Monday, August 12, 2013

SS : Take What's Left Of My Heart Part 24

Arnav and Khushi lay together on the small bed, still damp from their amourous activity…

The pull and chug of the train and the united beats of their hearts lulled them into a trance…

While they were here, they had no where they needed to be, and nothing to fear…

As his eyes wandered to her face, he saw her watery eyes…

He tightened his arms around her until they were like steel bands, protecting and shielding her…

His jaw tensed and the muscles in his cheek flexed…"Khushi...You know I love you...don't you?"

Khushi stilled in his arms, letting his question sink in…

Her heart was confused…

Their love only came with heartache, danger, guilt and deceit…

He felt her insecurity, and shook her a little…"Why did your body tense up? Khushi…?"

Not able to bring her eyes to his, she softly spoke…"I know you care for me Arnavji...You always have, even in your anger.." she gulped and found herself quite unable to force out her words…"You have said before that you feel guilt over things that have happened...and...and I don't want you to be emotionally manipulated into caring for me...I don't want to be an obligation to you…"

Khushi knew that her words had angered him, but he clenched his teeth and remained quiet…

"I completely and utterly adore you...You're my hero...saving me on more occasions than I could ever remember…I wanted to bring peace to your life, but...this is what it has come to…"

Arnav was holding himself under tight control, and Khushi could feel the disapproval radiating from his form…

She suddenly shrieked as Arnav dragged her body up higher towards his until she was trapped against him, looking him in the eyes straight on…

Arnav gripped her jaw and stared at her fiercely…

"You do NOT adore me...I have seen adoration from women! I'm a powerful man, and I am well acquainted with adoration...EVERY woman before you adored me...but none of them KNEW me...No one has ever really known me, except you..but then you say stupid shit like this, and then I wonder if you don't understand me either!"

Khushi could see how upset he was and wanted to soothe him…"I know you don't let people in very easily…"

"I don't let people in at all!" he growled quietly…"I didn't want to EVER let anyone close to me...but then one day, I looked up and there you were! Everyone wants something from me, EVERYONE...but you, the only person who I would give EVERYTHING to, wants to practically give up everything for me, or questions my feelings for her, and yet I STILL love her...desperately! …"

He held her face still, making sure she listened…"And I KNOW you love me…"

It was completely like him to state HER feelings for him…

But she knew he was right.

And HE knew he was right…

Her eyes were locked on his broody gaze…

Khushi knew he was like a stubborn child at times until he got his way…


"Yes…?"  His tone was quick and resentful…

"I love you...and I know you love me…"

He exhaled sharply, rolling his body on top of hers…

"Do you? REALLY?! Because I'm not just in this out of 'guilt', or some 'misguided sense of punishment'...I love you damn it! We are FOREVER! Do you understand?"

This time, as he spoke, he really dug his fingers into her  arms, making his point...making his words sink in…

"I do understand Arnavji…I...I will try to be more...more of what you need...I'll try to fit in more…"

Arnav was on the verge of shaking her…"There you go again! Saying stupid things! Khushi, I don't want a different VERSION of you! I don't want you to be miserable with me! I want Khushi! I want you! I fell in love with YOU!"

Even though he was basically steaming with held back anger, Khushi loved the powerful business-like way he talked about their life.

Sighing out loud, Arnav lowered his mouth to hers, firmly kissing her…

Pulling back just as fast, he said, "Look, I am going to have you in my life...forever...and we can discuss this later, but for now, I need you to believe that I LOVE YOU, and that we ARE going to get home, be safe, and then hide away so I can make love until you can't move…"

And as Khushi smiled, Arnav felt his heart become scorched with her beauty…


"NANI!? I still can't believe it…" Shyam said, feeling astounded..

"Why? " she crossed her arms..."Did you not think that I was capable of my own wants and desires?"

"Ofcourse I did...but...Who knew that you hated Khushiji?"

"I do not hate her...But that girl has played havoc with Chote's mind! He is no longer caring for Anjali the way he should! And then when I saw YOU falling for Khushi…" Nani growled…"You deserve to stay in here! What has that girl got that drives men to stupidity!?"

Shyam was completely mesmerized…

The woman who was usually so calm, so loving, was now a force that was ready to destroy anything in it's path…

"But Anjali needs you. She needs both of you...and I need you home now, so that I can rid out lives of this thorn. You can have your status back, and I need not have my family as the centre of gossip! We are Raizadas! And that name should hold respect. And YOU and Chote, are to forget about Khushi. Because I am the elder of this household and I will now see to the happiness of my family."

"What can I do?" Shyam smirked…

"Chote has gone to England. I sense that he has found Khushi."

