Saturday, October 5, 2013

SS : Chance Part 5 (Conclusion)

The house was dark and quiet, any noise Khushi made as she padded from her room to the kitchen echoed in the dark of the night.  

Shadows thrown by the moonlight streaming through windows gave the house a wistful feel.  

Khushi knew she should have been asleep hours ago but instead had spent those hours tossing and turning in her bed.  

Her mind had refused to settle down and let her sleep, images of Arnav had cascaded through her consciousness, keeping her awake.  

The dinner with her family that night had not been at all calming, but had brought all the tensions that had been building between them over the last week to the surface of her heart.

So much had changed.

She’d finally given up on trying to sleep and was making her way to the kitchen to snack on jalebi.  

Maybe the late night food fest would help her settle down enough to get some rest.  

Perching on a chair near the window, she chewed down...  

She missed him...missed him badly and she could tell that he was suffering badly.  

Khushi didn’t want to lose sight of why she was staying here at her parents home, but she was quickly running out of reasons for staying away.  

Her instinct told her to trust him, was screaming at her to trust him.  

She knew he did not want to ever hurt her and that he loved her, with all his heart.  

It was a stupid mistake, an error in judgement.  

Didn’t everyone have those?  

Hadn’t she herself had those?

Hadn't she made mistakes too?

Khushi knew she was hardly perfect.  

Guilt washed over her as she recalled her handling Shyam and their relationship those many months ago...

Shouldn't she have told Arnav the truth, instead of letting him believe a lie?

Shyam wasn't worth anything in anyone's life, and yet she believed, at the time, that her choice was right…

But that was a mistake she wished more than anything that she could go back and fix.  

She imagined that’s much how Arnav felt about this whole mess.  

Was it fair for his punishment to continue?  

"But I hurt so bad...that he did this...that he was capable of doing this?" she sighed…

She wished there were someone who could give her some easy answers.

"He is...he is trying so hard to make me happy again...trying so hard to make me forgive him…"

A moment later, Buaji walked into the kitchen, flicking on the overhead light.  

She was wrapped in her dressing gown, her hair mussed from sleep, her eyes blinking blearily at the light.

“What’re you doing up? And sitting in the dark? And eating!” she asked, crossing the room to her side...  “I heard noises down here and thought it was some theif!”

“I'm sorry Buaji...I can’t sleep,” Khushi explained, twirling a jalebi in her fingers.

Her Aunt perched on a stool next to her and touched her arm gently.  “Is it Arnav?”

Khushi nodded as the mere mention of his name made her yearn for him…

“I don’t know what I should do, Buaji...He hurt me...he hurt 'us'...” she said miserably.

“You love him, yes?  You miss him?”

“Yes,” she whispered.  “More than anything.”  

A tear slipped down her cheek and she wiped at it roughly.

“Your mother and I can’t bear to see you so upset...but...Arnav is upset too…"

Khushi remembered the completely broken darkness  that stormed in his eyes, and her own heart bled for him…

"I talked to him, earlier tonight.  Cornered him, rather,” Buaji said and then paused, biting at her lip as if unsure whether to continue... “He told me something.”

She had no idea what her she was getting at and wasn’t even sure she wanted to try and figure it out.  

“What did he tell you?” she found herself asking...

“He told me that he had found out what happened that night...the parts he doesn't remember... He’d gone down to the bar with NK to get some answers.”

Khushi stood up fast, dropping the jalebi to the floor...“So he, what, gave you details?” She felt sick... “If so, please, keep it to yourself.”

“Sanka Devi! Listen,” Buaji barked and Khushi jolted unconsciously... “No, he didn’t give me details.  Because there were no details to give! Khushi, I’m trying to tell you something important.”

Khushi snapped her mouth shut.  

Buaji was obviously serious about this and hadn’t Khushi just wished for someone to help her figure this out?  

Biting back the tears, Khushi listened.

“He found the girl that he thought... well, you know."

And the waterfall began…"Oh my God…"

Buaji rushed forwards and held Khushi close…" turns out, he didn’t sleep with her after all.  Not at all.  He passed out even before that woman, and her brother, got him back to their flat...”

