Saturday, February 9, 2013

OS : Elevated Passions

Thanks to Lara for the awesome Title!!! hugs! 

It was now late, and he hadn't seen his wife since early morning...

Their business trip to London was beginning to take it's toll on his patience...

He wanted, NEEDED to see her.

The elevator doors flew open.

Arnav had no idea he’d been holding his breath until he let out a rush of air.


Seeing her alone, Arnav rushed in, jabbed the “close doors” button, and then let his briefcase drop to his side.

A thrill sped through him as the heavy steel doors slammed shut, leaving them all alone in the slow, faded elevator.

As the elevator began an unhurried ascent, Khushi dropped her small bag onto the floor and moved toward him.

He didn’t want to wait another second to hold her in his arms.

With a predatory advance, she was in his arms in seconds.

His hands touched her all over, stroking, caressing, pulling and pushing, yet he still couldn’t get enough.

She always felt so damn incredible in his arms.

His blood pressure soared as his heart beat frantically...

He wanted her so bad, his body was ready to explode.

He was shocked by the intensity of his need for her.

Her breathless voice washed across his face as she spoke...“I missed much...I had to come and see you...”

His heart thudded.

“I'm so glad you did...” he whispered, brushing his thumb over her soft cheek.

Her long lashes flickered.

Turbulent emotions brewed in the depths of her eyes.

"How glad...?"

He groaned hearing her teasing tone...

Drawing her tighter into the circle of his arms, his hands splayed over the small of her back...

Giving her a sinfully delicious smirk, he growled..."I have fourteen floors to show you how glad I am to see you..."

He stole a glance at the number pad.

Make that thirteen.

Thirteen floors.

Although it was not nearly enough time to kiss her, touch her, and leave her wanting more, he’d have to make do.

His fingers tangled through her hair as he angled his head closer.

Yanking gently, he forced her chin up and her mouth open.

She made a sexy noise, prompting him into action.

He cupped her face, surfed his tongue over her full, fleshy lips, and then drew them in for a more thorough exploration.

“Mmm . . .” he moaned and sucked harder, loving the way her mouth moved under his.

Her deep purr vibrated through his body.

The first touch of her mouth and ravenous swipe of her tongue triggered an onslaught of emotions.

As his chest tightened, it threw him off balance.

He was constantly amazed at the power of his feelings for her...

Twelve floors.

Widening his stance, he captured her thigh between his and squeezed.

His erection pulsed inside his tightening trousers.

He sank deeper into her mouth and luxuriated in the enticing combination of flavoured coffee and minty toothpaste.

He felt her body liquefy against his.

“ taste incredible...”

“You too,” she murmured between heated kisses, her eager hands coiling around his neck to pull him in tighter.

She raked her fingers through his tousled hair and tugged.

His heartbeat grew rapid.

Eleven floors.

"Arnavji?” she breathed into his mouth.

Her heated breath scorched his flesh.

“Yeah?” He inched back to look into her dark eyes.

Lust clouded her gaze. “You don’t have to ask permission.”

Her voice thinned to a whisper, her face taking on a sexy, ruddy hue.

He tossed her a perplexed frown and brushed his thumb over her kiss-swollen lips. “Permission for what?”

She lowered her head, her lashes curtaining the emotions brewing in the depths of her expressive eyes.

“Permission to touch me...” She pushed her pelvis against his thigh and gyrated.

Ten floors.

With renewed urgency, he pushed his body roughly into hers..."Oh...I'm well aware of that..."

His lips came down harder, taking full possession of her mouth.

She matched the intensity of his kisses...

His hand left her face and journeyed lower, revelling in the feel of her curves.

He gripped both her delicate hands in one of his and secured them behind her back.

Immobilizing her.

Nine floors.

Khushi twisted and tensed.

“What are you doing?” She sounded alarmed.

He knew she didn’t like having her control stripped away, or feeling vulnerable, but he wanted her to let go and trust him.

His voice was coaxing. “I want you to let go, Khushi... Relax” he said, urging her to give herself over to him completely.

Eight floors.

She opened her mouth to speak but no words formed as he delved between her legs...

