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SS : Take What's Left Of My Heart Part 23

Khushi and Arnav had been resting together in silence until she finally found the strength to speak…

" Jiji alright?"

Arnav linked his fingers with hers…"…none of us have been 'alright'…"

Khushi felt guilt burden her once again…"...everyone is going to hate me once we return…"

Gently he gathered her against his chest.

His body was strong and solid…"...hate you? Khushi, Payal was furious, livid, but more than that...she was 'out of her mind' worried for you...she will be overjoyed to know that you are safe…"

“Why can't we call them? Do you suspect her of being involved..."

“I...” He kissed her hair…"I don't know...I don't want to suspect ANY of our family...but I have to look at the facts...THEY are the only ones who knew where I was...THEY are the only ones who could have intercepted that email from you...Aman could easily make a passport for you...given the right information...and the right price…"

She tried to swallow but couldn’t get past the lump in her throat…"Aman wouldn't betray you! Our family wouldn't betray you!"

"Khushi...not everyone is pure of you…"

Rough knuckles grazed her hot cheek and a strong hand cupped her jaw.

Arnav tilted her chin up and brushed his lips over hers.

His touch was whisper-soft and again Khushi felt the urge to cry.

His gaze roamed over her face... “You're beautiful...”

She pulled away, feeling as though her life was a tornado…

Arnav was hurting for her, he wanted to help ease the feeling of helplessness he saw in her eyes…

An idea skittered through him and he sat up, lifting her to sit too…

“Khushi,” he said.. “I want to help you relax...turn around.”

A look of suspicion flashed across her face…

"Khushi, I'm not going to make you strip naked and dance on the roof of the train…"

Khushi's mouth finally smiled…

“I've been totally and completely crazed since you went missing...and I took a lot out on you, more than I should have...I didn't know of the threat you were”

She nodded expectantly...

“...well, let me give you a massage...just for you...”

She gave him an assessing look and Arnav felt more love and obsession for her pump through his veins...

He held up his hands, trying as hard as he could to look harmless…"Just to make up for the...for the overly aggressive way I treated you...after 8 weeks…"

Khushi lifted her hand and rested it on his face…"Arnavji...I know you...Even though you were rough, you didn't force me...I wanted you just as much...After such a long time, I wanted you in any way possible…no matter how you were…"

He kissed her palm and said, "I'll be whatever you need me to be, to help you feel safe and at ease…"

Leaning forward, he slipped his hands under her arms and pulled her across the bed and onto his lap.

She started squirming as soon as he set her down, sending a pulse of pure desire through Arnav’s groin.

They were still naked, which meant that her sweet spot was bare against his body…

He bit down on a groan.

They were basically in the same position they’d been in eariler, her bottom nestled against his crotch.

Arnav hated to think of how angry he had been towards her...

Turning his attention to Khushi’s massage, he urged her slightly forwards, and she braced her hands on her knees...

Her motion arched her back, moving her warm valley right over his penis...

It was a struggle not to press upward but he resisted.

Relaxation first.

He spanned Khushi’s shoulders with his hands and got to work, pressing his thumbs into the sides of her neck.

“Got some serious knots in're not still worried are you?”


“Are you worried? Scared? Talk to me...”

“No...not really...” she said, her words a bit slurred.

Arnav grinned as he saw his massage working...

“...are you worried...about returning home?”

The muscles under his hands twitched...

"That's it." He thought...

He wasn't really surprised when she didn't reply…

He smoothed the muscles of her shoulders down with the heels of his hands as he spoke.


"No...please…" She shook her head, sadness thick in her voice... “I don't want to talk about it...”

"Since when…" he scoffed back…

"...I just...I don't want to go back to all much is many threats…"

Things were becoming clearer to him...

"And we don't even know who is behind all this…"

He massaged the muscles of her upper spine for a few moments.

 “...I offered once to take you leave everyone and everything...” he said softly…"...would you like that?“

"...I don't know...” Her voice was barely a whisper...

Arnav rubbed his hands all over her back, sweeping up and down before coming to rest on the upper curve of her behind.

She had a beatiful body, but Arnav’s mind wasn’t only on sex.

Khushi needed more than that—she needed someone she could lean on again…

Someone who would support her,  instead of letting her shoulder all the stress that she has had to do ever since he came into her life…

Relaxing warmth flowed through Khushi’s body and she fought back a moan.

The feeling of Arnav’s thumbs digging into the tight muscles of her back was almost as delightful as the pressure of his erection between her ass cheeks...

Now the twin pleasures of his hands and his erection were almost enough to make her forget everything that happened before…

Before everything had gone to hell.

“Don't think of anything else right now...”

His voice was so tender that she wanted to melt back against his chest and stay there all night.

She shook her head, trying to clear it.

