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OS : Birthright Part 2

OS : Birthright Part 2

Arnav couldn't believe I was going to be a father...again...

But for real this time...

He had barged into the emergency room and demanded everyone's attention for Khushi.

As the nurse made Khushi comfortable, she began asking Arnav some questions...

"So, how far along is she?"

The question caught him off guard...


The nurse was strict and had a wrinkled frown covering her brow..."Do you know if she has been taking antenatal vitamins?"

Arnav tried to think of an answer...

"Has she had any morning sickness? Yet?"

Spluttering, he finally hung his head in shame..."I...I didn't know she was pregnant..."

Slamming her folder shut, the burly nurse glared at Arnav and then turned all her attention towards Khushi...

Arnav felt sick with guilt.

"Is there anyway to find out how far..."

Snapping her head back up, she spoke firmly..."Let me tend to your 'wife'. SHE is the one who needs my attention right now. Being pregnant is a SERIOUS thing Mr. Raizada. Sure it's not a disease, sure women give birth all the time, but what a woman's body goes through when she is pregnant is very critical.  Women give birth easily when their pregnancy has been easy. And you not knowing a thing about it only shows me how neglectful you are."

Arnav was completely taken back by her words..."I...I didn't mean to neglect...I thought...I had an ex tell me that HER child was mine, and..."

The nurse lifted her hand and all sound vanished from the room.

Turning back to Khushi, the nurse continued her checkup...

"Her blood pressure is high...Have she had to deal with your stress as well? Have you been angry towards her?"

The memory of his birthday flashed before him...

Anger towards her, for no reason...

When she had tried to help ASR, and he yelled at her once again...

"Yes...yes I have...but I won't anymor..."

The nurse raised her hand to quiet him once again..."Please wait outside the room."

Anger began to perk up inside him, "Outside? I'm her husband!"

"Quiet Mr. Raizada. She has merely fainted this time, and if she hasn't told you of her pregnancy, then there must be a reason. I don't want her waking up feeling tense."

Arnav reluctantly walked out, but stood close by the open door...

He heard the nurse trying to wake Khushi...

"Come on dear...wake up now...all is fine...Mrs Raizada?..."

Arnav peeked out from behind the door and saw Khushi's eyelids begin to flutter...

"Amma?" she mumbled...

Arnav felt a twinge of anger that she hadn't called for him first...

"No dear, I am a nurse...You fainted...but you are alright. Understand? You are alright."

Khushi lifted her hand to her head..."I fainted? I don't remember..."

"Your husband brought you in..."

"Arnavji? Is he here?"

Her tone was louder, with an edge in it that he couldn't quite place...

"Yes. He is waiting outside, shall I call him in?"


Her answer was so instantaneous that is cut at Arnav's heart.

"No? Why?" the nurse said calmly...

"I...I am..."

"I know, you are with child. I took a blood sample and your pregnancy hormone is still rising, and you aren't bleeding so, I'm sure that you fainting hasn't harmed your baby at all."

Silence filled the room, and Arnav was just about to walk in when he heard Khushi's soft voice...

"I don't want him to know yet..."

His heart almost stopped.

"I see...Why dear?"

"He...he already has a son...and he needs to be with him...his firstborn child...and this news would only be seen as..."

Arnav could hear the pain in her voice, and that alone began to tear his heart to shreds...

"It would be seen as an interference on his new relationship...I have always been in the way...from the beginning..."

Khushi's soft sobs echoed with loud intensity in his ears...

"No crying dear, you need to keep up your strength...Now, can you answer some questions for me?"

Khushi nodded...

"Do you know how far along you are?"

"I am about 5 maybe 6 weeks ..."

The nurse looked out the door slightly and saw Arnav's steady eyes that were locked onto his wife.

"Ok, have you been taking your vitamins?"

Khushi nodded, "I have...I had a feeling that I was pregnant when I was 4 weeks...and started taking them then...I just told Arnavji they were a normal vitamin...I even got him an extra vitamin that helps with digestion..."

"And you didn't think to tell him of your suspicions?"

Khushi felt her tears pricking her eyes once more..."No...I wanted to be sure..."

"And when did you find out for sure?"

Taking a deep breath, she said, "I took a test on the day he met his son...He was busy with ASR and the I went home and took...took the test myself."

Slamming the folder shut in aggrivation, the nurse took Khushi's hand..."You realize, that each child is important...and your husband should realize that..."

Arnav kept looking on as Khushi gripped the nurses hand..." don't tell him...Not yet...Let him have his time with his son..."

The nurse recalled Arnav telling her that the boy wasn't his, and was beginning to hate Arnav even more for not telling Khushi...

"Please just excuse me...for a moment..." and with a soft smile, the nurse left the room...


Arnav saw the nurse barge towards him...

Taking a few steps back, he was about to speak when the angered woman lashed out at him...

"You haven't told her that the other child isn't yours?! Can you SEE what you've put her through!?"

Arnav shook his head, "No...I have told her...I told her just before she fainted..."

Resting her hands on her hips, the nurse forced out her words..."She didn't hear you. She was already so overcome with stress that she fainted."

"What can I do? Is she alright? Is the baby alright?"

"Her baby is fine. She is fine. But she needs TO BE TAKEN CARE OF!"

"I know, I know...I want to take care of her! The other drama is gone! I just want to look after her...that's all!"

"Well. Then you will have to let her tell you, when she is ready."


Arnav stood in the doorway to Khushi's room.

The nurse told him that she was free to go home.

He walked a few steps towards her...

She had her eyes closed as she rested...


As her eyes opened, she turned her head and saw him...

"Arnavji...? Have I been discharged? Can we go home now?"

Arnav took her hand and sat beside her..."Khushi, I know I've treated you badly. From that very first day, I've been cruel to you, and taken you for granted... "

He lowers his voice as there were more doctors and nurses hovering around outside the room...                          

Khushi began to look at him slightly concerned..."Arnavji...that is past...I don't think about the past anymore..."                     

"That's not the point Khushi...I'm trying to tell you that I want to be your everything... Just like you are mine...I want to look after you, put you first, treat you like a woman and a wife should be treated..."

"But what about..."

"He is NOT my child." he said firmly squeezing her hands...

Khushi stared at him wide-eyed.

She didn't know what to say.

"Oh...Arnavji...I'm so sorry...was ASR ok? Where is he?"

"Khushi...stop..." he slid forwards and held onto her shoulders gently..."Listen to me...this is about you and me... I didn't think a man like me would ever meet a girl like you: sweet, beautiful, kind and so warm and accepting. You took me in like a wounded animal and I am still  so scared that I will wake up to find it has been a dream..."
Arnav waited for her answer.

But there wasn't one...

She broke eye contact, and quietly whispered..."Please just take me home..."


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