Khushi looked up.

She blinked.  

Of all the things she’d expected Buaji to say, that hadn’t been anywhere near the top of the list.  

"He... Didn't?"

Buaji smiled gently and shook her head…

"What? I mean, what do you mean?"

Leaning down to her eye level, Buaji formed her words more clearly…"Your husband did not sleep with that woman. He passed out in the carpark...and the woman asked her brother to help her take him to their place as he was too drunk to say where he lived."

Questions swirled around her mind at lightning speed.  

Still in a trance, she muttered..."Why didn’t he tell me this?"

Buaji started to talk…"Well, he said…"

"Why did he tell you this?”

Buaji tried again…"Because he…"

"When did he tell you this?"

Letting out an exasperated sigh, Buaji covered Khushi's mouth with her hand…“Tonight! He told me tonight, after dinner. I sort of dragged it out of him.  He doesn’t want to tell you, he doesn’t want you to think he’s trying to influence your trust in him.”

Buaji made a frustrated noise in the back of her throat...

Khushi's nerves were scraped raw, and right now, she didn't know how to let out all that she was feeling…

She stood up and pushed away...standing still in the middle of the room…

“Bloody frustrating man,” she muttered...“Of course he should have told me.  This makes a HUGE difference!”

And it did.  

He hadn’t slept with someone else!  

An enormous weight felt like it was being lifted off her shoulders.  

She knew the central issue here was her trust in him, but she had to admit that knowing he hadn’t shared that level of intimacy with someone else put her fears to rest like nothing else could.  

He’d said he didn’t think he could do that to her ...and he hadn’t.  

And THAT in itself mean a LOT.

“Oh…Buaji...” she finally managed, her voice shaking.  

Her aunt moved closer and wrapped her arms around her in a warm hug.  

She rubbed her back soothingly as Khushi cried out tears of release...  

When she was spent, Buaji drew back and looked her in the eye...“So what are you going to do about it?” she asked pointedly.

“I... I need to talk to him. I need to see him,” she murmured, her mind racing.  “I want to go home.”

Buaji smiled at her...  “Good,” she said.  “That’s what I was hoping to hear.”

Khushi laughed shakily, hardly able to believe the turn the night had taken...“Thankyou for telling me...I mean, I know he still ended up there, but knowing that nothing happened and seeing how hard he is trying to fix things...”

"He loves you...probably too much…" Buaji patted her arm and turned to leave the kitchen... “Now that that’s settled, I’m going back to bed.  You get yourself to bed too, young lady...You can make me breakfast in the morning...”

Khushi nodded and smiled, feeling almost lightheaded.

As she climbed into bed a few minutes later, she wanted nothing more than to call Arnav right then and ask him to come pick her up.  

She wanted to see him so badly, to talk to him, to hug him...

But it was the middle of the night, and if she saw him now, there’d be no hope of rest for either of them.  

She did want to talk to him but there were other things she admittedly wanted to do as well.  

She couldn’t help but think back on the moment this afternoon when he’d seen her sneaking back into her room clad in only a towel.  

She flushed as she remembered his stare.  

Khushi settled into her bed, pulling up the sheet up and trying her best to settle herself down.  

Arnav hadn’t cheated and he hadn’t told her that he knew this...deep in his heart...

She felt she knew him well enough by now to know that it was because he was concerned about her feelings, and didn't want to push her...  

Khushi appreciated that, she really did.

And she knew he wanted her to feel comfortable with him on her own and in her own time...  

While she wished he’d told her this himself, she felt she could appreciate why he hadn’t.  

They definitely needed to talk…

He needed to know that even when she thought he HAD slept with someone else, that she would have forgiven him in time…

Especially when she could see how stricken with anger he was towards himself…

He was punishing his own heart more than anything she said ever could…

The love and devotion he was showing her proved it even more…

Khushi was suddenly very sleepy…

And as the tendrils of moonlight wrapped around her, her consciousness floated away into dreamland…


Arnav  had woken up early…

Call Khushi.

