Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SS : Chance

“What did you do?”

Arnav winced painfully...  

Seeing his expression, Khushi’s already pale face whiten more.

“Did you sleep with her??”

Her words were as cold as ice and he felt his heart shatter...  

"Oh God.  What have I done?"

“Khushi, I-I...” he stuttered, for once absolutely and truly speechless...

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” And before he could blink, her palm broke across his cheek in a slap so hard that for a moment he nearly blacked out…

He knew he definitely deserved that...and much more...

They stood in the living room of Shantivan, facing each other in front of the couch.  

The same spot where they’d had their fight the night before.

“I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry, Khushi.”  

Never before had those words sounded so utterly useless.  

Even though he meant every word,  he knew they couldn’t even begin to cover the magnitude of his mistake...  

He didn’t know if anything could.

“That’s it?” she asked, her voice shaking with hurt and anger.  

Tears were spilling down her cheeks, and he despised himself so thoroughly for having put them there.  

“That’s all you have to say about it?!”

He swallowed hard, wanting to punish himself...“It was a mistake.  A big mistake.  We’d had that fight...and you and I were so angry.  And I had to... go.  I had to give you some room.  And I needed some room.  I ended up at a bar with Aman and Nk, and they bought me a few rounds and... well...” he trailed off, hating every word he was saying...

She wrapped her arms around herself, looking so lost and alone that he wanted to gather her up in his arms and tell her it was going to be alright.  

But how could he do that if he didn’t even know if it was true?  

“And you just ran into her?  She was just some random woman?”  

He didn’t miss the note of pure heartbreak in her voice.

“I don’t... remember much.  I...I drank so much...I was so upset at our argument...But yes, she was in the pub.  I don’t really remember what happened...Honestly...But when I woke up this morning, I was... in her flat.”

Khushi was frighteningly silent, looking at a spot on the wall, tears still streaming down her face and her lips trembling.  

Oh, what a fool he was.  

How could he have done this to her?  

Why had he ever walked out on their argument in the first place?  

It had just been a stupid fight.  

Their worst yet, to be sure, but still so stupid.  

All over her working late…

The same fight they'd been having for the whole month of her job.

He KNEW she was caring for one of her friends…

The woman had birthed an ill child, and Khushi was helping beyond all her means…

But he had been enraged that he couldn't see her as often...if at all…

"It was only going to be for one more week!? ONE WEEK ARNAVJI!"

He hung his head...the pain becoming too much to bear…

"I know Khushi, I'm...so so sorry-"

"NO! You don't get to say that! NO! I was caring for a friend! And thanks to me, her baby is now well! And you break our relationship just...just like THAT!?"

He was disgusted.

He was disgusted with himself.

His anger had boiled over this, and he had stormed out...straight into the arms of another woman...  

What had he been thinking?

“Khushi, I wish I could take it back.  You have no idea how much!  Knowing that I’ve hurt you... it’s killing me.”  

It was true that the guilt was eating its way through his body, burning and aching and causing his heart to twist in his chest so tightly that he was having a hard time catching his breath.  

He could feel the agony devouring what little spark of life he had left inside him…

He knew that he deserved to be punched and beaten for what he did, but all that consumed his vision was the love of his life, crying her broken heart out...  

He nearly wished for that punch right now, something to take the focus off of what was happening to his cheating heart.

“I don’t know...I don't know if I can forgive this.”  

He could barely hear her, her voice was so soft.

But there was one thing he could hear loud and clear…

His heart was screaming…

He couldn’t bear to live this life without her by his side.  

He had to do whatever it took to make this up to her.

“Khushi, I love you,” his voice broke as his own emotions began to take hold...“Please, give me a chance.  That’s all I ask.  I know I don't deserve one...I'm a idiot, and what I did was so damn wrong. Inexcusable, really...  Just don’t shut me out...  Please...I'm begging you!”

Fresh tears tracked down her face at his words, but she finally lifted her eyes to meet his.  

The betrayal he saw there humbled him like nothing ever had before.

The panic and emptiness that tore through his heart frightened him...

But even in the midst of her saddness, he could see something deeper…

She still loved him.

She wouldn’t be so hurt if she didn’t still love him, right?  

He had to believe that.

“I can’t just turn my back on you... On... on us,” she admitted.  “I married you...I am committed to you...But we need some time to work through this.  I need time to forgive you.”

Her words gave him such hope that he swore he could feel his heart grow ten times it's size...

For the first time that whole miserable day, he felt the will to live return...“Oh, anything, Khushi.  I’ll do anything...whatever you want...”

“I need to go...I can't stay here...I just can't...I will go to stay at Buaji's....”  

And now his stomach fell again.  

Khushi, leave their home?  

When she saw his expression she continued, “Just for now.  Just until... Until my heart. I can forgive you.  Please, I need to do this.."

He nodded, unable to speak...

He understood, he really did, he didn’t like it but, well, he really should have thought about it before he let his drunken self destroy the one thing that meant the most to him...his marriage...  

Really, he deserved far, far worse.  

Khushi was giving him a chance and he wasn’t about dismiss it.

“I know,” he said, sounding completely defeated.

Khushi turned and began to walk away…

“Can I see you soon though?!" he called out feeling desperate…

She stopped and looked back questioningly…

"...maybe can we go on a date?  Or two?” Or three.  Or a thousand.

