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SS : Recapturing Part 15 (CONCLUSION!!!)

The Next Day.....

The softness of his thick black hair brushed against her fingertips...and his very masculine, very clean scent called up images of the wild ocean…

His eyes were fiercely focused on hers, turning her body so liquid she had to clutch at his hard shoulders to hold herself steady.

She inhaled his scent, trying to drag it inside herself.

The familiar blend of soap that smelled like rain and aftershave that had a hint of earthiness.

He was the most masculine male she’d ever known and she wanted to wrap that aura around herself like a permanent blanket.

"If I hear you say ANYTHING negative regarding our wedding tomorrow, then I SWEAR…"

And despite the others in the kitchen watching them, he tipped up her face and kissed her, hard and deep.

Despite the fact that they weren’t alone, Arnav leaned forward, tugging her toward him...“You’ve been anxious and worried ALL morning and I'm not letting you get away with this anymore!”

He felt her shock as he kissed her full on the lips, an open-mouthed kiss that breathed heat into her.

As the flame of his tongue swept through the welcoming cavern he felt the chill begin to ease from her and her body settle down.

He didn’t care who was watching them.

Khushi needed his assurance whether she wanted to verbalize it or not and he had to show her that he had no plans to let her go, no matter what.

The sound of Anjali clearing her throat brought him back to reality.

He looked up to see her smiling, holding a steaming cup of tea in her hands.

“Tea, anyone?” she joked.

Khushi blushed, pulling her hands from Arnav’s to make a getaway, but he touched her cheek one last time.

“I need to see to some things...” he told her. “Will you be okay now?”

“I’ll make sure she is,” Anjali told him.

Arnav leaned closer once again..."I love you Khushi…"

Khushi smiled…"I love you too…"

As Arnav made his way towards the front door, he did his best to show neither his anger nor his unsettled feeling but all his instincts were telling him the shit was about to hit the fan.

"So…" Anjali began…"I'll go and get the folio from upstairs and how about you bring the tea into the lounge?"

Khushi nodded, trying to quell any remaining nerves…

As she stood in the kitchen alone she shook her head…"No...No there's something that is making me feel uneasy…"

Payal entered the kitchen almost instantly to see Khushi looking flushed and confused…

"What's happened Khushi? Have you and Arnavji had another fight…?"

Khushi looked up…"Um...Yes...No...I...I'm not sure…"

Payal shook her head…"You aren't sure? How is that possible?"

Still in her daze, Khushi replied…"He was angry...I was angry...But then... he kissed me...and…"

"SHHHH!" Payal quick interrupted…"Don't talk of such things here!"

Khushi shook her feeings off and quickly linked arms with her sister…"Everything is alright..."

Payal smiled…" lets go and have another dress fitting just to be sure that everything is set for tomorrow…"

"Tomorrow…" Khushi's pulse raced…"Please God let everything go smoothly…"

"Here, I'll carry the tea, you look like a nervous bride…"

Khushi let her sister's  jab slide as she carefully passed the tray of tea…


The Night Before The Wedding.....


Instantly, she saw Arnav's reflection in the mirror...

"Arnavji! What are you even doing in here!?!"

"It's my house…" he said smiling…

"It's MY bathroom!"

"You look beautiful when you're brushing your hair…"

Bending down to pick up her hairbrush, she bit her lip…"It's late...I was going to go to bed…"

"I know...I came to say goodnight...I haven't seen nearly enough of you today…"

Khushi felt annoyed and crossed her arms…"Yes, and WHY is that? What is at the office that is suddenly so important?"

He shifted uncomfortably and tried to think of an answer…

"Never mind…" she muttered…"It's not my business…"

"Hey!" he snapped…"It IS your business, I've been going over things with my staff and with some friends in the police department...making sure that everything is in place for tomorrow and for them to also make sure that things go as planned…"

Khushi blushed, feeling foolish…

"I'm sorry...I didn't know…"

He craned his head and lifted one brow…"You're nose has gone red…"

Her hand instantly flew to her nose, trying to cover her blush…

"I  guess I'm...I'm still's like...our dream is finally becoming reality, and...and I'm worried that…"

Arnav turned and grabbed hold of the door, shutting it firmly behind him…

"I could save you hours of worry…"

She frowned…"What? How?"

Arnav leaned in; his breath feathered softly across her cheek.

