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SS : Heartbeats Part 6

When arnav finally released Khushi from his kiss, he held her close, nearly in a state of euphoria…

But Khushi, was silent.

Her heart was stuttering…

How am I going to tell Libbi? How am I going to face my family again? How can I leave Veena and Raj? After all this time…

"Khushi, I love you…I love you so much! I can't wait to meet Libbi properly! Oh God I hope she likes me! I'm sure she loves to argue just like you and-"

Arnav stopped, feeling Khushi's body grow slack…"Khushi?"

Wary of what he would see, he pulled back to look at her…

Khushi looked pale…

"Khushi? What's wrong? Khushi?"

He led her gently towards the couch in his office and seated himself close beside her…

She was taking measured breaths which only gave away her need to try and calm down…

"Khushi, I know this is a lot to take in…I know this is a shock…I…" he softly caressed her face, lifting her chin so he could lock onto her eyes…"I don't want to rush you…I've waited for so long, but for you, I could wait forever…I NEVER want to see you hurting again…"

Her lips parted, as she tried to choose her words, "I…I don't…I…"

Arnav nodded, encouraging her to talk…

"Libbi…she doesn't know about you…"

His heart fell, but his subconsious wasn't surprised, "I understand…I do Khushi…I can understand why you did what you did, and why you've tried to stay away…I hurt you, in many more ways than one…I deserve to be punished far more than just for nine years…"

Khushi's heart began to thud…

As much as he'd hurt her, she loved him, and her soul was latched onto his…

"Khushi…I'm sorry, I can't stop saying your name…I…I have been saying it over and over, but now…Khushi, my Khushi, you're here!"

Giving him a weak smile, Arnav's pulse sped up…"Oh I've missed your smile so much…"

Arnav moved closer still and commanded her stare, "Khushi, I want to ask you something…I respect you, and I love you…I know you have raised our daughter, and I know that all this is quite a shock and change, so I would like to ask you, as the mother of our child…will you let me meet her? See her?...will you give me a chance to be her father…" he slid off the couch and onto his knees…"Will you give me another chance to be your husband…I want to love you and care for you so desperately…"

Khushi tried to think of something to say…

But her mind and body were numb…

Arnav's heart clenched seeing his Khushi so guarded…

He gave her hands a squeeze and lifted them to his lips, kissing her fingers delicately…"Don't think about it now…You don't need to make decisions now…and as much as want to rush into things, I moreso want you to be happy…"

As he pulled her into his arms, he could feel that her body was still stiff…

She's thinking about so much…too many burdens for her…

"Khushi, don't think about anything…maybe we can just…just talk for awhile…I've missed your continuous chatter…"

Her dark eyes stared blankly into his…"I…I didn't know…"

Arnav quirked his brow…"I can see that…I haven't told any of the employees my name yet as this is the first day of the takeover…I did tell Ms Gomall, I'm surprised she didn't tell you…"

"She didn't…she almost did…but she didn't…"

Frowning, Arnav held her hand tighter, "Khushi…It's okay…can't you see that I'm not angry…I'm far far from it…"

Khushi nodded speedily, her ponytail swishing behind her…

"Okay, I'LL talk…" he cleared his throat, "I had Ms Gomall  ask me only this morning when I was going to address the staff, and I refused…I haven't been handling things very well…"

As Arnav settled back into the couch, his arm wrapped around her as he continued to talk…

But Khushi's could barely  concentrate…

I'm sitting here. In an office. At my new workplace. With Arnavji. With Arnav Singh Raizada. With my…my husband…

She took a shaky breath in, and Arnav paused…

Lifting his hand, Arnav gently turned her face to his…"Khushi?"

Her eyes blinked…

"Khushi, keep calm…I'm not going to push you, I'm not going to demand anything…right now, I'm extraordinarily content to just be sitting here, holding you, talking to you…"


"Blast it," and Arnav gripped the back of her neck tighter and pulled her in for a kiss, letting his lips brush hers, not coaxing her to respond, just offering his own solace…


"Damn it! I need to go, NOW!"

Raj jumped up and grabbed his jacket...

"No! Raj, don't to anything rash!"

"I can't just sit here Mum!!!"

And both Libbi and Veena jumped when they heard the front door slam...

"Uh...what made him so upset?"

"well..." she cleared her voice..."I...we ..."

Libbi stood up and crossed her arms...