He grazed her creamy thighs and was thrilled to the core to feel her skin...

His touch climbed higher until it connected to her heated core.

Dark lashes fluttered as she surrendered to his touch.

Seven floors.

She arched forward, her hips colliding with his throbbing erection.

A gasp rolled out of her mouth when he gyrated against her.

He groaned and clenched his jaw.

Slipping his hand inside her panties, he used his fingers to make a slow pass over her channel, stoking her inner fire.

He was damn pleased at how wet she was.

Her throaty moan vibrated through his body.

“You are so wet..."

Her head lolled to the side, and she rasped her next breath.

“I know. You make me this way.”

“Have you been as desperate for me as I have been for you all day?"

“God, yes,” she cried out.

Six floors.

She spread her legs wider for him, inviting his touch.

He dipped his finger deep inside her and growled as her tight sheath closed around him.

Light ripples from the depths of her core began kneading his finger.

He couldn’t believe how close she was to coming.

He put his mouth close to her ear...“Me too. All I could think about was touching you, tasting you,  and watching you come for me...”

As she moaned in response, he felt her grow wetter.

Five floors.

A second finger joined the first.

Arnav shut his eyes as he took a moment to bask in her decadent texture and luxuriously snug fit.

“You are so beautiful...and so responsive.”

He swirled his finger through her slick heat until his thumb found her clitoris.

She worked her hands free and circled them around his back.

Her nails clawed at his shirt as her body shuddered and jerked forward.

“Arnavji . . . we need more time,” she cried out.

Four floors.

He stroked her and teased her clitoris out from its fleshy hood.

“We have all the time we need, for now,” he whispered into her mouth before burying his lips against her throat.

“Are you ready to come for me?”

She whimpered her response and pressed her hand over the bulge in his jeans and squeezed.

His body reacted instinctively.

He pushed against her and nearly came on the spot.

He stroked her harder.

Three floors.

Gripping his shoulders, she ran her tongue across her lips and tipped her head until their gazes locked.

She was panting.

Her eyes were on fire.

“Please . . . It’s too much. It’s too intense.”

He could feel her orgasm pulling at her and knew it was time to take her over the edge.

Using small, circular motions that drove her into a mad frenzy, he increased the pressure on her clitoris.

He felt her skin grow tight with the first sweet clench of pleasure.

Two floors.

Her breath came in a ragged burst.

A flood of moisture erupted inside her.

As her heat gushed into his hand, he felt her arms fall limply at  her sides...

Her body trembled from head to toe.

He held her tightly as she rode out the last waves of her orgasm.

Watching her come made him wild with the need to make love to her.

But that would have to wait till later...

He wanted to lay her gorgeous body across their bed sheets and feast on her until they were both sated and exhausted.

“That's how glad I am to see you....” He carefully pulled his hand out from her panties and adjusted her skirt.

Her eyes were wide, glassy, unfocused... “Arnavji...I...”

One floor.

"We're at our floor now...time to take you home..." he grinned

The elevator light clicked off.

Thankfully there was no one waiting outside the doors as they opened...

She stumbled slightly as they walked out, and Arnav gathered her close...

Warmth encompassed him as his heart turned over in his chest.

She was so damn adorable.

He ran the tips of his fingers over her moist forehead and rained kisses over her cheek, her nose, and her jaw.

Her soft skin felt like satin beneath his hungry mouth.

But almost instantly, a bright light covered her vision...

Stirring in bed, Khushi opened her eyes and saw Arnav opening the curtains letting the sun shine in...

"'re quite a sleepyhead this morning aren't you..."

He walked up to her and smiled as she began to sit up...

"We're...we're at home?"

Arnav looked around..."Uh...yeah...but we'll be in London at this time tomorrow..."

Lifting his hand to her head, he felt how warm she was..."Are you okay? You're flushed..."

Khushi cheeks darkened as her dream was thick in her memory..."I'm ok...just...I'm fine..."

Kissing her softly, he smiled..."You'll love the new office in London...It's one of the tallest building you'll ever see..."

Instantly looking up, she asked..."Is there an elevator?!"


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