That was the first thing he heard...and it echoed back to him for the rest of the morning.

Arnav was useless at work…

He didn't want Khushi to see him being a wallowing mess.

She needed to see that even though he hated himself, that he was a strong man, her strong man…

He NEEDED to show her that he was worth coming back to…

Worthy to hold her heart once more...

He watched his employees wander into the cafeteria for their lunch break…

Had he done ANY work yet!?

Reprimanding himself for the hundredth time, he opened his briefcase and pulled out the sandwich he’d thrown together before leaving home that morning.

It was just butter and jam, nothing terribly exciting and not near as lovely as the sandwiches Khushi would always make him.

He washed down a bite with some rapidly cooling tea from his mug and felt very sorry for himself.  

Still, he knew he was doing the right thing by not pushing too fast with her.  

Wasn’t he?

"I can't take ANY risks...I can't...CAN'T lose her…"

The very thought of never getting her back made him more afraid than anything else...

Before he could wallow in his panic, his mobile began to vibrate across his desk and the distinctive jingle he had set to indicate a call from Khushi began to echo through the empty room.  

He dropped his sandwich in his haste to grab at the buzzing phone, fumbling his fingers on the touch screen as he tried to answer it.

“Hello?” he yelped and then berated himself for the desperate tone in his voice.

“Arnavji?  It’s me...” she said, her voice sounding almost as breathless as his.  

His eyes slid closed at the sound and he tried to imagine her sitting beside him.

“Khushi,” he murmured and tried to get a grip on himself.  

How could just the sound of her voice be having this reaction on him?  

“I miss you...I...I mean...How are you?”

“‘I'm fine,” she said, holding back a smile...  “I... I was hoping we could talk.  Not right now, but... maybe later?”

His heart leapt into his chest...  “Yes, yes! Yes, ofcourse we can talk.  Where?  When?  Name the place and I’m there.”

There was a slight pause and he worried that maybe he’d startled her with his eagerness.  

“I was thinking... maybe I could come home.  Tonight...”

His mouth went utterly dry.  

He couldn't breathe, for fear he had misheard.

The first thing that raced through his mind was the idea of Khushi finally coming home and how it was everything he’d been hoping for for over a week now.  

The second thing he thought was why on Earth did it sound like she asking for his permission?

Quickly needing to answer her, his voice was almost squeeky…"Yes...oh my God...Yes, Khushi. don’t have to ask!  Yes, please come home!” he told her and was rewarded with the sound of her muffled giggling.

“Okay.  I’ll come there once I finish helping Buaji with Babuji,” she said, sounding more like herself...  “And then we can talk.”

He nodded before he remembered she couldn’t see the gesture.  

“That sounds brilliant.  I can pick us up some of your favorite foods on the way.  That way neither of us has to cook or anything we can just concentrate on... on talking,” he suggested.  

Oh, he was going to have work on reining in his eagerness before she got home or he was going to scare her off completely.  


That’s all, there was no guarantee that she was forgiving him.  

There was no reason to be getting his hopes up so high.  

But, oh God help him, his hopes were already up...  So high.

“That sounds perfect,” she replied and he could hear her smile, and he couldn’t wait to see it as well.  “I’ll see you around 6? Will you be home?”

“Yes,” he yelped almost instantly...  “I'll be home...I'll be home definitely...already looking forward to it.”

"Okay...well, I'll see you then...Bye…"

The call ended…

He hadn't even said goodbye…

He couldn't barely form words…

He would see where she stood, if she was ready to forgive him.  

He would not push her, he would let her decide.  

If she was ready, then he’d tell her what he’d learned about that night.  

He let out a long breath and rested his head in his hands…"Oh God…"

He missed her so much it hurt.  

It had only been a week and it hurt…so bloody much... 

How had he ever survived those years without her?  

It boggled his mind to think of that separation now, but he knew at the time it had hurt.  

He’d done everything he could to distract himself…

Trying to convince himself that she was as guilty as Shyam...when he KNEW she wasn't...  