Momentarily admiring Libbi's tough little action, Veena quickly made up something..."He realized that...that he ran out of chocolate..."

"What the!?" Libbi's jaw dropped... "So Uncle Raj is upset because there was no CHOCOLATE in the house?"

Veena inwardly laughed at what she had told Libbi, but agreed, "Yes, He…he rushed out because, because…well you KNOW how much he loves his chocolate!"

Libbi threw her arms up and giggled, "I knew he loved it, but I didn't realized he could get so angry about it!"

Veena smiled and leaned over to the table, pouring Libbi a drink of juice, "With love, comes anger…but with anger comes love…"

Libbi squinted…"Is that a riddle?"

"Hmm…that's a good question…"

 "I don't understand grownups..." she said as orange juice dripped down over her chin....

Veena shook her head and sighed..."Neither do I..."


Raj nearly ran into the office building where Khushi worked…

Anne instantly recognized him from when she had interviewed Khushi…

Once he was in front of her, his bent over, his hands resting on his knees as he tried to catch his breath…

"What's wrong?!?" Anne asked half in worry, half in anticipation…

He was panting as he planted one hand on Anne's desk…, "…your boss…the new owner of this company …is Khushi's husband!"

"WHAT!?" Anne's shocked screech silenced the office…

Raj nodded, "I saw it in the paper, he has been searching for Khushi all these years! So has her family…"

Anne was now standing, her hands shaking not knowing what to do, "Oh…OH NO! She's in there! She took files into his office! And…and she hasn't come out yet!!!"

With eyes draining, Raj bolted towards Arnav's office…


Their mouths parted and Arnav gazed down at her lips; moist and trembling…

"You're so beautiful Khushi…"

He forced himself to move back and give her some space…

"So…" his palms were itching to touch her again, "so where have you been Khushi? Have you been looked after?"

Khushi's eyes were busy staring at him…

My husband…He did come…I should have waited longer…is this…is this MY fault?

The sound of the office door busting open jerked her out of her musings…

Arnav immediately stood up, blocking her with his body…"What the?"

But before he could say anymore, Raj has stormed forwards and grabbed Arnav by the collar…

Arnav was just about to fight back when Raj yelled…


He saw Raj lift his fist, ready to bring down a hard punch to his face, but instead of readying himself to block the attack, Arnav closed his eyes…


Khushi kicked off her shoes, and jumped off the couch, darting to their viscious huddle…

"Don't hit him!!! Raj stop!!!"

Arnav felt his heart thudding hard…

Raj's clenched fist was paused in mid air…"No Khushi! I consider you my sister! My friend! My family! You went through hell! I need to avenge you!"



Raj and Khushi fell silent.

Arnav screamed again, "LET HIM HIT ME KHUSHI!"


His eyes swooped open and zoned in on hers, "Khushi…I do not blame him. I respect him. He is standing up for you. He is defending you. And you deserve that…" he saw his words sinking in…"Let him…"

Raj dropped his hands, releasing Arnav…"You won't even fight back? Nothing? You just want to take a beating?"

Not even bothering to straighten his shirt, Arnav nodded…"Yes." he lowered his arms, "Have at it…"

"Don't tempt me! I will!"

"I am offering you a once in a lifetime chance! I WANT you to hit me!"

Raj smirked, "Oh I see! I'm being ALLOWED to punch you!?"

"It's not like that! I'm saying that I deserve it!"

Stiffening, Raj took a menacing step forwards, "You better fucking believe that you deserve it!"

The fire in Arnav's eyes was blaring even hotter…"Then what are you waiting for!!!"

Roaring with fury, Raj drew his fist back…


Khushi bolted towards Arnav and threw her body onto his…

Arnav's arms instantly enveloped her as he spun her around, his back now facing Raj…

His angry eyes were now burning into hers…"What do you think you're doing!?"

Her fingernails were digging into his arms…"I don't want you hurt…"

"I deserve it Khushi!"

She shook her head, her tears now showing, "No…No…I should have stayed…I should have waited…"

Arnav shook her, "Stop it Khushi! STOP IT!"

Raj was now dumbfounded, "You two are ridiculous!!! Are you always like this!?"

Arnav and Khushi both looked around and snapped…"YES!"

When their eyes relocked, Arnav was ready to argue, "How…HOW could you blame yourself? You waited for a LONG time Khushi…I shouldn't have let anyone or anything stop me from going to you!"

