Sunday, December 22, 2013

OS : The Christmas Present

The Christmas Present

Christmas Eve.

Arnav was driving slightly over the speed limit…

"Look, I am already late in giving my wife her gift! So you need to handle the business 
yourself! Say Hi to Payal for me…"

Arnav hung up and instantly his phone rang again…

"Hello Sweetie…" he said as calmly as he could…

"Are you home yet?"

"No, almost…are you still at Buaji's?"

"Yes….so I'll see you tomorrow okay?"

"Okay! I love you!"
The call ended…

And the phone rang again…

"Hello hunny…"

"I'm at Buaji's place…"

"I know…I'll see you tomorrow…I love you!"

The call ended again.

He drove for another five minutes when the phone rang AGAIN.

"Hi Luv! I know you're at Buaji's place…I'm on my way home, and I love you!"

He hung up, knowing that the phone would soon ring again…

Sure enough…only a minute later, the phone rang.

"Put me on speaker phone!!!!!"

A sharp noise resounded, and then he spoke…"Hello!!!! I am driving home now! I 
know you're at Buaji's house! I will see you all tomorrow! Now go and wrap pressents, 
or eat of something! I LOVE YOU!!!!!"

And he hung up.

He sighed as his heart began speeding…

"Two minutes away from home…"

Pulling into his driveway, he hurriedly switched off the engine and raced inside…

Sure enough, everyone was out.

Everyone had gone to Buaji's place for Christmas eve dinner and were staying the 

Not wanting to wait a minute more, he stormed forwards, taking the stairs two at 
a time…

And as he burst into his room, he was graced with the most beautiful sight in all the 


She instantly ran to him, and he caught her in his arms, holding her close…

"I missed you…so much…"

"Oh God, I missed you more…" she said nearly ready to explode with happiness…

"I am quitting! I don't want to work anymore!"

Khushi laughed, "But you OWN the company!"

He shrugged, "a mere detail! I don't want to go on anymore business trips if it means 
another two weeks away from you!"

"Oh, shut up please and kiss me!"

And what a kiss it was…

His arm wound tight around her waist as the other held her behind her neck, holding 
her to his ravenous kiss…

Unwilling to take another step, he pulled her to the floor, the sound of the breeze 
rustled through the trees, and the room glowed with candlelight…

Arnav pushed Khushi gently back, to lie in the moonlight, the pattern of the moons 
reflected in the dark pools of her eyes.

If it was at all possible, Arnav was sure that he would never love her more than he 
did right at that moment.

She had her tongue perched between her teeth as she reached up and pulled off his 
tie, slowly unbuttoning his shirt before he took charge of the situation again, quickly 
shedding jacket and shirt in one swift move that had Khushi panting with need.

“Are you in a hurry?” Khushi chuckled softly as she reached out and trailed her 
fingertips up his arm, across his shoulder and down his chest, her nails just scraping 
his nipple as she did so.

“No…” he gasped, “Yes…but as much as my body want to rush this, let's try and 
take this one slowly…”

Khushi’s response to that remark sent his pulses rocketing.

She simply sat up, smirked, and in one fluid motion pulled the dress over her head, 
revealing that all she was wearing under it was the sheerest of black lace... "Let's see 
how slow you can go then…"

He stared, dry-mouthed, as her skin shimmered, and she lay back, her arms raised, 
her hair spreading like a halo around her head, making her look ethereal.

He lay down beside her, his fingertips just grazing her skin as he touched her face, 
down her neck, across her collarbone, just teasing around her breast before reaching 
her nipple.

As it peaked further under his touch, she moaned and he grinned; it seemed that he 
was affecting her just as much as she was affecting him.

His trousers were by now uncomfortably tight, and he shifted slightly, pushing 
himself against her thigh, moaning with need himself now.

He wanted to make this last for her, but he was now balanced on a very fine knife edge.

He stood abruptly, kicked off his shoes, toed off his socks, all the while unbuckling 
his belt and undoing his trousers. He dragged them quickly off and flung them into the darkness, not caring where they landed, his whole being desperate to be buried 
inside her.

“Damn it Khushi... I need...need you. Now. Can’t wait any longer. I'm sorry. I wanted 
to make this a perfect gift for you...”

She sat up again…

His eyes burned as she reached out and enclosed her hand around his phallus…

Her fingers smoothed over the velvet-soft skin covering his hardness, making it 
twitch and jump…

"I can't…Khushi…I can't wait…"

He pulled her on top of him…

His erection touching her core as she leant forward, her nipples catching the sparse 
hair sprinkled over his chest, her lips ghosting over his as she whispered softly...  

“Take me…”

He grabbed the side of her black lace panties, and ripped them away…

Their breathing was harsh as he lifted her slightly, positioned himself, looked deep 
into her eyes and thrust himself as far as he could into her heat.

He saw stars behind his eyelids as she clamped down involuntarily on him and 
groaned as she brokenly moaned his name.

He stroked his palm against her cheek, and she turned slightly to plant an 
open-mouthed kiss against it, making him buck into her slightly as the tip of her 
tongue flicked against his skin.

