Thursday, May 9, 2013

SS : Wild Repentance EPILOGUE

2 Months Later…

Focusing on THEIR relationship had been the best decision he'd ever made.

He finally had her back.

He stopped her from leaving.

He won the most important challenge of his life.

Now that it was getting late, he paced around the room eagerly waiting for her to come out of the bathroom…

His day at the office had been tediously long, and he had had trouble keeping his mind on his work…

The opening of the bathroom door sparked his attention…

His breathing began to speed up as she came into view…

She was breathtakingly beautiful...and completely bare, hair flowing over her shoulders.

His eyes wandered over her entire body and then, back to her eyes…"My God...I'd be willing to give up work, just to look at you every second of the day…"

Smiling, Khushi slowly walked towards him…

His entire being was screaming to hold her, but he restrained himself as she closed in on him…

Moving into his body, Khushi ran her palms up his chest, lifting his shirt over his head…

"Pants off Mr. Raizada…"

He nearly had a coughing fit at her audacious command, but he didn't have time to think as she inserted her fingers into the waistband of his slacks and pulled downwards firmly…

Arnav grabbed Khushi's shoulders and yanked her up as he stepped backwards…"What...WHAT has gotten into you!?"

She smiled seductively…"I’m hoping...that YOU will be what's got into me…"

His erection was swollen and throbbing as he lunged forwards, suctioning their bodies together as his mouth slammed onto hers…

She sucked in a breath as his impressive girth indented her flesh.

Her head began craving for him to fill her…

To pump in and out of her with fervid passion.

Or for her to climb on top of him and sink his magnificent length all the way up inside her while she rode him with wild abandon.

Khushi smiled against his lips…

He broke their kiss to growl against her lips…"You really are turning into a wild woman…"

Arnav briskly stepped forwards, making their joined bodies fall hard onto their bed…

"Now, I have you where I want you…"

Khushi smirked…"Not yet, you haven't…" and she threw a leg over him and maneuverered him on to his back.

She slid between his thighs and then her mouth was everywhere, touching and kissing his neck, licking down his chest to travel lower.

His gut clenched as her tongue made a wet path along his bellybutton, dipping inside before nibbling further downward.

That’s when he stopped breathing altogether.

His erection twitched, a bead of pre-come oozing from the slit.

The muscles in his thighs tensed and tightened in anticipation.

The thrill to feel her hot mouth moving over him was overpowering.

“Mmmm,” she groaned…

When her moist tongue swept the rim of his erection, he hissed, moving closer as a rush of blood slammed into his groin.

She glanced up at him with a devilish glint in her eyes.

He began to sit up, only to have her push him down once again…

His eyes grew bigger…"No...Khushi...Just thinking about your mouth on me is making me…"

Her fingers circled his shaft, her lips parting as her gaze remained on his.

"Khushi…" he cleared his throat…"Khushi, I won't last...I'll…"

Her head lowered…

"Oh..God...No, Khushi…"

Then she closed her mouth around him and sucked.

Slow and steady and then fast and taut, she moved up and down him, teasing and taunting him until he didn’t know which way was up.

The need for the incredible sensation to last shattered when she tongued the ridge right under the tip of his penis.

Air gushed from his lungs.

But when her fingers began to stroke the area right at the base near his hips her head started to bob again, his insides exploded into a ball of flames.

Fire licked across his flesh with each stroke.

“Kh...Khushi...St...Stop...” Arnav shuddered, clenching his teeth to try and subdue his rising climax.

She slowed, but didn't stop…

He tried to focus on his breathing, and finally mustered up the strength to grab her arm…

In one swift motion, he rolled on top of her…

When he could breathe steadily again, he pushed his body weight into her... “Are you trying to kill me?”

“Never.” Khushi whispered with smiling eyes...


Her eyes grew as dark as a stormy sea when she cupped his face. “Please...Arnavji...”

He loved the way his name sounded on her lips.

“Make love to me,” she whispered.

His body shuddered hearing her say the words…

As he kept her gaze trapped with his, he smoothed his warm palms up her rib cage, seeking her firm, rounded breasts, tweaking her nipples before returning down her trembling stomach.

When his hands closed in on her hips, he lowered his head and pressed his mouth against her swollen folds.

The first delicious swipe of his tongue along her slit forced her knees wider and her hips off the bed... “Easy, baby.”

