Thursday, July 18, 2013

SS : The Development Part 5


Khushi's shoulders slumped and her fingertips strayed over her temples…

Finally she peered up at her husband...her boss.

"Look, we need to keep a clear head. We need to try and keep a business frame of mind here…"

Arnav ignored her hard-headedness…"You're my wife!"

He began to prowl back and forth, his long-legged strides making his huge conference room seem small…

"I know I'm your wife...But we want to find the man Shyamji was working with don't we? How can we do that if we…"

He stopped pacing and leapt towards her…"If we what…?"

"I don't want to give anyone the opportunity to tear us apart…plus, I am working for you...we have to stay professional..."

Arnav muttered a swear word and straightened…"I cannot, and WILL NOT promise to keep my hands off you…"

"Arnavji, please…"

"Do you need me to convince you? Do you want a repeat performance of last night!?"

Torrents of heat flushed through her body at the memory of the prior night…

The depth of his penetration…

The intensity of their kisses…

The unending clench and release of her climax…

He started to nod as he saw her recollection…" remember don't you…? And since we're alone here in the conference room..."

She took a deep breath and felt him move closer…

Shaking the feelings off, she stepped back…"NO!...You don't get it, do you!!!"

"Don't shout at me Khushi!"


Arnav seized her arms and jerked her close..."And NO! I don't get it! What is the matter with you!?"

She tried to back further away but her body went very still when she caught a glimpse of the expression on his face…"I am your employee here…"

"Oh my GOD! You are my WIFE!"

"And we need to keep watch for that other man that worked with Shyam…"

"And we WILL. I have security cameras everywhere...I have police surveying the perimiter."

"We can't do this here…"

"Yes...we can…"

"No…" she quietly begged…

He began to move her body backwards…"If replaying last night is the only way to shut you up then…"

She knew that if he even STARTED to make love to her, she wouldn't stand a chance at refusing him, but now that she had everything she ever wanted, she wasn't about to risk it…

"NO! Arnavji please!"

"Khushi! YOU WANT ME! I can FEEL that you do!"


"And I said that I won't let that happen!"

A loudspeaker voice interrupted them as one of Arnav's staff paged him.

Khushi let out a steady breath…

"Containment." he muttered to himself…


Containment was his next move.

The only tactic that might actually help his own sanity.

"What do you mean?" she asked again…

"The only way to deal with to contain you…"

Khushi's expression turned to horror as she slammed her palms against his chest…"Don't you DARE try to tie me up and shove me in a dark cupboard…"

He tightened his vice-like grip on her, aiming a furious look in her eyes…"I'm going to contain you, not terrorize you!"

"What the!? What are you talking about!?"

"I don't think you should be working here. Just go home. Spend time with Di and Payal…"


"Then what do YOU suggest?!"

"I won't contact you throughout the day. If I need anything, I will go through someone else...that way we are near each other, but out of temptations way…"

Finally releasing her, he threw his hands in the air…"Damn it Khushi, talking to you is like talking to a wall!"

"How flattering!"

He gave her a soft shake…"I'm telling you ...right now…"

"What?!" she stepped forwards, hands on her hips…

Arnav stopped…

He'd never been more furious or more turned on in his entire life…

"Khushi…" he said trying to sound firm…"You are my wife. OWN this company with me...AND we are married...HOW can you expect me to act so 'business-like' with you…"

She softened and blinked slowly…"Here, you are my boss. You wanted me around you, and I wanted to work with you to be near you...we have each other intimately when we go home...but here, I want us to stay alert...I don't want to be taken from you…" she quickly lifted up her hand…"And it's NOT because I don't trust you...please…"

He could see plain and simple that he wasn't going to get through to her…

Four years apart had made her guarded, and he understood her fear…

They had both been through a lot, but they were TOGETHER now…and married.

After a solid month of pure honeymooning bliss, he now had another hurdle to help her through…

"Khushi, your heart is mine, but you've locked part of it…" he began walking forwards…

She backed up as he closed in…

"...I WILL unlock it...and I WILL have all of you...because right now...You are how I was, all those years ago...guarded, insular, locked up…"

She shook her head…"No...I'm level headed...I think things through…"

"And that's good!...but I want all of you…"

Losing her cool she screamed…"YOU HAVE ALL OF ME!"

With one last long stride, he pushed her up against the wall and pressed his body into hers…

His palms flew up to rest on the wall behind her…

"Then kiss me…" he growled…

"Not here!"



Withdrawing completely, he stepped back…

"You're not going to like working here."