Khushi paused... “That might be a good idea.  But just give me some time okay? A few days?”

A few days.  

He could do a few days.  

He hoped.  

Still, he nodded at her and smiled as calmly as he could.  

She didn’t meet his smile but she did nod back at him.

He followed her to their room, and watched in misery as she packed…

When she was finished, he lifted her suitcase and she allowed him to take it downstairs for her…

It was agonizing, of course.  

Watching her pack and then walk out the door.  

And he vowed silently to himself that he would never, ever watch her walk away from him like this again.

She’d told him not to follow.  

Plus, she didn’t want one more opportunity leap into his arms and pretend like everything was okay.

The rickshaw she’d called was waiting and she climbed in with her suitcase before she had a chance to lose her nerve.  

She had refused to take their car, or be driven…

She needed space from all things that surrounded her…

Giving the driver her parents address, she sank back into the seat and burst into tears...

She’d worried had worried to the point of hysteria when he hadn’t come home after their fight.  

She’d expected he’d gone out with the boys, he often did.  

Most times she joined him, and even Payal had too, but after their row, she’d known they both needed some space.  

But then the hours grew longer, and he hadn’t come home.

She had started to panic, especially when he hadn't answered his phone...

Finally dialling NK, she demanded information…

He’d been reluctant to tell her, which she had of course recognized and which of course had automatically frozen her in terror...  

“He was here, Khushiji.  He had quite a bit to drink.  We bought him a few rounds, listened to him whinge about your fight.  But then he kept ordering drinks and tossing them back.  Aman and I didn’t know what to do.”

“Where is he now, Nahneji?” she’d asked worriedly.  

She’d been angry that they had let him get so far gone.

“He left...” NK had paused.  

There had been a long silence and she had heard Aman on the other end of the line murmur something before he had continued.  

“He left with a girl.  She had come up to him, flirting, and he was so drunk that he flirted back...and before long, they disappeared...we ran out as fast as we could, but he was in her car and driving away before we could catch him…"

Khushi felt stabbing agony attack her heart…

Her stomach roiled...  

“I’m sorry…" Nk said quietly…

It wasn’t their fault.  

Khushi knew that.  

Still, until he had arrived back home, she had held onto hope.  

She clung to that hope as she had clung to his pillow that night, trying keep calm...  

She had woken up with that hope hours later when she’d heard the front door slam shut.

But then...

She’d asked him plainly when he tried to quietly enter their room...  

And his answer had shattered her.  

She swallowed thickly, watching the sights of India pass by as she neared Buaji's home...  

Khushi could still envision his remorse…

He was overly distraught, vividly humiliated…

And part oh her had wanted to soothe him.  

Even after his horrendous act, after he had thrown their relationship out the window, she still loved him.  

She loved him so much that it consumed her, burning through her body and mind with such a fervor that she worried she might lose herself in him if she wasn’t careful.

That's why she had to leave.

As much as her heart screamed out for her to stay, to hold him, to put it all in a drawer to deal with it later, she knew she’d had to put some distance between them.

If there was ever any hope of them recovering from this, any hope of coming back stronger so that this never happened again, she had to go.  

It was killing her to do it, but it would torture her not to.

The rickshaw finally pulled up in front of her former home...  

She retrieved her suitcase and paid the driver.  

The sun was starting to dip beneath the trees as she trudged up to the door.  

She hadn’t called to let them know she was coming; she hadn’t trusted her voice on the phone.  

Any move, or sound she might have made was one that could make or break her…

She had no doubt she would be welcomed in for as long as she wanted.  

But she was dreading  having to explain to her family why she was there…

She opened the door as quietly as she could...

The second her eyes locked with her Amma, she lost all hope of keeping things together...

Garima rushed to her side…"Khushi!? You're here!? What's wrong?"

“Oh, Amma...” she sobbed, hugging her mum tight...

Buaji quickly stood and pulled them both to sit down…

“What’s going on?  Where’s Arnav?” Buaji asked, sounding unamused.

“He-He’s not here...”  She hiccuped...unable to catch her breath...  “I left him...”

Her mum’s mouth fell open as she registered the shock.

But  Buaji's eyes blazed and she snapped back...  “What has he done!?”

Khushi took a deep breath, not wanting to say the words…“He slept with another woman last night.”


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    WHAT ARNAV WITH ANOTHER WOMAN ?!?!?! NOT POSSIBLE ! Arnav loves Khushi. She is his lifeline, loveline, oh well some other lines too ! But Arnav cant cheat on Khushi. Even though things might point otherwise, but still not convinced that Arnav could cheat on Khushi. NO WAY !

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    Now lets see... Arnav and Khushi had a major fight. Arnav left the house and went with boys (NK and Aman) out ! This time they all drink and the boys let him drink too ! In his drunken stupor Arnav walks out and bumps into a lady and walks off with her.

    In the morning when Arnav gets up, he finds himself in the lady's apartment. Here he deduces that he slept with her ! Now 2-3 things..can be that Arnav thought that the lady was Khushi and so happily went with her... Also can be that Arnav must have past out on reaching the apartment and the lady must have put him on the bed and nothing happened ! *puts thinking cap on*

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    On seeing Arnav she breaks down but doesnt show it, just takes an angry stance though not looking at Arnav but crying non-stop. Here Arnav breaks down seeing her and goes on asking Khushi to forgive him. But Khushi doesnt.

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