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SS : Heartbeats Part 7

"So…when would you like to meet Libbi?"

Arnav studied her expression…

So guarded…

He frowned and rubbed a lock of her hair between his fingertips, "Khushi, when would 
YOU feel comfortable for me to meet her?"

She widened her eyes, "…you…you are…you're…"

He squeezed her tighter and covered her mouth with his in a deep, searching kiss 
that ended far too quickly for his liking…

"I am her father, I'm aware of that…but I'm not about to cause any havoc in either of 
your lives…I won't lie, I'm actually nervous about meeting her…"

Khushi softened slightly, "She won't bite…she grew out of that years ago…"

Arnav smiled, "Oh really?" he chuckled, "has she ever asked about me?"

Nodding sadly, Khushi continued, "She has asked on many occasions about her 
father…but…but I'm so sorry…I couldn't bring myself to talk about you…"

His face fell, looking pained and angry…"Why should you? I was the man who
 didn't show up, who left you standing alone and heartbroken…I wouldn't have 
mentioned me…"

Khushi's hand rested on his chest, and she pressed her palm more firmly against his heart…"I'm sorry…"

Arnav shook his head, "Shh…I don’t blame you Khushi…can't you see that!?"

For a few heartbeats, Arnav did nothing but stare at her soft pout…

Every drop of blood fled his brain…

He hadn't experienced this kind of burning need for anyone other than her…

"I should have waited…"

Her words brought him back to the moment and when his mind played them back, 
he felt strong frustration…"Khushi, I don't want to hear you say that again!"

Keeping her in his arms, he stood up and marched over to his desk, and dropped 
her on the tabletop in front of him…

She began to feel scared and tried to move so that she wasn't blocking his computer…

His eyes were dark and foreboding as his body loomed over hers… "STAY STILL!"

Khushi froze…"Ar…Arnavji…"


She swallowed past the angst clogging her throat and remained quiet.

His hands were resting on  the desk on either side of her thighs as he leaned 
in…"Khushi…Let me tell you something…I am thrilled to learn that I have a 
daughter, but for the past 9 years, I have missed YOU! I have wanted YOU! And I am 
not about to lose you…I already have a heart bursting with love for our little girl…but 
I have to be honest to myself and to you…I want YOU back…more than anything 
or anyone…YOU!"

"You want ME back?"

"OH MY GOD KHUSHI!!!" he roared in aggravation…

In less than a second, Arnav pulled her body against his, keeping her seated and 
him standing tall above her…


Her lips were trembling and her heart racing…

He pushed his body closer, forcing her to arch her back…

"I'm not the man I once was Khushi! I have seen what life is like without you…and 
I fucking HATE it! I will do, whatever it takes to make you happy! To make Libbi happy!"

And with that forceful and passionate declaration, he swooped down and claimed 
her with a kiss…

Her lips parted with shock and Arnav took full advantage, his tongue delving into 
her wet mouth…

To his thrilled astonishment, Khushi moaned loudly and responded with fervour…

His touch was awakening sensations inside her that had been dormant, and her 
body was now burning…

The grip of his hands on her tightened, and he held her firmly in place…

The pressure increased as his tongue prodded her lips open wider, and she almost 
fainted from the intensity of the intrusion.

His breath tasted of something fruity and exotic and his clever tongue was thrusting 
at just the right speed to cause maximum arousal.

Slow, slow, fast. Slow, slow, fast.

Breaths mingled.

Tongues tangled and time stood still.

Arnav pulled her pelvis closer and Khushi moaned as she felt hot liquid seep onto
her underwear as her whole body tingled with unbelievable sensations and 
scorching heat.

Managing a harsh gasp, she tried to speak…"Arnavji!...I…"

“Shut up and don’t move.”

He pulled her closer, rubbing the hard length of his erection against her body, 
confirming he was as aroused as she was.

Steamy memories of them both naked and writhing together on a soft blanket 
on the floor flashed through her mind.

Khushi could almost feel his sweat dripping on to her chest as he thrust inside 
her, ripping her innocence, devouring her every whimper…


With a pain that made it hard to breathe, Khushi pushed herself away from Arnav..


Arnav knew that reaction wasn't far off…

He knew that sooner or later, her pain would catch up…


She scrambled off his desk and raced out of the room, running down the corridor 
in the opposite direction to Anne…


Arnav didn't want to terrorize her, but seeing her flee only summoned an intense 
desperation inside him…

Taking off just as fast, he chased after her.

He caught up with her as she stood inside an elevator at the other end of the 
building, frantically trying to close the doors on him.

“Leave me alone you! NO!”

Arnav pushed the doors back open enough to allow him to move in beside her 
before they closed again.

“What the! What the hell is wrong with you?”

Arnav stalked her slowly, but she continued to move away…


"Khushi…" he couldn't breathe…"I'm sorry…I'm so sorry…I MEANT what I said…
I love you! I need you!"

She moved to the far end of the elevator, trapped in a corner, as far away from him 
as she could get.

