Thursday, April 11, 2013

SS : Recapturing Part 13

He spun them so his back was to the door, and her back was pressed against the wall...

His deep brown eyes locked on hers.

“Let me get this straight. You were so worried for me that you got ANGRY at me?"

Khushi heard the laughter in his voice and smacked his chest…“Yes.”

"And this type of anger makes you beg me to kiss you?"

Her eyes turned seductive as she replied..."Well, you aren't willing to do more…"

The muscle in his jaw snapped.

He opened his mouth.

Closed it.

Finally he said, “Good Lord! Do you know what you do to me? Hell. You don’t, because you’ve never—”

“I know...I know...I'm sorry...I'm only teasing…"

His lips curled oh-so-slowly, in a decidedly predatory grin... “The more teasing you do now, the more I'll do on our wedding night...”

Khushi froze.

Neither spoke for a few heart beats as they stayed bound together.

"I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy your 'teasing'…"

Arnav grinned and placed his mouth to her ear...“You go ahead and think that...”

His hot breath sent shivers down her neck, tightening her nipples against his chest.

Khushi angled her head to feel Arnav’s rough jaw rub over her cheek.

He smelled good.

Warm skin beneath a hint of spicy aftershave.

By the way his body tensed she figured he liked it when she rubbed him like a contented cat, so she kept right on doing it.

"If my restraint for you has made you THIS desperate for me so far, then just think of how much of a throbbing mass I can make you when I drag out the hours of our lovemaking…"

Khushi stopped moving and jerked slightly back from him.

But his iron grip didn’t waver... “What?”

“ wouldn't do that...would you?! Just the THOUGHT of that makes me…"

He loved seeing the fire in her eyes…

"That makes me….AGH! Don't you DARE!"

Arnav remained calm and smiled…"You won't be able to stop me…"

Pushing at his chest, she chided him…"You want a piece of me! Because you're starting to get m--"

“Oh...I want a piece of you, jaan, like you wouldn’t fucking believe...”

His smokey voice was making Khushi's skin break out in goosebumps...

His lips brushed her temple.

“And on our wedding night, I am going to kiss you in many places besides  your luscious mouth?”

Arnav’s free hand slipped up her waist to her ribcage.

His thumb lightly stroked the bottom swell of her breast before sweeping higher, across her nipple, until it was a hot, tight point.

Her legs slowly slid down from around his hips…

Strength beginning to wane…

He twirled their bodies, smoothly inserting his leg between hers.

He pressed up so she was sitting hard on his thigh…“I'm sure you taste divine right here...”

Khushi softly moaned at the exquisite pressure and heat of his hard leg muscles rubbing her tender flesh.

The thought of his tongue licking there made her throb with want, and flush with embarrassment…

"There?, you…"

“Oh yes Khushi...” he growled.

Dizzy, she managed, “N-no.”

“You think the feel of my hands and fingers is good...the feel of my mouth and tongue will make your entire body flutter...”


“Yes.” Arnav hissed...“You think that YOU'RE not coping?! YOU are driving me crazy, thinking of all the things I’m going do to you. How many different ways I will make you climax...”

Khushi tightened her thighs around his.

He blew softly in her ear and she shivered like a newborn babe.

Faint footsteps began to resound outside the room…

Arnav smiled down at his wife, who was completely under his spell…

When Khushi heard three loud knocks on the door, her attention spiked…

Almost immediately, she began to push Arnav away…

"uh, uh…." he said as his shook his head…"You're my wife...we're not doing anything wrong…"

As he gently adjusted her outfit, he moved back slightly to give her a tiny bit of distance…

"I'm not your wife yet…" she mumbled as their eyes caught…

"oh…." Arnav quickly corrected himself…"Oh…"

He looked towards the door…."Come in…"

Khushi frowned slightly, wondering why Arnav became agitated…

Payal peeked around the door …"Is it safe to enter?"

Khushi rolled her eyes…"Ofcourse it is Jiji…"

Payal walked into the room…"Arnavji, Khushi...will you two be resurfacing to have dinner with us soon?"

Arnav smiled and nodded…"Ofcourse…"

"Are you two okay now?"

"Yes...we are fine Jiji, I'm sorry that I was so angry before…"

"It's okay…You've always been an 'angry' worrier…"

"I like it…"  Arnav replied staring at her…

"Well, it's just as well that Arnavji doesn't like Shyamji...He did once ask t--"


Khushi quickly interrupted Payal, spiking surprise inside Arnav.