Trying to stop himself from loving her more and more each day…

He never let himself sit still…

Never let himself dwell on her…

Now, his life was nothing but sitting still and dwelling.

He owed it to Khushi, to never take their life for granted and to never be so careless again.  

His mind began to race through possibilities and he checked the time on his watch.  

A little over three more hours until 6…

He wanted to be prepared...and stood up, grabbing his jacket...  "yeah, I'm going home now…"


Arnav was glad he left when he did.

His errands had taken him a little longer than he’d anticipated.  

He set the dining table with all of her favorite foods, and then did a quick perusal of the house…

He picked up a few of his things that he’d left scattered here and there.  

Everything wasn't perhaps as neat as it would be under Khushi’s influence, but it still didn’t look half bad.  

He grabbed the bunch of flowers he’d picked up from the street vendor and put them in a small vase.  

He set the vase in the middle of the table...  

No one else was home, he had made sure of it…

Life at Shantivan had become almost peaceful since Payal and Akash went to America, and since Anjali and Nani had gone to visit them…

Arnav set some plates and utensils down on the table so that everything would be ready for them to eat.

Once everything was ready, he found himself with an abundance of nervous energy and no outlet to expel it.

He caught himself pacing and sat on the couch in an effort to keep still...keep sane...  

He was nervous...extremely.  

Was Khushi coming home to stay or just to talk?  

And if she was coming just to talk, how could he convince her to stay?  

He was entirely sure that he couldn't let her leave again after having her here where she belonged again.  

He missed her so much that he was sure he could turn into a hysterical heap if she didn't stay...

He heard a key jiggling in the lock of the front door and jumped to his feet.  

A moment later, Khushi was stepping over the threshold, pulling her suitcase in after her.  

Seeing her before him knocked all the breath from inside him…

She looked, simply put, amazing.

The sight caused him to expel a sigh of relief a moment before he darted forward to help her, taking her suitcase and setting it next to the door.

“Hello,” he greeted, unable to keep a grin off of his face.

“Hi,” she replied and her smile relaxed him even further.  

He took a chance and reached out to pull her into a hug.  

Her arms wound around his waist, holding him close to her and his relief was so palpable that she held back a gasp of shock.  

He buried his face in her hair, inhaling deeply and vowing that he would never take this for granted.

“Are you here to stay?” he asked, his voice holding so much hope, not daring to let go just yet.

“Yes,” she said, “I never want to leave again.”

He pulled back slightly, smiling..."''s...brilliant...oh God that’s damn good!  Best news I’ve heard in a long time! I mean....uh...come in...come know, make yourself comfortable. I'll be back in one second!" he babbled and grabbed her suitcase, taking the stairs two at a time as he carried it to their bedroom.  

His heart was racing.  

Home to stay...

She wanted to stay, she had said she was going to stay!

He wanted to reassure her, to let her know how much having her here, in his life, meant to him.

"Oh my God…" he muttered as he ran back and forth…"Ok...ok...don't overwhelm her...don't scare her off..."

Arnav ran back downstairs and found her standing at the dining table.  

She was  looking at the flowers with a small smile...

“Those are for you,”

Khushi turned her head to smile at him and the sight of that familiar grin warmed his entire body.  

“Thank you,” she said, stroking along a petal with her fingertip.

“Um...are... are you hungry?” he asked, suddenly feeling shy.  

She nodded and moved to the table, ready to help him serve the food.  

He held up a hand though, stopping her.  “Let me get it,” he smiled... “You just...sit...”   

He pulled out a chair and she sat down, smiling bright...

“Such service!” she exclaimed...  “I could get used to this.”

He grinned to himself...  

He wanted her to get used to it, he wanted to spoil her, to make it plain to her that he thought she was worth spoiling.  

She put up with a lot from him, after all...too much...  

“Ta da!” he announced as he unveiled the feast... “It’s not much, but I made sure that I got your favorites.”

Her eyes twinkled as she eyed the food... “ looks delicious…!”

Arnav still could hardly believe his eyes…she was in front of their home...together...

