Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Grumble for Today...

I have never been one of those writers who obsesses about 'comments'...

But recently, the comments have been less, even though the amount of readers is exactly the same (and for some stories moreso)...

So, I was wondering if I'm not asking too much, I LOVE reading comments, ANY ones, and would love to have more :)


  1. Don't worry dear! We will definitely comment Xxx Sona

  2. you're the writer who deserves more and more and more
    I love all your writings
    if I don't comment often, I'm sorry...I will try my best to comment whenever I read
    this is the less I could do for one of my fav writers
    love and kisses

  3. Uhhh ooo
    I knw lately I was a lil busy with stuff
    But I assure you I will comment regularly here on
    All your work deserves maximum appreciation and I will do my bit!

    Love all your work and I relli respect you for being one of the writer with most regular updates

    And as we readers love reading your work its actually relli nice to know that you equally love to go through our comments

    Love all your stories to bitss!!!

  4. a o. been slacking off lately. my bad. will comment on each story from now.
    love ur work dear and love u.

  5. oh dear so sorry... i really really like reading your updates and i am sorry to have not commented a lot. will definitely do so in the future...take care


  6. I comment always if not here then on wordpress webpage.
    But people do comment if not big but few words atleast...
    It means alot for Writers as they put so much efforts to write such stories..... they need a acknowledgment atleast....don't you think

  7. I have to admit I am one of the culprits that reads and does not regularly comment even though I love each and every update...a million apologies for this...will try and comment regularly from now...promise:)

  8. So sorry will make sure I comment on every one so you know how very much I love and appreciate your stories.

  9. Opss sorry dr!!!wil cmnt fr sure frm nw on! Cheers!!! Yashi

  10. Aww that's not good!

    You're a brilliant writer and your stories are so amazing

    Keep up the awesome work

  11. sorry to b one of those who reads but forgetful about commenting
    my bad
    ur an amazing story teller about the most romantic couple: arnav and khushi

  12. Guilty as charged... Will take care to comment regularly. Its is YOUR prerogative to ask us readers to comment some when you are so considerate towards us. Your blog is a gateway for me to indulge in some scorching make out sessions of our beloved Arnav Khushi.. I have been following some of the story lines "Making Khushi Mine - Part II", "A bride with a doll" and the most recent "Make Me Love" on the forums. The story lines are excellent but I wish that I get to read the make out sessions of your calibre there at the end of it.

    Your have brought to life not only Arnav's insatiable, endless passion for his wife but various other aspects where he vows and places her above everything in his life. Yours "The Gunshot" and "Butterfly" fanfics have brought potent agony of Khushi's to life.. this kinder spirit who hides her pain behind fa├žade of smile. We very much wanted to glimpse Arnav who places his Khushi even before his sister and you have given us that and provided the closure we very much wanted..

    Everytime I feel that this is the limit of exquisite passion that they share, you take us to another plane in art of lovemaking. Can I just share that even though I love and enthralled by your current fanfics I love the good old "I Can't let her Go!" and "I feel nothing series". You have protracted a lot more chapters towards the unrest their marriage was passing through. I can even now feel the heat when demi god , untouchable Arnav Singh Raizada had to coax his wife out of her shell... the way he craved her touch and his yearning to touch her in I Can't let her Go Series. The way Khushi was so hesitant to be with him, the shy girl who was awaken by her loving mature husband.. The Series was indeed mesmerizing, the hot sizzling passion was there but I really loved the way you gradually amped up the heat..

    Your blog for us is like a treasure trove in hidden enclave, the pleasure of which only few are privy too...

    Take Care.


  13. don't worry
    I am a loyal reader and commenter

  14. i used to follow your stories...and comment sometimes...but i would try to comment regularly...

  15. I have been a silent reader trying to tell myself that I am not an addict of your writing. Clearly, the near-obsession, crazy withdrawal symptoms whenever I lose the link to your blog page is my own version of descent into madnessl Obviously, denial is my middle name!
    I never heard of a couple who ignited each other mentally, emotionally and yes, physically, who broke down every conceivable barrier dividing them and then decided to live together as pseudo-siblings. Perhaps that's the real reason I love your Arnav and Khushi, I love the knots you reveal them to have tied themselves in. I love the way you unravel them and us. You make me laugh, cry, gasp in shock and hold my breathe in anticipation as I slowly come undone....Thank you for giving them maturity as well as idiocy, making them flawed adults.
    Love the pictures, on the sides as well by the way.