"That's for damn sure!" Raj muttered…

Arnav glanced back, throwing Raj and angry look…

"Look, MR Raizada, I know you've been looking for her, I can see that you love her…"

Focusing on Khushi, Arnav growled, "yes…I love her…"

She shivered in his embrace…

"Then, can you both sit down so we can talk?"

Arnav rolled his eyes…"That's what we were doing when you barged in here…"

"I…I need to…"

Both men stopped moving, talking, breathing…and faced her…

Khushi's eyes were watering, her countinence starting to slacken…"I just need a minute of quiet please…please…"

Arnav quickly lifted her in his arms as Raj took her hand saying, "Ofcourse, Khushi come sit…"

As Arnav sat down, keeping her in his arms, Khushi's immediate surroundings were crowded with two men who were literally at her beck and call…

Overwhelmed with the amount of love and care she was receiving, she found herself sobbing…

"Khushi, shhhh…..please, you're tears kill me…I'm not angry, I can see that Raj cares for you a lot…"

Raj patted her hand…"Khushi, come on, don't cry…we're both here for you…"

Her hand held on tight to Raj as her face burrowed into the crook of Arnav's neck…"I don't know…I don't know what's going on anymore…"

"SHhhh…" Arnav smoothed his hand over her hair…

"I hate feeling this way! I thought this was over!" her tone was frustrated…

"Khushi, you've been running ever since we met you…we love you, we want to keep you safe, and we love Libbi, but we KNEW that you'd never stop running until you ran into your husband's arms!"

Arnav looked at Raj…"I'm sorry…I'm truly sorry! I came for her, but I took too long…I've lived with that guilt for years…and I've prayed, every day, that I would find her…"

Raj nodded, "I realize that now…I still want to give you a good punch on the nose, but I  can see that you love her…"

"I do…"

Khushi couldn't take anymore…"Please! Please be quiet! Please!"

Arnav instantly hushed, but Raj made a face at her and whispered…"Yes your highness…"

Khushi's face turned to him and she glared, but slowly, a smile began to glow across her face…

Grunting softly, Raj stood up…"I'll leave you two alone…but I'll wait outside if you need me…"

Khushi blinked…"Okay…"


He turned to face Arnav…

"Thankyou…I don't want to take Khushi out of your life either…I don't want to do anything that would hurt her…"

As the door quietly shut behind Raj, Arnav closed his eyes, loving to be able to hold his wife again...

"You really did come for me?"

Arnav's unwavering gaze shot down at her…"Yes."

"You…you aren't angry at me?"

"No. Not even slightly…can't you tell? I'm so, completely and utterly, overjoyed that you are here…" his voice broke…"Only this morning, I was traumatized with memories or you, in fear that I would never find you…and now…here you are…"

Keeping her voice whisper quiet, she asked, "Even after all these years…all these years…and I…"

"You did nothing wrong…" he swooped in and suctioned his mouth to hers so swiftly that her small gasp echoed throughout the room…

His hand slid up behind her head and he held her close as his mouth left hers, "Khushi, you understand the darkest corners of my mixed up soul…Only you can bring light back into my life…"

Her heart rate increased triple time…"…kiss me again, Arnavji? Please?”

“Anything, my wife.”

He hauled her tightly into his arms, meshing his mouth with hers.

This kiss was hot, deep, wet and dripping with promises…

“I love you,” he whispered…

The joy and shock within her couldn’t be contained, and she whimpered as he slowly pulled the tie from her hair and tossed it onto the ground.

Her long hair hair spilled past her shoulders, a wavy, wild mess that he brushed out of her face with his hands.

So much she could hardly stand it…

She reached up, cupping his warm, stubble-covered face, stroking her thumb across his chin, unable to get enough of him now that she had him in front of her…

He smiled, the sight of her almost stealing his breath…"You look beautiful…I mean…absolutely stunning…"

"This morning, Libbi told me that I look like her Barbie doll…"

Arnav's laughter filled the room, and seeing him so free, made her laugh too…

"I haven't seen you laugh like this since we broke the bed..."

The memory of that only ignited his happiness even further..."Oh God! That was hilarious!"

Khushi felt the joy begin to suffocate her, and soon broke down into tears...

Arnav hauled her closer, "No no no shhhhhh...We're together again...and we can take as much time as we need to get used to this...as much time...as long as I have you, I'm happy..."


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