As they ate, chatting amiably about their day just like they always used to,  it made his heart twinge for a moment, wishing that they could just continue like this as if nothing had ever happened...  

Still, he knew that avoiding the issue was a bad idea in the long run and it would be much better for them to clear this air sooner rather than later.

“I’m so over the moon that you are here...” he told her, and cleared his throat nervously...“But can I ask what changed your mind?”

She looked like she was considering her answer.

Her teeth bit down on her lower lip for a moment... “Well, for one thing, I missed you,” she admitted, peeking up at him.

He smiled, feeling his heart clench... “I missed you too...” he said honestly.  “So much.”

Her face flushed, “But mostly, I thought it would be better for us to talk about things, rather than hide from them,” she continued.  “Don’t you agree?”

“I do agree...but I didn’t want to push you until you were ready…." he tried to sound calm…"I was willing to wait as long as you wanted.”

“I know, and I really do appreciate that,” she replied.  “You didn’t want to force my choice and... that means a lot to me.”

He got up out of his chair and held out his hand for her... 

She took his hand and got to her feet next to him...

He led her over to the couch in the living room and they sat down next to each other.

Turning to face her, he put his heart on the line...“Khushi, I’m so sorry I ever gave you a moments reason to doubt how I feel about you.  Or about how I feel about us,” he told her, still holding her hand and caressing his thumb over the skin on the back of her hand softly.  “You’re the only woman for me.  You always have been.  Now and forever.”

She was watching him and her expression was almost reducing him to tears... “I know Arnavji... and I feel the same way.  It will always be you and me...”

Her words warmed him in a way even the sun couldn’t.  

“You and me...always...” he returned softly.  

He knew now was the time to tell her...  

She’d come back to their flat and forgiven him.  

He still didn't know how on earth she could…

Perhaps now he could tell her about Anna without it feeling too much like he was trying to steer her feelings.  

“I have something I need to tell you...”

“Is it about the girl from the bar and how you didn’t really sleep with her?” Khushi asked casually.

Arnav blinked at her.  “Wha- How did you know about that?”

He was stunned and stared at her, amazed.

“Buaji told me.  Last night.  And when she told me, that’s when I realized that I had already forgiven heart still aches, but I knew that it would break completely if I stayed away from you...”

He closed his eyes…

Ofcourse Buaji told her...he should have known.  

He swallowed hard.  

“Khushi, I’m sorry I didn’t say anything to you sooner.  I only found out for sure myself just the other day,” he admitted.  “I didn’t want you to-”

“Shh,” she said, cutting him off.  “I know why you didn’t tell me.  I understand completely why you didn’t.  I wish you had, but I appreciate your reasons.”

“How do you know my reasons if I never got to tell you them?” he asked.  

The relief he felt crashing through him was as overwhelming as it was soothing...  

She knew and she was here and she understood him!

“I think I know you by now...I know how your mind works.  It’s how I know that you wouldn’t ever consciously cheat on me, too.  I know you.”

He stared at her in wonder.  

He kept opening his mouth to say something, but words would not escape.  

How did she do that?  

How did she always know exactly the right words to say and how did she always manage to see deeper inside him than he could see himself?

She was his match, and only a fool would cheat on her.  

Pushing all other thoughts out of his mind, he intinctively pulled her into a hug, wrapping his arms around her so that his hands nearly touched his own ribs.  

She was here now, with him.  

That was the most important thing.

He wasn’t sure when he began shaking, but he became aware of it when she drew back and looked at him with her brow furrowed.  

She laid a hand on the side of his face and leaned forward to kiss him tenderly.  

Before he could lean forward and deepen the contact, she pulled back... “Arnavji, it’s okay,” she said softly, trying to reassure him.

He took a deep breath but he could still feel the shaking, down into his soul.

“Khushi, it’s just... I need you,” he told her, his voice breaking.  

He saw a tear slip down her cheek and he brushed at it with his thumb before he bent down and kissed her, pouring into it all of his love and emotion.  

He felt desperate, needing her and wanting her and having to have her there with him, now and forever.  

