Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Two Hearts ... One Flame Series - OS : Hide & Seek

  Here is the Seventh OS from my new Arshi Erotica series...

Hide & Seek 

As they ran along the corridor, Arnav searched desperately for somewhere to hide.

The little minions had excessively sharp hearing, and  they would have to stop every so often, listening intently for even the slightest noise…

Arnav used this to their advantage by hiding  and staying silent.

He tugged Khushi to run faster as he spotted the small door on the right…

Swinging Khushi into the tiny cupboard, he followed her swiftly and shut the door, sealing them in.

In the darkness, he could hear her breathing heavily, and in his mind’s eye, could see her magnificent chest heaving as she gasped for breath.

Unfortunately, this had a completely uncontrollable side-effect... he was now getting hard...very hard…

As his sweatpants got tighter, he was at least thankful that Khushi would not be able to see the effect she had on him, and tried to make his wayward anatomy behave without alerting her...

Khushi, on the other hand, was in the same mindset.

In a confined space, in the dark, with her husband…

It could be ANYWHERE with her husband...and her fantasies ran wild...

Oh God, she was getting turned on, and all because they were in a confined space in the dark.

She shifted, unconsciously rubbing her thighs together to try and relieve some of the tension she felt, wafting the fabric of her skirt against her legs, and tried to slow her breathing down.

If she didn’t, she knew the conniving creatures outside would find them.

She rested her forehead against the cool wall and concentrated on calming down.

Arnav took a deep breath and held it, shocked.

Arousal -  the unmistakable scent of his aroused wife.

His erection twitched violently, and he almost groaned when it swelled up, becoming almost unbearably hard.


His wife... stuck in this cupboard... with him.

Could he…?

"No…" he thought…"it's against the rules…"

But oh, how he wanted to...So much…

He had wanted her since that very morning when it took them an extra hour to get out of bed…

He felt her shift again, and another waft of her scent hit his olfactory senses then grabbed him by the groin.

He lost his mental battle with himself and not-so-politely told his conscience to back off.

This once, he was going to do what he wanted…

...and what he wanted...was her.

He took the two steps he needed to stand close behind her, bent down and put his mouth to her ear.

“Khushi,” he whispered darkly, grinning as he felt her unconscious shiver as his breath ghosted against her ear, her pheromones filling the air around them...

“Keep quiet. Don’t make a sound. Or they’ll hear us. And I don’t want to be interrupted.”

At her shaky nod, his hands found their way to her hips, holding her in place as he dipped his head further.

He nipped at the flesh just beneath her ear and felt her gasp and start forward, only she had nowhere to go, except against the wall.

His body pressed against her, urging her to stand flush with the wall, his feet between hers, making her widen her stance.

His nostrils flared as he caught another waft of her arousal, and his grip on her tightened.

He could feel her pulse racing beneath his tongue as he traced her neck and trailed it to her shoulder, easing the thin strap of her little top off as he went.

Khushi was stunned.

Completely surprised.

He was making a move on her.

HERE and NOW!?

Oh God!

She wanted to moan — she needed to.

But she didn’t dare.

They would find them and...oh.

"OH! YES! Just there...please. " she thought desperately...

She felt his calloused hands move from her hips over the trembling flesh of her stomach, lifting her top and tracing her flesh until he clutched her breasts, squeezing them hard, making her gasp.

He traced the edges of the lace confining them, then grasped and pulled it down, exposing her pebbled nipples to his questing fingers.

He pinched and rolled them, making her buck into his hardness and sending sparks shooting to her womb.

She gave herself up to the sensations he was creating as she felt one hand smooth down her side, drifting over the hem of her skirt, lifting it, and finding the soft skin of her thigh.

His hand slipped between her thighs and slowly crept upwards towards his goal.

His long forefinger traced the edge of the lace hiding her flesh from him, then hooked under it and yanked, snapping the thin band keeping them up.

Dropping the torn fabric to the floor, his fingers re-traced their steps up the inside of her thigh, the heat generated by her sex almost burning him as he finally stroked his fingers through her wetness.