He chuckled, the vibration of his laugh shimmering across her sensitized flesh.

When his warm breath brushed over her wet sheath, her internal muscles flexed, a blatant plea for more.

A thick finger entered her slowly and pulled back as his tongue made another path.

Then he repeated the action, teasing her with a slow in-and-out rhythm that wasn’t enough.

Khushi needed more.

She needed him to fill her completely.

Before she could plead for more, his tongue circled her clit and her breath caught.

He laved, nibbled and worked the extended bud until she clutched at his head and bucked beneath him.

Then every muscle in her body clenched, tightening into a fist.

Her sex took on a pulse of its own, throbbing to the point of bursting, a wave of heat so hot it rolled over her body like a steam engine.

"Arrnnaavv...Oh God.”

Khushi lurched from the bed, his grip the only thing keeping her in place as a tremor skated over her skin followed by another stronger one.

When her legs shook and her sex quaked, she bore down, opening and welcoming the orgasm that engulfed her in one big pleasurable moment too intense to remain still or quiet.

Her eyes closed as she cried out.

Arching her back, she thrashed her head side to side as wave after wave consumed her.

All too soon the undulations softened to a whisper, leaving abrupt spasms that shuddered through her.

She twitched, but his grip on her legs held her steady, keeping her in place as he tasted her thoroughly.

He flattened his tongue, lapping the honey from every hidden fold.

Her entire body trembled and Arnav didn’t relent.

As soon as every throb stopeed, she attempted to scramble back, attempted to close her legs, attempted to regain control.

But Arnav wanted her wilder.

As wild as his repentance had been…

He wanted her writhing beneath him again.

He grabbed her hips and jerked her back down where he wanted her... “Don’t move.” he growled…

“But I—”

“I’m not done with you... Come again, one more...” he murmured against the rise of her mound as he nuzzled her satiny skin.

“I can’t…Arnavji...I can't...”

"You will…"

After a tiny beat of hesitation, Khushi rolled back onto the mattress, giving herself—her pleasure—over to him completely.

With that small act of surrender, Arnav finally understood what pure love meant.

Mindful of the sensitivity of her clit, Arnav used slow soft kisses and hot long breaths...

When Khushi began to shift restlessly, he slipped two fingers into her, curling deep, but not sliding them out.

He continued with gentle kisses, memorizing her body’s response to every lick, nibble and bite.

Instead of concentrated sucking, he lapped languidly at her clit, while his fingers thrust in and out of her wet heat.

He was ready to detonate...he couldn’t wait to plunge his thick rod into her and feel that hot velvet clamping around his shaft, but he didn’t want to hurry this.

“More,” she panted.

Arnav firmed his lips, pulling at the throbbing flesh and pushed another finger deep into her clenching channel...

Khushi released a screeching wail as she came again.

Her sweet juices coated his mouth and he licked his lips posessively...

Arnav swiftly rose up over her body, took her mouth again, and drove into her…

Adjusting his position again, he slid his arm under her lower back, arching her spine…

Slowing the pace down, he thrust his hips forwards hard as he hit her g spot with each deep stroke.

Every penetration became faster, until there was hardly a second when he wasn't rubbing against her cluster of nerves…

Her next orgasm was pending…

She could feel it ready to smash into her…


Looming over her, he lowered his head and sucked her breast deep into his mouth, letting his tongue flick over her sensitive nipples…

Sucking in as much air as she could, Khushi seemed to splinter into a million pieces as she climaxed.

Arnav nearly exploded as he watched her …

His thrusts intensified.

When he groaned and started to bury his face in her neck, she lifted her hands cradled his face in her palms, locking their eyes together...

He climaxed with a loud roar…

With a brain fogging over at the sheer volume of passion they experienced together, he rolled slightly off her…"I love make me wild…"



  1. I m first again
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    1. You know it don't u ?

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    And I love the new look to your blog, I don't know since when it is there because I am following your word press blog.
    Sorry if it is been there for a long time, but I really like, love would be more appropriate, the new outfit for your blog.
    The pictures tell everything about your stories.

    From where did you get this idea Sarah?


    1. I just missed the first place :'(

    2. I edited ALL those pics :) I just thought that it might be nice to actually SEE come of Arnav & Khushi as you read :)

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