She returned the embrace, her hands caressing him and holding him and telling him that she was there and she wasn’t leaving.

He eased back with no small amount of effort and looked into her eyes.

“I love you...more than I thought I could...”

Khushi kept her eyes fixed on his…"I love you too…"

"Come upstairs with me?... Let me make love to you...please…" he asked, barely caring at how hopeful his voice sounded.  

He was still shaking, he could see his hand trembling as he reached up to run his fingers through the strands of her hair.

She didn't respond, she merely nodded, her skin flushed and her eyes dark.  

She stood up and reached out a hand for him which he gladly took.  

They walked together back to their room, a room they hadn’t shared in over a week and it didn’t seem like a long time but it had felt like an eternity to him.  

Khushi didn’t even look around the room as they entered.  

She only had eyes for him.  

She kept her eyes on him as she reached down and began to slowly unzip her dress, starting at the top and working her way down.  

His eyes were riveted to the movement of her fingers, memorizing each inch of skin as it was slowly revealed.

He finally realized that maybe he should be doing something about his own attire and began to unbutton his shirt as well.  

His fingers moved much more swiftly than hers and soon he was shrugging out of the dark grey suit and letting it drop carelessly to the floor behind him.

As he tugged his vest over his head, she stood before him, in only her panties and bra...  

His mouth was suddenly dry as he stared at her, his fingers still on the button of his trousers.

She grinned at him, that grin of hers that he loved so much, as she stepped forward and brushed his hands aside.  

He let them fall to his sides while she went to work on his trousers.  

He kept his eyes on her, the determined set of her jaw and the subtle rise and fall of her breasts, enticingly encased in lace.  

He ached to touch her, to taste her, but kept still, his own reality becoming too much...

She nudged him to the edge of the bed and he sat while she kneeled before him to remove his shoes and socks before pulling his trousers and pants all the way off.  

Her eyes caught his as she ran her hands up his legs as she made her way to his groin and the undeniable evidence of his arousal there.  

He couldn’t breathe for a moment, caught up in the anticipation…

Why was she treating him with such reverence...

He wanted this evening to go a little differently.  

Reaching down, he took her hands in his and pulled her up.  

He wrapped his arms around her back and turning, he held her underneath him.

She smiled breathlessly and squirmed into the middle of the bed.  

He  chased after her, kissing up her leg and paying extra attention to the skin on the inside of her left knee.  

Her soft whimpers turned to gasps as he licked a line up from her knee.  

"I love you…" he uttered as he moved higher…

Her gasps turned into something else altogether when he reached the weeping channel between her legs that he loved so very much.  

Slowly, he drew down her panties until he could toss them back over his shoulder.   

He gripped her hips with his hands, holding her and pulling her forward and closer to him.   

"Please...may I?"

His voice sounded almost like he was begging, and Khushi reached down and threaded her fingers into his hair…"You don't have to ask Arnavji...I'm yours…"

Arnav couldn't hold back, he let out a cry and nearly broke down…

"Shhh…" she cooed…"I'm here…"

Taking a deep breath, he blew a warm stream of air across her folds, enjoying the way she tried to writhe in his grasp.

He bent his head forward and proceeded to worship her the way he’d wanted to for the last week, the way she deserved.  

He licked a long line from her opening to her clit and as he did, he savored her intoxicating scent and her exquisite taste.  

There was nothing else in all of time and space quite like his wife.   

He was dimly aware of her cries becoming sharper as he devoted himself to the task before him.  

He studied her; inside and out, stroking and nipping and teasing and relishing.  

It wasn’t long before he realized her thighs were trembling.  

She was close.

“Come for me, beautiful...” he murmured, his voice dark.  

He concentrated his attentions on her clit; circling, sucking and then in a flash, she stiffened and began to convulse in his grasp.  

He lapped at her core as it leaked out it's pleasure, taking in her release, moaning over the pure intensity of it.  

He brought her down slowly, extending her orgasm as long as he could.

Moving up her body,  she came back to herself and he looked into her eyes before dipping his head and kissing her deeply, languorously.   