"We could get married tonight…"

Khushi smiled…"Don't be silly…"

Arnav grabbed her as she tried to walk away…"I'm serious."

"…" she almost gave in, but then shook her head…"No... No... Arnavji…"

Closing in on her, he growled… “I could persuade you to change your mind...”

She was afraid he could, that in the heat of the moment again she would forget everything but her love for him.

Her knees trembled...

“I am not open to persuasion,” she said coolly…“You cannot seduce me into agreement...”

“Let’s test your willpower then…”

He captured her lips with his again and slid his tongue into her mouth.

Their sensuous dance began again, fevered and deliciously sweet.

There was an edge of something fierce and blistering to the kiss now and it spun out until Khushi’s head was whirling and her body felt heavy and languorous and there was such an ache between her thighs.

The love she had for him felt huge and overwhelming, painful in its intensity, dazzling her.

She fought for control, fought for even some grain of sense.

“Arnavji,'s late...” she whispered…

She felt Arnav’s fingers grab hold of the straps on her nightie...  

He was slowly pulling it down...

Her body quaked at the knowledge of what would happen next.

“Not too late for this...” he said gruffly…

Arnav released her knot from behind and drew down the fine material.

It slipped from Khushi’s breasts and he pulled her bodice wide, leaving her naked to the waist

He spun her around so that she had her back to him, facing her reflection in the mirror...

His hands were hot on her bare waist.

The bathroom was warm but Khushi shivered.

Her eyes wide and bright…

Her lips stung red from Arnav’s kisses…

Her cheeks flushed pink as his fingers moved towards her her nipples, which were small and tight…

Arnav watched her breasts rise and fall rapidly as she tried to steady her breathing...

Khushi heard Arnav’s breath hiss in between his teeth.

One of his hands held her still, facing the mirror, with him braced behind her.

His other hand finally closed warm and hard over her breast.

Khushi legs began to tremble.

“Don’t make a sound...” Arnav whispered. “And don’t close your eyes.”

His lips were against the skin of her neck.

He squeezed her breast gently, taking the nipple between his finger and thumb, teasing and tugging until she ached with carnal pleasure.

She tilted her head back shamelessly to give Arnav greater access to the tender skin of her throat and arched her breasts to his hands as they plucked and tormented.

Desire rolled over and through her in a great shuddering tide.

She closed her eyes in wanton delight and Arnav’s teeth nipped her neck in a silent order to open them again.

She watched, her gaze slumberous as he caressed her, one hand still at her breast the other sliding low now over the plane of her bare stomach.

“I won’t give in...” she said.

Her voice was a broken whisper.

She could still scarcely believe that he was back in her life and that she was here with him, like this.

“Arnavji—” She forced the words out against the beating of her heart.

Khushi  gasped in shock as he pulled her strikingly close...

Her insides tumbled.

Her whole body washed with heat.

“Trust me...” He spoke softly in her ear.

There was wicked amusement in his voice.

His fingers brushed the inside of her thighs…

He had found the core of her, moist and damp, and his fingers slid over it and then inside her.

Khushi shook all the harder, flattening her palms against the planes of his back, stifling her moans as he explored her slowly, deliberately,
seeking out the most sensitive places, stroking, drawing out her pleasure until she was drowning in the most tortuous rapture imaginable.

“ so you sleep well…and you can anticipate…the many, many, MANY more to come tomorrow...”

She sensed the absolute will in him, the determination and beneath that the hunger and the need.

"Now stop worrying, and listen to me...everything will be fine …"

She struggled to hold on to that thought, fighting wave upon wave of pure carnal delight that lapped at her and threatened to steal her very will.

“I hope so...” Her voice was a mere thread.

His fingers paused in their caresses.

She gasped.

“Shall I stop?” He still sounded amused.

“No!” She could not stop herself begging. “Please…" she said. “I want—” She bit off the words.

She hung on the very edge of pleasure, and also the need to attack him...

She felt her body twitch; so did Arnav, and he gave her one small stroke.

It was not enough... It was not nearly enough.

Her hips jerked.

Arnav chuckled and brought one hand up to her breast, squeezing so that the unendurable pleasure racked her again.

“This is when you say...I trust you Arnavji that everything will be alright...” His words were a dark, heavy whisper.

“I do trust you...I...ARGH! I CAN'T stop being worried!” Khushi writhed against his hands.