His hands wrapped around her ribs as his thumbs pressed into the muscles on either side of her spine.

His fingers brushed the underside of her breasts and her nipples tightened to painful peaks.

Oh, yes.

When Arnav groaned and his hard rod twitched beneath her, she realized that she’d said it aloud.

“Glad you’re enjoying it.” His lips brushed the skin behind her ear.

His chest was inches away and this time she didn’t fight the urge to lean back.

When his arms wrapped around her torso and he sat back, she settled into the circle of his arms.

His arms were warm and comforting...

Her head fell against his shoulder.

His hands slid up over her breasts and they swelled at his touch.

Desire crept through her veins as well as a tremoring anxiety…

She stiffened, but Arnav didn't relinquish his hold...“Just this moment...” he said as if he’d read her mind.

“Just you and me...cuddling and relaxing...enjoying being together...”

Cuddling. Relaxing. That she could handle.

And she was enjoying him all right.

His mesmerizing hands and firm muscles.

His hard, hot erection under her ass— Arnav sat up, bringing them both upright.

“You know...Even though the bathroom is small, how about we have a shower? Wash the tension away…"

With his hands on her hips, he brought her to her feet, then got up himself.

When he turned to her, his dark eyes were warm with desire and something else she couldn’t name.

He held out a hand...“Come with me...”


"Hello? I just want to inquire about my brother, a guest in your hotel…"

"Yes maam, what is his name…?"

"Arnav Singh Raizada."

"Please hold for a moment."

Anjali began to fidgit as she listened to the annoying tinkling music as she waited for the hotel concierge to come back…


Sitting up straighter, she hoped for good news…"Yes…?"

"He has already checked out."

Anjali frowned…"oh...can you tell me when?"

"We can't give out that information, I'm sorry."

"But I'm his sister…" Anjali's voice broke…

"I'm so sorry Maam, but I shouldn't have even given the information I just told you…"

Anjali wiped away her tears, "it's alright, I understand...thankyou…"

As the call ended, her phone dropped from her hand onto the bed…

She felt her heart constrict with worry as she began to cry harder...

"Anjali Bitiya?"

She looked up to see Nani entering the room…

"I can't reach him! He's just disappeared into thin air! I called the hotel and they said he's checked out, I called the airlines! No one has seen him since he left!"

Nani held onto Anjali's hand and quickly guided her to sit…"Shhhh...shhhh….Are you sure? Maybe he just hasn't returned because of his know he's been sleeping in his car a lot…"

Anjali took a deep breath…"Nani, why won't he call me? I don't understand…"

"Please rest Anjali Bitiya...for your baby, for yourself, for your husband…"

"He's in jail! I need him HERE! And yet he's in jail! WHY! I'm losing everyone!"

Nani stood up and lifted Anjali's legs on the bed, pulling a blanket over her…"You haven't lost anyone...Chote is a powerful, decisive man. He probably has stayed in his car and gone on the road to search her out…"

Anjali became angry, clenching her fists…"Stupid Khushiji! Why would she leave!? Chote would have done ANYTHING to keep them both safe...why would she risk everything! Dancing off into nowhere!"

"I have told HP to bring some tea up for you, you need to rest. You can't have your blood pressure rising…"

Anjali leaned forwards, leaning against Nani…"I just need the men in my life back...I can't believe what Shyamji did...I mean, Chote attacked him, so he probably just retaliated…"

"Please take rest, you know it's what your husband and Chote would want…"


Like an out-of-body experience, Khushi watched in the mirror as Arnav led her to the white basin and leaned her against it.

His gaze devoured her.

A slow burn ignited in her belly and she licked her lips.

Arnav trailed two fingers down the side of her neck and into the valley of her breasts.

Her nipples beaded as Arnav stared and a drop of moisture slid from Khushi’s pussy onto her inner thigh.

His gaze, hungry and possessive, roamed over her skin, leaving pricks of desire in its wake.

“ are beautiful.”

She bit her lip against the shivery sensations that raced beneath her skin and she leaned back against the counter.

The position exposed her damp sex to the air.

As Arnav’s gaze zeroed in on the wet pink folds between her thighs,  his nostrils flared and her inner muscle clenched in response.

Her lower lips throbbed.

Her clit ached for his touch.

The shower could wait.

Arnav took a deep shuddering breath.

His eyes looked into hers, hot with desire.

A flicker of worry came out of nowhere, but she pushed it firmly away.

She did not want to ruin this moment with fear.

They were together, here, now... 

Just two people in love, enjoying each other.

Arnav pulled the small shower door open.

Cream tiles covered the walls to the ceiling.

Twin showerheads poked out from opposite ends.

A hand-held shower massager with a long handle was hanging to the wall.

