Friday, November 8, 2013

SS : Heartbeats Part 1

Arnav Singh Raizada couldn't move, and yet his heartbeat raced...

His eyes were glued to the small 9 year old girl in front of him.

Long hair...

Dark eyes...

The cutest smile he had ever seen...

An absolute delight...

The spitting image of Khushi.

The woman he loved.

The woman he lost.

Ever since the day she left him, he had been living a worthless life.

His Dadi had convinced him to walk out on their marriage.

And even though his heart screamed to go to her, he turned the other way, and in 
hatred, left her standing alone, waiting for him.


Until he remembered what his mother once told him about the rose and the thorn...


"Shit! No! I've...I've punished the wrong person! NO! GOD NO!"

Bolting from the garden where he grew up, he pushed up from dirt beneath his knees 
and rushed towards the mandir...

But he was too late...

"She's gone."

Arnav's face turned pale..."What do you mean she's GONE!?"

Anjali was incoherent as she spoke, her voice in anguish..."She stayed for so long 
Chote...she trusted that you'd come...but...but she was so distraught...she...she..."

With a panic that consumed him, Arnav raced to the door..."I'm going to find her!"

But Akash stopped him, "Bhai...she left twenty minutes ago..."

"Chote..." Nani called out firmly..."I cannot believe that you did this...I even knew of 
Garima all along...but I never once blamed was your father who also lied 
to her and broke her heart... as well as my daughter's...but you..." her eyes tore away
 from his..."I never thought that YOU would do this to Khushi...just to hurt her...
for something she had no part in...she trusted you! With EVERYTHING! Her whole 

Arnav felt a vile sickness spread across his chest...

He shook his head..."No...she...she..."

His mind was plagued with their passion from the night before..."She trusted me...with 
her heart...with her body..."

A sobbing filtered into his thoughts...

He spun to face Garima...

She was crying endlessly, calling out for her daughter...

He fell to his knees before her..."Forgive me...forgive me please..."

But all Garima could say was..." Khushi..."

Arnav's body shook as he clamoured away, now staring up at Nani and Buaji...

They could see the devastation in his eyes...

His heart felt crushed with such severe loss...

"Where..." he breathed..."Where would she go?"

Pushing himself to his feet, he screamed..."WHERE WOULD SHE GO!?"

*End of Flashback*

And no one had seen her from that day.

Even though he had hired an army to search for her, she remained missing...

But now, with this little vision that stood before him, the pain that had numbed his 
heart for nearly 9 years, resurfaced with a vengeance...

He was desperately trying to breathe...

The small dark haired girl was muttering to herself, just like Khushi used to...

But suddenly, she began to cry...

"Mummy?..." she began to look around..."Mummy?"

His soul hurt seeing her tears, just like Khushi's tears used to tear at his heart...

He unconsciously took a step towards her, but immediately stopped when a man 
rushed up towards her...


The little girl's eyes lit up and she ran to the man, jumping into his arms screaming...


He held her tight and patted her back..."Hey....shhhh....It's okay..."

When she calmed, she pushed back and crossed her arms..."Where did you go!?"

The man grinned and set her back on her feet, "Now don't get all huffy with me 
Libbi...It's not my fault that you CONSTANTLY wander away! Just like your mother!"

Libbi began to laugh..."Has mummy finished at her interview?"

Arnav felt his heart soar hearing Libbi's laugh...

Libbi, what a sweet name...

"She should be out in a minute..."

Arnav's trance was broken by Akash walking up beside him..."Bhai?"

Tearing his eyes away, he acknowledged his brother..."So?"

Akash smiled, "It's official, We take over this company in a month's time...they are 

having a huge staff turnaround and are hiring as we speak..."

Arnav nodded..."Good, new staff will work well with a new manager."

"But Bhai, we can HIRE someone else to run this don't need to keep 
moving so far away to start up our businesses..."

"I need to..." Arnav's voice broke..."I...I need to ..."

Akash knew that it was Arnav's way of coping...

Whenever he entered Shantivan, a dark cloud of pain would encompass him...

Anything that gave him the memory of Khushi would completely and utterly disarm 
him, sending him into depression.

"Well, look...I'll go pick up Di and Payal from the cafe next door...shall I meet you in 
the car?"

"What?...oh sure sure..."