“And I will not let you cum until you try...”

It was a measure of Khushi’s desperation that she felt nothing but relief in that moment.

"I will...I will try...I want nothing more than to be with be happy with you…"

She felt his hand begin to move, instantly sinking deep inside her as his thumb massaged her clitoris... completely sending her senses tumbling into an abyss of pleasure.

She cried out, shocked at the intensity of the sensation, as he lightened his touch, but continued to draw out every pulse…

Arnav smiled softly as her body trembled against his…

Gradually, he withdrew his fingers, his mind in overdrive…"She's so tight…"


"I'm here…" he said as he kissed her cheek…"And I'm taking you to bed now…"

Her eyes opened wider…"Wh...what?"

A sensual flicker lit up his eyes…"Tomorrow...tomorrow...Damn...I want to...but...tomorrow…"

His heart melted slightly as her mouth curved into a smile…

Opening the door, he carried her to the bed, laying her down…

"I love wife…"

She smiled as he kissed her forehead…"I love you too…"


As the sun shone into her room, Khushi's eyelids began to flicker…

Slowly sitting up, it dawned on her…"I'm getting married today…"

Standing up with a start, she spun in a circle, feeling dizzier by the second…"I'M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!"


Arnav had left the house early.

A man with a mission.

He met with his friend and discussed extra security…

When he finally looked down at his phone, he saw that he missed 3 calls from his sister…

He knew Khushi was probably wanting to talk to him, but Anjali called instead so that she wouldn't worry…

He had faith in his sister that she would tell Khushi he was just busy, so not to worry her…

As if on cue, the phone rang again…


"Di, I'm sorry for worrying you and Khushi...but…"

"Worrying Khushiji!? I have told her for the past 2 hours that you were in an urgent meeting and I have been the one losing my mind!!!"

Arnav smirked…"Di, I knew you'd handle things…"

"Ha! Handle things!? If you were here's I'd throttle you!"

"I'm sorry...okay? Is Khushi alright?"

Arnav heard Anjali's audible deep breath…"She's still quite nervous, even though everything is going smoothly...the only thing that's gone wrong so far is that she conditioned her hair instead of washing it, so she's going to do it all over again…"

Laughing, Arnav felt happy knowing she was rattled…"Good, if she had ANY idea about the day I've been through, then…"

"You? Are you alright? You're at the office still aren't you? I still don't understand why... "

"Yeah, I'll be home soon... I just had to take care of some last minute things…"

"Alright...but...why have you been telling people that you are both getting married at AR Designs?"

Arnav's lips twitched into a sinful smirk…"I have my reasons…"

"Because of the media?"

He narrowed his eyes…"It is for...prying eyes...yes…"

"Okay Chote...come home soon…"

Hanging up, his eyes roamed around his office as he muttered..."Ok then...Whenever you're ready…"



Shyam moved slowly into the room…

Now was the time...finally…

He was going to take Khushi away…

He heard motion and smiled as he spoke…"Oh Khushiji... just when you thought all would go smoothly...Look who walks in…"

Shyam was about to laugh with pride at his triumph…

But at his eyes caught sight of who he was speaking to, his face turned white with shock…


A shrill ringing pierced through the air…

"We'll need to take a break sweety, I have to answer this...but I'll be right back…"

"WAIT WAIT!!! Does the princess marry the prince? You can't leave it there!!! Did the bad guy kidnap the princess!? Do they lose their memory again?! Does the prince escape from the evil woman!? And WHEN OH WHEN will they have their first kiss!?!?!?!"

Khushi smiled as she heard their daughter beg to hear more of their 'slightly camouflaged' story…

Just hearing all the recollections almost made her want to breakdown into tears as much as she wanted to laugh…

She was quite thankful that Arnav had left out their highly erotic moments, but she had to admit…

Their story was definitely more exciting than any fairytale…

Even their daughter Anika was addicted to knowing the ending…

Khushi could see her little girl's eyes pleading with Arnav to not answer the call and continue the story…

Arnav looked from his phone back to his daughter…

Finally smiling, he put the ringing phone back down on the table and sighed…"You have your mother's eyes …"

Arnav glanced up at Khushi…"Irresistible…"

"Yay!" Anika clapped her hands and snuggled up close to her father…

Winking quickly at his wife, Arnav continued the story…

And that is the end of Recapturing... for now!

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