Arnav fiddled with the faucets and showerheads until steam wafted out from the stall and the twin streams converged into a dense cascade.

The shower spray hit his shoulder,  small dark curls dusted his chest, joining the hairs on his belly and continuing southward.

Her gaze followed that dark arrow revealing the most thick erection...

It was straight as an arrow with a thick, round head and pale purple veins that bulged beneath his silky-smooth skin.

Without thinking, she reached for him, wanting to feel that warm, hard length in her palm.

He grinned and stepped aside.


She dropped her arm with a growl of frustration.

With a hand at the small of her back, Arnav urged her under the spray, then followed, closing the door behind him.

The water sluiced over his shoulders and down his chest, dripping into the nest of dark curls that surrounded his penis.

Khushi couldn’t take her eyes off it.

Again she reached for him.

Again he stepped out of range.

Resigned, Khushi stepped back, allowing the spray to caress her skin.

Arnav turned to reach for something on a built-in shelf and she dropped her gaze to his  finely muscled butt.

He spun around and nudged her back a step.

"Ahhh…." she moaned…

She was in the middle of the shower, the exact spot where the two sprays met.

She closed her eyes and let her arms become heavy at her sides, as the steaming warmth drew tension from her muscles…

A squirt from a bottle, a whiff of something fruity and floarl and Arnav was behind her, his hands on her head.

The pads of his fingers massaged her scalp as he lathered shampoo into her hair.

Tingling sensations radiated across her head as dozens of tiny muscles relaxed.

His gentle hands slid down her neck and back, washing her body with the shampoo’s suds.

Her body turned to jelly…

Arnav's care and concern was completely taking her over...

Any minute now she would melt into a puddle right there on the shower floor.

Slippery fingers drew circles on her lower back and swept down over the cheeks of her buttocks.

Two soapy thumbs slid along the crack of her behind, grazing the sensitive pucker within.

Her eyes flew open and she gasped at the jolt of pleasure that shot through her.

With a murmur of male satisfaction, Arnav slid his hands around her hips to her abdomen and pulled her against him.

The ridge of his erection rested between her legs once again, and Khushi jerked back, making his erection jerk…

She could feel it throb against her deriere muscles.

Reaching for some soap, he wrapped his arms around her and lathered the soap into suds in front of her belly.

His fingers grazed the undersides of her breasts, making them grow heavy with desire.

Khushi caught a glimpse of movement through the glass of the shower stall.

It was their smudged reflections in the mirror, her body framed in her husband’s arms.

She reached back, wrapping her hands around the backs of Arnav’s thighs.

Condensation ran down the mirror.

She watched as his hands came up to her breasts.

She arched forward, pressing them into his palms.

When his thumbs brushed her nipples, they tingled as much from his touch as the thrill of watching him touch her.

She shivered.

Could her nipples get any harder?

Could her sheath get any wetter…

Arnav's passion took her to heights she’d never even imagined.

His lips whispered in her ear... “What are you looking at sweetheart?”

Khushi knew the moment he discovered what had captured her gaze—his hold on her breasts tightened and his breath grew harsher.

“You like watching me touch you?” His voice was hoarse with desire.

She bit her lip, nodding, suddenly shy.

With a push of his foot against the glass, the shower door swung open.

Water sprayed onto the towel on the floor...

His gaze was focused on the reflection of their intertwined forms.

Khushi watched as one of his hands left her breast to trail down her abdomen.

Flames of pleasure blazed through her body.

When his hand reached between her legs,  her hips pressed forward involuntarily.

With a sexy smile, his hand slipped between her lower lips, making her body convulse.

Arnav bent his knee and propped his foot on the wall behind them.

With a gentle tug he pulled her leg back, hooking her thigh over his, spreading her legs wide.

Nothing was hidden from view.

Not her lips, which were red and swollen with need, nor her dark opening, which ached to be filled.

“Look how beautiful you are...” he said as his fingers moved over her slit... “So swollen, wet and pink...”

Finally her eyes darted away…

"Watch me touch you Khushi…"

She shook her head…

He pinched her nipple, making her eyes lock with his in the mirror…

"I want to tell you why I love looking at you...down there…"

A deep blush covered her body…

"I love to look at your sex like this...pulsing, wet, swollen...because it shows me how much you trust me…"

His tone filled with sadness…"Because...when I first saw you there…"


He held her tighter…"I saw blood...the proof of my force, and the proof of your innocence…"

Khushi felt her heart start to ache…"Arnavji...that was ...ohhhhhh…"

The movement of his fingers stopped her from continuing…

“This is why I make every second of our intimacy count...This is why my eyes take you in so deeply...This is why I want you to watch...” 

And as her eyes flickered back up to the mirror,  his fingers grazed her clit, making her hips buck from the sudden zap of pleasure.

