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FF : I Feel Everything Part 37

Sharp sunlight woke Arnav up…

He half smiled seeing his wife sprawled all over him…

But soon his smiled faded as he saw a frown appear on her forehead, followed by a short gasp…

"Damn it…" he muttered…"When will the nightmares go…"

She slightly rolled off him as she began to stretch…

Taking the chance, Arnav slid off the bed and stepped back…

That's when her eyes flew open...

Khushi could feel him near her, and lifted her chin…

Blinking fast, he twitched a smile, hoping it would reassure her…"Hi…"

Furious at the fact that her heart was racing, she shoved the unwarranted fear aside, and stood up slowly…

Arnav saw her stand...the satin nightdress she wore sliding over her curves…

He wanted to go to her, but couldn't move.


"I'm here…"

The fragile tension that filled the room was nearly at breaking point…

Khushi felt a cold shiver skate over her skin…

"Why isn't he coming to me?" she thought nervously…"He's still scared?"

Slowly walking forwards, she saw Arnav's eyes spark with emotion…

She took his hand in hers and he gripped tightly…

"Come outside with me?" she whispered

He lifted her hand and kissed her knuckles…

The breeze was warm even though the sky was overcast…

Khushi closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the scent of rain starting to fill the air…

Arnav saw small drops of rain begin to fall and looked over to Khushi…

It took him a moment, but he finally realized that the sparkling drops on her face, were not raindrops…

Immediately forsaking his apprehension, he gathered her close in his arms, spun her around against the wall and allowed his full weight to rest on her so that she could not move.

Khushi gave a muffled whimper against the fabric of his shirt and he shook his head slightly.

He was tensed, his head tilted, listening to her heartbeat.

The rain was falling harder now, pattering on the leaves above them.

The clouds were growing heavier…

Arnav’s face was in shadow, a bare few inches from hers.

How long they stood there she had no notion.

One of Arnav’s legs was pressed between hers, their bodies intimately close at hip and thigh.

She could feel the beat of his heart mingle with her own.

The rain had started to drench his dark hair and it lay plastered against his forehead, droplets of water running down his cheek and the strong column of his throat.

She looked up and saw that she was under the only tiny undercover area that sheltered her from the rain…

Arnav stood in front, sheilding her all the more…

She watched the progress of one drop of rain as it slid down his cheek…

Awareness flared between her thighs and she would have squirmed had she been able to move.

Their eyes met again...

His were darker than the clouds, his gaze intent and concentrated as it moved over her face.

Khushi felt the heat swamp her.

Hastily she shifted her gaze to her husbands lips.

They were firm, chiseled and damp.

This was even worse than staring into his eyes.

She felt as though she had a fever now, her feet were wet and  cheeks were chilled and yet she was shivering for quite a different reason.

Arnav dipped his head a little toward her.

From the spark now in his eyes she divined that Arnav was revelling in this soaring tension between them.

She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh through all the wet layers of material between them.

Shockingly, the sensation made her want to shift her hips to cradle him against her, to part her thighs wider still.

Arnav bit back a smile as Khushi gave a little gasp...

A drop of rainwater ran to the corner of her mouth and Arnav licked it up, the bright light in his eyes even more intense now.

With great deliberation he started to lap up the beads of water that had sprinkled on her skin, flicking his tongue over the curve of her ear and the hollow of her throat.

He bit gently on her earlobe and Khushi wriggled helplessly.

Goose bumps covered her body.

Her nipples chafed against the dampening fabric of her chemise.

She felt hot and light-headed, her ears filled with the sound of the rain, every inch of her skin sensitive and raw to Arnav’s touch, begging for it, her body aching.

He began to slide down the thin straps on her shoulders and kissed down the wet skin of her collarbone, licking and sucking at it…

Khushi arched upward to meet him.

His teeth bit down on her nipple, not too gentle, not too hard.

He tugged on her breast and fire streaked through her, pleasure flowering all the more with the slight sting of pain.

Her nipples rose tightly and he pulled on them again and again, pressing the wet linen against her with his tongue, his hands at her waist holding her arched upward to meet his mouth.

The rough caress was exquisite yet utterly frustrating.

And still Arnav had not kissed her.

His lips hovered over hers,  and she saw them curve into a smile.

There was a fierce heat low in her belly that demanded satisfaction and she was starting to get angry at Arnav for denying it to her.

She frowned, reaching to pull his head down to hers.

He drew back, wanting to test her to see how far she would demand her way…

Now she was so furious with him for refusing to kiss her that she wanted to bite him instead, to punish him for withholding pleasure from her.

Suddenly he pounced on her, kissing her so deeply and so possessively that she forgot her anger in the wave of urgency that swamped her.

She felt as though she was falling into warmth, felt as though her whole body was rising and opening to him.

In that moment she was his completely without pretence or calculation and her heart felt so at peace  that she trembled with joy…

Arnav felt her shiverring and tried to reassure her…“You’re here . . . in my arms.”

His hips shifted subtly against hers... “Right where I want you to be.”

"...even though my fear, every now and then, tells me to try and run away…?"