He circled her clit with his finger as his other hand moved down to hold her stomach as he pressed himself against her, the friction of his sweatpants against his arousal making him ache and shudder. 

She felt his finger trail down through her wetness until it probed gently at her opening.

She widened her stance further, and clenched helplessly around the two fingers he suddenly pushed deep inside her, thrusting hard, hitting the spot that made her legs tremble, causing her head to fall back against his shoulder.

She was by now desperate to make a sound, any sound, her throat aching with the strain of holding back.

He, of course, took full advantage of her position, nipping and biting her neck as he fumbled to pull down the front of his pants, now desperate to be inside her burning heat, finally freeing his aching cock to the cool air of the cupboard, contrasting sharply with the furnace surrounding his fingers.

Removing his fingers, he brought them to his mouth, sucking wetly at her juices, her flavour bursting onto his tongue.

He needed her…Now.

Turning her head slightly, he slammed his mouth against hers, thrusting his tongue forcefully into her mouth as he positioned himself at her entrance and pushed inside her in one quick forceful thrust.

Now it was his turn to need sound. 

His sharp hearing picked up the sound of thundering feet coming their way.

He quickly thrust twice hard into Khushi, then whispered darkly in her ear.

“Shhh. Don’t move, don’t even breathe.”

Khushi trembled, her legs shaking, and nodded weakly.

How in God’s name did he expect her to keep quiet when he was doing that?

This being slow, gentle, deep thrusts, countered by his other hand pressing hard fingers against her clit, sending her rushing headlong towards what she knew would be an earth-shattering orgasm.

Then suddenly, he stopped.

Just stopped.

And she really, really wanted to scream, to move against him, make him move again, but his hard body was pressing her chest against the cold, hard wall, effectively pinning her.

She trembled uncontrollably as he moved one finger, flicking her clit as his mouth covered hers again, his tongue mimicking the movement she wanted from him somewhere else.

He heard the metal door at the end of the corridor slam as the footsteps sped off, and his control snapped.

He had been almost at breaking point as Khushi's inner muscles quivered around him, and now he began to pound into her, his fingers pinching her clit as he raced towards what he though would be the most intense orgasm of his life.

He bent his head and whispered in Khushi’s ear...“Not one sound...”

He grinned darkly when she whimpered ever so quietly…

But even though her silence was torturing her, it was also torturing him…

He thrust, penetrated, and slammed into her from behind…

His hands holding on tightly to her breasts…

And with a slight, strangled moan,  her orgasm hit her hard.

She came in bursting multiples…

Her walls gripped him so tight that he saw stars…

He thrust hard into her twice, and grunted primally as his release slammed into him, pulsing deep inside her.

He was shaking as much as her when he spun her round and held her so tight she could hardly breathe.

Khushi's body was still contracting around his when he slid his body back inside hers…

He smiled as he felt her try to catch her breath enough to speak.

Bringing his hand up to cradle her face, he kissed her gently and whispered, "They passed by this door ages ago…"

He chuckled as he felt her gasp, and knew he was about to get an ear-bashing from the dishevelled woman in his arms.

So he averted it, and kissed her hard.

They were both breathless as they pulled apart, and as Khushi adjusted her clothing back to it’s normal state Arnav tucked himself away…

Leaning into her, he smiled…"You're so damn gorgeous…"

Khushi finally beamed out her happiness…"That was…"

"We should do this more often…"

She giggled slightly…"In here?"

He quirked an eyebrow…"Why not...I was...shhhh-"

They both went quiet…

"Oh God…" she uttered nervously…

Shadows began to move outside the cupboard door…

His eyes lifted to hers…"I think we've been found…"

Not a second later, the door was pulled open and they were face to face with three screaming……...children!

"We found you!!!!!"

Arnav instantly grabbed his little boy in his arms and laughed…"Yes! You did!"

The two little girls ran up to Khushi, throwing their arms around her…"Mummy, we thought you and daddy hid into two different places...but you were together the whole time!"

Arnav glanced back at his flushed wife…"Girls, you'll ALWAYS find us together…"


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