Arnav massaged two fingers over her swollen bud while his other hand kneaded her breast.

A sizzling current of electricity flowed from her nipples to her clit and back again, a tight circuit of the climax to come.

Her head tilted back against his shoulder, but her gaze never left the mirror.

And his eyes never left her face.

A delicious tension started to build in Khushi’s womb.

She writhed against him, wanting more, needing more...

She pressed into his pelvis, wanting to feel him once again between her thighs.

“Relax,” Arnav whispered…

On her exhale, Arnav bent his knees, angled her hips and slowly pushed his way inside her…


"Keep watching sweetheart…"

The hand on her breast lifted, and reached for the shower massager.

A flick of his thumb brought the jets to life.

With his other hand, Arnav spread her labia.

She felt a deep pull in her stomach and her breath caught in her throat.

"...Are...are you really going to do what I think you're going to do?"

“Hold on,” he whispered, and she dug her fingers into his rock-hard quads.

He swept the massager slowly over her hips…

The water pulsed through her trimmed pubic hair and one of the streams hit her exposed clit.

Even at that oblique angle the force of the water on her super-sensitive flesh shot pleasure into her, zapping into the very ends of her fingers and toes.

Khushi screeched, arching into the spray.

The movement brought the massager closer to her clit and the water hit the swollen bud full on.

It was too much, too intense, too amazing.

She tried to evade it, rearing down on Arnav’s hard cock.

He groaned and his hand left the lips of her sex and snaked around her waist.

He planted his feet on the floor and speared inside her.

The water streamed over them, his concrete flesh sliding smoothly in and out of her body.

Flexing his hips, he pulled back, then thrust again

She was trapped between the spray’s onslaught and her husband’s strong frame...

Sensations ravaged her body, radiating from her core, sweeping up and down her spine.

The orgasm that had been building slowly rose up, swamping under a wash of pleasure as she shot over the edge.

“Yes, yes. Oh God, yes!”

Arnav’s arm tightened around her as her knees buckled.

A joyful cry drowned out the sound of the water.

Arnav’s growling roar joined her scream as he climaxed inside her.

His hot come spurting inside her contracting sheath....

Slowly, the ripples subsided.

Arnav brought his other arm around her, holding her against his chest.

Her body felt heavy, but joy bubbled inside her like champagne.

Tears welled up in her eyes as a smile spread across her face.

This time she didn’t try to hide from his gaze.

“Thank you,” she said, looking at him in the mirror.

“I thought you were beautiful the moment I laid eyes on you, but when you smile it’s like the sun coming out from behind the clouds.”

He kissed the top of her head.

He turned off the shower and slipped out of the stall.

A moment later he returned with two blue towels.

He held her arms carefully as she stepped from the shower.

“Careful. The floor is a bit slippery.” he said grinning…

The floor was drenched, but he soon dropped the towels he was holding onto the floor…

Reaching around to the cupboard again, he pulled out a large soft towel and folded her into it, pulling her closer to his body…

He moved them out towards the bed…

As she shakily sat down, Arnav double checked that the door was locked, and then hurried to huddle her close as they laid down under the blankets…

Sated and wrapped snug and secure as a present,  he slipped an arm around her waist and she nestled into the warm pocket of his body.

A long, deep exhale relaxed her and Arnav’s arm tightened in a brief hug as his lips pressed against hers... “Good night...we're together...remember that...” were the last words she heard before she drifted off to sleep.


"You came back?"

"What did you expect?! I told you that I would get you out of here...and soon, it will happen…"

Shyam walked towards the prison cell bars, trying to get as close as possible to see the mysterious woman…

"I don't know who you are, but what the FUCK are you playing at!? You said the last time you were here that it was for the good of US!? I don't know who the hell you are!"

"You know know me very well… and when you are back living at Shantivan, you will have your status and family back...that girl, has taken too much...she has caused so much tension, so much pain…"

"Hold on!" Shyam yelled…"I don't give a damn about her anymore, I just want OUT of here...I want my easy life back! And If I have fake the 'happy husband' to get it, then so be it…"

"Your one and ONLY duty is to make Anjali happy...and my duty is to make sure Khushi is no longer an obstacle…"

"With Saale Saab around, there is NO way to get rid of her…"

"I've had control over her for weeks now...but I feel that she has been found...and that is why I am here to take you back home, so you can help me…"

"Home? You live there too!? WHO are you!?"

And the woman walked into the light...

Shyam's lips twisted to a smile…"So...I DO know you...This is something I wasn't expecting…"

The woman's face was expressionless..."I'm not here to discuss YOUR feelings...With Arnav away, Payal and Akash have taken over AR Designs, and have been staying at a flat nearby the now is the perfect time to get you out...and with everyone gone, no one can stop me…"



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