Akash had now got used to Arnav's completely backhanded behavior...

He no longer possessed any ASR inside him...

Arnav heard the automatic doors shut behind him as Akash left the building...

"Another office..." he sighed ..." it even worth it...?"


The little girls squeel made him spin around...

"There's my baby!!!! How's my little heartbeat!?"

A woman dressed in a pinstripe business suit and killer heels ran up to the little girl 
and pulled her up into a tight embrace...


This woman wasn't very tall, but her legs seemed to go on forever...

He could tell she had long hair, even though it was tied up in a pony tail...

His heart felt as though it had been stabbed...

This is the life I could have had...with Khushi...

"So? Did you get the job?"

"I sure did baby! I sure did! I start tomorrow!"

Arnav shuddered...

He could hear Khushi's voice in his head...

The mother still had her back to Arnav when the interviewer approached them...

"Here, I forgot to give you this training manual...If you can read up on this tonight, 
then there will be less to learn tomorrow..."


The interviewer, an older lady, looked towards Libbi..."And who is this delightful 
young lady?"

"I'm Libbi..." the little girl said confidently...

"Libbi?" the lady shook her little hand..."What an unusual name...what does it mean?"

"I'm a little heartbeat!"

The mother laughed..."Libbi means heartbeat..."


Arnav couldn't take anymore...

The pain was igniting inside him once again...

"I have to get out of here..."

And he turned around instantly, and left...

The moment that Arnav had turned, so did the mother...

"Uncle! Did you hear!? Mummy got the job!"

Rajesh smiled..."I heard Libby, as did the rest of the building I think..."

"Thankyou for your help Raj, after all the interviews I've been on, I was really hoping 
to get this one..."

"You know I'd do anything to help you...After all we've been though, you're like my 
very own sister..."

They were about to walk out when..."Oh I forgot one more thing..." the interviewer 
approached them once more..."see this is why I need an assistant..." she 
laughed..."Your name badge and security let you in..."

"...thankyou so much, I look forward to starting tomorrow..."

Libbi took the badge from her mum, and held it up to read...

"Khushi Kumari Gupta"

I wrote this in five I'm sorry if it isn't good or full of spelling errors :P
Comment if you want more :D


  1. Beautiful story. I am a fan of your writing, this one is amazing with little Libbi. What a beautiful name. Good luck.

  2. Thank you, I can't wait to read more, loved this as I love all your stories

  3. Firstly what a clever name for the little girl

    And I love this by just reading the first part

    So neither have any knowledge that both will be working together interesting

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  7. Seems relli interesting

    M sooooo glad you planned on writing this story, I've always wanted someone to write abt khushis life if she would have left before arnav reached the wedding venue and also how shattered arnav would've been

    So readin all this from one of my favourite writer is like woohhooooo

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  8. Oh fantastic!! Please update soon:)

  9. Sarah, this is going to be one incredible story !

    A 9 years old small girl, Libbi stood there, a spitting image of Khushi, who according to Arnav had died long back.

    Should i call him poor guy, or serves him right that Khushi left him and went away ! The ASR in Arnav had died.

    Arnav became like a lost soul. Depressed as soon as he entered ' Shantivan ' , his house. Akash poor guy doing half the running around because his brother , Arnav used to just go into a trance !

    So, Arnav had bought over another company and they were to start working from the next day itself ! But Arnav was unhappy ! For him taking over another company didnt matter much as he was still mourning Khushi ! Truly The ASR inside him had died, vanished into thin air !

    LIBBI, meaning Heartbeat ( DHAK DHAK )

    After the interview when a lady comes out totally formally dressed, Libbi squels MUMMY !! Arnav standing and witnessing them thinks about Khushi and thinks that this would have been his life, his wife Khushi and their child ! His family !

    Ahh !! At last the lady speaks and all Arnav can hear is Khushi's voice resounding in his head, so he turns and walks out of the building. Arnav hadn't seen the lady's face as her back was towards him...

    Can you imagine, even in this state of mind, he noticed the lady, whom Libbi had called out for ! He noticed her way of dressing, her long legs, her hair, that she wore a pin-stripped straight skirt !

    Libbi, reads out the name on her mother's badge, who had just her job..... KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA !?!?!?! Sarah that means Khushi hadn't died ! Wow ! This is going to be interesting ! *nindy grins*