Friday, December 21, 2012

OS : Payback

Arnav could sense her change in attitude as they finally arrived at their hotel...

When they entered the hotel elevator, Arnav tried to speak to her...

"Khushi, I know that you've had to wait around today..."

Khushi turned slightly away making Arnav's anger rise...

"How many times have I told you not to turn away when I'm talking to..."

His sentence was cut short by the elevator doors opening...

Arnav stuffed his hands in his pockets as he saw the new passengers push the buttons to their floors...

Almost every damn floor...

Arnav was leaning back against the elevator wall, and as he felt Khushi press against him, his arm automatically wound around her waist...

Seeing a few eyes staring at her, Arnav wrapped his arms more tightly around her stomach.

People flooded into the compartment until they were crammed together in a tight shuffle of bodies.

Khushi leaned back into him, molding her backside to his hips.

"Now lets see how you cope waiting till our floor Mr. Raizada..." Khushi thought deviously

It was a tease of a moment.

His senses shot up, as well as something else...

He tried to convince himself that she didn't do it intentionally, but when he felt her rhythmically shift her derriere back and forth he knew that she was now doing it on purpose...

“Stop,” he growled, near her ear.

She glanced up at him over her shoulder and touched his cheek with her fingers as she ground her hips a little firmer.

“What?” she asked in feigned innocence.

Then she let her head fall back against his chest, giving him a view of her smooth neck, making him envision her dropping her head just like that in a moment of passion.

Unable to resist, he moved his hand to her neck and watched as her eyes fluttered shut, her full lips parting.

Glancing at the elevator lights, he felt the impatience of his desire to get her alone.

Payback was coming Khushi’s way and she could bet on it.

When the elevator reached their floor, Arnav was forced to follow her out, but he grabbed her hand in the process.

Although there were people still hovering around, Arnav stepped dangerously close and whispered..."To our room...Now..."

The thrill of his demand jolted through her like electricity...

With a perilously tight grip on her hand, he led her to their hotel room...

10 hours eariler ...

After a long flight, a restless sleep on Arnav's shoulder, and a tasteless meal, Khushi sighed with relief as their plane landed in London.

"Arnavji, why did I have to come along on this..."

"Because you're my wife..." Arnav snapped back...

"I know I'm your wife, but this has been such an exhausting trip already and..."
Arnav took her by the forearm and kept up his pace through the airport..."And nothing Khushi...You know that I don't like leaving you..."

Khushi pouted and stayed silent.

Arnav was in and out of business meetings for most of the afternoon, but his attention remained on one person...

Khushi had been sitting towards the back of the room, patiently waiting for Arnav to finish...

He wanted the meeting to end.

And end soon.

He could see his associates ogling her as she sat with her legs crossed on the couch...

Jealously was beginning to suck all his remaining self control...

And as Arnav began to wrap up the meeting, Khushi had also been thinking up a plan...

"He takes me on a trip across the world, and he only takes me to business meetings..." she muttered under her breath..."Laad Governor, only thinking of meetings and accounts..." her eyes narrowed as she glared at her husband..."I'll make you pay for this..."

*Back to the Present*

Khushi was thrown in to the room, and for one moment she thought Arnav would release her hand...

But as the door slam echoed loudly, she was pulled forwards and instantly drawn in by two dark eyes ...


"Did you think that you'd get away with teasing my in a public place Khushi..."

His hands dropped to his sides, as he began to walk towards her...

Arnav took a step, and then another, stalking forward with only one intent in his mind.

Khushi's heart was racing...

Her husband stood before her, moving in, forcing her to step back until her hips met the edge of the kitchenette bench...

Khushi's breath hitched as she knew she was trapped...

Arnav lifted her up to the cold surface.

Her breathing was fast and shallow, matching his.

Her eyes were wide and dark, like a forest beckoning with its hidden paths and secret treasures.

He spread her legs and stepped between them.

When she lifted her hands to his shoulders, he pulled them down and set them flat against the counter, giving her a slow shake of his head.

He bent slightly, nearly touching the curve of her neck as he stroked her calves.

"Damn she is luscious..." He thought...

He stroked slowly, slowly upward.

He drew his hands up and over her tiny knees and spread her legs a little farther, watching as his hands smoothed up over her thighs.

His skin was darker against her pale skin.

He pushed the edge of her skirt higher, up to her hips, revealing the delicate white panties she wore, more lace than garment.

He dragged his gaze up to meet hers, watching her face as he stroked his hands slowly back down to her knees, letting his thumbs drag against the soft inside of her thighs.

Her lips parted.

She arched toward him.

He leaned in, feeling her rise to meet him like a magnet connecting with its other half.

He did not let their mouths touch.

Instead, he dipped his mouth down to the corner of her jaw, almost close enough to touch her.

He drew a deep breath, scenting the perfume of her skin, sweetened by nothing other than her natural scent and the barest hint of jasmine.

He knew she felt the draw of air against her cheek, for she sucked in a sharp breath and pushed against him, nuzzling him, aching, as he did, to consummate their kiss.

 He lifted a hand to stroke her core, touching her only through her panties, teasing her with what they both wanted.

The fabric was damp with her desire.

He stroked and rubbed, playing her body.

She pressed against his hand. “Arnavji, please—”

“No. You get no say in this...”

His nose was against hers, his lips hovering above hers, their words a fevered breath shared between their mouths.

“The best things in life should be savored, slowly.” He stepped back and lifted her off the counter.