And that being said, he turned around and stormed out.


Working with Khushi was going to ruin him.

His mind knew that her work and involvement had been benefiting his entire company…

She was a thorough, hardworking, smart woman.

But working with her in 'her' way, was NOT an option.

And they weren't even halfway through the first DAY.

For the month of their honeymoon, their love life had intensified to one that could easily explode…

The pleasure that he could force out of her shocked even him…

And with bountiful seduction, he had managed to bring out the wild animal in her.

But as the first day back in office dragged on and on, Arnav started getting drastically out of control…

From the corner of his eye, he saw her walk past…

Standing up rapidly, he lost all sense of surroundings, and went out for the chase…

Khushi entered the filing storeroom, and walked in-between the cabinets to the correct drawer…

A slamming sound stunned her, making her drop the papers in  heap on the floor…

She spun around, and stared directly into the primal eyes of her husband…

Khushi's eyes nervously wandered to the door behind him, and saw that it was now bolted shut…


With one smooth swipe, he kicked away the papers that covered the floor and prowled forwards…

"You…" his voice was ragged…"are driving me... crazy…"

Even as her body began to drip with desire, she saw a glint of danger in his eyes…

"Arn...avji…" she caught sight of his watch…"Look...look at the time, I have to...I just...just…"

Arnav pulled at his tie fiercely, loosening it…"I'm going to kiss you…"


“Why not?"...he lifted one eyebrow, shooting her a challenging glance…

"I told you why…"

Arnav kept walking towards her…"Yes, I remember...But did you really think that you would get Arnav Singh Raizada to back down…?"

“I knew you wouldn't...but...”

Every nerve in her body was hyper-attuned to Arnav.

To his raw magnetism…

He was now standing so close, she could touch him with a whisper of movement...

As her back hit the cold wall, he roughly pushed his body into hers…

His legs were sliding against hers, and everything inside her shot to life.

She opened her mouth to speak, but couldn’t.

Every sensuous stroke of his body on hers sent her mind skittering.

Made her forget where she was…

"...but...but I...I told you…"

“To hell with what you told me!" he yelled as he circled her with his arms, pulled her to him, and kissed her hard.

He tasted her surprise, her fear, and her longing.

He hadn’t been mistaken.

She  was also finding 'her way of working together' damn difficult…

With his heart thudding hard, he pulled back to look into her eyes.

“Khushi...” he whispered... “WE own this company...I won't let anything separate stop with the stupidity…"

Her eyes went wide…

Shaking her head, she tried to back away... “ shouldn't have done that...”

Arnav slammed his hand on the wall behind her...“Damn it, Khushi! I just kissed you, and you kissed me back. Forget your stupid rules! Let go of any worries you have and just damn kiss me!”

She saw his desperation…

Heard it in his voice, saw it in the way he opened his arms to her…

“We’ve, um, got to go back to work now Arnavji...”

Arnav tried to reign in his temper…“MISS GUPTA...WE own this company...WE can do what we want...” Arnav swallowed hard.

Khushi tried to remain unmoved as he stepped closer…"This is YOUR company...You worked for this...Just because I am  in your life doesn't mean your rules should change..."

He cut her off as he grabbed her from around the waist…

He let his hand drift down her face and cup her chin...“I WILL keep things professional when we are around others...but we are ALONE! And everyone knows you are my wife...everyone can SEE plainly how much I want you just by the way I look at you!”

“Arnavji...” she said just above a whisper... "We can't be letting our guard down while we're here......”

Her blatant denial finally broke him…

His hands cupping her face shook.

And because no words would convey all he was feeling, he kissed her hard, letting his emotions flow to her through touch.

His hold on her was so tight that Khushi had no alternative than to kiss him back…

Arnav knew that she was apprehensive, but right now, he needed to show her how much she meant to him…

Khushi was his…

SHE was all he wanted…

“Miss Gupta...” He lifted his lips only slightly from hers and looked into her eyes…“You’re fired.”

He felt her body stiffen with shock…


“I said. You’re fired.”

He stared at her mouth, then let his gaze drift to her eyes.

“Let go of the fear of us being separated! Let go of the guilt about breaching any professional ethics, and kiss me Khushi! You’re not my employee anymore! You're not a part owner in my life! You ARE my life! You own me, more than I own anything else!”

Her body jolted hearing his words...

“You...You...You can’t fire me!”

Standing tall above her, he stared furiously down at her…"I think you are forgetting something...YOU said that I am the boss. YOU said that I own this I can fire whoever I want."


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    1. hey!!! :D
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