Shyam stood up..."Khushiji was in England!?"

"I sent her there."

Shyam looked confused…

"Look, the 'how' I did it, is none of your concern...but I need another person to help care for Anjali. I have seen what you can do, so now you can do it to HELP yourself...No more infatuation with Khushi. If you want to live at Shantivan, if you want your status in the Raizada house, you will now answer to me!"

"So, you want to kill…"

"I don't want to KILL anyone...I want to send Khushi away...where no one will find her. But my STUPID grandson won't give up. And Now, I haven't heard from Khushi. And Chote is missing."

"Do you think they will return home?"

"We will handle that when and if it happens...for now, I have paid a hefty sum to get you out of here. Come home, and take care of your wife."


"The food was really good! I thought you said that 'train food' wasn't very tasty…"

Arnav scowled at her, but Khushi just grinned, enjoying their casual husband/wife interaction…

"...I made some calls on the trains private phone, and when we arrive, there will be a PROPER passport waiting for you, and an express plane ride home…"

Khushi let her hands fall in her lap as her expression changed to one of moodiness…

Arnav leaned back against the door, "What...what's going on in your mind now…?"

"Do you really think we will be safe?"

Expecting her question, he rolled his eyes…"'re with me...and I'm aware of what's going on now...from your side AND will you trust me...please?"

"I do...I am so so relieved to be with you again...but...I fear for you more than I do for me...I mean, that message was a threat to YOU..."

Khushi looked up meekly, waiting for him to flip out…

"I know you care for me...But I also know that you're a flight risk... Which is why I am keeping a close eye on you, so you don't do anything stupid again…"

Arnav didn't wait to see her reaction.

He locked the door tight behind him and grabbed for her hand, pulling her up from sitting on the bed…


"The train is 5 minutes away from the air strip…"

Her eyes popped wide open…"Five...FIVE MINUTES!?"


Khushi's eyes narrowed…"You've known about this for hours haven't you?"

Arnav didn't respond.

"Why didn't you tell me!?"

"So that when I DID tell you, you wouldn't have enough time to concoct any ridiculous plan…"

"Plan!?" she pulled a face…"What kind of plan!?"

Arnav walked their bodies towards the small cupboard behind them…"I don't know...but now that you're with me,  I am making damn sure that you STAY with me…"

Her mouth opened to speak, but Arnav grabbed his jacket from the hanger behind them, and spun to unlock the door.

Finally getting to see daylight, Khushi turned from left to right, staring at some of the other passengers dragging their luggage down the corridors…

Coming to the departure door, she began to feel the air from outside splash against her face…

Arnav turned back and his gaze caught her dark hair floating in the breeze…


Khushi felt a smile curve at her lips…

Arnav lifted his fingers and let them slide over her cheek and jaw…"You're so…"

She stepped closer…


Khushi quirked her brows…"…?"

The train pulled to a stop, making their bodies jolt together…

Their faces were now extremely close…

"So gorgeous…" he growled as his lips suddenly fused to hers…

The kiss was over almost as soon as it started, as Arnav pulled back and once again grabbed her hand, dragging her out of the train and along the platform…



Both Nani and Shyam were greeted by Anjali's joyous squeel…

Shyam slowly walked forwards and took her in his arms, hugging her…

"I'm home...home to stay...shhhh…"

Nani nodded, "That's right Anjali bitiya...he served his short sentence, and is now back home to take care of you…"

Anjali lifted one arm off her husband and pulled Nani in for a group hug…"I love you so much…I already feel so much calmer…"

"CalmER? What's wrong Rani Saba?"

With her expression falling, Anjali told Shyam of her worries…"Chote and Khushiji have been receiving threats...and I can't find Chote anywhere! I don't know where he is! He went to England to try and find Khushiji, but now HE himself is missing…"

"Rani Saba, Salle Saab is a big boy...he can take care of himself...maybe he has found a lead, and needs some privacy to seek it out?"

Anjali nodded…"That does sound quite likely...okay...I shall try not to worry too much...but…"

Nani shook her head…"No more 'buts', Damadji, take her two need to spend some quality time together...And I will call a few places to see if I can find information as to their whereabouts…"

Anjali nodded, and took Shyam's hand…

As they ascended the stairs, Shyam looked back…

Nani's eyes fused with his, and she nodded in approval…


Khushi's unease was growing and growing.

Things were transpiring too smoothly.

