Saturday, April 6, 2013

SS : Recapturing Part 12

Khushi sat in silence.

Shyam's response resounding in her mind…


She shivered once again.

"Why is he...acting this way…"

Her mind drifted back to when Arnav and Shyam were having their faceoff in the kitchen…

Suddenly standing up in defiance, she stomped her feet…"How DARE he speak that way to Arnavji! And in his own house! And in front of me!"

She was just about to rush out to find him when there was knocking at her bedroom door…



Unlocking the door, she saw Payal and Anjali standing there.

"Are you okay? Arnavji called and asked us to come back."

Khushi looked out the doorway, as if looking for Arnav.

"He went out Khushiji…"

As her eyes met with Anjali, she could see that Arnav had told them what happened…

"Anjaliji...I...I'm sorry…"

Anjali walked forwards and hugged her…"Why? Why would you be sorry?"

Khushi pulled back, almost in tears…"I don't think I stood up for him...I just let Shyamji…"

"No Khushi. Arnavji told us what happened. You tried to keep the peace. . ."

Anjali gently held Khushi's face…"Chote doesn't need you to stand up for him...He's a powerful man, he can stand up for himself. What he needs is for you to stand BY him, and that is exactly what you did today…"


"Oh sweety…" Anjali pulled her in for a hug once again…"He said so himself. He has just gone for a drive to clear his head...and calm down…"

Instantly, Khushi pushed back…"...a...a drive? In his car?"

Payal and Anjali exchanged glances…"Yes, he said he wouldn't be long…"

Khushi turned away and began pacing…"I don't like it when he's in a car...without me...I just...all the memories…"

"Oh enough…" Payal said smiling…"He will be back in no time…"

Her head was wild horses gallopping…"I...I want him back now!"


Arnav heard her worried and angry demand as he was ascending the stairs…

With a shuffle of his feet, and a smirk on his face, he cleared his throat.

Immediately the pacing and chatter ceased as three pairs of female eyes turned toward him.

Khushi drew back with a small gasp.

Her heart began to calm in relief seeing him, just as her face flushed red at his absence, that made her afraid…

"Anjaliji...uh...Jiji, can you please…"

"We know, we know…" Anjali muttered…

Payal and Anjali exited the room and headed downstairs…

As she returned her gaze to Arnav, her eyes narrowed.

Taking a step inside, he tapped the door shut behind him.

He didn’t want the house to hear whatever argument they were about to have.

With his head in a calmer state, he was actually amused at how angry Khushi had suddenly become...

He decided to get right to the point...“With an expression like yours, I’m a little surprised you haven’t already started hitting me with your fists…"

She gripped one hand into a fist at her side, but her expression didn’t change.

“Do you enjoy arguing with me?”

He pondered that question for a moment.

Actually, he did enjoy their  war of words.

She was a feisty woman, and one who didn’t let much slip by her.

He had always found it a refreshing challenge to spar with her.

But no, arguing was the last thing he wanted to do at the moment.

“No, I don’t want to fight. I just wonder why the change of attitude?”

Her answer was to furiously turn her face away, but he caught her eyes make a quick sweep of his body from head to toe.

It sent a shock of heat through him that made standing near her all the more difficult.

He swallowed hard, because when he met her eyes, he saw how hazy with passion and dilated they were.

“What are you thinking when you look at me that way?” he asked as he took a step toward her.

She drew in a sudden sharp breath and her hand curled around the fabric of her dress.

It was abundantly clear what her answer was.

She’d been thinking the exact same thing he had.

It drove him over the edge.

In two steps, he stood inches from her.

She stared up at him with wide eyes, but didn’t move away.

In fact, her body swayed slowly in his direction.

He caught her in his arms to press his lips against hers.

Instantly she responded.

Nothing else mattered except for that moment and the out-of-control passion that flared between them once again.

When she clutched at his back and her fingernails dragged across the fabric of his shirt, any attempt he’d made to maintain control evaporated.

He pressed her back until she sank down onto her bed.

Immediately she dragged him down on top of her to continue their passionate kiss.

As she slid her mouth down his jaw and to his throat, Arnav cupped her breast.

Immediately she rose up to meet his palm.

Anyway he touched her seemed to light a fire and she craved it, no matter how many calm ways she’d convinced herself she could avoid this desire.

“Arnavji...” she panted, but was unable to say more.

She didn’t know how to ask for what she wanted.

He smiled wolfishly as he inched up her skirt.

She cursed the fact that this time she was wearing so many layers.

His rough hands grazed the back of her knee and she bucked up.

When had that spot become so sensitive? Or the inside of her thigh?

One touch from him and they were both sending tingles of pleasure to the very core…

Struggling against the weight of him, she managed to wedge a hand between their bodies until she came in contract with the hot length of him.

Immediately he let out a strangled groan that she caught with her mouth.

Suddenly, Arnav let out a quiet curse and shoved himself off her.

As he clamored back to his feet, Khushi stared up at him, her body quaking with unfulfilled need.

“What? Where are you—?” She cursed herself for begging but her frustration was at a peak. “Arnavji?”

He shook his head as he fastened the buttons of his shirt and shoved the corner she’d dragged out back into the waist of his trousers.

“No...not this way Khushi...” His dark eyes narrowed. “I won’t have our first time together be tainted with a fight...took advantage.”

Khushi blinked at him as she struggled to sit up.

Arnav reached over to her and offered her a hand…

Anger rising, she pushed up onto her knees and grabbed the lapels of his shirt…"Do you have ANY idea how worried I was!!!!"

His amused expression disappeared…

"You were out driving! I felt awful for not standing up for you in front of Shyamji! And you were out! I couldn't tell you! What if you had...had been in another...another accide--"

Arnav silenced her…

He wrapped his arm around her waist and crushed their bodies together, and at the same time, his other hand flew up to hold onto the back of her head…

His understanding of her attitude now in full swing.

Arnav fused their mouths together, holding her still, holding her close…

As her hands began to loosen their grip on his shirt, Arnav began moving his mouth over hers…

And as she started to softly  cry, he slid his tongue inside…

"Shhh…" he whispered…

And her hands were back, pulling, gripping…

" no...Khushi,'s okay...I'm here...I didn't mean to…"

Roughly withdrawing, Khushi stood up on the bed and leaped into his arms…

Her legs wound tightly around his hips as her arms wrapped around his neck…"Shut up and Kiss me!"


  1. I really love this story. Thank for updating. The chemistry between K and A is stunning. I hope sham doesn't create too much trouble this time.... Even if he does please let them know about his intensions. Love your work.

  2. whoa they are so hot together

    Damn that snake and his obsession with Khushi

    cant wait for the next part

  3. Fab update. Poor Khushi. She was worried. The argument turned passionate.

    -desisweetheart9 from IF.