"Please don't come any closer…"

“I'm staying here…Khushi…believe me…please…”

Angry eyes lifted to his…"WHY!? Why should I believe you!? I had such trust in you! 
YOU even asked ME to never leave you! And so I stayed, as long as I could…how 
was I to know that you FINALLY changed your mind!?"

"I know…I know what I did…and it is inexcuseable! But I haven't spent these last 
9 years searching for you only to lose you again!"

He pressed the stop button and the elevator crunched to a halt… “I’m a man who 
doesn’t give up on something he wants until he exhausts all avenues. And I 
want YOU, Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada!”

Khushi's voice was now rasping and shaky, “What are you doing? Release 
the elevator…pl…please?”

Her eyes widened in fear and he knew he’d gone too far.

Releasing the button, he moved back to the wall, his palms up and outward in 

She looked away, making a fist with her right hand and tapping it against her leg.

Arnav looked up to the ceiling, wondering how he was going to convince her he 
was serious.

"I can't lose you again…"

"You never had me…" she spat out bitterly…

The wary look in his eyes turned to annoyance...“Oh yes I did Khushi! Don't ruin 
what we had!"

"ME!? You don't want ME to ruin it!?"

He cringed, "No…I didn't mean…NO Khushi I'm…" he raked his hand through his hair…"Khushi…I am your husband, and I don't care how long this takes, but I will 
have you! I LOVE you!"

Her hands now rested on her hips…"Ha! This is all just a game to you isn't it 
Mr. Raizada!? You want to win! You want to dominate! You get enjoyment out of 
playing with peoples’ lives, don't you?”

Fuck. That went well.

Arnav shook his head.

With every word of his bungled explanation, he fell deeper and deeper in shit.

He didn’t know how this woman, from the beginning of their relationship, made him 
want to explain himself.

Before her, he saw no need for explanations.

He never explained.

He just did.

"My feelings are not a game anymore!"

Her final statement hit him so hard that his soul burst with feral fury…

Backing her up against the wall of the elevator, he slammed both his hands on 
either side of her head.

“GAME!? I break the heart of the woman I love and then she goes missing for years!? 
GAME!? I wasn't even LIVING until you walked into my office not 20 minutes ago!"

Arnav shook her and yelled, "Damn it, Does this feel like a game to you!?”

Khushi’s eyes widened and her mouth opened in protest as he kissed her again.

He devoured her mouth as both their bodies reacted to the magnetic chemistry 
between them.

He was positive to her negative, and they were powerless to break the field.

The soft sighing sound she made in her throat, and the amazing smell of her satiny 
skin had his whole body igniting.

She had melted once more, the moment his lips touched hers…

He knew he was a bloody fool for hurting her, but he wasn’t letting her get away from 
him again…

Let her hit me, torture me, hate me, scream at me…no matter what, I will prove my love 
to this woman…

Taking a chance, He slipped his hands under the hem of her skirt and skimmed 
across her satiny skin.

He felt her shiver in response.

He smiled inwardly, revelling in her body’s response to his touch.

When her hands crept up around his neck, her breasts flattened hard against his 
chest, and he could feel her nipples budding.

Slipping one hand further upwards, he found her panties and dipped inside, finding 
her more than a little dampness.

"Oh my God," he groaned, feeling his pants grow tighter with the strain…

His other hand now skimmed over her lacy bra to lightly cup her breast.

I remember this…the feel of her…the softness…oh God she's here…here…

Her nipple elongated under his touch, begging him to squeeze it.

She gasped into his mouth and his erection pressed painfully against his trousers, 
invoking a harsh grunt from his chest.

Finally the elevator hit the basement floor and the doors opened and he stealthily 
removed his hands, but the kiss continued, their breathing getting more and more 
ragged as the minutes ticked by.

The sound of discreet coughing finally broke through the trance he was in, and he 
slowly released her lips.

An older lady janitor was smirking, but also shaking her head before she slowly 
walked away…

And the doors closed again, leaving the elevator stationary…

When he glanced back, he couldn’t help smiling at her passion-dazed eyes.

The sound of a mobile phone chiming out the theme tune to 'Dabaang' broke the 

Khushi continued to look at him in a daze for a few more seconds before reaching 
for her phone…

Without breaking eye contact, she spoke.


Khushi's head could barely register the voice on the other end…

There's talking…but…but he's looking at me…I…I can't…

Arnav saw the phone slipping from her hand, and caught it quickly…

Lifting it to his ear, he cleared his throat, eyes still locked with Khushi…


"Who is this!?"

Arnav froze.

A woman's voice.

"Um…This is Arnav Singh Raizada…"

There was a pause…and then, "I see…has my son threatened to beat you up yet?"

His lips quirked slightly, "He sure has…and almost did…I wouldn't blame him…I know 
what I did…"

"…do you?"