It was that which finally broke his control, and he tumbled her over to lie on her 
back, raising one of her knees to rest against his hip.

Both his hands went beneath her arms and curled over her shoulders as he began
to thrust powerfully into her in earnest, growling deep in his throat as he raced towards completion.

Khushi knew at this pace she would not last long, but this was how she wanted it.

Hard, fast, deep and oh-so-good.

He was shining above her, the musical chimes of the wind heightening her senses 
and she felt herself spiralling out of control.

Her orgasm hit her with all the ferocity of a speeding bullet, her scream echoing as 
her body arched tight as a drawn bowstring, quickly followed by his long deep 
guttural groan as he too came, dragged into his orgasm by the power of hers, words 
falling from his lips in a strange but melodic language.

He rolled off her to lie beside her, pulling her into his arms.

She settled her head over his heart, feeling and hearing just how fast it was racing.

She turned her head slightly and kissed his chest as the same time as his lips touched 
her hair…

 "So…my Christmas pressent couldn't wait huh?"

Arnav started to laugh…"You are a temptress, wife of mine…I have so much control 
in my life, my business, my home…but with you…" his expression fell, "I'm sorry…"

She frowned, "What? Why?"

"You asked for this Christmas pressent, but I've…that stupid business trip…those two 
weeks I was away…It just…it's stopped me from…"

Khushi covered his mouth with her hand, "Are you crazy!? YOU work so hard to 
provide for our families…Why would you think that I would be disappointed!?"

He sighed, "Because I promised you that I-"

"I'm pregnant Arnavji."

He froze…."What?"

A smile broke out over her face, "I'm pregnant…"

"You…you mean…you mean that-"

"Yes. The day you went on your trip, I found out…"

Arnav was now smiling from ear to ear, "So THAT'S why you were so giddy the day 
I left! I thought that you were angry at me!"

Khushi smacked his chest, "NO! you idiot! I was angry that I would have to keep this 
secret for two more weeks!"

Arnav slammed his mouth to hers kissing her soundly…

"So then, this means…"

Khushi laughed, "This means, that you DID give me my Christmas pressent on time!"

He breathed a sigh of relief…"Thank God! You know how difficult it can be to time 
these things!?"

"Hahaha, I know…but you've never let me down…"

"So, do you suppose that your gift to me might be a son?"

Khushi pulled him over her and smirked, "Well, I'm sure Kanika, Nidhi, Mahez and 
Diya would love a little brother…"

Leaning into her, he replied, "Fifth time's the charm…"

"You should probably call them, they've miss you a lot…"

"Oh they called ME! I received phonecall after phonecall on my way here, until finally 
I called them all on speakerphone…"

Khushi grinned, "I see, so shall we go and tell them the good news?"

Arnav rolled her body beneath his, a wicked gleam in his eye, "Oh we will…tomorrow 
morning…but for now…I think you deserve another present…"


  1. I was so confused as to why Arnav was hurrying home to Khushi when she was at Buaji's

    Ah so it were their kids who were at Buaji's and he wanted to be alone with his wife

    my, my a very impatient Arnav

    1. HI :D I like to confuse my readers sometimes :P

  2. buaji's whose khushi's or the kids....... five kids ArHi did you ever heard of family planning...LOL

    loved the update.....

    make our christmas more merry by your updates

    1. with the amount of times they're having sex, i'm surprised they don't have a whole football team of kids :D

  3. Okay...
    I loved the Christmas present!
    LOLOL....kanika...Nidhi...Mahez...Diya and a son on his way!
    wow!! Loved it... <3 <3 <3

    Love you di...Merry Christmas to you and cutie Ben.. :* *flying kiss for him*


  4. Gosshhhh this one was sooo well written!!!

    So not only arnav gave his surprise to khushi but u also did surprise your 4 very ardent readers by name their daughters after're a smart writer

    A veryyy happyyy Christmas to you n your family...hope you have a joyous time with your son!!!

    Loved it to bitsss!!

    Amazinggg update!!!

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  6. when i started reading the first few lines i was like why arnav is rushing home if khushi and the kids are at buaji's house,but when he said to put the phone on speaker i had a little dought.very hot OS.OMG the way they are going may be they will make a cricket team.
    thx for the OS,loved it
    merry christmas to u and u r family.

  7. happy christmas to u and ben; 4 daughters, then why do they need a son :). but i do agree, with the amount of sex, its a wonder they didnt end up with a team :)

  8. Pictures really add to the spice :)

  9. Happy New Year

    Will hope you will continue your writing and share the same


  10. So freaking hot, they only have that many kids? You would think they would have more at the speed they're going :D Loved it but when don't i :)

  11. IPKKND - Arnav and KhushiJanuary 17, 2014 at 12:12 AM

    This is a very sweet OS. Wow! Arnav and Khushi have four daughters and hoping for a son this time. There relationship was portrayed very nicely. Arnav's phone call from his daughter's while driving was very sweet. What a lovely father you have shown through Arnav. I really liked how he wanted to get to Khushi on time to give her his anversery present without knowing he already gave her his present, Khushi being pregnant. Very nicely written OS! Just like your other work!