"We...we will be downstairs soon...I can help with dinner...In fact, I'll come down right n--"

Arnav grabbed Khushi's forearm and pulled her close…"She will be down in about 20 minutes Payal...excuse us please…"

Payal gave Khushi an apologetic glance before she hastily retreated from the room…

Not a second before the door shut, Arnav was in Khushi's face…

"He once asked to WHAT!?"

Khushi felt his frustration to her core…


Arnav stepped forwards, and this time his gaze held power, not arousal…


"He once asked…"

Her nerves were becoming shot.

"To what!? To kiss you!? To go out with you!? To marry you!?"

His hands now gripped her shoulders as he demanded an answer…

Trying to break free, Khushi screamed..."Yes, he once asked to marry me!"

Arnav quit moving, causing Khushi to stumble into him.

The man was rock solid.

Everything about him was firm and broad and hard.

Very hard.

Mostly his eyes right now.

“This is some kind of joke, right? To see how much you can get me to hate a person…?!”


She predicted he’d be upset, but brimming with rage!?

Quickly, She tried to snatch her hand from his to escape.

“Oh, no you don’t. You don’t get to tell me something that fogs my damn brain over to the point of exploding and then dart away. We are going to discuss this, in detail, right now.”

She lifted her chin defiantly.

"Arnavji, I knew you would get upset, but like I've told you before...He has only ever been polite and neighbourly to me...He told Jiji that he wanted to marry me! He NEVER spoke to me about it! And even Jiji didn't tell me until months later!  But  SHE knew that I was never going to be interested to marry anyone…"

Arnav was still in a haze of fury.

"You had the nerve to ask me to be NICE to this bastard?! The man who practically pushed his way into our home and began flirting with you!? The stupid prick who dared to stare me down, demanding his rights to see you!?"

Khushi's heart was starting to race…"Arnavji, I  am not standing up for him! I am also disgusted with his behaviour! I TOLD you that!"

Arnav squeezed his eyes shut and exhaled loudly…

Khushi looked away feeling completely dejected…

But before that feeling fully took over, she felt Arnav move close beside her and pull her into his arms…

"I'm not mad at you…" he whispered, trying to calm his voice…

Khushi slowly looked up and lifted her hand to his face…"Arnavji, I love you...I have always loved you...I have never thought of another...and I'm sorry...I'm truly sorry if I disappointed--"

Arnav lifted his hand and covered her mouth…"No. Don't say that."

He drank in her wide, dark eyes as his fingers gently brushed her lips…

"I love you…and you did NOT disappoint me...I am sorry for my instant dislike to him, I know I made things worse...I just...I just don't want you around hi…"

Khushi moved into his body and held onto him…"I won't be around him...I won't see him again Arnavji...and after my reaction to you going for a simple drive, you have every right to react the way you did with Shyamji…"

Arnav stared straight into her eyes once again…"I just don't want you around him...I know you say he's been a friend, but something about him makes me uncomfortable…"

Khushi remembered how Shyam spoke to her on the phone…

She remembered his curt demand to see her alone…

She involuntarily squirmed slightly and Arnav detected her change in stature.


Her head darted up..."hmmm?"

His eyes flashed inquisitively into hers…

Growing nervous, she began to ramble..."I’m fine...Are you ok? What's wrong? What?"

Arnav's expression changed from questioning, to confusion, then to understanding…

Narrowing his eyes, he stepped forwards, bringing their bodies closer…

"What the hell did he say to you Khushi?"

He didn't know for sure if what he was thinking was true, but the second he asked Khushi, her shocked expression answered for her…

Khushi's eyes popped open wide and her jaw dropped…

A new type of anger rose in his eyes…

He was always possessive of her, but now…

Now, his need to protect her was more severe than an obsession…

"How?...How did you know?"

Arnav glared…" I DIDN'T know…" his eyes were coming alive with authority…"...I do now…"

Khushi heard Arnav's growl, and knew she had to tell him…

sorry if it's too short! I'm working a LOT these days! But I'll have more coming soon! 
also updating my other new SS and "I feel everything" very soon!!!!!


  1. this shyam is getting on my nerves. waiting for their marriage to take place soon

  2. I am sure Arnav will definitely want to slam his fist into Shyam's face when next he sees him

  3. wht a chemistry btwn these two... just by slight change in her posture he found tht smthng is wrong... wow

  4. Just finished reading your Memories Series, I & II (Recapturing.)
    Wow! You are such a fantastic writer! Another all nighter for me! Another block buster from you!! Thank-you for an amazing story.
    In the series, I loved how Arnav was so protective towards Kushi and how he was so confident and persistent for both of them, to not only lay claim to their love, but to fulfill it's promise.
    I just love reading everything you write!

    kbtr - IF

    1. Yay! so so so glad you enjoyed! Do tell me what you think of part lll!!!! The Development! :D