They had met with Arnav's British friend, who was now, at this moment, piloting the small plane…

And now, only minutes from landing, Khushi felt herself getting more uncomfortable…

Arnav had taken almost the entire journey to confer with his friend, and although Khushi had slept peacefully, she woke up with the sinking feeling weighing her down…

"Hey…hello?" Arnav said as he waved his hand in front of her face…

Flinching, she grabbed his hand, readying herself to fight off whoever was in front of her…

"Woah, hey, Khushi! It's me...calm down…"

Her fingers loosened and she tumbled back onto the Airplane sofa…

He took the moment to quickly straddle her, grabbing her face to look deep into her eyes…

“I’m not letting you back away from me...So I'm going to tell you again...Everything. Will. Be. Fine.”

He felt her shock as he kissed her full on the lips, an open-mouthed kiss that breathed heat into her.

As the flame of his tongue swept through the welcoming cavern he felt the chill begin to ease from her and her body settle down.

Khushi needed him whether she wanted to verbalize it or not and he had to show her that he had no plans to give her up, no matter what.

As he pulled back, Khushi blushed, running her hands down his chest as his fingertips brushed her cheeks.

“We're landing now...” he told her…

"Landing is scary…"

The weight of his body was making her sink deep into the couch cushions…"It's just like before…"

"Flying to England all those weeks ago was my first time on a plane...I was terrified when it landed…"

Arnav's nostrils flared as he felt anger boil up once again…"You...that…" he stopped, trying to rationalize his thoughts…"That was your first trip? And you were...alone…"

Khushi tried to look away, but his hands held her still…

"'re not alone now…" he said firmly as he stood up before her…"Come, we need to go strap ourselves in…"

Her hand squeezed his as they buckled their seat belts, "When my plane landed in England before, it was bumpy…"

"Khushi, look at me…" when her eyes locked with his, he continued…"I radioed ahead for a vehicle and the cop I spoke to sent me the address where he’s going to meet us. Then we’ll take it from there.”


"You know, I came back here to check on you quite a few times, but you were sleeping…"

"really?" she started to smile…"why didn't you wake me up?"

He turned in his seat , holding her hands…"Because you looked like a drowsy little angel…"

And gazing into his eyes, khushi didn't feel a thing as the plane landed back onto India's soil…

Arnav smiled seeing her serenity…"That wasn't that bad was it?"


Leaning forwards, he kissed her nose as he pressed the unlock button to her belt.

Her eyes lowered when she heard the click, and when she quickly looked back up in surprise, she turned to look out the window…"What? When!? I didn't feel a thing!"

Arnav tugged at her waist, and pulled her onto his lap…"I know...You were too busy playing games…"

"Busy? Playing games?"

"Your eyes...your eyes were playing games with mine…"



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    1. okay. tantrum.

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      and if you don't like - don't read.
      simple as that.
      i'm sure that the 'fictional character' will not be too affected.

      No Fictional characters were harmed in the writing of this update.


    2. Sure one could stop reading if they didn't like it. But I obviously did like this story and Im reacting to this so harshly because of it. I read it as a story, your story.
      It hurts when authors just disregard a reader like you just did. This wasn't a tantrum where a reader didn't get what they wanted.
      Even when the rape happened, the way you brought the reasoning out, made sense. THIS sounded preposterous. A mother not nani but in general, a mother wouldn't disregard one child's feelings for another. Definitely for someone, a character like Shyam. That was my problem. Not the way you write in general. Definitely not.
      Sure my comment can be deleted/ disregarded, it is my opinion after all.

    3. I have not disregarded you in any way. Even the beginning of the story needed a few updates to explain Arnav's reasons. As will this. And even though parents SHOULDN'T favor one child over the other, sadly it does happen. People who are in a situation like a broken family end up retaliating to whoever they are closest too. THIS is just another way of showing inner family conflict. It can be from anyone. I know things like this happen as it has happened in MY life. (they say write about what you know) even though I DO NOT like this either, I took this route.

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    5. it's okay. you have every right to your opinion.
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  11. Its not a perfect world that we live in. We always try to mostly put positive spin on our actions to try and accept our behaviour and that how we survive from day to day... Does anyone remember "the thorn birds" by Colleen McCullough a mother is unknowingly biased towards her son... I cried for hours after this series end[though I have a very loving mother and I am her only child :)]... throughout IPK Arnav needed a shoulder to cry on, it was for Anjali he held himself back and buried his sorrows inside. Khushi inspite of having her family has only her father who truly understands her, much of the time her actions as criticized and she is simply deemed as crazy.

    If you remember in IPK inspite of Arnav being an all powerful tycoon was still helpless when it came to Shyam being removed from Anjali's life. Please continue with your fanfic Sarah... You have shown the dark side of every character within the series with their motives being starkly etched out.. You have brought out some truths hidden within the folds of the series and given them another dimension. Kuddos to you girl!

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