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SS : Heartbeats Part 10 Precap!


SS : Heartbeats Part 10 PRECAP

Her eyes widened and her nostrils flared…"Let me go…"

"Not a chance…"

"Arnavji! You ALWAYS do this!"

Shock pervaded his body and he stepped closer, "What? What do you mean?"

"You always put on a good show until you get what you want!"

Tugging on her arms, she gave up when she realised he wasn’t going to let her go.

“UNTIL I get what I want?! UNTIL!?"

"YES! You knew you had me! You KNEW it! So why SHOULD you show up to marry me!?"

He flinched as though he'd been struck, "What the HELL!? You KNOW why I was late! I believed that FUCKING bitch!"

"Don't talk like that!"

He shook her, "I'll talk how I want! It was her bloody lie that stunted my brain! I wanted you! I needed you! I love you! And I'm not letting YOU run out on ME!"

"Let go of me!"

"NO! I know what you want Khushi! I can feel it! I felt it in your touch, your kiss! I see it in your eyes!"

"It’s irrelevant what I dream about. I still don’t like being manipulated! You ALWAYS act with such passion only to go lukewarm on me after!”

He pulled her closer to him, their joined hands the only thing between her breasts and his chest.

“That was our first time Khushi!"

She froze.

"Yes, I know what you are talking about…I could feel how badly you wanted me to ravish you…but you needed gentleness, and care…you thought that after I made love to you that my passion for you would fade? Well, I never got a chance to PROVE that stupid notion wrong!"

Khushi began struggling again, "Let GO of me!"

"Khushi…Are you telling me your heart isn’t beating with life because we are together again? Are you?! Because, sweetie, I can feel it thundering there inside your chest.”

Her voice sounded low and breathy as she responded... “it's…it's because I’m angry.”

She was fooling herself, but not for much longer if he could help it.

His eyes determined, he pulled her arms behind her back, imprisoning her as he leaned forward, speaking softly in her ear.

“And can you say that when I do this—”he blew a whisper of air against her ear, “—you don’t feel anything at all?”

Her shoulders tensed as her head dropped slightly to the side.

A small sigh escaped from her mouth… “don't…”

He circled her body with his arms and pulled her even closer, letting her know exactly how he reacted to her body...

When her chest touched his, she felt his heart thudding, felt his body trembling…

“Can’t you feel that? Can’t you feel what you do to me?”

Her eyes were shimmering with passion, but also indecision.

He wanted so badly to show her how explosive they would be together, but he didn’t want to scare her off.

Inching his face closer, he found her eyes again and arched his eyebrows, asking the silent question.

Seconds ticked by while he saw her mind churning over.

Should I? I want to…but…I don't want to…but…

Although only a few seconds passed, it felt like a lifetime before he finally saw her eyelids begin to droop…

Thank the Lord.

The inches separating their lips disappeared as he claimed those lips he’d craved since the minute he set eyes on her.

It started out gently, but once again, the heat ignited a passion neither of them could control.

Khushi moaned as Arnav thrust his tongue inside her mouth and tasted spices and sweet honey.

Her hands moved to his shoulders, squeezing and pulling him closer.

With his hands moulded around her waist, he lifted her slightly, rubbing her body against his increasing erection.

Her eyes opened.

She gasped and broke their kiss.

“What’s wrong?” He kissed her jaw, moving across to the delicate skin under her ear.

“No…no I…no Arnavji…please…”

"shhh…okay…shhh…" Arnav pulled her gently into a warm embrace…“I told you, I am not going to hurt you…I love you…”

She tilted her head to look up at him, her dark brown eyes shining…"I…I do love you…I do…I never stopped…"

Arnav couldn't seem to breathe…

"I only…I felt that…I thought you…"

"My passion and desire for you could never decrease…NEVER…"

"and then when you didn't come…"


He put such emphasis on the words that it brought new tears into her eyes…

Resuming the trail of soft kisses across her neck, he inhaled her musky perfume…."Don't cry…please…your tears…they hurt my heart so badly…”

Even as she cried, a small laugh bubbled out, "Libbi says that to me…"

His mouth hovered over hers, "She's a smart kid…"

"I shouldn’t have left…I…I didn't know that I was pregnant Arnavji…I swear, I didn't know…and by the time I did, I thought you didn't want me…"

Arnav withdrew, and led her to sit once more…

As he crouched down in front of her, he held her hands, "Khushi…I was late because of what Dadi told me…and by the time I realized what a fucking bastard I was, you had left, and I didn't blame you. Not one bit. I instantly began a search for you…I was desperate, nearly on the verge of insanity…"

She was about to speak, but he shook his head, "Let me finish, and the reason I held back on our first night together, was because I thought, since I have always been so rough with you, that I should be gentle, especially since it was painful for you…"

"Only for that brief moment…"

Arnav lifted his fingers to her mouth, "Shhh…I know, but even causing you THAT pain made me angry at myself…"

"That pain I could handle, but the pain of losing you…I…"

"I love you…"

Khushi trembled at his declaration.

"I am in love with you, my wife, and I desperately want to prove that to you…"

When she didn't respond, he became desperate...

He inched closer, kissing her hands, "You wanted Arnav Singh Raizada's passion Khushi? You're damn well going to get it!"

He stood up and marched out of sight, leaving Khushi sitting alone, and completely astounded…

She was about to cry, thinking he'd left, when she heard him yelling…

"You will ALL be paid for tonight, but for now, you all need to leave. RIGHT NOW!"

The elevator sounded, and she heard the staff enter…

Oh…he's sending…everyone…home…OH GOD! He wants…He wants to…

Standing up in a hurry, she started forwards, only to stop again.

Her mind was now in a frenzy…

He wants to make love to me! But no! He wouldn't! Not this soon! Would he? It's been so long! Too long…

She shook her head…

Oh GOD! What do I do? It's been nine years…we both waited for each other for nine years…but he hurt me! But…but I left…and…

Her hands were now clasping to her head, the intensity of her thoughts causing mild pain…

Nine years…Nine…I can't take any more pain…anymore loneliness…I love him…He says he loves me…can I trust him? Dare I trust him?

No sooner had she thought that, he yanked down the white partition that divided them, and stormed towards her, clamping his mouth over hers…

His hands assuredly roamed over her back and searched for the zip and slid it down…

The dress gaped and came forward under his exploring hands.

Her skin heated as his hands found their way to the softness of her back as he stroked her lightly with his fingers.

She tried to back away, sucking in air as she spoke…"Arnavji…it's…it's too soon…I…”

He took hold of her, shaking her delicately, "TOO SOON!? No Khushi, not soon enough!"

She was running out of excuses to resist him.

"You might feel shocked, overwhelmed, but right now…I haven't been with you for NINE years, and I'm going to show MY WIFE just how badly I want her!"

And he slammed his mouth on hers, kissing her with renewed passion.

Her dress fell to the ground and he lifted her up, swinging her around, kicking the material aside…


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