Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SS : Recapturing Part 9

Love and unbridled need filled his eyes...

"I love you Khushi..."

"...kiss me...please..." Her breathless voice was nothing more than a faint whisper.

She parted her lips, and before she could say anything further, he took possession of her mouth.

Moaning, her tongue snaked out and tangled with his.

He could taste her sweetness on her strawberry-soaked tongue.

She was so responsive.

This was a kiss so full of emotion and tenderness that if he hadn't already been on his knees, it would have brought him to his knees.

He slid his hands down her side until he clutched her hips and lifted her up.

At the back of his mind, he knew their desperation was rising, but she wasn't pulling away.

Instead, she’d started grinding against him as if she couldn't get enough.

God, he had to stop himself.

But as he lifted her , she wrapped her legs around his waist as her fingers dug into his shoulders with an undeniable urgency.

And her lips…they met his stroke for stroke, pushing, teasing and taking until finally he had to pull back.

Breathing hard, he looked down at her flushed face.

Her lips were swollen, her eyes glazed and he could practically smell the desire coming off her it was so potent.

Her fingers combing through his beautiful, thick hair not wanting this moment to end.                       

Seating her on his desk, he pulled her harshly against him...  

His touch, rougher now, had a sense of urgency and need.   

His hands ran over her breasts squeezing them, before sliding back down to her hips 

A soft groan escaped his lips as he held her firmly against his chest...   

Arnav felt his body losing control and his entire body screamed with intensity as he leaned down to whisper in her ear with his deep, husky voice that sent chills down her spine...

“Khushi...Khushi...We have to stop...” he rasped out, hating the desperation in his voice but unable to stop it.

“I...I know...I...I don't want to...”

He moved back but he stayed standing in between her legs as she lightly traced circles on his shoulders.

Breathing deeply, he quietly whispered..."Look at me..."

As her dark eyes met his, he continued..."I do NOT want to God I don't want to stop...just breathe...."

Closing her eyes, Khushi drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly...

When she opened her eyes, she realized how far he could have taken things...

Her face turned bright red...

" stopped..."

"Because I respect you Khushi. I would never do anything to shame you..."

Throwing her arms around his neck, she pulled him close...

"I must say though, I'm very glad that you seem to want me as much as I want you..."

Khushi buried her face in his shirt...

"Shy?" he slyly asked...

Pulling back, she smacked his shoulder and laughed...


As Arnav was stuffing papers into his case, he clicked the locks shut, and stared up at Khushi.

She was sitting quietly on the chair in front of him, filling out a few forms.

He didn't want to give her such menial work, but even she finally admitted that she liked working around him and would willingly do whatever he needed.

As his personal assistant, he had given her permission to oversee all the paperwork and sign her own name.

His mind wandered to all that had happened...

"Why do I have such a strange feeling that something is going to try and stop us from..." he stopped himself from even thinking it...

Shaking his head, he tried to ignore the pressing warning that kept flashing in his head...

He looked at the form in his hand...

"Should I get her to sign this too?"

His heart told him to ask her to sign it...

But his head was whispering..." are worrying for no reason..."

Before he could even make a decision, Khushi pulled the paper from his hand, and robotically signed her name...


But it was done.

She smiled up at him as she slid all the forms into a folder..."There. All done.  Put these in your briefcase and we can go home..."

As she began to stand, he quickly walked around to her side and held onto her arm...

"I'm fine now Arnavji..."

He scowled, "You said you were fine as soon as it happened...and then I recall hearing...'ouch' don't give me that!"

Khushi rolled her eyes..."Fine, just gather your things together, and ..."


She cringed as he screamed out the man's name...

Aman rushed in and quickly tended to what Arnav ordered...

Turning back to Khushi, he said..."Aman has taken everything to the car. Now...will you stop fighting me and let me carry you ..."

Her eyes went wide..."ALL the way to the car? No, that's ridiculous!"

Now it was his turn to sigh..."Khushi...Do you know that you weigh less than my desk chair! Do you know that when I first launched this business, I carried that damn chair all the way up here...myself! It was the first and only thing I have EVER done for myself in this office. I have made my staff and employees do EVERYTHING for listen carefully...when I tell you that I am going to do something, you better take it seriously..."

Khushi was in awe at first, but soon began to laugh...

"You find this funny?! I paid you the biggest compliment and you're laughing?"

Trying to calm down, she lifted her arms over his shoulders..."I'm...I'm sorry...and I love that you love me so just compared me to a chair!!!"

And she burst into laughter again...

He could see the humor, but also had his pride rise inside him...

Scowling, he mercilessly lifted her into his arms, and marched out of the building...


On arriving home, he left Khushi with Anjali and Payal...

He recalled her looking to him with pleading eyes to help her escape the pending wedding questions...

But after her continuous laughter all the way home, he smirked, mouthed ..."nope", and disappeared up the stairs...

Sitting down smiling, he felt slightly guilty and decided to give it another 10 minutes before he went to her rescue...

Pulling out the folder of papers, his eyes caught hold of the one that held the most power.

There it was.

Her signature.

He wanted her to trust him.

He wanted her to have faith in him.

He did NOT want to trick her.

Or give her any false information.

"But..." he mumbled..."she won't ever know..."

"but you will..." his thoughts whispered back...

"But I'm doing this to SECURE OUR HAPPINESS! I don't want to think the worst, but...I NEED to go behind her back to do this..."

His thoughts went silent...

Done fighting with himself, he slammed the paper onto the table, pulled out his pen, and smoothly penned down his name.

Folding the signed paper and placing it in an envelope, he lifted his phone and dialled...

"Yes... It's done...Fine...As soon as you can...I want this filed tonight..."

And with that...he hung up.

Sliding the envelope into his jacket pocket, he offered up a silent prayer, and disappeared out of his room...



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    Neag (india-forums)

  4. nice update... as things sizzle between the pair, storm clouds brew in the background... will arnav's premonition come true? so what did khushi unwittingly sign and why doesn'r arnav want to tell her about it? why does arnav fear it would break her trust? so many questions! eagerly awaiting next part

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