Thursday, January 17, 2013

SS : Plane and Simple Prologue

Plane & Simple


Private plane.

Khushi looked around.

All alone apart from one flight attendant, and the pilot.

Sighing once again, Khushi looked around once again...

"Arnav Singh Raizada..." she muttered with a hint of disdain clouding her voice...

"Would you like anything to drink Mrs. Raizada?"

Khushi gave a curt smile and tried to seem calm..."No. No thankyou...But can you please tell me how long we've been in the air now?"

"Almost a half an hour..."

Khushi nodded as the lady walked away...

"I can't believe  he did this to me..."

Picking up the plane's handset, she dialed Arnav's phone number for the hundredth time...

After 10 rings, he finally answered...

She didn't give him a chance to speak...

"How dare you Arnav Singh Raizada! What if this had been my FIRST time flying!? I would be scared out of my mind! And YOU! You promised me that you were running ON TIME and that you were even boarding this plane! Do you know that I'm ON MY OWN here!? Sitting here by myself! How could you do this to me!"

"Khushi, calm down, I-"


Feeling as though she was going to explode, she slammed the phone down...

Closing her eyes, she took a deep long breath...

"Fine. FINE. As long as I'm here, I will enjoy my time without his mind games and tricks..."


She knew she'd played her fair share, but leaving her on a flight alone? Wasn't that crossing some sort of line!?

"Mrs. Raizada?"

Not bothering to be polite anymore, Khushi grunted her answer...

"Uh...We received message from Mr. Raizada, could you come with me please?"

"Come with you? Where? Has he made plans for you to attach a parachute to me and dump me off the airplane?"

The flight attendant laughed but quickly tried to hold back when she saw Khushi's angry expression..."No...No...Please just come with me..."

Unbuckling her belt, Khushi stood up...

As she followed the lady, she looked out the windows of the plane...

"Why was I ever scared of flying? It's beautiful up here...the views...the clouds...knowing that I'm soaring closer to the stars..."

"Mrs. Raizada?"

Drawn out of her thoughts, Khushi glanced up...

She saw where she was.

"Captain's quarters?"
"Yes. The owner of the plane would like to apologize for any inconvenience..."

Slamming her hands on her hips, Khushi glared..."I do not wish to speak to anyone. I just want this aircraft rerouted back to..."

"Please Maam...It would make my job so much easier..."

"Are you married?"

Sizing the woman up, Khushi saw the the lady was in her 40s and probably just as sick of men as she was...


Khushi opened the door and stormed inside.

The room was lush.

Luxurious modern furnature, a kitchenette, large screen tv, and...bedroom.

Feeling suddenly uneasy, Khushi backed up, only to feel a hot solid surface behind her...

Her breathing halted as two arms wrapped around her waist...

In shock and fright, she tried to pry away what was imprisoning her...

But she caught sight of something that shone into her eyes...

As hot breath wafted over her neck, she heard a sexy deep whisper..."Calm down Khushi...You should know from experience that you can't get out of my grip..."

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  1. nice start... ofcourse khushi how cud u even think tht arnav will let u fly alone:-))

  2. Writtng style is realy superb..felt lik watchng ipkknd..realy simple...nd ya u r blog looks great..golden blog golden goldn girl...orin

  3. Awesome as always Zumbacita! ArHi alone in a plane!! Hmm sounds very interesting!! Waiting fr d update! :-)

  4. Awesome.. Can Arnav really leave his Khushi alone?? Naaa!! And she surely can't get out of his grip... :D

  5. Loved the prologue. She definitely can't get out of his grip

    -desisweetheart9 from IF.

  6. didi its just superbbb loved it im soo happy reading arshi ff my favortie thnkoo so muchh fr the bolg link di..:))))

  7. superb :)