"I won't let you…"

"I'm sorry Arnavji…"

He scowled…"Please...please don't say…"

"I'm sorry that this has hurt YOU so much too…"

His eyes widened slightly at her knowledge…"YOU, have nothing to apologize for...And Khushi...no matter how hurt or scared I get, I won't allow ...anything ... ANYTHING to happen to you again…"

As her hands ran up his chest, she realized just how drenched his shirt was…

He leaned in for another kiss, but Khushi quickly spoke…"You're...Arnavji, you need to change...I don't want you to get sick…"

"How often do I get to kiss you...in the rain…"

A warm smile lit up her face…"Quite often, if you think about it…"

Arnav grinned and quickly pressed his lips to hers…"I like it...I just love getting you wetter than normal…"

Her dark blush and fast pulse made him proud that he could move her so deeply…

"Please, can we dry off? Please…"


"Will he allow it?" Anjali asked Nani nervously…

"Why wouldn't he Di? Khushiji has been so much better, and they both love you and Ruwi so much!"

Anjali frowned…"I just...they are still so fragile, in fact, the hurt that I have been through actually feels embarrassingly small…"

NK shifted while holding the baby…"Di, no one is comparing battle scars...You were saved a lot of pain because of the effort they went through...you are blessed...and I know in my heart that they will be FINE with this…"

Anjali nodded and smiled…"You know, you're great with her…"

Nk laughed as Ruwi began to babble baby talk at him…"I actually like this baby...she's not like the other screaming ones that I've held before…"

"That's because she's got Di's temperament, and she can tell that you're a sweety Nahneji…"

Both sets of eyes darted to the new voice that entered the room…

"Khushiji?" Anjali beamed bright…"You're up? Is Chote…"

"He will be downstairs in a minute…" Khushi looked towards the baby…"Di, can I hold her?"

Anjali felt her heart swell up…"Ofcourse...Ofcourse you can!"

Khushi controlled her voice as she spoke…"I just...I don't want you to think that I'm crazy or unstable or…"

Nk was just about to pass the baby over when Anjali put up her hand to stop him…

"Di what-" but noting their expressions, NK went quiet…

"Khushiji...I would never and have never thought that you were crazy or unstable...I don't want you to ever say this again…Do you understand?"

Khushi was taken aback…

She hadn't expected such a fierce command from her calm sister in law…

"Di, I didn't mean to upset you…"

"Well you did!" Anjali felt like crying as she lifted Khushi's hand in her own and squeezed it tight…"I can't bear to think of what you have been through...and all of it not being your fault...I don't want you ever to think so little of yourself ever again!"

And once her sentence finished, she tugged Khushi into her tight embrace…

Arnav appeared and began descending the stairs…

He saw them hugging and became curiously concerned…

Nk, while holding a jiggling baby, motioned for him to come over…"Nanav...over here…"

Arnav quickly approached…"What happened? Is she okay?"

"Yes yes she is fine…" NK took a breath…"Di just told Khushiji not to call herself crazy...and then told her off...and then…"

Khushi and Anjali looked up…

Arnav spun around and marched up to them both…

"Chote, please…"

He glared at Anjali..."You yelled at my wife!?"

"Arnavji, please…"

His gaze zoned in on Khushi…

"You were saying SHIT about yourself!? About the woman I love!?"

The women went silent…

Finally he threw up his arms and sat down on the couch…"I don't know who I'm madder at…"

Khushi burst into laughter almost instantly and fell beside him on the couch, wrapping her arms  around him as she snuggled close…

Arnav pulled her closer as he kissed her forehead...

Anjali grinned…"THIS is what I like to see…"

"Sorry for yelling Di…"

With a shake of her head, she shushed him…"I love seeing how much you have learned to love…"

A small hiccup broke the momentum…

"Is it safe to breathe again?" NK asked quietly…

And this time, all of them began to laugh…

"Here, let me take her...She needs a drink to get rid of those hiccups…"

Anjali lifted the baby away from NK and sat across from Arnav and Khushi…

"Uh...I've got dinner plans with some friends, so I'll see you all later? Ok? And Di...don't forget to ask them…" Nk winked and ran out…

"Ask us?" Khushi echoed…"What did you want to ask?"

Anjali settled into the couch cushions with Ruwi in her arms, and cleared her throat…"I have been part of a mom's group for awhile now, and it's kind of my turn to host a lunch for everyone...there would be about 7 or so other ladies and their babies…"

Arnav and Khushi looked at each other and then back and Anjali…

"Um…" Arnav muttered…

"Di, I don't think we understand what the problem is…"

"I'm…" she replaced the baby bottle on the coffee table…"I'm asking if it's okay to have them all here…"


Anjali smiled bright as they both responded at the same time.

"Great! It's for tomorrow!"

Khushi smiled seeing Anjali so happy…

And Arnav smiled seeing Khushi smile...


Khushi stood before him.

He sat on their bed watching her as she straightened her outfit…

Her fingers sliding delicately over her body, making sure everything was sitting just right...

Arnav remained seated as he cupped her backside and drew her closer.

She shivered at his touch...“Arnavji...” she whispered.

He ignored her meek protest as he bunched her skirt into his fist, raising the cotton fabric until he could stroke his fingers against her bare thigh.

She let the dupatta in her hand flutter to the floor as she clutched his shoulders. .."Arnavji...we...I can't...there's a room full of ladies waiting downstairs...I promised Di that I would help serve Lunch...”

He smiled, wickedly... “Oh, I won’t take long...” 


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