His heart started to hurt…"I know what I did, and I wish I had found her sooner…"

"Yes, we read in the paper that you were searching for her…"

"A standing article in New Delhi's paper, for the last 9 years…they called the first few 
years to confirm if I still wanted it printed, but I never gave up hope…"

Arnav heard the woman sigh…

"Look 'husband'…I love Khushi as my own, and I know that you and her family love 
her too…but I have been the one who has held her as she cried, who looked after her 
as she was pregnant, who saved her from severe blood loss while she gave birth…
she's a damaged soul…but her spirit keeps her fighting…and her heartbeat keeps 
her love alive…"

Arnav could see Khushi's eyes welling up, as though she knew what this woman 
was saying…

"I am Veena, Raj's mother…we have much to talk about…I feel that I can offer more 
information than Khushi, as she doesn't remember everything…her subconscious 
has blocked it out…"

Arnav's thumb was gently moving over Khushi's cheek, swiping her salty tears away…

"I would like to talk with you very much…only if my wife is okay with that…"

"You are being sensitive to her feelings?"

Arnav nodded, "Yes…moreso than mine, moreso than anyone's…I only want her 
happiness…I don't want to cause any disruption in hers, or Libbi's life…"

Khushi saw his lips moving, but couldn't quite concentrate…

I'm in his arms…he's here…body against mine…I…I don't know what I'm doing…I want to hold on, but I want to run away…

Arnav could see her thinking…

"Can I arrange a time to meet with you? Maybe you could come to my office tomorrow, 
along with Khushi?"

"You're not insisting to meet Libbi straight away?"

"I will meet her when Khushi is ready for me to meet her…Right now, I have my wife 
in front of me…and I can't thank God enough…"

"May I speak to her again please?"


But before Arnav could pass the phone back, Veena quickly added…"Do not hurt her 
again Mr. Raizada."

"That's the last thing I would EVER do…"

And he held the phone to Khushi's ear…

"Khushi? Khushi, listen to me…I can hear you panting…Just listen…You love this 
man…I know you do…and even though you have tried to hide those feelings even 
from me, I know and have sensed them…Let yourself be loved Khushi…I am here 
for you, so is Raj…"

The line clicked.

Arnav heard the faint dial tone and slid her phone into his pants pocket…

His hands slowly moved up to hold her face, "Khushi…It's lunchtime…how about 
you take the rest of the day off, and maybe we could meet for dinner? Give you some 
time to go and talk with Veena and Raj…"

Khushi blinked once, and then again…"O…k…ay…"

Arnav stepped forwards, pressing his body into hers, drawing a soft moan from her 

"Breathe in…"

Her lips trembled, but she inhaled deeply…

And on her intake of breath, Arnav suctioned his mouth to hers, taking her lips 

Khushi felt heady with desire and her hands now clutched tightly to his shirt…

When he finally withdrew, she was mumbling confusedly…

"Shhhh….Shhh…." Arnav whispered against her mouth as he pressed the button 
to the ground floor.

As the elevator began to move, Khushi clung tighter…

"We're just going back to the office level, you and Raj can take my car, or I can have 
my staff drive you home…"

Khushi said nothing…

As the door slid open, Khushi moved to walk out, her legs wobbly…

But Arnav touched her arm, stopping her, her back now resting on his chest…

“I'll see you tonight…Say 7.30pm?"


He frowned…"If that time doesn't work, you name the time…"

"That…it's just…"

Arnav slowly turned her in his arms, and their gazed met once more…"Tell me…really 
Khushi…you could recite the first page of our company's business statement and it 
would hold my complete attention…hearing your voice after all this time is just…it's 

And finally, she smiled…

Smiled wide, the beauty of it blinding him…

"I…it's just…7:30 is Libbi's bedtime…I sit with her, read her a story…"

Arnav felt a warmth spread over his heart…"What stories does she like…?"

"Mainly fairytales…Beauty and the Beast is her favorite…"

He grinned, "Then how about 8.30pm?"

Khushi nodded, "Yes, that would be fine…"

"Good, because it appears I will be busy at 7.30pm too…"


"I have to catch up on my reading too…I'll read that same story, at 7:30, right along 
with you…my first storytime…with my family…"

"You'll… You'll be…"

"Yes…" and he leaned in, brushing his lips on her cheek…"I'll call you just before 
8:30 and you can tell me where to pick you up…"

And with that, he watched Khushi walk away, knowing that this time, she wasn't 
leaving his life.

When Khushi finally appeared in the corridor, Raj bolted towards her…

"KHUSHI! Are you alright?"

She continued walking, her eyes looking at the floor…"I can take the afternoon off…"

"Good, I think you need it…"

Anne was also by her side, "I think you deserve it! I can't believe I just left you to face 
him alone! And knowing what a monster he is!"

That brought a smile to Khushi's lips…"Monster?"

Anne nodded, "Yes…he's a monster, tycoon, taskmaster! A Beast!"

Lifting her eyes to her friend, Khushi took her hand…"Yes, he is exactly what you 
say…but he has the heart of a prince…"


 sorry it's short! I've been soooooooo busy this weekend... 


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