She stood before him, completely at his beck and call... “Take your clothes off...”

Khushi looked up expectantly, but he merely arched a brow at her.

He had something delicious in mind—she could see it in his face.

Unable to resist him, she slid all material off her body...

He smiled at her, then lifted her back to the bench.

He stroked her thigh, moving his hand up to cup her bare behind, watching her with eyes that had gone dark with hunger.

She ventured a look at him, only to see that he was observing her chest.

She watched him until he raised his eyes to hers.

When he swallowed as his resistance waned...

"Spread your legs..."

A heated blush stole up her neck.

“We’re our room... Do it.”

This was cruel and unusual punishment.

He leaned forward and kissed the soft skin beneath her collarbone, ran his lips over her collarbone and up her neck.

Nibbling on her jaw, he grinned as he looked up into her eyes.

He touched the back of his knuckles over the curves of her breasts, tracing the soft skin...

He drew her hips closer to the edge, kissing her throat, her jaw, making his way over her chin to her lips.

His tongue swept inside her mouth.

He kissed her again, his mouth feasting on hers, forcing her surrender, melting her bones as his fingers teased and tantalized her breasts...

When she was breathless and clutching at him, he dropped to his knees and mouthed her core. 

Shoving his hands up her thighs to grip her pelvis, he pressed her soft folds to his mouth.

His tongue stroked, wandering where it wanted, tasting her desire.

She cried out when he entered her with two fingers, and again when he sucked her clitoris.

He looked up at her as his fingers stroked inside her, his mouth wet with her dew.

Gently, he took her nipple and rolled it back and forth, feeling it become painfully tight.

And then, still holding her nipple, he mouthed her again.

Khushi nearly arched off the counter.

When he sucked her, spasms started.

She bucked against his face, helpless to do anything but surrender.

But before she could fully release, he rose and kissed her, letting her taste her own passion on his lips.

Khushi reached forwards and unbuttoned his shirt...

He’d run things the entire evening.

Now it was her turn.

She wanted to see him lose his control, wanted to drive him as mindless with passion as he’d made her.

She pushed him back away from the counter and slipped to her feet, then her knees.

Unbuckling his belt, she unzipped his pants and pulled them down over his lean hips.

His rigid erection stood at the ready for her, deeply veined and heavy.

Khushi smiled up at him as she drew him toward her mouth.

His eyes became hooded as he watched her mouth cover him.

He was big.

It had always been hard to fit her lips around him.

But because he always let her take him at her own pace, she took pleasure in doing it...

He was watching her intently, the tension deepening on his face.

As she eased him deeper into her mouth, her tongue stroked the sensitive underside of him.

She sucked and licked at him until he was throwing his head back groaning...

Suddenly, he pulled free.

Bending, he scooped her up and set her up on the counter again... 

Without waiting, he shoved deep inside her, sheathing his entire length....

Khushi’s spine bowed.

Ecstasy erupted through every fiber of her being.

Stars flashed in her vision.

It was as if lightening had struck right through her body.  

Khushi felt every thrust and her very being dissolved in a paroxysm of pleasure.  

That first push, the feel of him driving into her pulsating core, filling her so completely had her practically climaxing in that first second.

She whimpered and mewled against his shoulder as her body dictated what it wanted and how it should react and Arnav responded by continuing to stroke his throbbing rod in and out of her deliberately slowly as he listened to her squeals of pleasure.  

He held onto her hips and each time he thrust he pulled her to him hard, ensuring penetration was deep and thorough.

Khushi felt his hot, expert touch and was lost.  

With a coarse growl, he slammed into her powerfully, sending spasms deep inside her to splinter.

She cried out, refusing to lose it so quickly.

“Let it go...Khushi...Let go...”

His encouragement was all she needed to push her over the edge.

With the next thrust, he threw her into heaven.

Every muscle tensed.

A burst of heat suffused her body.

One after another, spasms took over...

A quiver shook him.

He clenched his jaw, fighting his climax.

"I love you" he breathed the words.

Khushi was panting, her chest heaving...

He continued to delicately slide in and out of her, as her body recovered from the release...

As Arnav felt her inner muscles loosening their grip, he impaled her once again..

She released a squeal of surprise...

Before she knew it, she was cradled in his arms and he was headed to the big bed.

Gently, he laid her down upon the soft satin cover...

An array of emotions filtered through her.

Her pulse leaped as she saw a feral expression flared across his face.

With predatory steps, he moved over her...

Through shuttered eyelids he gazed at her.

“Mine,” he growled... “All mine.”

His muscular body covered hers, his hand parting her thighs, and he moved between them.

Without a second thought, he entered her.

Filling her so thoroughly a tear fell from the corner of her eye.

Not once did he close his eyes.

With an expertise she didn't know he possessed, he worked her body and soul into an ecstasy high.

With each glide of his chest across her sensitive nipples they felt like they were going to explode with delight.

The violent tightening in her belly wrapped around every nerve ending, teasing and tantalizing her...

Finally she arched her back and let the intensity take her over as  their bodies convulsed as one, writhing against each other trying to get closer...his groans and moans mingled with hers...

She went limp as the vortex of climatic passion took her and dragged her off into a different state of consciousness.  

Arnav felt himself explode inside her, and held her closer... possessively ..

As the flames of payback cooled, she lay calmly in his arms...

He smoothed his hand over her thigh and rested it on her abdomen...

And that’s how they fell asleep...

Locked in the arms of love...


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