Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OS : Mango Ice Cream

"Seriously?" Arnav said feeling slightly annoyed...

"Yes! Why not!?"

"Because we have the house to ourselves! And THAT'S what you want to do?!"

Khushi nodded smiling big...

Arnav's heart melted slightly seeing her joyful expression...

Sighing, he muttered..."...Fine..."

Khushi gave a slight cheer and pulled him by his arm downstairs...

They entered the kitched and she rushed to the refrigerator.

"You know that I can't have Ice-cream though don't you?"

Khushi smirked..."Just you wait and see..."

She grabbed a container from the freezer and presented it to her husband...

"Ta Da! Sugar-free Ice cream!" she said proudly

His eyes widened and he began to laugh..."MANGO!?"

Khushi giggled..."yes...does that bring back memories for you!?"

Taking the tub back, she spooned some into two small dishes...

They sat together at the table and Arnav watched Khushi slowly eat hers, making delectable faces as she slowly let the cold ice cream slide down her throat...

When she finished, she turned to Arnav..."You...You've hardly had any!"

"Uh..." he came out of his trance..."The way you...were...nevermind..."

Khushi leaned in and kissed his cheek, letting her fingers lightly trail back up to tangle in his hair.

Feeling her touch against him, he turned his head and let his lips graze hers...

The kiss turned playful.

When his tongue tickled her lips, she laughed and leaned back to look at him.

Arnav had a slight smile on his face, but his eyes were dark with sexual heat.

So she took a chance that he’d act on it with a little encouragement.

Lifting his spoon to her mouth, she covered her lips with a thin layer of mango ice cream and leaned in for a kiss...

Arnav could see that she wanted him to kiss her...

But his mind was all prepared to tease...

He stood up, bringing her with him...

Arnav sat her on the table in front of him...

He traced her lips with his thumb.

Then his finger drew a sticky line down her throat to the middle of her chest.

Tugging on her hair, her head dropped back and she felt his hot tongue licking all the way from her neck to her cleavage...

“You are such a tease, without even knowing it, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada... I want you like crazy. But I’ve got things to finish before I take you...”

He brushed his knuckles over the rise of her breasts...

Arnav slowly undid his tie, yanking it off...

He could see her breathing getting rapid...

Pushing her back, he kissed her sensually as she lay flat on the table...

As her mind fogged with his kiss, he lifted her hands and tied them together over her head with his tie...

Arnav heard her gasp against his mouth and she instantly registered what he was doing...

"Arnavji, No! Not here...No!"

He raised an eyebrow..."I'd like to see you stop me..."

She tried to roll and budge, but his strength far outweighed hers...

"I'm going to have you...right here...and you will stay still...or this will be the longest torture you will ever have to endure..."

Her heart fluttered in terrified anticipation...

He stood up and quickly tugged her lower body free from any barriers...

Her legs dangled off the side of the table...


"Quiet...the only sounds you can make are ones that I draw out of you..."

Spreading her wide, he bared her body all the way up to her belly button...

He trailed his fingers lightly across her abdomen and finally down to her awaiting sex...

Dear God.

She would not survive this.




Khushi was helpless to do anything but watch as Arnav used one hand to pull back the skin surrounding her cIit.

Then he took the spoon out of the ice cream dish and placed the cold metal directly on that swollen flesh.

Her body jerked and she yelled, “Oh GOD! That’s cold!”

“Really? Huh... Imagine that... Lemme warm it up for you.”

He removed the spoon and placed his mouth over the spot.

His hot, wet, sucking mouth.

But he only sucked briefly.

He switched it up and licked her core as if he were eating an ice cream cone.

One long lap after another.

Then he nuzzled the inside of her thigh… and again reached for the spoon.

“No...Arnavji...Oh... No....”

“Oh. Yes.... you don’t know how much I love your sweet, sticky cream.”

Arnav coated the back of the spoon with mango icecream...

Except this time, he squeezed her nipple as he placed the spoon on her cIit.

Khushi bowed back as if he’d attached jumper cables to her body.

Every pulse point screamed for release.

Even her toes were twitchy.

Her mind was focused on one thing: must come.

Arnav left the spoon in place, rubbing the curve over the sensitive nub until the metal warmed from her body heat.

This was torture.

“Khushi... Look at me.”

Her gaze winged to his.

He exposed her swollen clitoris.

He lowered the spoon, tilting it so the drop of ice cream landed right on her throbbing nub.

This time, she screamed.

One more drop and she’d explode.

And like he’d read her mind, he poised the spoon higher above her sex.

When he tipped it, the droplet hung in the air, falling in slow motion.

When that icy drop connected with her hot button, she started to come.

Then Arnav’s hot mouth was there, sucking on her ice-cream-cooled clit.

Tonguing her through an orgasm of epic proportions.

When the powerful climax ended, she floated down to the table like a butterfly.

Her butterfly haze didn’t last long.

Arnav came over her faster than gale winds...

His hips ground into hers, but he lifted his upper body with his arms...

Her eyes were glazed...

Smiling wickedly, he leaned in and nipped at her over sensitive nipples, then whispered in her ear...

"I NEED you right now...

With her hands bound and her feet unable to touch the floor, Khushi was completely at Arnav’s mercy.

Strong  hands held her hips down hard.

Then the head of his erection nudged her wet center and he snapped his hips, driving into her at full throttle.

"Again Khushi..."

She could barely breathe...

Her breath was high pitched and her body vibrated with ever thrust...

He penetrated her so hard that the table shook... 

The frantic pumping of his hips slowed and stopped, although he maintained a firm grip on the outside of her thighs, as if he needed something solid to hold him up.

Khushi felt the hard wall of his chest and stomach when he layered his body over hers.

His breathing was ragged.

Heady stuff that she affected this man this way.

“Khushi... You… Wow. That…” He laughed softly....“There are no words for what that was.”

She turned her head and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“For me too... But Arnavji... Can you untie me now..."

Kissing her mouth softly, he gently untied her arms...

Standing quickly, he swept her into his arms and carried her up to their room...

She rested her face against his neck, still happily muddled from the hour-long— or so it seemed— orgasm.

He held her closely against his strong body.

She felt his erratic pulse beneath her lips and tasted the salt on his skin.

Everything about him was so devastatingly masculine.

He gently set her on the edge of their bed and held her hands, massaging her wrists...

“You okay?”

“Mmm.... Tired.”

She sleepily brushed her lips again his...

“Stop tempting me to go another round with you, woman.”

“But you could, couldn’t you? Go another round.”

Arnav tipped her chin up to peer into her face.

He brushed his thumb over her lower lip..."Yes.... All I have to do is look at you and I want...mango icecream...”


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    Sweatmango - IF.

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