Saturday, July 6, 2013

URGENT! (edited)

Hey everyone...

The team at myeDuniya have been VERY helpful...

The thread was taken down, and hopefully the person who is using my name will STOP posting stories!!!!!

So, just to let you all know, I will ONLY post my updates on my blogs...and MAYBE on IF...but NO WHERE ELSE!

So if you see my work elsewhere, please let me know!

You're all awesome!!!!!


PS. I’m going to now treat this as… a fan who is in such awe of my stupendous work that they had an overwhelming moment of craziness and decided to copy me… lol

Whoever it was, Please know, that I REALLY value my readers, and if you LIKE something of mine, ask me if you can post it somewhere! As long as I (the original me) gets the credit, I don’t mind! I’m quite a nice person :P


  1. You have your fans with you...will do...

  2. The fact that they even took your name is horrible

  3. hey I just went on that site and
    told that person to take down the story
    or give you credit

  4. Oh gosh..howcan they just copy like that

  5. Thats is so wrong to copy someoneelse's idea as theirs.

  6. of course we will.coment