He wanted her to taste herself on his tongue and realize just how magnificent she really was.  

She groaned into his mouth and he stroked his tongue over hers more insistently.  

She arched her back beneath him, pressing her breasts into his chest and he felt like he was being set on fire from the contact.  

He felt her reach between their bodies to stroke at his erection and now he was groaning into her mouth.  

Arnav broke the kiss, gasping for air and resting his forehead on her shoulder as she stroked him with her hot, little hand.

“...I...God...Khushi,” he choked out, willing his restraint to last.  

He had wanted to draw this out, to make it more amazing for her but he found that his control was slipping rather precariously.  

He couldn’t wait much longer... “I'm sorry...I'm so so sorry...Please... I... need”

“Yes,” she whispered, shifting underneath him.  

He reached down and gently lifted her hand away, replacing it with his own, guiding his tip to her entrance.  

On a deep sigh, he locked his gaze to her, and held her hands down beside her head…

"I love you...tell me you believe me…" he pleaded…

Khushi tried to free her hands, but he held them firm…

She stared at him…"I believe you...and I love you...I...ahhhhhh….."

As she spoke, he speared forwards into her wet, welcoming warmth.

“Oh my God...” he groaned, stilling himself for a moment to gather his wits.  

She moaned underneath him, pulling her legs up over his hips and stroking the back of his legs with her feet.

“I love you,” she murmured with such tenderness that he felt like he might break apart from the beauty of it.

“I love you, I love you...” he returned, his voice trembling.  

He began to move, very slowly at first so that they could both feel each pull and push.  

It wasn’t long until Khushi was shaking, trying to free any part of her that would spasm with ecstasy...

“Oh... please...” she begged, her core beginning to ripple visciously...  

It was a moment recognized and he knew she needed him to move faster and harder; she was quickly coming undone beneath him once more.  

He was more than happy to oblige as he let go of that last shred of self control he’d been clinging to.  

Releasing one of her hands, he took hold of her leg and pulled it up past his elbow and began to plunge in and out of her with renewed vigor.

Her gasps quickly turned to screams as her entire body began to convulse and contract...  

She begged still, louder and he no longer moved with intent but by instinct.  

He could hear his own voice joining hers, echoing around the room as they hurtled towards release together.  

"I...LOVE...YOU!" he roared against her lips, and she flew apart beneath him.  

Her release, stunning as it was, triggered his own and he was helpless to do anything but follow her down into oblivion.

He could barely move as her muscles gripped him brutally…

Khushi's body shook with force as her gspot ejaculated a shooting squirt…

Demanding his sanity back, Arnav focused on Khushi, even as his own climax tore through him…

This orgasm had devestated her body so deeply that he gently leaned down and covered her mouth with his, blowing a strong stream of air into her lungs…

The renewed oxygen sent her spirraling once more as she breathed in…

"I love life…"

And he held her tight, his body holding hers down…

His heart beating against her chest…heartbeats reuniting once more...


Arnav woke some time later, his face draped with long, dark brown strands of hair and his limbs tangled together with Khushi’s.  

They’d both drifted off to sleep, wrapped up in one another, clinging to each other almost in desperation.  

He blinked his eyes open, brushing her hair down and away and smiling at the way she unconsciously snuggled closer to him.

He’d been lucky enough to get her back.  

He didn’t ever want to come that close to losing her again.  

Khushi was his world and she’d been his world for a lot longer than the 9 months they’d been married.  

He hadn’t always been very good at recognizing how important she was to him, but he wanted to spend the rest of his life showing her.

Khushi stretched, arching against him.  

He smiled as her head came up and their eyes met.  

She smiled sleepily…

“Thank you,” he told her, his voice rough from spent passion and sleep.

“For what?” she asked...

He leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose...“For forgiving me...for coming back to me...for...for you,” he replied.  

She smiled, her eyes warming.

“I  love you,” he whispered, leaning down to capture her lips with his, this time cradling the back of her head in his hand...

As he devoured her, he thought again about how lucky he really was.  

He never wanted to lose sight of that fact.

This was …. his second chance...


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