Where's Khushiji!"

Arnav could barely focus..."Nk, take Nani, Payal and Di to the hospital. Now. And DON'T leave them!"

Rushing up the stairs to his room, he unlocked the safe in his cupboard and pulled out a handgun...

"I need to call the police."

As he grabbed his cell out of his pocket, it rang.

When he saw Khushi’s number on the caller ID, all the air sucked from his lungs.

His fingers shook as he pressed the receive button.


“My Khushiji  is quite beautiful, isn’t she?”


“Where the hell is she?”

He knew that asking was futile but he did anyway.

“Did you really think I would let you have her? ”

There was raw anger in his question.

Fighting panic, Arnav opened his laptop and emailed the police, marking every subject to 'red alert'...

"Shyam...I swear, If you touch her..."

"Touch her!? Oh I'll be doing a lot more than that..."

The call disconnected.

"NO! God No!" Arnav screamed into the speaker...

His phone began to ring again...

The police.

Arnav hurried, almost slurring, to tell the Officer about Khushi.

"How could he have her?! He's in his cell!"

Arnav could hear orders being called out to go and check on Shyam.

"And Akash Raizada! You need to find him! He is involved!"

"Mr. Raizada. Please wait a moment."

He tried to sit as he waited...but he couldn't keep calm

He stood and paced the floor...

All he could remember were here frightened eyes, her arms that clung to him, her desperation...

And he had ignored all of it.


As Arnav continued to wait, he heard his door  creak open...

What he saw woke the beast inside him.

"Bhai...please listen..."
Arnav dropped the phone and lunged towards Akash...

Fixing his grip at his brother's throat, he slammed him painfully against the wall...

As Akash choked and spluttered, Arnav growled..."How DARE you come back here! "



Akash tried to shake his head but Arnav only pressed against his windpipe harder...

"I swear, I will kill you if you don't tell me!"


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